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WW3 Is Here - US Government Is Preparing the World For WAR and US Financial Expert Says Economy Collapse Imminent! Don't Believe It? Watch This! (Videos)

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Is the United States of America preparing for war, or are we already in it?  Watch these videos…   Is it possible both of these videos are true? Or, is it one or the other?  What is going on in the USA?  Wasn’t it once said it was the home of the free and the land of the brave?  Funny, that line has a haunting, eerie ring to it as I think of it now. 

This is not the same USA that I grew up in.  It is not the same USA of the 1980′s, a time when people still had ‘some’ amount of morals, and valued God and family.  No!  These are the end times, the very days that were foretold in the Bible.  If there is any doubt in your mind whatsoever, take a look in the Bible itself, and then sort through the various news over the past few years alone. Watch the videos below and think about it. You will see that time is not on our side.

One thing is for certain, there is definitely a hellish and relentless spiritual battle taking place in this world, each and every day.

Face of Satan Has Arrived In USA-the Most Traumatic, Gut Wrenching Report-It’s Just About To Happen! 


WW3 – US Government Is Preparing The World For WAR



URGENT WARNING: ISIS Coming to America – The “Gate of Hell” has been opened



Financial Expert US Economic Collapse imminent!


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    • Andor


      • Bonzo

        Understand the signs of time:

        What is popping up first?

        -Global recession?
        -the mark of the beast?
        -the Third World War
        or the Antichrist?

        • Equalizer

          Satan, judgment day? Stop with the religious past tense and future malarkey. Let’s deal with Facts:

          The U.S. government makes money on drug trade, human marketing/and child trade and of course occupying other countries for their assets which include again… Drugs, marketing humans (children) manipulating third world countries for their assets(all the above). Now there’s a second level… The powerful elite which control the assets, money flow and corporate military complex which assists in acquiring (all the above). Now you have your third level puppets…aka Bill Gates of hell (in charge of the vaccination/human eugenics program), “barry soetoro”/barak ebola the illegitimate dictator and thief (George Soros puppet). My apologies… I forgot to address the question… “War?” is inevitable, it is a precursor to our past and our future…the corporate industrial complex which is the current cabal in power the ability to justify all the above. One can only look back to a point in time where are human genetics were altered as an experiment, we are nothing more than slaves to entities we have yet to define. Any questions?

      • SuperMario

        What, you got some?

        • Eviction

          i am ~Getsome~ also known as Getsome~Eviction from the united states . or just viction

          depending on how fast the scum bags want to burn

    • VirusGuard

      The USA has tried starting wars to defend the fiat $$$ they keep printing but its not working as the national debt just keeps going up to fill the pockets of bankers

      We in Europe are sick of the USA, its double standards, blackmail and acts of war and China/Iran/Russia are now telling the USA to put up or shut up as they too are tired of all this might is right thinking thats coming out of the USA.

      Just like Rome the USA will implode and become little more than a back water or the people can decide that they don’t want that and go for the option of glowing in the dark

      These mega big US corporations are going to get you all killed in the name of profit if you let them and when you go after those responsible then watch out for the race wars they will start to thow you off the path

      • StavoV

        Gee….as an American, pretty much agree with you on the US’s position around the world. Time to either do the deed, or get off the pot

        On the other hand, Europe’s indifference to the plight of the it’s own integrity and selfishness, really puts Americans in the positions of thinking, “who the heck really cares what Europe thinks?”. As far as the rest of the world, Europe is still in the dark ages….so they can go down the road with the Eastern Europeans and Asian continents. :wink:

        • HumanBeing

          Agree. For all its faults, America is hardly alone in the category of evil deeds. There is a good case to be made for the US being a corporation owned by the British Crown as its “enforcement” arm, and the moral and societal decay in the EU is deep and pervasive. For any western nation to point fingers at another is quite hypocritical. Yes, the US is bad… but so is the EU. In fact, the “three-legged stool” of nation-states (Corp. of London, Wash. DC, the Vatican) is all one big monster, a gang with rival factions but all one entity.

        • VirusGuard

          Well yes apart from Germany who exports as much or more than the USA all on its own.

          I could reverse the question and ask who cares what the USA thinks given that its in just as much debt as we are and has a productivity level no better than our.

          The thing is we don’t have all our military bases over your land and take it from me, you have a lot of your all over Europe.

          Thanks for coming late to WWII but would you agree thats its time you all went home and left us to deal with our own trouble whilst you deal with yours and that should include a saving on taxes but it won’t.

          We have dirty water on both sides of the pond me thinks

        • VirusGuard

          Sorry pressed the wrong button the replay to HumanBeing was for you and this one is for him.

          Some say Britain still calls the shoots in the USA and few people knew that the USA had plans to seize Candia using force from the British at the end of WWII two which says to me that the queen does not rule the roost.

          On the othe hand Israel seems to be the tail wagging the dog when it comes to banking and the USA plus they were most likly behind the 9/11 attack.

          Zionists corporations run the USA and some have also leached over to Europe too and everyone is little more than cattle to these people but the days of clever accounting by these bankers are coming to an end and it will be there necks on the end of a rope or ours regardless of which countries are involved.

    • Country Codger

      Hi Lyn,
      There is a lot of confusion about what is to happen and when. America is about to go through tribulation but not the “Great” tribulation. America is experiencing Lev. 26 judgements. These began in 1996, which was the 119th Jubilee cycle. We are currently in the Pestilence Cycle. The last two cycles are the sword (7 years) and Captivity (7 years). Here is the part everyone misses and that is 2300 days of Daniel. After the 2300 days of Daniel then all the things associated with the “GREAT” tribulation then begin. America will cease to be a political entity by 2023.

      If you are interested you can find it here:

      and here:

      and here:

      God bless and keep up the great work.

    • sten

      Get something straight morons. “GOD” is a generic name for ALL deities invented by men to give the inexplicable environment a “human face” when it flooded they said we have upset the god the sea, when it rained torrentially they said we have upset the sky god. ALL these “gods” are called GOD. It is much easier on the brain than dealing with evolutionary theory and believing in a god means you dont have to be responsible for anything. It makes life much simpler if you put everything down to a god. Now then, the small minded religious types will scream and shout that I will go to “Hell” but I wont be worried about that and the tiny minded religious types will be fuming and beating their keyboards and I find that hilarious. War is as man made as gods, money is as man made as religion and the vast majority of sheep like types will just pray to a god that doesnt exist and will burn in large numbers in churches seeking protection that isnt there. WAR is going to happen because very rich men will pay very poor men to fight each other whilst they sit back and enjoy the show AND make money from it.

      • SuperMario

        Sounds like you got all the answers. Who or what created atoms, cells, souls, nature, everything that we can (and cannot) see?

      • iamamerican

        God is real, however “organized religion” is fake and was put into practice thousands of years ago to belittle humans and make us believe that we are powerless. You are obviously out of touch with the world around you and possibly even yourself, learn how to open your pineal gland and you’ll discover the truth.

      • Before It Was All Pop Ups

        Nope. Everyone born before Jesus went straight to hell.

        • am123

          “Everyone born before Jesus went straight to hell.”

          Not true:

          20 And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,

          21 And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.

          22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

          23 And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

          24 And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

          25 But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

          —Luke 16:20-25

        • deano

          Well said! Morning Star? That is the planet VENUS! Worshipped in the Vatican as LUCIFER!

          Lucifer comes from Luc-ius, who in the Bible is called LUKE!

          Abraham’s name was changed from Abram. Why? Because his real name is IBRUM! IBRUM of Ham. The JESUIT Universities & the SMITHSONIAN (same Society of Jesus logo) have changed the name of HAMMURABI.
          It should be IBARUM of HAM (spelt backwards), just like “modern Hebrew” reads backwards & is a ZIONist invention of 1880-1920!

          YHWH(YaHWeH)? JHVH(JeHoVaH)? More lies & “hidden” symbols! Just like “AMEN” was the “hidden” name of the SUN/son god RA of Egypt> AMEN-RA……..

          YHWH in “Biblical Hebrew” translates as IES’E, pronounced ie sh er, aa sh ar.

          This is why god said “ehyeh asher ehyeh” or “I am ASHER I am” on Mt SINai…….

          This is why Jews are confused > YaHu*w*aH, Yo He *sh*uah(Joshuah)………yI Eh *sh* eH

          This is why Greeks who transliterated the texts called him IhES-us (Iesuos/Jesus)……

          This is why the Society of Jesus(JESUITS) use the logo IHS…………..

          This is why the Jesus College at OXFORD(Jesuit Uni) is called ” Collegium Ihesus”………

          Was their a SUN god in the Levant(Levi tribe/priests) in BIBLICAL TIMES? called Asher?

          ASHUR, The tribe of ASHER, Asher(Jacob/Israels son), The Book of J asher, the city of ASHUR, Dashur in Egypt. OSIRis(AS’AR), the country of ASSYRia(Syria) the 50 names of Marduk of Babylonia(the 50 Jubilees)> ASARlui, ASARluhi,ASAR………….

          am123? I am? I am ASHER……………YHWH(tetragrammaton.the Hidden name of God/Jesus)

    • SuperMario

      It doesn’t take a financial expert to read the writing on the wall regarding the coming collapse.

    • James Smith

      That’s correct, isis is here and they’re in white house right now….. organizing our demise…. the American people needed to arrest those communist punks, fight or be murdered, we American’s had a small chance of survival years ago, but now it’s too late because we waited too long and for what I don’t know…. cowardliness, time to wake up… you filthy collaborating cointelpro traitors, you’ve been had too. All non muslims are slated for extermination. The filthy scumbag muslims are winning so far and when they make their move… they will usher in one world communist u.n. centralized muslim government….…. you won’t see it coming, STS camouflage….…. if you as an American think isis is a fallible enemy with just AK-47′s…. then they fooled you real well…. again. The isis muslim scumbags will attack America with the most sophisticated high tech weapons available today.

      • James Smith

        STS camouflage has been a known reality for 15 years, but every other year they claim it’s just now maybe possible for complete invisibility and or cloaking. DeKalb County Georgia Local Police used this same type STS technology under the direction of the GBI, FBI, and CIA in a stop and check on a run out of gas…. under 24 hour surveillance…. 9/11 truth-er, dissenter, government and police corruption knowledgeable “as in…. they claim a subject” at gun point…. basically blatantly committing the overt acts of assault with a deadly weapon. The subject had the most severe eye astigmatism ever known…. doctors were unable to record it because…. it was off the scale. Read more…. /alternative/2013/01/dekalb-county-georgia-local-police-used-sts-cloaking-technology-in-an-attempted-murder-plot-of-a-dissident-2547748.html

      • James Smith

        It’s more than obvious; that the blatant cointelpro preacher is to splinter and marginalize those of us that tell the truth about isis capabilities. Their evangelist job is to cloud the truth. Like how isis will and has enter America. The reason I say so is because isis owns all the ports in America…. so why would they enter through Mexico? That’s a pretty tough travel…. when they don’t have to go that route. I have dreams too and not a single one of them ever came true. You’re about as slick as snot….? Smiles

    • ljfa

      Firstly, this “sophisticated evil organization/enemy called IS/ISIS/ISIL is an upgraded Al CIAda formerly known as the CIA’s Mujahideen. This evil organization was created and is handled by the CIA/MOSSAD/MI5 and financed by the Saudi’s who also recruit and radicalize duped Muslim’s. Why? There is a rogue element within the de facto United States Corporation of the District of Columbia (who do not represent the American people or take direction from the American people) who take their orders from a fascist international cabal that include Zionists, Jesuits, Illuminati, The Vatican and numerous mega wealthy and politically powerful “elites”, Euro-Royals, who are A.) Psychopaths. B.) Intend to reduce the world population by 6.5 billion humans. C.) Build a “new world order” or one world government. To this end, they intend to start every manner of death including pandemic, social violence, WW III thermal nuclear war etc etc. They are confident that they will survive to inherit the new world and will become “transhumans” in the aftermath. We the people of the world and especially America must become informed to this plan and resist it in every way possible. We are the jews on the trains to the camps right now, thinking that we are just being moved East to a new beginning in a nice peaceful city for safety sake. . .dupes to the slaughter. A grand deception. So IS/ISIS/ISIL is designed to terrorize us in the West to give up our sovereignty and freedom by our own government apparatus, albeit rogue. This organization is only successful because they are backed by our rogue governments, rogue media and equipment otherwise they would have been wiped out long ago. They are not invincible on the battlefield just blood thirsty and immoral when they have the upper hand.

      • No time

        They have taken control of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has handed the Country over to them lock, stock, and barrel. He is calling the latest false flag in Ottawa, a terrorist attack. When I talk to the average Canadian, none seem to have a clue what is really happening. They still believe the Satanist controlled media, they are like frogs in boiling water, eventually it will be too late to jump out. It is not my job to warn them, so screw the people, they get what they deserve.

        • non voter

          Wow pretty harsh words spewing from your mouth, not all of us up in Canada have there heads buried in the sand, so don’t think your superior in anyway. Just because we are a quiet country where you think all of us live in igloos and don’t have running water, there is many who believe that what goes on in the media is bullshit. :cool:

    • Anonymous

      Rickards goes on to tell us about the history of muslim terrorism meanwhile he thinks it was guys in caves with boxcutters who did 9 11 and wtc 7. Can we say gatekeeper shill.

    • kriisso

      I see nothing here to advance the idea that WW3 is any further on.
      The psychopaths running the US asylum have been at it for years.
      They just give it different names, DEFENCE-TERRORISM- confirming the first principle of PC thinking.
      Bring it on and let’s pick up the pieces afterwards there are always a few survivors to be found.
      The good ol’ boys running the show assisted by a supine population have overstepped the mark this time.
      They thought they were capable of taking on Russia-bad mistake.
      It was Bismarck who said ‘Every war in Europe throughout history has been started in the Balkans.
      After every dustup the Russians have been the ones left with the task of restoring a balance.
      With only a couple of hundred years of any history behind them the US should have known better.
      They did not even know Ukraine is slap in the middle of the Balkans.
      It is no surprise they know nothing of European history since their education system shut down after Vietnam.
      Starting a war is easy, stopping a war is near impossible especially if you come second.
      The US has a get-out even at this late stage-get out,go home and stay home
      You have been duped America.
      Ask the Khazar.
      How will you explain that to the next generation-if any.

    • truthlovingsoul

      god, you are a waste of skin, lyn.

    • Pink Slime

      I have to get use to reading her stories again without the word SHOCKING in them. Oh well….

      • am123

        The fact that she didn’t using “shocking” or “jaw-dropping” in the headline is….well……shocking :lol:

    • Rico Millan

      We’re not in collapse. Walmart is still in business.

    • am123

      While once unthinkable, America is teetering on the brink of economic collapse. Our economic ship hit a gigantic iceberg of derivative debt and is taking on water. And the captain of our economic ship (Obama) addresses the problem by repeatedly slamming the ship into the iceberg (as if to intentionally sink the ship). And America has no economic engine to deal with it. Other than iphones and ipads and ipods, we don’t produce things any more. And the Fed has kicked our cans down the road, making the problem bigger and bigger. It is overwhelming. The only arrow left in the quiver of the Fed is the printing press. They have been reduced to rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic. Inflation is already baked into the cake because of the monopoly money the Fed has already printed. And the more funny money they print, the more it dilutes everyone’s cash and the end result is inflation. The dilemma the Fed has is either face civil unrest and riots because the banks are broke or print money to pacify the masses. They are taking the later alternative. So considering that the more money they print the more worthless everyone’s money becomes, Weimar Republic here we come!

      America and the world is upon the cusp of the Great Depression 2, wider and deeper and vaster in scope and scale than the Great Depression 1 because we are drowning in a vast sea of debt a deluge of derivatives on a scale and scope that dwarfs all else. Ready or not, here comes your new financial reality America. Hear that cracking sound? Get ready to stand back and say “timber” our Babylonian economic system is coming crashing down! This should not be a surprise however. For we have been given the script ahead of time (see REV 18:10,17).

      America is in need of God’s help more than ever before. But we have leaders that do not know the LORD nor how to entreat His favor. The only thing they know how to do is thumb their noses at God by doing things like championing gay rights, and by trumpeting that stench in the Father’s nostrils known as Islam, and by promoting the killing of babies, and so forth. And so this nation will reap what it has sown. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family right now is start preparing for economic collapse. It’s time to batten down the hatches. If you haven’t drawn near to God yet, this would be a good time to start. God knows how to take care of those that belong to Him during times of famine. The most important commodity to see you through it all is something called grace. Draw near now to the Lord now while you still can! See my profile for the way.

      • CrowPie

        See your profile for the way?

        NO. Study the scriptures.

        1.One must hear the gospel, for “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Rom.10:17).
        2.One must believe, “for without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb.11:6)
        3.One must repent of past sins and turn their life to Jesus Christ, for God “commands all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30).
        4.One must confess Jesus as Lord, for the Lord has said, “Whosoever confess me before men , him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven (Matthew 10:32).
        5.And one must be baptize for remission of sins, Peter stated in the Acts chapter 2, “Repent and be baptize for remission of your sins…”(Acts 2:38).

        • Truthseeker


          You are correct, one must hear the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God,
          One must repent of transgressing the Commandments of God
          One must be baptized into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ

          BUT you did not include the most important step;

          One must by the laying on of hands receive the Holy Spirit of God the Father.

          If the Spirit of the Father is not dwelling in a person that person is none of His. Romans 8:9

        • am123


          Either you didn’t read my profile or you are just nipping at my heels because of your injured ego from the other thread on the topic of judging.

        • CrowPie


          No offense…..but I believe those gifts died with the disciples.


          No offense am……just encouraging readers to go to the source. And my ego is fully intact… I took no harm from our ‘discussions’ although you tried your hand at calling the ‘event’ like a prize fight.

          I also still apparently have not gotten my point over to you that biblical ‘speak’ among believers can often be misunderstood by nonbelievers……..some words denote very unsavory behaviors, and if you insist that “Christians” must participate in those unsavory actions you will keep others from approaching or listening to the Word.

          When speaking in an area where many thousands will read…..I am mindful that those words that are attributed to Christians be loving, eager to forgive those who will change sinful behavior and quick to forget past sins.

        • am123


          No gifts died with the disciples. All gifts are available to believers today. Your view on that is surprising given your stance on being mindful of using certain words in front of nonbelievers because nonbelievers are hungry for the things of the Spirit and if the Church doesn’t provide teachings on such things, they will look to the world for such things.

          And for the record, this is not what TS was talking about, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that receiving the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking/praying in tongues as Paul told us about is very real.

        • CrowPie

          It is obvious that there are any here who are from different belief sets.

          I respect your right to believe as you will……and I will not engage in any further ‘discussions’ with you on the differences between them, as it only leads to contentious behaviors.

          These differences should be discussed IN PERSON……because 90% of communication is body language.

        • Truthseeker


          If you follow through with your logic and YET believe Romans 8:9 then there can be no converted Saints of God on earth to day

          It is very clear through out the Word of God, if the Spirit of the Father in not dwelling in a person then that person is not a Saint, not of God, not in the salvation process.

          But you are right regarding the Gifts of the Spirit, there are very few that have the gifts of healing, discerning spirits, teaching etc.

          I have an article on BIN right now you may want to read, it is about the false doctrine of the trinity but goes into what the Holy Spirit is and what it does.


        • CrowPie


        • CrowPie

          Why me,

          I have not insulted you.

          Please be respectful toward me and do not insult my beliefs.

          If you continue to speak to me this way……I will have to discontinue our conversations.

    • Sun Tzu

      I am ready now. Do not hesitate on my part.

    • Sun Tzu

      No one needs to go to haven or a better place if they will not fight against evil here on earth. SIC.

    • Sun Tzu

      My bad. All it is, is Good with the vacuum of evil. But that does’ not fit, here.

    • Amminadab

      Many declare that the United States will crumble and fall in economic collapse to be no more a superpower. But that is a direct denial of Christian prophecy. It will have economic problems like all others, yes. But it will never lose it’s global power. In fact, it will become THE power that helps the Antichrist enforce the mark of the beast all around the world. Below is a study in the Scriptures verifying this as fact.

    • Equalizer

      Satan, judgment day? Stop with the religious past tense and future malarkey. Let’s deal with Facts:

      U.S. government makes money on drug trade, human marketing/and child trade and of course occupying other countries for their assets which include again… Drugs, marketing humans (children) manipulating third world countries for their assets(all the above). Now there’s a second level… The powerful elite which control the assets, money flow and corporate military complex which assists in acquiring (all the above). Now you have your third level puppets…aka Bill Gates of hell (in charge of the vaccination/human eugenics program), “barry soetoro”/barak ebola the illegitimate dictator and thief (George Soros puppet).
      Any questions?

      • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

        Ditto. :!:

    • Fake-it

      The demise of USA, closely followed by the demise of the rest of the world, is a well planned and EXTREMELY WELL MANAGED event that will be played out over a period of several Tribulation years.
      The EMP event, followed by US Dollar hyperinflation, followed by world wide famines, followed by introduction of NWO, followed by WW3 and epidemics, and finally followed by the arrival and destruction of Nibiru.
      All of it WELL PLANNED AND EXTREMELY WELL CAMOUFLAGED behind all the BS rhetoric in the Middle East.
      Obama or anyone else in the White House will not stop Nibiru.
      Stop the political BS blaming and start looking for a cave if you want to survive.
      I am 90 years old and will certainly not look forward to survive; but there are a few bright minds here on BIN that should think very hard about their own survival.

    • HIM

      We are not only components in a machine, existing so that the machine can keep on renewing itself. We have to resolve the riddle, and not only interpret convenient aspects, but try to understand the greater picture.

      Extracts from THE DEAFENING SILENCE see: http://africa—

      With that insight I realised that presently the change of government or of a money system would be like rearranging furniture in the same room – limited and with few options. And is that not exactly what international financial manipulators are aiming for?

      Capitalism for the few to control the many is a dangerous system that could lead to a new global ‘French’ revolution.

      I see society’s control systems as genes with peaceful interaction and adaptation potential, but as in genetic material, diversity is essential for long-term survival. Lack of diversity can lead to a monstrous system with no ability to transform = WAR.

    • Anonymous


    • Rob Rage

      the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are on the horizon~~The Middle East is in full disaster mode~~Our dollar is fiat currency about to be dumped as the reserve currency~~Every day the New World Order sprays Toxic Geo-Engineering Chemtrails on us to impair our immune system and destroy food production~~poisoning the soil , air and water so when they put Ebola into the witches brew it’ll have a 95% kill ratio~~!

    • Andor

      I don’t even read your submissions anymore – looks like you are very very confused?

    • 7979barb

      The criminals are in Washington DC. Most are suppose to be representatives of the people. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that has taken over the US government controlled out of the city of London. They are more evil than most can imagine. ISIS is a CIA operation. The CIA has been overthrowing governments since the 50′s. All wars are banker wars.

    • shadowrising12

      its comin n im tired of waiting. can the powers that be speed this up. tired of reading about. just do it

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      Because Reagan lied. The “Cold War” never ended and WWIII has been here for decades. Castro’s covert war is now overt and Congress has placed a foreign King on the American throne in a pathetic attempt to cover their own ASSets. AIDS has been “curable” since the early 80′s if not sooner, folks.

    • srsly1

      You make me laugh!
      In the last year, your article titles included
      “Shocking” 83 times
      “Stunning” 23 times
      “Chilling” 19 times
      “jaw-dropping” 13 times
      ‘startling” 12 times

      When will I really be shocked, stunned, chilled, or startled?




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