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Shocking Proof U.S. Attacked the Philippines With Weather Warfare! (Includes Video)

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

Proof that the USA attacked the Philipines using HAARP/microwave technology. Very suspicious activity. Check out the below video and see what you think. I’ll have to agree, after watching, that something ‘strange’ went on. Most of us are aware that these things all over the world are going on to usher in the New World Order and the Antichrist. Fear, destruction, weather catastophies and more are being used to create chaos and loss.

YouTube Desc:

Regional Radar shows all 3 locations were Hot at the exact time of this disaster!…

LOOKS LIKE HAARP weather weapons used against Philippines

*Turn your speakers way down!

And more evidence that these things go on all the time:

Chemtrails . H.A.A.R.P . Earthquake

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    • WhyHurtPeople

      Yes! But you should take it a step further and ask WHY?

      • ecclesiatical

        Maybe because there are 80 m. Catholics????.

        • Zionist infiltration

          It was ‘allowed’ to happen because the Creator has no respect for tyrants, subjects or slaves.
          Cowardice to Do the Right ThAng when confronted with the truth of a matter, is no excuse.
          Ignorance is one thing, cowardice to wickedness and evil is quite another.
          I’m Sure you understand.
          If you created a being, I’m sure you’d feel the same.
          What do U think?
          Well Huh!
          Looks like the Earth is due for a 4th cleansing.
          By the way, satan was left to test the freewill of mankind.
          You wouldn’t want a typical earthling in their present ‘state’ to ascend or graduate outside that purgatorial incubation they call the Oh-Zone no?
          I’d laugh though it would hurt too much.
          We do what we can though Reason can only take one so far.
          It is time for Action.
          Some of the ancients in the past would thrust skulls on forked posts around their territories for ‘some’ reason. What do you think?
          I believe the skulls belonged to the tyrants and their subjects/slaves.
          Makes sense. :wink:

        • ecclesiatical

          Besides being catholic ,they are the only nation left, which has not introduced divorce and abortion is illegal;

        • Corey Ander

          Load of Crap … maybe this and maybe that … If HAARP is real , why doesn’t US of A attack Syria , Iran , China, Russia , Samoa & Tonga … why US had to hire , fund & back Al-Qaeda /Al-Nusra front to attack Syria … why not get it over with & finish off Iran & Syria with HAARP … the heading of this article is misleading > > > Shocking Proof U.S. Attacked the Philippines With Weather Warfare!… & if this was true Lyn Leahz would be in Langley answering questions and first women to end up at Guantanamo Bay . why would US want to kill catholics or Christians , Philippinos love America , they even try their hardest to speak english with American accent .

          Maybe its satire and the reporter is using for humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticise people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of HAARP … :lol:
          in that case good one :lol:

    • Joe Lumpen

      well interesting isn’t it ….? this video proves nothing, its a cheap attempt at fear mongering with bad voice over and pure far outreaching speculation… get some real proof.

      what is the motive to attack the Philippines? what did we gain from it ?

      • Anonymous

        Maybe depopulation? You should know by now what is the logo of NWO “Order from Chaos”.

        • UnstoppableTruth69

          Yeah, I’m sure 3 thousand dead of 7.1 Billion people is a step for depopulation… geesh, you people need to get out more.

      • Confederate

        You hit the nail on the head. People who post crap like this enjoy the fear they create & seeing their handy work in print! All part of the tin foil hat, nut case crowd!

      • Zionist infiltration

        China has a haarp facility as well and openly admitted to using it during the last Olympic games held there to clear up the polluted atmosphere. Some folks have short memories and others would like tForget. There are smaller privately owned facilities around the world as well. Those with too many dolears and not enough love or respect for themselves or their neighbors look for whatever they can to fill the abysmal void of their being. Wonder when folks are going to run out of popcorn and defend that which they value. What does one value? Every human has some value though most were never told/informed while slaving away for the will of another. Isn’t that special?

      • Bond007

        I agree. Why would we pick on this poverty Nation?

        Answer? We didn’t

        Now the moron who polices this website can delete my reply like the last 15

        Commie rats!

        • Bond007

          Oh I guess I forgot to mention Obama is a Kenyan born communist Muslim homosexual married to a transsexual

        • petercrissgirl1972

          One reason to do it, (and it’s a simple reason)….Detract from the Obamacare Debacle. I wouldn’t put ANYTHING path the TPTP. :idea: :idea: :idea:

        • Raphael

          it is incomprehensible why should USA ever do such a thing, to its ally Philippines, and its other ally Japan. I would never believe that. There are 20 or so other countries who are close in weather modification technology, according to ex-defense secretary Cohen.
          The “Shocking Proof U.S. Attacked the Philippines With Weather Warfare!”sucks! I guess the headlines are better picked up next time. :twisted:

      • Freeamerican

        lumpen, You’re confusing leahz typical psy ops with facts regarding this attack on the philpines. Leahz is a fake truther, does a few to build cred after she’s done tons of fearmonger combining real or psuedo threat with trying to keep doped christians praying to the jew fable books instead of doing anything. On what was gained from it for America, don’t use the word ‘we’ for America, there is the jew run government and there is you. Same as the malarkey wars have not been for ‘America’ or freedom they have been for jew taking over the world and police state and making you pay for it before they take you out. The jwo American government scums probably with other jwo governments that also have elf/haarp type stations, did this so sheople would focus on that and not what else they are doing. Things like republicans refusing to defund the health bill at the same time they are swarming immgrant leeches by the millions into America and giving them all welfare while they also protect the forty million illegal leeches that are here. All of them plus the lazy American leeches just waiting to get their ‘free’ medical and enslave white working Americans, then they do the collapse. Always finding ways to distract sheople. Obviously also the jew owned media used it to tell sheople to donate to their junk jew run ‘charities’ and force us to pay for our military to go ‘help’ them. Media telling you how rich you are and how you better donate, when their gang did it in the first place. Who runs everything anyway, government scums working for the same gang/tribe that did the holohoax,

        Many big countries have the elf, are part of jwo chaos making shoeple run in every direction. The philipinos may be poor-er but they have internet and can see they are being doused by chemtrails. They have an obligation to rise against it just like Americans do, but they don’t, just like Americans aren’t doing much to stop the things being done. I don’t care when other countries have this stuff happen because they’re being ignorant sheople like a lot of Americans are going to find out the hard way. The use of elf is separate from leahz being a psy ops doing the christian bunk that’s always included. Here is a legit source for the elf attack

    • creativestoryteller

      if anybody did it, it would have been the Chinese. they’ve been feuding since 1979 & more recently over the south china sea territory namely the Spratly Islands over oil. the US took over a base in 2013 & Canada allows a lot of Filipino immigrants so i don’t see North America as the guilty party unless it’s a way to get a large work force in a hurry….

      kinda ironic though that China & US military were practicing delivering humanitarian aid this week in Hawaii while the Philippines got rocked. personally i think all the US gold was moved out there over the years & this was an undisclosed transfer to keep China from taking away Helicopter Ben’s printing press.

      :arrow: In March, the Obama administration opted to triple the amount of military funding to the Philippines as U.S. forces look to expand their foothold in the country. Manila will receive $30 million in foreign military funding from the the United States this year, according to news reports — nearly three times the $11.9 million in military funds Washington pledged to the Philippines in 2011.

      • FarmerX

        I believe I am in agreement with you. The hot zone did not have the clean outline that our weather mod system generally does. It didn’t look like our equipment to me.
        I also see no reason for America to attack the Philippines. I do not see what we have to gain by this action.
        The only possible reason would be global terrorism. “Do what we say or else”. But to my knowledge the Philippines has not defied America, unless it had to do with Philippines special forces engaging Muslim brotherhood troops a couple months ago.

        I saw a drunk Russian General say that America , Russia and China have this technology and to defy any of them would result in this exact scenario. So who did the Philippines government defy?

        • WhyHurtPeople

          See: Philippines National bank theft of 1 billion dollars from World Bank and upcoming court case while investigation is ongoing. All records destroyed in typhoon. Didn’t this happen in 9/11 with financial records; Which proved more than 3 trillion was stolen at Pentagon-all records destroyed at Pentagon from direct hit from missile? See Rumsfeld speech on 9/10/2001? Just a thought. Humbbb.

      • ecclesiatical

        They are just putting the snake up their sleeves,who will gain from all this? Muslim brotherhood troops

      • ecclesiatical

        The first aid offer of the Chinese Government was 100k need I say more,!!!

        • Anonymous

          The state news agency, Xinhua, said China would provide $1.4 million in relief supplies, including tents and blankets, on top of $100,000 in cash from the government and another $100,000 from the Chinese Red Cross offered earlier this week.

        • ecclesiatical

          Yeah ,that was after the criticism it received for the first offer!

      • Freeamerican

        All the major jwo governments have elf, all of them work together. Our taxes going to the philipines is as usual you paying for the jwo police state, or just cleaning up after the jwo does this sort of destruction to distract you.

    • peacecrusader888


      You say the typhoon was caused by H.A.A.R.P. The strange sounds two or three years ago had been blamed on H.A.A.R.P. also. Why are there no reports of strange sounds anymore these days? Could H.A.A.R.P. do these? How about attributing it to God?

      • Confederate

        You are right this storm was nothing more than an act of God, nature, or whatever you want to call it. But you can’t tell that to these nut cases! They have it in their tiny addled brains that HAARP is the cause. Well I can tell you first hand that HAARP can’t control the weather, & how do I know….I WORKED THERE! I won’t lie that it is their dream to one day control the weather, but it will never happen in our life time. They also have a belief that controlling the weather will one day cause this planet to pull itself apart!

        • Freeamerican

          You and crusader and most of the comments on this thread are from trolls, so are many of the votes. Disavowing ELF is troll territory. confederate is an israeli, as typical using a fake patriot name, but you picture of jew gene wilder is enough. gilda radner never died. It’s riduculous you trolls trying to keep sheople herded to the jew christain psy ops fables while you follow your bunk talmud that lets you lie (like you’re doing) and steal and kill gentiles. The votes on your comments are from other trolls that likely Americans are stupidly paying for.

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      Your youtube videos are ridiculous.

      China did it.

      Also you notice China claims the entire “South China Sea” even though all those open waters borders Taiwan, Vietnam AND Philippines?

      Yes, China claims all of that and they are trying to expand in claiming more land grab expansion.

      Look it up.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        They are not trying, they are. Bye Bye Hawaii, Bye Bye west coast of USA and more but nobody will believe.

      • Freeamerican

        You again. You’re the troll that was complaining because leahz -didn’t- turn off comments on one of her other psy ops. China isn’t the only problem, they and all the countries that are in on the jew world order are the problem.

    • Dark London

      And the USA have a nice big aircraft carrier “to help out” which can be moved into a strategic position…

      • stompk

        Perfect timing to cover up a massive Navy scandal too.

        • WhyHurtPeople

          World wide banking scandal actually.

    • truthuncovered

      Garbage shrill reposting every stupid thing she finds on youtube… thank goodness you did not try to keep up with the real writing. It was as pathetic as your book

      • Paul M

        Yep. If anybody points out the lunacy of something you believe in, they are clearly a paid NWO disinfo shill, employed by the CIA.

        Funny eh?

    • not_deceit

      Ive always read and heart we are in debt to China, everyone seems to think China would have done something like this but could it be that the US would do it FOR CHINA? Or MADE to do it for them (not that the US really needs to be made to do any destruction US just loves getting involved in anything)

    • Mister Fred

      I better get out the hip-waders…. :lol:

    • Pix

      “Proof that the USA attacked the Philipines using HAARP”

      No evidence is presented, just idle speculation based on 3rd party rumour. The USA would have nothing to gain from devastating the Philippines, there’s no oil there for the corrupt corporates to lust over.

      Who ever wrote the article is either lazy in not checking their spelling, or stupid,.. it’s not come from Reuters as advertised.


      • Paul M

        I just can’t get over the “looks like HAARP” comment. What does this look like? Any other examples? PROVEN examples?

        Seriously, it’s crap like this article that discredits those of us who try to raise awareness of the many GENUINE conspiracies!

      • ecclesiatical

        Who ever wrote the article is either lazy in not checking their spelling, or stupid,)what goes round comes around,( it’s not come from Reuters as advertised.)???Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?Matthew 7:3-5

        • Pix


          Reuters is a world leading news publisher, they don’t publish unprofessional articles with spelling mistakes because their reports are quoted by all other news outlets. Neither did I make a spelling mistake in my comment… So what point are you trying to make with your bible quote “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye..”?

          If the poster can’t be bothered to check their work before posting it, what is that saying about the article being posted?


        • ecclesiatical

          it’s not come from Reuters as advertised) does not exist in the English language,since you are defending the mistake you are part of it ,it should have read ( its not coming from Reuters as advertised) :grin:

        • Pix

          “it’s not come from Reuters as advertised) does not exist in the English language”

          Yes it does. It’s an abbreviated amalgamation of two words, where the last letter of the 2nd word ends in an s. in this case ‘it has’.

          And if you are going to scold a commentator about bad grammar, I suggest you use perfect grammar to do so to avoid being a hypocrite, and not eg. “it’s not come from Reuters as advertised) does not exist in the English language,since you are defending the mistake you are part of it ,it should have read ( its not coming from Reuters as advertised)”

          You’re talking out of your fanny. :lol:

        • Mayhem

          pwned, ecclesiatical, ecclesiastical? And hopefully embarrassed to have gone all Bible considering your woeful comprehension skills. It is considered impolite, being a spelling nazi.

          That Pix and myself are polar opposites on one particular subject matters not one little bit. His thoughts and comments are appreciated as are anybody’s.

          What language do you employ, ecclesiatical? I’ll be using the queen’s English (caps with care).

      • Working the Beat

        She never checks the articles its just doom porn, lazy cut and paste journalism to advertise her book on BIN.

      • Freeamerican

        On this one you may wish to look again pix. Aside from leahz bieng a psy ops which we all know, using elf, haarp and other tools to cause disaster are very useful as distraction and to further experiment with. That was one of the reasons for the middle east invasions, besides for takeover it worked to test the drones that the jew and their government scums will soon use on Americans. The reasons for doing this are there, it’s not always about taking over resources. leahz psy ops in general is separate subject, familiar with the constant christian psy ops angling. You can go to this site which has a reputable source, of course the jew media has tried it’s debunking bull but Janitch knows his area. It was elf, aside from whatever leahz is doing to get cred for herself and run her christian psy ops.

    • Paul M

      Way to go! Nice work!

      You’ve really done well this time. You’ve successfully piggybacked terrible human suffering and devastation with your own brand of for-profit scaremongering.

      The folk who make $$$ from conspiracy theories? They ARE the conspiracy!!

      This is just sick. Sick. Sick. Sick.

      God bless the victims of this terrible NATURAL disaster.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        A 500 mile wide storm with sustained winds of 253 mph? Humbbb

      • Freeamerican

        You pretending to call out leahz is only to push other pys ops yourself. You psy ops all work together, baiting or switching. leahz regular psy ops is a separate subject from the elf that was used to cause this, you want sheople to buy the distraction part of it and not focus on the elf and jwo that did it. The philipinos haven’t been rising up against chemtrails just like Americans aren’t. It is wrong this was done to them, but they are responsible for not paying attention, just like Americans are not doing anything to stop the drones coming or stop the chemtrails or stop the immigration swarms. leaz is a psy ops, but you are also a psy ops troll doing jew christian psy ops bull the keep sheople in a herd. Your fake brand of gawd din’t do this, and isn’t going to bless anything, it is people who have to do what’s required.

    • Don't be hating!

      This was all done strategic. Bring in the air craft carriers for position. Something is brewing.

    • KnowMoreThanYou

      Who do you all think steered all those storms towards Japan this year as well. They needed to dump more radiation into the sea and more over the USA. I saw Videos that clearly showed radar or pulses heating up the ocean and forming and steering those typhoons towards Japan. Maybe the same happened here but not sure why, like others have asked. Do not forget the activity in the Sun also influences storms here on the planet earth and there was a heck of lot of activity on the sun prior to this storm building up,several X’s and M’s and CME’s which probably influenced or strengthen this storm. Ether way those poor people are suffering.. God Bless them.

    • Mellissa

      That is quite a statement, “Shocking proof….” would actually require proof, not speculation…

    • TheConspiracyTroll

      OH CRAP, The proof is a Youtube video so its legit. SHUT YOUR DAMN HOLES. YOU ALL SOUND LIKE @ssholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I watched the HAARP attack on seattle about ten days after fukushima was blown up. The resulkt was a 4.5 inch rain storm heavy with radioactive fallout from the initial Fukushima blast. i also watched LIVE, the typhoons created and directed at a couple of weeks ago and the creation and transfer of typhoons to the Philipines. This is low class gutter rat behavior by those in control of the White House and therefore the military. they blasted Fukushima with a man made typhoon a couple weeks ago. The USAF base in the Aleutians sporting a huge pulse generator seems to be the point of origin for the HAARP circle pulsed to create these storms. Nick Begich,, and other sites more cyber-capable than myself can provide ALL the proof any court would need to start issuing arrest warrants for these crimes and end up with convictions. The pigs are now using U.S. facilities and treasure to salvage the remains of the decadent and stagnant British empire over the U.S. utilizing the BP/Skull and Bones controlled White House and Bush/Rockefeller criminal cabal.
      The Rothschild American Associated Press, Reuters news, and The Council on Foreign Relations’ CFRtv to provide the propaganda needed to keep the sheeple down on the farm.

      • Freeamerican

        What do all those groups/companies have in common, they were all started and are run by jews.

    • Pateriot

      This is SUCH horse crap!!!! Nothing ever simply happens with you nuts. It’s always some wild-eyed governmental conspiracy. How did these things ever happen before HARP? To you it was probably that government or secret society types traveled back into time and created them so that when they happen now it wouldn’t look suspicious!

    • Jacksdad

      Wonder how much debt China would forgive if the Obama regime just said go ahead take Asia and we’ll even soften up Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan and S Korea for a couple trillion extra. The Chinese debt would be gone, so would the Japanese debt and the Obama regime would have a few extra million to further implement their master plan.

      • WhyHurtPeople

        Extra trillion you mean!

    • Болеслава

        personally, i find the legitimacy of dutchsinse’s analyses questionable, going all the way back to his explanation of the U.S. patent for the artificial ionospheric mirror (AIM / 8-20-91). it was in reviewing that for myself, as i’m sure any dutchsinse follower would fact check his claims, that i began to dismiss all of his work. any thoughts on that?

        • RAINSCRYPT

          such an evasive response addresses nothing of substance, xvleo. analysis of the artificial ionospheric mirror was fundamental to the development of dutchsinse’s work regarding weather modification and haarp.. and his analysis was completely wrong.
          this was an opportunity for you to explain why any of dutchsinse’s work should be viewed as credible and yet, you chose to dismiss and insult.

          perhaps you are unqualified or incapable of delivering any information of real value, yet readily charge someone else as cruel, sick, ignorant, paid. heh, my mistake for asking the wrong person, obviously.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          and now, an intriguing erasure of comments – the most interesting thing i’ve seen all day.

        • Freeamerican

          war paint, at his main page is his rebuttal. There is no getting around the ELF – fake cell towers that line every road in America and elsewhere now. It’s not just about alaska, the stations are many in addition to the towers. The towers are also part of their wireless smart grid scheme, but also elf. Even if this were not from elf, we cannot count all the weapons they have now which may also cause this. We know for a fact they cause attacks just as they flooded Colorado after they recalled two senators for their part in the gun grab. Chemtrails. The scheme is everywhere, American government and other governments, every major company/board, all media, the schools. To address any of what they are doing here and elsewhere people need to quit buying things, protest, and quit voting.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          freeamerican.. yes i can appreciate that and i have no problem with the reality of geoengineering and technologies involved. i just am not over doubts concerning dutchsinse due to things i had come across in the past but that doesn’t dismiss for me the existence of tech and methods used as weaponized weather and more.. as i keep trying to gain a clearer understanding of it all.

          a point you raise : the all encompassing scheme.. yeah, and now they’re also throwing a real monster of a threat right in our faces in the form of a trade agreement, TPP.. yikes man, unbelievable..

          .. you feel like we’re all getting hit from every facet imaginable these days?.. hah, and with all that, distractions of every sort.. what’s next? just seems to keep escalating.

      • Болеслава

        Rubbish comments which feign superior knowledge while providing none of it don’t go down well. Keep digging.
        The fact is there are Satanists at the highest levels of power in this world dedicated to the destruction of nature, not just man, for no other reason than the fact that nature is sacred, as it is created by God. I do not know if you are a satanist but you exhibit a tendency to support the program. Correct me if I am wrong. I often am.

        • RAINSCRYPT

          ohh, ho… xvleo, rubbish comments that feign superior knowledge…? i am the one asking for knowledge. i find that statement odd. satanist? again, another peculiar suggestion… tendency to support the program – how so? by questioning what is presented?
          no, i never readily accept what i cannot verify on my own. i investigate and research anything that i find to be dubious, or intriguing, for that matter. i really don’t know where you are coming from.
          so, what about the comments that were deleted here? how and why did that occur? and still, what of my original question.. but, since you have suggestively now charged satanism along with the other insults, it is you who are in the position of explaining yourself.

    • bluemundy

      that’s it put fear and doubt in the minds of Americans like bush did with the mass weapons of destruction that cost us billions of dollars and mass confusion i am tired of this write wing Republican B.S let get real for a change :shock:

    • Mayhem

      Do you all have any idea how relieving it is to be able to take the day off and leave a H.A.A.R.P thread to others to scoff?

      This “interweb blog roll truthing” thing has it’s dangers not least a Messianic complex. You know? When you worry the lies might get through if you’re not there to defend, truth.

      @War Paint… how could i contact you, privately?


        Mayhem.. i hope your day off has been supreme… heh.. oh sorry for the slight sp. error. haha


        well, i’m sure i’ll be the one accused of duplicity now, hehe.. but seriously, ask him.
        on topic – this article has me wondering and looking into questions that are raised in comments here. who really stands to gain from, and would utilize, weaponized weather upon the philippines? or is such a scenario really one of sending a devastating message?
        in considering geopolitical strategy, the afore mentioned possibility of china makes sense to me. (if it were in fact to be the case). look into string of pearls. we can discuss it sometime.

      • ecclesiatical

        ,pwned,Mayhem,Mayhem everywhere ,Syria ,Iraq,Afghanistan,Egypt and not even the English language is spared, It is considered impolite,to tell someone his talking out of his fanny and calling somebody a spelling nazi ,just because you got your BA in english literature at the GTA University ,doesn’t mean you have to be offensive to towards those who haven’t graduated , by the way what does employ mean? because before the war we were taught the word( speak) a language and the queen’s English dictionary says it is to give work,anyway,peace be with you ,

    • Mayhem

      @ Our host, Lyn Leahz, a self confessed Sister. You currently enjoy my own recommendation, for what it is worth; yet it’s noticeable that your input has decreased significantly.

      Almost nothing i know came from moving picture shows and i enjoyed your early work only on the merits of your opinion. That you are, at times, wrong mattered not one yod. Mayhem.

      • Freeamerican

        so leahz is your jew sister, whose work you recommend. troll.

        • Mayhem

          Well i don’t know this to be a fact. We have never shared in that manner. All i know is that she does claim Christ as her savior.

          Do you read many of my comments, freeamerican? Let me guess that you have far better things to do with your time and cut to the chase. Me a troll? laughable.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          When you’re a hammer, every hooplehead looks like a nail.

          When you’re ‘Freeamerican’, everyone looks like a JEW TROLL ZIONIST PSYOP AGENT OF DARKNESS!!!

          Fella, if they suddenly made you the King of the World, the body count would DWARF anything Mao, Stalin, Hitler or Truman ever managed to log. Is there anyone in your narrow view who ISN’T a Jew troll? Maybe you have a dog you trust. On second thought, you probably accuse your dog of being a secret agent for Netanyahu every time he wags his tail.

          Ooops. I just poked my finger in ‘Freeamerican’s’ eye. I must be a servant of the Talmud.

          Is it exhausting being the only sane and honorable patriot left in the ashes of the USA? I’ll bet it is. But have you ever thought long and hard about exactly what it is you’re trying to fix?

    • Politiwars

      HAARP isn’t even operating and has not been for almost a year now due to budget cuts.

      Move on nothing to see here.

      • Be4itstoo0ldnews

        Aaaand you believe that? Didn’t know it was a museum now. One statement of “closed down” and the whole planet believes it…lmao. You sheep are making their jobs much too easy for em.

    • Be4itstoo0ldnews

      Better explanation here

    • TheConspiracyTroll

      Please kill yourself foor posting this crap!

    • Raphael

      Why USA? There are a dozen of countries who posses HAARP tech

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised this zioclown hasn’t blocked the comment section on this like she does on topics heaping praises on mother israhell. If hasbarats and their zionist marionettes like this one had their way, then all of us dumb goyim would spill every last drop of our blood defending satan (jews).

    • beamer1234

      I do like and love this web site. But this article is HOGWASH. storm has nothing to do with HAARP

    • Anonymous


    • passnthru2

      I’m a retired research scientist, I have been following chemtrails, HAARP, and Scalar for about 24 years.. I have also been following mind control and brainwashing for 40 years..

      this is a really really slick video, but it is very questionable, that is polite science speak for “total crap”.

      Russia is life times ahead of us in Scalar weapon development, I am sure China is hell bent on developing them.. cheaper than nukes and unlike nukes you can use Scalar.. to steal weather systems like Russia stole from the West coast of America for 7 years in the 70′s. China is the only player who would attack the Philippines. they are in a dangerous territorial dispute. China needs the oil and resources. the Chinese Government wouldn’t blink at the thought of the slaughter of thousands.. they slaughtered 1.4 million Tibetans.. and continue to slaughter them with mobile abortion clinics. they go into villages and give all the women pregnancy tests, then give them all abortions.. reportedly often without anesthesia. they don’t consider them human.

      the Video didn’t show a time lapse of the area of ‘circular clouds traveling to the Philippines. the people that produced this apparent fraud don’t even know what Scalar cloud traces look like.. they are ripples.

      if you want to see what Scalar is capable of watch this documentary by Dr Judy Wood. she also explains how mind control worked against the obvious on 911 and how Critical Thinking can set you free from control. this is long but every second is captivating.. if you haven’t been owned by the Dark Forces. Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA and has obviously been an asset working in ‘Project Mockingbird’ ..don’t watch TV news it is all owned by corporations involved in the Military Industrial Complex and they depend on your mind being controlled and protected from the truth.

    • FaSolLa

      Lynn, you have far too much time on your hands. You need to get a job.

      • Freeamerican

        she has a job, pretending to be a truther when she’s a psy ops, maybe paid from our tax money as many of the trolls are, who knows. The elf attack on the philipines is true, but that’s aside from her jew christian fearmongering psy ops while pretending to be a truther.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      You are dealing with semantics. “Must be CHINA” “Must be U.S.”…”why”

      It is one group. They are entrenched in every single nation, because all the ‘national governments’ are incorporated by charters issued by this one group. The HOLY S.E.E. removed from the S.E.C. its ownership list for these corporate ‘nations’; but the states and countries list show their connectivity.

      This ‘monolithic’ group is OWNED by the VATICAN, which is the head of the family. This is who conscripted all these tech’s and their corporate branches, “C.I.A.” to “MOSSAD”. And the reason they would do such a thing is to kill of humanity in Mass murder. Which is “High Service” to SET.

      You are dealing with sociopaths. Sociopaths “DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY to think like normal human beings”, and in fact, this is line of definition is straight from medical and documented court cases. They enjoy slaughter and causing victims as much pain as possible, this gives them a sense of satisfaction. You are trying to apply normal ‘reasoning’ to an abnormal being.

      • Freeamerican

        yellowbelly troll pretending it’s the vatican again. The vatican con was also ginned up by a jew to get in on the action after jews ginned up christianity for the sheople while they made the talmud for their own use. It’s the jew world order, the vatican is only one little bug in their nest of bugs. The tribe has been scheming thousands of years, even though you trolls try to deflect from that fact. JWO.

    • Болеслава

      71 comments from 40,000 views and always negative not just here but everywhere. I hope the rest of the viewers are not so negative to towards the articles exposing the satanist cabal

      • Mayhem

        I appreciate that this is your view however, i disagree, and anyway you’re always welcome to help make these forum a more positive experience. xvleo.

    • FernanDoylet

      Another convincing proof is at
      and the reason is ‘eugenics’, as explained on the Georgia Guidestones.

    • Anonymous

      Why would the mightiest military nation ever to exist on earth want to do something like this, if they did do this? Here are some good reasons. How about using the super typhoon, manmade or not, as a cover for a “humanitarian mission” in their “pivot to Asia”? Huge oil reserves exist under the South China Sea, which China has claimed as theirs. China has been building up their Navy for some time now to control the South China Sea and these oil reserves.

      US Panel: China Navy Power Growing in the Pacific |

      In response to China’s military buildup the US is responding with a buildup of their own.

      Congress urged to counter Chinese naval buildup | TheHill…urged-to-counter-chinese-naval-buildup

      Japan has been building up its “Defense Forces” and the Chinese do not trust them.

      PLA Daily: Japan’s military buildup echoes old ways – China …

      China has been building up forces on the North Korean border.

      Risky business: China continues military buildup near North …

      Japan, it was announced today, is sending a contingent of “Defense Forces” to the Philippines to aide the US in its “humanitarian mission”. Headlines are viewable on Google and Yahoo.

      Chinese military strategists have for millenniums been fascinated by asymmetric methods of warfare. China has no illusions about its military inferiority vis-à-vis the United States and knows that the status is likely to endure for at least two decades. As such the PLA has been developing a full range of asymmetric strategies to deter the US until its military reaches maturity. Aware of the US dependence on space and satellite communications to conduct even the most basic military operations, the PLA has for the past decade invested significant amounts to develop anti-satellite weapons.”

      US is not going to wait for China’s military to reach maturity!




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