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Parents Beyond Outraged! Over 500 "Intentional" Errors Found In Text Books In All 50 States To Mislead--Wait Until You See What! (Video)

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Parents Outraged! Over 500 Errors In Textbooks!

America’s History Rewritten To Brainwash Our Kids!


By Lyn Leahz | Before It’s News | November 22, 2013

Be VERY concerned! Our children are being brainwashed by government elite! The NWO is definitely not being shy about their plan to infiltrate our schools with lies and deception.

One new report finds that American High Shools and elementary text books contain countless inaccuracies about Chrsitianity, Judaism, and the Middle East.  Experts researched and found at least 500 errors.  Stated as a fact was that Jesus was Palestinian, or the Quran was revealed to Muhammad by God, and so forth. Millions of children use these text books in all fifty states.

These things are unnacceptable and more parents everywhere should be outraged! There is far more if you watch the video. I have only highlighted a few.

A quote from the Institute for Jewish and Community Research states that we should be very concerned:

Textbooks around the world are blatantly used as tools for propaganda. It is shocking to discover that history and geography textbooks widely used in America’s elementary and secondary classrooms contain some of the very same inaccuracies about Christianity, Judaism, and the Middle East as those in Iran.

Assessing how textbooks treat these topics provides telling insight into how textbooks approach complex subjects. What do students learn about Jews, Jewish history, and Judaism’s relationship to Christianity? How does the ongoing challenging relationship between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East show up in the textbooks? What about the triangulation between Jews, Christians, and Muslims?

The 500 problematic passages about Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Middle East uncovered in the analysis of the 28 most widely used textbooks in public schools should evoke considerable concern on the part of Americans. History and religion are being distorted in schools in every one of the 50 states.

And another disturbing article from slightly over a week ago states:

And a lesson on possessive nouns contained Orwellian statements about the relationship between the individual and government, such as “The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all,” and “An individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.”

Please be sure and check out this link here: Citizens For National Security

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    • Wake up America - All News PipeLine

      Shared… excellent find!

      • Lyn Leahz

        Thank you Susan!

        • patriot156

          wierd people would gove your post too many thumbs down just for thanking someone. Guess they know people are on to them lol :wink:

        • nooh

          Come on every one lets give her minus for separating humanity. No matter what race color or creed , we all have the same blood color. This post is a HATE post. Separating humanity. She is suppose to be a christian . But Jesus did not go round taking the michael out of other religions. Best Prophet ever from BANI ISRAEL and I am looking so forward to him coming again and meeting him. But this woman think she loves jesus so much. The first thing jesus will advice is to cover your head with a scarf as it creates sex appeal , which leads to people being lustful and making them sin. FACT dear. Study orthodox Christianity and you will see.

        • Zionist infiltration

          Is that all?
          I’m should be suspicious of π numbers.
          You understand.

      • Working the Beat

        Taken from another site! Cut and paste journalism.

    • Anonymous

      you mean the same books that ignore the maniacal jewish bolshevist killing fields or russia and eastern europe? The books who always outright ignore the jewish influence of multi-CULT-uralism, and the bolshevisation of our youth?

      the chosenite myth of jews can do no wrong is dying a little more everyday, soon enough everyone will know the truth that jews are the sons of cain and the devil

      • Anonymous

        Israel is the only country that doesn’t have to be multicultural yet the Jewish controlled American congress and big business demands it of America – meanwhile our country is quickly starting to look very third world. Its time to stop this now – AIPAC owns the American congress. I’m speaking as a non-muslim American here. America needs a third viable political party that is going to represent the rights of middle class Americans. AIPAC secures 3 billion dollars of American taxpayers money to fund Israel’s war of genocide against the Palestinians. Christian American youth are dying in the middle east for Israel and don’t even know what they are fighting for – they think its for a terrorist threat to America. What idiots we are – wake up America and take your country back from both AIPAC and the government that has been bought by them. Israel is a tick on our back…lets take back our country.

        anti-GENTILISM is the problem. Cavemen did not sit around their caves and say:
        GROK: “HEY, me hate Jews.”
        HORG: “What a Jew?”
        GROK: “Me not know …. but me hate”
        Then non-Jews sat for tens of thousands of years waiting for a Jew to come along, so we could all be mean for no reason. Sorry, what happened was Jews created a social system of Xenophobic Tribalism (look it up) wherein THEY hate all NON-Jews, and this hate of all non-Tribe members has, naturally, caused People to not like them.

        • Mirabolin

          Self defining gentiles are responsible for their own insanity

          Semitic (Racist) – Anti-Semitic (Anti-Racist)

        • Corey Ander

          Shocking! Benjamin Netanyahu Prophesied Major End Times Events–Did He Even Realize It?… Yes he did … that’s why he is Trying his Evil best & hardest to Start … World War 3…

          Sunday, October 20, 2013…

          IS he/she … COMMITTED AMERICAN …

          or Committed AIPAC agent is what we the people should be concerned about …Not > > > Jewish and Community Research states that we should be very concerned…

      • Corey Ander

        IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS?…IS a question Jews constantly grow up with…
        If someone have been raised in an Jewish environment whenever a presidential campaign takes place the question asked by the Jewish Community IS…Is he good for the Jews?… Never IS the question asked…IS HE GOOD FOR AMERICA ?…
        An example of how the Jewish Community gives priority to …Jewish Interests…before America’s can be found at Election Central USA, one of the Web Sites run by the powerful Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA)…I remember reading it… in a JTA article, Jewish Possibilities In Florida For 2010, the focus was not on whether the candidates in the next Congressional election will benefit America…Naaa not at All… but whether or not they are …JEWS… This is because the Jewish Community knows that regardless of party or platform, a Jew in political power will always place the interests of the Jews before the interests of AMERICA…To this end Jews are heavily involved in both the Democratic & Republican parties.
        Just look at one of the JTA article on Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago … The title of the article tells it all…Rahm Emanuel… Attack Dog, Political Wonk, Committed Jew…What matters to these Jewish Media Moguls is not the party, not the moral character, nor the political platform of Emanuel, but rather Emanuel’s modus operandi as a …Committed Jew…And nothing is mentioned whether or not Emanuel is a …COMMITTED AMERICA… the Question is , should we the PEOPLE be concerned ?, because the Author of this article is pushing AIPAC Agenda >>> A quote from the Institute for Jewish and Community Research states that we should be very concerned… :roll:

        • Dr Richard Ruhling

          I think you should be careful how you judge others like Netanyahu. I happen to know a woman from there who knows him personally. He has to be tough or they will all be killed. Put yourself in their place. We know so little of what they face.

        • Corey Ander

          The idiocy is stunning… Yet, there are millions of religious fundamentalists in America who WANT the U.S. to …Defend Israel…by engaging in yet one more preemptive war…So does Netanyahu’s … Here’s a question for you @ RichardRuhling… If you are so eager to get involved in a war with Iran, will you be urging your Children to enlist in the Army and be on the front line during the Shock ‘n Awe?… ( which has the potential to turn into WW3 & wiping out humanity ) and US spending another trillion in another preemptive WAR, while food stamp recipient are growing by the day in… The land of the FREE & home of the Brave , don’t think so…

          Let ‘them’ fight their own wars, eh…

        • Jeff Sharp

          @ RichardRuhling

          Move to isra-HELL, then Richard!
          Take your money and your family, and GET OUT of the U.S.!

      • scott

        I sure am glad you and Authentica have the energy and knowledge to post here. I’m sort of lazy and get tired of shouting into the wind. So for my third wish I’ll have a coke. You know that joke? BTW be sure to Google the Benjamin Freedman speech.

      • VirusGuard

        Not sure I agree with all you say but I do know that jews control the banking system and a lot of jewish people want nothing to do with Israel and its neo-cons

        2 millions people in Israel are putting the lives of 7 billion at risk and all it will take is false flag nuke to ignite the whole world and lets not forget that most people that don’t trust the 9-11 OS all point the finger at Israel

      • Wynema

        You call Jewish a CULT, how funny… Why is it that just about anything that is not Christian is a CULT… Especially the religions that were around prior to Christianity… This makes no sense to me… and of course you choose to say all this as ‘Anonymous” which makes perfect sense… Sow discord and sling insults while keeping the reality of who you are hidden… Typical cowardly action.

    • The Chaparral Fox

      Many of the “errors” here seem to be what Jews find offensive. The ommissions in the history books are the truly horrible portion, not where Jews aren’t praised for real or imaginary deeds.

    • Authentica

      The Orwellian statements are outrageous. The part about Jesus being Palestinian however, is supported by solid genetic science:

      “The genetics of Arabs and Jews have been pretty extensively researched. The classic study dates to 2000, from a team lead by Michael Hammer of University of Arizona. They looked at Y-chromosome haplotypes – this is the genetic material passed from father to son down the generations.

      What they revealed was that Arabs and Jews are essentially a single population, and that Palestinians are slap bang in the middle of the different Jewish populations (as shown in this figure).

      Another team, lead by Almut Nebel at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, took a closer look in 2001. They found that Jewish lineages essentially bracket Muslim Kurds, but they were also very closely related to Palestinians. In fact, what their analysis suggested was that Palestinians were identical to Jews, but with a small mix of Arab genes – what you would expect if they were originally from the same stock, but that Palestinians had mixed a little with Arab immigrants. They conclude:

      We propose that the Y chromosomes in Palestinian Arabs and Bedouin represent, to a large extent, early lineages derived from the Neolithic inhabitants of the area and additional lineages from more-recent population movements. The early lineages are part of the common chromosome pool shared with Jews (Nebel et al. 2000). According to our working model, the more-recent migrations were mostly from the Arabian Peninsula…

      So, as far as male lineage goes, the genetic story is very clear. Palestinians and Jews are virtually indistinguishable.”

      More details here:

      • Authentica

        Another: “Zionist organisations are becoming increasingly dependent upon the charge of “anti-Semitism” as a political weapon. Anti-Semitism has a very precise definition. It refers to remarks or acts targeting the ethnic group termed Semites, which comprises both Jews and Arabs. The Hebrew Encyclopedia defines anti- Semitism as all manifestations of hatred and racism directed against Semites. The Fact is that anti-Semitism also comprises all manifestations of hatred and racism directed against all Arabs. Zionist media and political forces have warped this definition in several ways.

        They have manipulated the concept of Semitic ethnicity so as to apply to Jews alone, thereby enabling them to level the allegation of anti-Semitism against the Arabs in spite of the fact that they constitute the majority of the Semitic peoples.

        In addition, they have stretched the definition of anti-Semitism to include any criticism of Israel and Israeli policy. Now anyone who speaks out against the aggression and inhumane practices practiced by Israel risks being branded “anti-Semitic”. Thus the label “anti-Semitic” has acquired enormous deterrent power and is used regually by Zionists.

        Now confident in having monopolised the field as Semites, so as to hurl “anti-Semite” at all and sundry who criticise Israel, Zionist leaders can spews the most atrocious racist abuse against others. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

        “Jews” have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.

        Jewish historian scholars have established that at least 90% of all Jews come from a Turkish-Mongol mix of people and are largely sourced from the Khazar Kingdom. These “Jews” have no blood-link to the Israelites of the Bible.

        The Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler provided overwhelming evidence, for the above in his famous 1976 work, “THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE – THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE” showing, “that in the 8th century, Khazaria which was greatly made-up of the Turkish-Mongol mixed people known as Khazars, converted to their national religion of Judaism which was based on the Babylonian Talmud.

        These same people then migrated to eastern Europe, especially to Hungary and Poland, taking their Babylonian religion with them. “The Khazar origin of the numerically and socially dominant element in the Jewish population of Hungary during the Middle Ages is thus relatively well documented.” Page 144. “As already mentioned, the trade in fox and sable furs, which had been flourishing in Khazaria, became another virtual Jewish monopoly in Poland. (Page 157 )

        Benjamin Freedman, another Jewish researcher, wrote his famous treatise FACTS ARE FACTS in 1954. Freedman quotes from many historical sources and shows that the vast majority of Jews derive from the Turkish-Mongol mixed people of the Khazar Kingdom of the 2nd to 10th centuries, NOT from Biblical Israelite stock.

        The facts are so clear as to the non-Israelite, racially-mixed origin of the modern day, Jews that the following appeared as a subheading to Freedman’s book. “The historic facts revealed here for the first time provide incontestable evidence that their continued suppression will prove inimical to the security of the nation, the peace of the world, the welfare of humanity, and the progress of civilisation.”

        Indeed, those words have proven to be quite prophetic as we witness the increasing terrorism and violence sparked by the continued blind of Zionist christians and U.S. unilateral aid to the Khazarian-Israelis.”

        • scott

          Hey Auth, here’s Orwell’s greatest comment… Those that control the past, control the future and those that control the present, control the past… Sort of like the victor writes the history. Google the name Benjamin Freedman to read his 1961 speech, a must read.

      • Anonymous

        Though there are articles about the AshkeNAZI Jews being closely related to the sons of Abraham, there is genetic evidence otherwise:

        • Authentica

          Yes thanks I was just actually coming to add this link:

          AshkeNAZIs & Nazis what a scam.

        • Authentica

          I had to add this: I just discovered that the word “holocaust” actually means a “burnt offering” or “sacrifice to a deity!” Combine that with the Protocols of Zion & above information & it paints a pretty clear picture of recent history… The Ashkenazis, Bolsheviks, Banksters, Nazis & Illuminati are the Hydra Beast destroying our Freedoms… The Satanic NWO blueprint:

        • Freeamerican

          Well too bad you decided to post that bunk again ‘authentica’, that rebelpath must be your site, which pretends to sort of question the holocaust but claims it was ‘real and tragic’ which is a LIE. Now you’ve also decided to post some jew christian psy ops bunk with your ‘satan nwo’ link, you’ve made yourself obvious. Readers should be aware the jew is only going to get trickier and trickier. If they cannot hold back the lies, they will do as ‘authentica’ does and go on to some length pretending to call out the jew, but then throw you to bunk links like rense and that rebelpath bunk and ‘satan nwo beasts illuminati’ psy ops bunk to keep the christians doped and going every which direction. You want to chip away focus from the simple facts on the jew. You may have decent command of the language ‘authentica’ but you are a psy ops, straight up. Your sort of bunk makes it hard for sheople to vote you down because you mix in some truth, so if they vote it up they also vote up the bunk. At least you’ve been dissected on this one. Here are what real sites and links look like, no pys ops bunk or distractions

      • Anonymous

        But, the Hebrews of the old testament are all gone now. They
        actually may have become the Anglo-Saxons. The Israelis that occupy Israel (?) now aren’t from the 12 tribes!

      • Freeamerican

        authentica, There is no ‘science’ to authenticate a myth. The jews ginned up christianity for sheople and the talmud for themselves. You are feeding into psy ops with jew koestler’s kazhar and other bunk. The psy ops have been ahead of the game doing their various angles for a long time to distort from the basic facts on the jew tribe. The kazhar stuff, thirteen tribes angle only muddles what is simple, the jew tribe including sephardic has engaged in genocide, murder rituals and usury for thousands of years. rense who’s a psy ops. You make a few valid points but whether you know it or not you are also doing psy ops. It looks like you want to keep the christian dopes in a herd, people do not need jew christian bunk to have god. The thirteen tribe bunk, kazhars and the rest is pointless. The jew history of deceit goes far back beyond where you begin from. This is along the lines of the ashkenazi thing which is also needless, but it’s fine because it is just lists, no psy ops commentary like the link you suggested yesterday that claimed the holohoax was real when it never happened. Citing psy ops jews like keostler doesn’t make the case better, it serves the jew. The very few jews like freedman are not who people should focus on given the many non-jews who have done real work to uncover their schemes. You doing so only serves the jew cause. If you are not a psy ops then keep it simple. The psy ops are getting very tricky now. Doing post using jew sources, admitting some problems but then pretending it’s different tribes this and that. If you take those angles because you personally cling to the jew christian fable bunk then try to deprogram and get the simple history straight. The length of a comment and making it over complex does not make it legitimate and only serves to muddle history to benefit the jew, despite your acknowledging some problems.

    • Soul Leister

      “The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all,”
      (sounds like Hillary and Barry-O and Reid and Pelosi)

      “An individual’s wants are less important than the nation’s well-being.”
      (sounds like every elected democrat evidenced by Obamascare)

      hmmm, who was it that said, “ask not what your country can do for you but instead ask, what can you do for your country”… (JFK of course)… the shadow government got their catch phrase (idolized by their jackbooted thugs in the DNC) and then they threw their messenger under the very bus that is bearing down on us now.

    • Constitution

      I have been reviewing textbooks and getting them corrected for several years. You can find some of that at

      However, technically, Jesus was “Palestinian” as that term was used in his time. “Palestine” was the name of the Roman province that encompassed all of what we now call Israel, and most of Jordan, Lebanon, and parts of Egypt. See

      But errors about religious history are far less important than errors about law and government. That is what we need to focus on.

      • Freeamerican

        There is no proving a myth. But that aside you’re right, bringing in the jezus bunk is a psy ops. The government and JWO that runs it is where we need to focus. The jew history JWO is important to know about, otherwise sheople are in the dark as to who actually runs America and how we got here. The total ignorance of sheople is a big part of it. Bringing in the jezus and other bunk is a jew psy ops distraction.


      why not brain wash the
      children? heck the white man’s woman is brainwashed to blend out the white race by mating with black men ( only ) so sense all white women are now killing off the white race, hey why not complete the destruction lets make white people extinct cuz hey its fashionable

      • Wynema

        What an inane comment… If your going to blame it all on women or color then your being ignorant… I have seen just as many white men with black women as I have white women with black men….. You make absolutely NO sense!!!!!

    • gerryd weldeer

      The UN and NATO are ultimately controlled by a few dynastic families and TBTF banksters.

      The UN & NATO (aided by our own federal government) are marginalizing our constitution, Bill of Rights and taking control of sovereign resources; that’s their plan. Our ignorant elected local officials are allowing it.

      UNESCO -another UN agency:
      “more education increases the threat to sustainability”

      From: ‘Education For Sustainable Development Toolkit’

      By Rosalyn McKeown, PHD

      …Uh? ‘who’s’ sustainability? (hint: the global elite)

      Now watch this one, connect the dots and share

      ‘Common Core’ is part of a bigger agenda:

      youtube: Know Your Enemy (Part 67 – The War on Parents)

      Check out the before and after videos in the above series about the UN (above) and share.

      Common Core (as the name keeps changing) is addressed here as well:

      youtube: Agenda 21 For Dummies

      youtube: The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

      (Just see the last 3 minutes) you will understand

      youtube: Slave Queen

      by TruthNeverTold


        thanks for providing a video covering UNESCO. very watchable. it’s important for those who wish to understand how corrupted education has been instituted not just within the united states, but around the world. also, the writings of charlotte iserbyt, whistleblower from inside the department of education under reagan, is well worth checking out.

        • Wynema

          I teach my children at home… Have for most of their lives, the oldest is 31 the youngest 12…

      • Freeamerican

        You are distracting ‘UN’ and ‘rothchilds’ bunk. It’s JEWS. The bankers are all jews including Rothxchild who’s real name is Bauer, warburg, kohn, all the bankers are jew, federal reserve, world bank jew, media jews, government agencies jews Karl Marx jew, real name Mordechai, Lenin real name Ulyanov, Stalin name Dzhugashvili, also jews.
        The psy ops trying to distract by talking about one of the jews subgroups is bunk. The UN was created by the jew bankers. Not just some families, they are JEWS.


        understanding the mechanics of implementation is imperative to instituting a plan of resistance.


        common core IS agenda 21…

        “Common Core is an integral part of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: globalization is the standardization of systems. Whether the system is law enforcement or land use or government, the standardization, harmonization, and integration of all international methods of management is essential for total control.

        Education is the flash point for embedding system acceptance in all sectors of the population. Standardized propaganda is developed for pre-kindergarten to post graduate school; this is what is meant by ‘Life Long Learning.’

        Breaking down traditional methods of learning in order to re-socialize the populace is the goal. Obedient, dependent people who are constantly being propagandized will provide the ‘human capital’ to fully implement UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

        Regardless of the content of this nationalized and internationalized system of behavioral modification, the goal and outcome will be to fundamentally destroy the individual’s rights.”

        • Freeamerican

          ALL the groups, cfr, cia, UN, bilderberg, nato their plans like agenda 21, ALL of them created by the jew. Anyone can find by researching that ALL of the bankers, all of the media, virtually all of the giant global companies are owned by JEWS. They run the schools they are behind the immigration/amensty scheme along with republicans who are pushing for amnesty (the few fakes that pretend to be against it are liars, acting conjobs) the control the web, get our taxes to fund jew scheme wars, buy off our data Picking at one of their plans or subgroups is to distract from the jew tribe. The scum government lackeys the fake republicans who are communists that serve them are no better, but for a hundred fifty years (in America, elsewhere before then) It is the JEW who runs the show. Holohoax. Picking at one thing or another doesn’t matter. It’s the jew. Get off your rear. Don’t just ‘call your politician’, go to the streets and protest immigration and amnesty, educate people about who runs the show, quit buying things and quit voting or you will never be free again.

    • evoval

      History’s written by the victor. Americas been conquered.

      • morris adams

        that’s the smartest thing written here. you are absolutely right.

    • davosurf

      Certainly nothing new… History has always been written in a way that is not an accurate depiction of the events as they took place but in the way that best suites the control system to have you believing as truth. Also, consider that the media is owned by the very entities who comprise the control system… they often “tell on themselves” to make for somewhat more believable “reporting”…. But if you think the news is the whole story, you really have no clue… The “news” is basically intended to make you think certain ideas are your own but in reality are but a collection of half truths, mis information, etc. designed to make the public perceive the world in the way that the control system desires. Not to say that this report isn’t true, but I doubt it’s even the half of it and the real story is likely much worse and more sinister then most are willing to accept as possible.

    • Troubleshooter

      All who are seeking the Truth about our Nation’s History should look up David Barton’s site which offers documents which prove that this Nation WAS founded As A Christian Nation. He also proves that the History that we have been taught for many years is revisionist History that has omitted many of the references that naturally included committment to Christian Principles in our schools and government.

      Go to

      You will be grateful to David Barton, and you will be amazed by the information which has been so dramatically distorted over the decades since 1812.

    • TombRaider

      Tremendous post Lyn!

      Kind Regards,

      Bobby :smile:

      • Lyn Leahz

        Thanks Bobby. God bless you. I hope you are having a great week.

    • MSG Chicken

      The sodomite negro has filled America with people like him. Communist and socialist radicals and the sexually deviant.

      This is how they write their gospel and spread it.

      • dodidolittle


      • Freeamerican

        The jew communists started with lincoln, then the jew Rossevelt swarmed them in. Search jew roosevelt communists.

    • dodidolittle

      They need to start teaching the truth about 911, the facts that 911 was carried out by Americans + Israeli, leaders and Arabs were used to be behind these attacks so a war could be had. This would be a start, second start by saying white Americans (I am white) abused there control to en slave black people, 3rd to be honest and tell the public they really want to kill you in directly by lacing all your food with carcinogens to sell you the idea “health” food, is also cheap. And tell the truth about joining the military, being incredibly stupid, as the guy who sends you would not dream of putting there sons under the line of fire.

      • Freeamerican

        oops on you. It was the JEW who brought the slaves. You have had the jew lies about ‘the bad white man’ beaten into your head so hard you’re demanding that part be changed to -the same thing we’re already fed. Once you’re educated you will stop doing that self-beating the jew taught you, hopefully before it’s too late. Also factor in the links further down.

    • cj

      A person told me once that history is rewritten by the victors.

    • dodidolittle
    • Adaluncatif

      This Jewish organization wants parents to be outraged that schools are actually teaching children facts instead of the lies that most people believe are facts. History has to continually be revised because much of what people believe turns out not to be true. There is a reason why people are taught things that are not true. Those that maintain lies go to every effort to keep those lies. It is not surprising that it is a Jewish organization that wants to hide truth. Muhammad was instructed to write the Quran by God. This is as valid a fact as Jesus was the son of God or that David Koresh was Jesus. This organization wants an entire religion to be labled as false. All religions are equal insomuch as they are not based on fact but faith. Bethlehem is a city in Palestine. That’s where Jesus was born. Jesus wanted to reform Judaism. That’s why the Jewish authorities murdered him. The Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet of God and that Muhammad was the last prophet. Christianity and Islam both believe in the Old Testament but have added to it. This is not liked by the Jewish religious authorities. The people that have a problem with these textbooks need to realize that the real outrage is that they believe that these textbooks are telling lies when they are not. No one should ever question the number of deaths (who did the counting?) in the Holocaust or how the state of Israel was formed. It is illegal to do so in Europe. Why would it be illegal to believe something? Just do an internet search on 6 million deaths before World War II.

      • Anonymous


        I can do better than that
        Proof that they have been lying to all of you,to extort trillions of dollars and sympathy under which umbrella they have protected themselves and deceived all of you:

        If 6 million Jews Died than explain this!

        - World Almanac,1933,pg.419 world Jewish population(15,316,359)
        - World Almanac,1936,pg.748 world Jewish population(15,753,633)
        - World Almanac,1938,pg.510 world Jewish population(15,748,091)
        - World Almanac,1940,pg.129:World Jewish Population(15,319,359)
        - World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289:World Jewish Population 15,713,638

        There were 394,279 MORE Jews in 1949 than in 1940?

        Do your Math People and get your Head out of your Behind,mind you ignorance might be a blessing if they come for you, and they will.

        • scott

          Ani, you are dealing too much truth here, lol. It makes people uncomfortable. Here’s a little factoid, Hitler could at most gotten his hands on 3 million jews during his tenure, so to kill 6 million, he would of had to kill most of them twice. A resilient bunch of people, huh? If he killed 6 million Europe would have been de-populated of Jews. A must read is the 1961 speech by Benjamin Freedman, just Google his name.

    • Dr Richard Ruhling

      GREAT STATEMENT by a concerned parent–we should all be concerned about the hijack of public education by secular humanists and those without morals. If you care about your kids, try to find a Christian school near you; public school will ruin them.

    • Majestic Twelve

      Since planet earth (alpha eridani) is a prison planet, a kind of hell, i dont understand why it comes as a surprise to you all. The entire history of mankind is smeared in blood.
      I am ashamed to be one of you.

    • Anonymous


      Are you familiar with the TALMUD? …….. Thought so as you are one of them.

      Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews, Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a Gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep.

      Baba Kamma 37b. Gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.”

      Jews May Lie to Non-Jews, Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile.

      Non-Jewish Children Sub-Human, Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile children are animals.
      Sanhedrin 59a: “A Goy (Gentile) who pries into the law (Talmud) is guilty of death.”
      ” Sanhedrin 105ab: “Jesus fornicated with his jackass.
      ” Gittin 57a: “Jesus is in hell and is being punished by being boiled in semen. Christians are boiled in dung.
      Oh there is a lot more if you go here

      Now go and tell all of us who hates whom …Shill

      • Freeamerican

        That’s a good page, though, the last time I looked at the site it had psy ops. alien and other distraction bunk. People might want to see the page but I woudn’t recommend the site. 99% of the truther media is fake, same as the main stream, run by jews. Even some anti jew expose sites, do some truth then throw you off with psy ops. Those authentica links same thing.

        • Anonymous

          Just a Good source of the Talmud which is enough for any half wit sheep to form an opinion,I was not promoting that Website as such. To reiterate and post the Talmud would take up to much Bandwidth. Hope yopu understand. I save your links.

          • Freeamerican

            good deal. Your comments getting people on the path are good. The links I found not long ago like the dickson one are real keepers. It’s not easy to locate the good ones anymore because like everything else they also control most of the search engines.

    • An Observer

      If it makes anyone feel any better, 15 years ago when I was in high school, in history class, we used our history books about 1% of the school year. They were usually only referenced for maps, photos, or maybe a timeline.

      And our history books also didn’t talk about religion in any way like these ones supposedly are. They typically just referenced which parts of the world predominantly followed which religion. None ever tried to lay facts down about Jesus, Muhammad, etc.

      And I kind of doubt many being used now do, unless the school is a religious oriented private school.

      Of course this is from my experience over a decade ago, but since Church & State should be separate anyways, I feel the history books shouldnt be trying to teach anyone anything about religion. And in my time, they didn’t.

    • patriot156

      Just becuase somethings a majority doesn’t make it right not defending nothing just saying. majority’s have killed millions of people in the past present and future, so showing a majority thinks this or that as a way to condone a peoples actions I think is wrong.
      Taking of cource on the second video where it showed people who though Islam was primarily violent.
      Again not defending Islam or anyone just a fyi.
      But yes telling people a bunch of crap and trying to rewrite history is tyrannical and is very bad.
      Jes commited Deism is a way is correct for they were the ones who chose Barrabas over Jesus to set free. They also dont beleive Jesus was the Mesiah as he said himself to his deciples, said so in a way that they answered his question instead of him making that claim outright.
      They don’t beleive in Jesus because of Malachi; where it says he will send ELijah before the messiah and they don’t recon who that was.
      Book of Mathew tells us that John that babtist was reincarnated from Elijah don’t believe read it for your self matt 10 i think or along there anyhows.
      It says something like for those that will see I tell you john is he speaking of Elijah.
      SO Early church beleived in reincarnation so reincarnation is not just a Easterne religion it was early Christians and jewish churches. People might want to look into that truth might just jump out at ya! :idea:

    • popeter

      You don’t just need to “go out and teach the Word” as you put it. You need to form groups in neighborhoods. Select a parent or parents from among the neighborhoods who are willing to allow students to come into their homes each day after school so they can be UNbrainwashed. All concerned parents in a neighborhood get together, decide who this selected parent will be (or have several parents take turns) to have children over after school for unbrainwashing. Teach them the truth. REGARDLESS of whether or not you are Christian… or religious at all. Gather the textbooks, note the errors, plan a session for after school. And STOP complaining! You KNOW what the government is doing. It does no good to complain (or even to vote!) so just do what you know you need to do, for Pete’s sake!

    • popeter

      It is NORMAL to want to be among your “tribe” so to speak and not have other races and/or ethnic groups forced upon you. That doesn’t mean you must be racist. It merely means you live among race baiters.

    • SevenThunders

      Jihad is being taught in our schools. This is Obama’s plan to prepare America for the antichrist religion. Obama promotes a devils brew of Islamic fascism and Marxism. It is the antichrist spirit to first persecute the Jew and then the christian.

      This follows the predicted pattern of antichrist persecution in Revelations 12. America is too stupid to notice what’s happening. It is also amazing how the islamo-fascists and rabid Jew haters and leftists infest this site. They must be doing something right here to earn their vitriol.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      The fact is that this isnt the first time.
      Go anywhere, and look for the history of the COVEN Era that was all the way to circa 1901. It is erased. It was done by Elizabeth and George, who claim to be ‘jewish’ but are not. All the Coven age, was governed by Hebrew Laws. I.E. I.S.D.’s were created by the Property Tax ACT, in the 1930′s. The beginning of the school year is September, because that is the beginning of the year by the Hebrew calendars. “SYN, Lord of the Calendars” is one of the COVEN Names for George. I went to look for “COVET MEANS” which is a particular method of warfare by a particular group. It is all erased, re-written. In most cases, Alexander, Elizabeth & George, divided up their Title names, their Common names & their COVEN Names (Hebrew Coven Law) into individual people, and in many cases, they name themselves as their own offspring.

    • procomptor

      America has done a ton wrong along the way. Ok we get that the majority of people commenting here are without fault or sin. Wow my question is a legitimate one…how many of you on here are really Americans? No, I don’t mean do you have legal papers! What I mean is were you and your ancestors born and raised here? Are you old enough to remember America before the elite rich started their crusade to dismantle the very fibre of freedom?

      Now here is the toughest question for you! Have none of you made a single mistake in your short lifetimes? Ever lied, stole something or just plain screwed up? Ya when it comes down to plain honesty, and I mean the kind you share with your children when their lives are at stake, there is not one of you that can answer no to that question. As all of us have made mistakes so have all the different religious groups, governments and I can only imagine even God.

      Wow I said it and I am a Christian born and Baptised. This does not mean we are evil or doomed. The whole premiss of Jesus through God is to be forgiven our mistakes as we should forgive others. Or substitute sins for mistakes if it feels better. As with Jesus God walked in our shoes to understand us and ultimately died for our mistakes or sins so as to be able to forgive those that believe in the Lord. In other words if you believe people sin or make mistakes(that which every entity in existence does)then believe that through him that understands you will find his forgiveness. Spoken like a father which I am and which I feel the same of my own children.

      All of us that believe in America no of the wrongs or mistakes made by our government throughout time. If we stop believing in her and the hope of freedom then we would all flee and she would no longer exist! Nothing stops any of us from leaving because we don’t for one minute believe it’s any better anywhere else. So here is a thought. Instead of bashing the Jews, who at least in this case committed no wrong, or some other group why don’t we simply comment on the article? I don’t know the Islamic people and don’t really care what they do on their soil but this is NOT their soil! This is American soil and these are American children they are attempting to brainwash. And yes I believe our own government under the control of DEBT owed to others has been doing the same thing. If we are adults responsible for our own then we know thats an internal affair that we as citizens need to take charge of…right?

      If this article tells the truth, which I plan on investigating further, then we again as citizens need to take charge and fix the problem…together! If we as good people do not stand together as one then the entire meaning of freedom will definitely be lost. Who will you blame then and will it even matter? If you are all truly Americans( we all know there are those here sent to discredit from…)then at the very least you believe in each other. If you disagree with this you can’t be American…period! United in trust we will withstand any adversary or disaster! Divided we will be brought down by our own small group of power corrupted officials who so many of us fear. Whether you believe in the Bible, God, Jesus or your own family following the 10 Commandments simply is common sense. If you follow these rules and call yourself an American I give you my word that I will stand beside you and together with others from every ethnic, religious, and galactic group we will defeat any enemy or disaster!

      Freedom doesn’t mean no rules just anarchy. It means being, living and believing as you want with rules we set for ourselves by ourselves to make it fair for all. One man or group cannot be allowed this duty if we are really a free people. One man or group cannot control the wealth of a free country. And if we are to free ourselves of brainwashing let it start here with our children! If the people of this country COLLECTIVELY believe certain parts are in error then let us vote COLLECTIVELY to change them! I apologize for the length of my comment to make a simple point but do any lies ever turn out simple? Darn I end up back where I began….the 10 commandments. Or as I like to call them; the basic rules we all have stamped on our behinds the day we are born. Problems solved with peace feel much better than those solved with guns!

    • Betsy.B.Scott

      JUST A THOUGHT. The text books have always had lies printed as history and facts. Remember the victor rewrites history to their benefit and the masses learn what those victors want to be learned. So if people are going to be up in arms with the books of today because of the changes made they need to first be sure of the supposed facts taught yesterday. This game of changing history and facts is not new but the truth is always out in plain view for those who want to know it’s seldom look the way the masses have been conditioned to think it should.

    • Confederate

      This is Common Core, or as one lawyer for a school district called “Common Whore”! No matter how hard people try, beg or demand that this crap be removed, it will not! Common Core is about money & power for the states & feds & the more the states bow down to the Feds & Bill Gates, & other rich a-holes the more of this crap you will see. Welcome to the United State!

    • scott

      Lyn, not to marginalize your post but this by no means anything new. In the early 1890s John Dewey wrote in support of the education system “without public education we wouldn’t have been able to fight the last great war”. He was referring to the Civil War and without public education’s programming of our people, the government couldn’t have convinced the people to kill some 800,000 of our own. And this was his endorsement of the public fools system, like I say, nothing new, huh? Here’s a little tidbit about one of our great philosophers Dewey…. in contrast, while honoring the important function that religious institutions and practices played in human life, rejected belief in any static ideal, such as a personal god. Dewey felt that only scientific method could reliably increase human good.

      Of the idea of God, Dewey said, “it denotes the unity of all ideal ends arousing us to desire and actions.” ….BTW great post.


      you can thank the EVIL that lives in OUR White House….aka SPITE HOUSE!

    • somejackball

      the second video makes me think they’re trying to prepare youth for the future ant-christ or something, and maybe he’ll be from the middle-east?

      whether that’s the case or not, that’s messed up! i mean they won’t allow Christianity to be practiced at schools by students, but as long as it’s Islam it’s ok? WTF!?? :???:

      • somejackball

        the second video makes me think they’re trying to prepare youth for the future ant-christ or something, and maybe he’ll be from the middle-east?

        whether that’s the case or not, that’s messed up! i mean they won’t allow Christianity to be practiced at schools by students, but as long as it’s Islam it’s ok? WTF!?? :???:

        …i mean as far as i know, our local schools here don’t have sand dunes out side of them… get my drift?

    • mortimerzilch

      damn Fascists!

    • Freeamerican

      Same old phony bunk. Pretending to be concerned about children. Really leahz is saying her jew buds that run the school schemes want to start cramming jew lies into kids even harder now. Not because of inaccurate’ books, they’ve always been full of lies written by jews, but because they want to pound the lies harder in case the truth about the jews starts getting out. Between the bunk under her name and the ‘now the end begins’ and ‘due diligence’ with that bunk photo of hamilton from terminator. I’d guess she could be raking in propaganda money. Quotes from what else – ‘jew commmunity research’ those poor holohoaxers jews so put upon after their tribe took over America a hundred fifty years ago with jew Lincoln who murdered the southerners by using immigrants the jew federal reserve in 1913, their holohoax, taking over media and schools to brainwash America’s children. Leahz keeps saying illuminati new world order a hundred times to cover up her JWO buds who’ve been beating on whites for a hundred years after jews brought the slaves then blamed whites so we’d fall for the jew communist welfare scheme including millions of immigrant leeches. The jew crammed ‘diversity’ bunk into white children for last fifty years to make whites slaves to communism and immigrant leeches. The scums in government that gave and America to the JWO is what’s wrong with schools. Whites brainwashed by jew communist schools, JWO. But can’t just blame the jews and government scums, sheople have been stupid about what’s going on for a hundred years and still are. This psy ops bunk is to pump up the fake perceptions about jews in case sheople wake up. The jew ginned up the christianity fables for sheople but made the talmud for themselves. Don’t need jew fake christianity to have god. People who care about their kids don’t put kids in jew communist public schools. Homeschool.

      “Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” ~ Chief Rabbi in France, in 1859, Rabbi Reichorn

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” jew Israel Cohen – A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century – 1912

      “I will tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, We, the jewish people, control America, and Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon, 2001

      “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum, but don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” – Benjamin Netanyahu

      “Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.” Noel Ignatiev – jew Harvard Professor

    • Mrs. Rhea White

      The new testament was also written, as a guide book, by the 1St century aristocrat “Piso” family of Rome, and the testament was simply tweeked, over time, to reflect the Khazar’s (European Jews) plans for world dominance. Edom (is the Roman Empire), Christianity, Islam, Judaism and all other religions derive from the same origin, (“idolatry”). Christians, Jews, Islam and most all other real-lies, (I meant religions), are all involved in the same practices, including child molestation, human trafficking, drug trafficking, homosexuality, rapes, murders, usury, and the list is endless.
      The education in this country has always had its origins in mind control, brainwashing, programming, and fraudulent accounts of historical facts.
      The Vatican is the Christian headquarters, as is most all world religions. So, turning to Christ is still a symptom of the same host of ill that plague the weakened nations. There is only One Spirit And Creator Of All Things. And His son, even His first born was, and is today, the true Hebrew Israelites. see Exodus 4, for this fact. The Creator has never claimed jesus christ as being anything to Him. The great deception has been fully carried out. The god of this world is Lucifer. Why do we persist in calling on god? Edom (the Roman Empire) is under the sway of the god Lucifer, and so is the United States (a corporation), “ONE GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” (statehood, nationalism, (socialism/communism)). The Jews do not worship the true Creator, either. The Jews you see, rocking back and forth at the wailing wall, are actually praying to their “female god”, while simulating having sex with her (the rocking is really the motion of having sexual intercourse). Before they changed their names to Jews while in Khazaria, they were known as The Serpent People, and they worship the penis. The long curls hanging from either side of Jewish males heads, are actually symbols of Serpents. Look this stuff up people, I’m not just making this stuff up.

    • sindarella

      ..Meanwhile, on a different note, in Israel the minister of education wants to introduce holocaust teaching to 5yr olds (!) (go figure…)

      • Freeamerican

        sinderella, They want to continue cramming their holohoax into everyone, everywhere, so the jew world order can keep doping the American sheople out of trillions for their hoax and plans.

    • elucid7

      that is alot of errors.

    • nooh

      the price for bringing threads which separate mankind – you get negative votes, serves you right woman.

      Bring post which bring people of no matter what faith they are together or dont bother

      • Anonymous

        Nooh- pooh

        You are obviously a jew I think you and Richard need to go back to Israel

    • AndreyE

      What 500 errors are you thinking about?
      You think it’s USA who won WWII, lol, after that there can be no errors!

    • Pix

      “Stated as a fact was that Jesus was Palestinian, or the Quran was revealed to Muhammad by God,”

      Jesus, if he existed, was born in Palestine, and according to Islam the Quran was revealed to Muhammad by God. Their claim isn’t less valid than any others, seeing as nobody has a scrap of evidence that either of them existed.

      This is on a par with comparing if Trekkies are more worthy fans of Science Fiction than Babylon 9 fans. It’s all fiction.


    • chappy48

      nooh, Scarves on a woman’s head was never intended to mask a woman’s sexuality. It’s an allegory symbolising a woman’s need to avoid the gaze of fallen angels. Besides, why would a woman want to hide herself from the public just because a few fundamentalist jerks can’t relate to women or control their own sexuality? Personally I’m proud to be seen in public with a beautiful woman. Seems to me it’s these guys who should be hidden and controlled, not the women…

    • stupidamerkin

      Gee. Should we be shocked? The public fool system is nothing more then a training and indoctrination center to turn your children into good little worker slave drones PERIOD!! Get your, (state’s) children out of the public fool system if at all possible before they are lost forever.
      They are in grave danger.

    • Neo

      Articles about Israel, Jews or Christianity always seem to bring out such hating and vitriolic comments. Now why do you think that is?

      • Anonymous


        Are you such a Moron?
        Usually its because people are finding out that they have been misled and others providing good solid Proof other than the Hollywood S**t and from controlled Sources such as all News Medias.This deceit has a very strong influence on people .
        Not spo much on myself as I had been aware of this 50 years ago,only then those Jews were not blatant just cunning,however they did not fool me at any time.
        The talmud was a hidden Scripture that Goyims were not to see. Well it and other Evidenvce are readily available. Sanhedrin 59a: “A Goy (Gentile) who pries into the law (Talmud) is guilty of death.”

        Libbre David 37: “To communicate anything with a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

        Hope you are waking up,but I believe you are a Jew anmd are playing the poor moron you are,as I said your Kind are from Satan and you are cunning.

    • Anonymous

      Saul was a Jew who practiced and preached Judaism, prior to his “conversion”.

      Saul was “…consenting…” to the “death” of a Christian named Stephen!

      Saul and the Jews of Judea and Samaria were involved in starting a “great persecution” against the Christians in Jerusalem!

      “Saul laid waste the church, and entering house after house, he dragged off men and women and committed them to prison”. (Acts 8:3,RSV,1952)

      Saul threatened the disciples of the LORD, even with murder! (Read Acts, chapter 9, RSV, 1952)

      Saul “…went to the high priest (of the Jews) and asked for letters to the synagogues at Damascus, so that if he found any belonging to the Way, men or women, he might bring them to Jerusalem.” (Acts 9:1,2,RSV,1952) Note: The “Way” refers to those who believed in Christ and were “born anew” by the Holy Spirit!)

      “Saul, while gong to Damascus was blinded by light that flashed from heaven. “And he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me:” To this Saul replied, “Who are you, LORD?” Jesus replied saying, “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting; but rise and enter the city, and you will be told what to do.” (Acts 9:3,4,5,6, RSV, 1952)

      Saul temporarily lost his sight, but it was restored, and he was “born anew”, changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. “Saul increased in strength, and confounded the Jews who lived in Damascus by proving that Jesus was the Christ.” (Acts 9:22,RSV, 1952) The Jews of Damascus and the “Hellenists” plotted to kill Saul!

      Saul later became known as PAUL, and what he did became a part of history that cannot be denied!

      Those who practice Judaism and Judaised Christianity today, in Israel and America, are still doing what they have always done to ANYONE who is part of the “Way”!

    • Rumplestilskin

      The lady narrating that first video, doesn’t have a clue as to what she is saying about Jews and Jesus. The Sanhedrin, the leadership of the Jewish Synagogs in Palestine, actually conspired to convince the Roman ruler Herod that Jesus was a detriment to their society, and a blasphemer, and was stirring up a rabble to go against Roman rule.

      So yes, it was the Jews who essentially killed Jesus, with the same sick tactics they are using today, to convince the world that they are Sooooo picked on that they need to war continually upon their neighbors.

    • AngelicBeing

      Jesus is a lover of all people. He is just not the father of Christians. Christianity today is counterfeit. Not everyone who claims they are of Jesus actually are. Some are just merchants trying to make a quick buck off his name and distract God’s actual children from having a relationship with him. Some need to snap out of their delusion and denial and confess with their mouth to God the sins they are guilty of. Might I also add some need to find the actual Jesus instead of worshiping things that are of the world such as money and material possessions that hold no real value. You are like your father and you are of the world. Practice what you preach or don’t falsely proclaim to be something you are not. You don’t need to wear a scarf over your head but you do need to be dressed modestly .




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