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Absolutely Amazing! The Deepest, Darkest Secret Ever...Finally Revealed! You Are Going To Be Seriously Affected and Stunned--Must-See! (Video)

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It’s only a matter of time…and the time is right now!

The darkest secrets sometimes are the ones that are right before us, though somehow we miss it. Well, this secret is one that will throw you for a spin. Your life will NEVER be the same! 

The below video contains a brief introductory skit with my children and me.  But please stay tuned for the message, because it is stunning!

Must-See! The Darkest Secret Ever, Revealed! You Will Be Affected & Instantly Stunned! 

BELOW: In Case You Missed These EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Videos…They Are Definitely Must-Sees!

Dead Prophet Returns To Warn USA-When the Living Can’t Wake Us, the Dead In Christ Must Rise! 

Beware USA-Terrorists Scoping Out Christian Churches! They Came To Mine and Visiting Yours SOON! 

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    • srsly1

      To save you all time watching this garbage, it ends with the douchebag trying to sell you his books. So ya…..

      • truthlovingsoul

        thanks. all her stuff is bible-thumping fear porn with the narrative always on christians good, muslims bad. yawn. and transparent objectives to take the focus off of zionism being behind the troubles of all good people.
        lyn steinberg and lisa goldman…….

        • Sean

          Lyn?, deleted my comment from one of his last stories, when I said these Pharisee/AshkeNazi/Masonic/Satanists/Khazars were born of the Flesh..guess it hit alittle to close to home.

          Gospel of John chapter 3
          From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


          1. There was a man* from the Pharisees, his name was Nicodemus, leader of the Jews,
          2. Who came to Eashoa in the night, and said to him, “Rabbi, I know that from Allaha you have been sent a teacher, for no one* can be found [who can] perform these signs that you are doing, unless Allaha is with him.”
          3. Eashoa replied and said to him, “Amen, amen, I say to you, if [the] human [being] is not born from above*, they cannot see the Kingdom of Allaha.”
          4. Nicodemus said to him, “How can an old man get born, how can he enter his mother’s womb a second time*, to become born [again?]
          5. Eashoa replied and said to him, “Amen, amen, I am telling you, if [the] human [being] is not born from the waters and the Spirit, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Allaha.
          6. “Whoever is born of the flesh, is of the flesh, and whoever is born of the Spirit, is of the Spirit.

        • Sheep Herder 1

          YOU ARE SO RIGHT, thruthlovingsoul!
          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
          Just a couple of PAID (males, probably) zionist, disinformation “creators” for the little, baby like “christian” minds of amerika here on BIN, writing their very GRIM outlook “Fairy Tales of WOE, to all, except for the “saved’ christians, that is! :grin: :grin:
          Gotta keep amerika, amerika, now! :razz: :razz: :razz: “Always on edge is the amero-christian philosophy! Just a constant “flight or fight” hormonal mentality, maintained by their “Paranoid” Religion called “judeo-christianity” and the constant “Tale of DOOM” spun.
          :razz: :razz: :razz:
          And THAT means keeping “good christian amerikans”, DUMB, and buying constant crap, there by supporting the zionist banking “mental construct”, and keeping the “Western leader” Leeches alive and thriving!!
          :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        • Pix


          “Gospel of John chapter 3 From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures Youkhanna

          1. There was a man* from the Pharisees, his name was Nicodemus, leader of the Jews,”

          Dates that particular version of the Gospel to after 70 CE. Because after 70 CE is when the Pharisees invented Judaism. After Rome wiped the polytheistic Israelites living in Judea, off the face of Earth.

          “Saint Nicodemus (/ˌnɪkəˈdiːməs/; Greek: Νικόδημος) was a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin. Nicodemus, according to the Gospel of John, showed favour to Jesus. He appears three times in John. Nicodemus visits Jesus one night to discuss his teachings with him (John 3:1–21). The second time Nicodemus is mentioned, is when he states the law concerning the arrest of Jesus during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (John 7:45–51). The last time Nicodemus appears in the Bible is Crucifixion, when he provides healing herbs and assists Joseph of Arimathea in preparing the body of Jesus for entombment (John 19:39–42).”

          Big discrepancy here, the Israelites including Jesus never met a Jew, because Judaism didn’t exist until after their demise. The Pharisees were a political party of wealthy influential money lenders and traders who had branches in Rome, Turkey, Greece, Arabia, Egypt, Judea and elsewhere. Jesus speaks against them, overturning their money lending tables, teaching to pray in private not showing off in public like the hupocryite Pharisees, to meet in fellowship anywhere, pull up a log or a rock, job done. He was anti Pharisee.

      • DUMB BOW

        Story Views

        Now: 62
        Last Hour: 851
        Last 24 Hours: 14,365
        Total: 14,365

        And if you believe that I have a story about 2 planes bringing down the world trade centers
        I dont want to take about building 7 so dont even ask how that happened :wink:

    • Wildfire

      Thank you ! Not many write anymore they throw out a headline and steal anothers video… Too time consuming, not very creative !

    • Dustdevil

      Wow, a long winded spiel to sell books. Nice.

      Hey, FYI, if you believe in ‘dead prophets rising’, then clearly you MISSED that Christian part about ‘the dead shall not rise until the end, when all dead shall rise, for until then, they sleep’.

      Yeah, it’s that same critical observation that says those who seance the dead, aren’t actually speaking to mortal souls sleeping in the earth. In reality, they don’t know WHAT or WHO they are speaking to.

      Same issue here, and as usual, being sold to the easily deceived masses as ‘dead prophet rises and speaks’. Yeah, you keep right on believing that junk.

    • liberty

      Are you willing to take any kind of correction , rebuke or instruction EVER?

      God has called me to do specific tasks as well -that many Christians may not like or agree with & you may not want to hear it but, for these end times it is important to know.

      He called me over a decade ago… to teach me about False Prophets ,False teachers, false teachings ,”Hirelings” etc and as He began to unearth much information for me to discover it truly made my heart sink for I knew I would be hated for daring to expose it , but because DECEPTION is so “subtle” and rampant in the Church today… it is neccessary so here goes:

      There is one important factor that you MISS in all of your “research” & eagerness to get all your vides posted from all these various “Prophets and Teachers”…and that is WHO birthed their Ministries and HOW were they birthed in the first place?

      There is a huge difference between a True Divine Ministry BIRTHED by God Himself and one birthed by MEN.
      DO YOU EVEN KNOW which was which ??

      You have an absolute obsession with all things “Jim Baker”.
      Do you even know where his ministry COMES from?

      He piggybacked off of MORNINGSTAR which is headed by Rick Joyner…..a VERY False PROPHET!
      Do you know how MORNINGSTAR was birthed?
      Not by God!
      Nor was his buddy MIKE BICKLE whose “Ministry” came forth through a FALSE PROPHECY!Which has yielded forth ALOT of broken lives and destroyed families…… or extremely arrogant and brain-washed SHEEP.

      Go back decades to the beginning and then forwards and throughout all that has evolved since then.

      Ricks “funding came from the guy whom started AMWAY.
      Which is a mixture of New Age /Humanistic thinking that is clearly reflected throughout all of Ricks BOOKS that he was able to decieve so many Christians by & then “springboard” his “cult-like” Ministry FROM THE MONEY MADE through all his FALSE, UNBIBLICAL and twisted writings….
      that perhaps “sounds” and “looks” like “Jesus” -yet when you uncover the deep dark layers you will discover a cesspool of greed, cover-ups, manipulation, perverse & warped unscriptural teachings-not to mention ALOT of “muzzled “ voices whom were persecuted for trying to expose the secrets.

      Lyn YOU only see the “gloss and veneer” yet you dont see the darker , hidden secrets that Christ does.

      Jim Baker is Spiritually BLIND .He may have good intentions, but what “Jesus” is he truly following?
      Which “Jesus” are any of them following ..or listening to?

      Think about it for a second.
      Jim will NOT expose Rick Joyner , John Paul Jackson or ANY of the “Big Names” of the
      New Apostolic Reformation CULT of whom JIM is a big part of ( Google it please) yet will only PROMOTE them?

      You need to learn more about the ROOTS , Lyn to see this “plan “ that has been developed for these end times.

      Are you even familiar with how the SPIRITUAL REALM works ?
      You think the enemy cant “imitate God-through dreams, “Words” and Visions?

      You think the enemy hasnt formulated his OWN “end time” plan to decieve many Christians into his OWN “One World Church?.You think its just “Joel Osteen”?
      Really ?
      Check all the DOCTRINES of all of those whom Jim PROMOTES.
      They all INTER-TWINED with the same warped and false teachings.

      John Shorey is just as mis-led as all of them.God showed me NOT to recieve from John Shorey except for what He revealed concerning DAVID WILKERSON, but that is not John Shorey-thats David Wilkerson and HIS God birthed Ministry.
      Lyn instead of “shrugging off” those whom may be trying to WARN you , start paying attention.

      I just recently completed a 140 pages of LINKS all related to the ONE WORLD CHURCH that has been carefully “designed” over many , many decades-ready for its coming REVEALING.
      I know what I am talking about .
      It was far too many pieces to IGNORE as much as I dreaded making the discoveries that I did.
      All of these blinded and misled “teachers” & “prophets” have been “coralled right into it AND leading the sheep right towards it , without even knowing it themselves and this has been a GRADUAL and INCREMENTAL process DONE OVER A VERY LONG TIME.

      I wish I could show you all that I have uncovered, but it would take WEEKS and would open your eyes in a way they’ve never opened before .
      Sorry but GOOD FRUIT cannot come forth from a BAD TREE.
      If its not BIRTHED by God …….it will be not be genuine.

      His TRUE Prophets ARE hidden Lyn, but you wont be finding them on major Christian Tv shows.His true Spirit will reveal them to those whom “have a ear to hear”.
      Take these words, Heed them and PRAY .
      God will show you what has taken me over a decade to learn.
      Or you can ignore this and continue carrying on as a “Horse without Bit or bridle” misleading others…

      • Anonymous

        Nah, she’s just a waste of space…why bother.

      • NWO for Dummies.

        This is the best comment I’ve ever seen on Lynn’s world. Thank you liberty.
        You do realize don’t you thats Lynn’s strength is fiction and this comports most if not all of her posts.
        The bit about getting right with Jesus does not seem compatible to me with sensationalist headlines either. to see why exactly – look up the meaning of the word ‘sensationalism’ – no one can really deny that that is the technique she uses to get people to click on her posts? I believe Lynn has little regard for her viewers and this comes from a lack of reverence for her God. Lynn dear you need to walk the walk not talk the talk.

    • Mark

      You have no shame in your face Lyn… :???:

    • Jedo Kingsman

      What we need now more than anything is to hold on to Hope, the Great Motivator!

    • 14west1

      Can we have a special “Jesus is coming, everyone look busy!” filter on BIN? About 25% of articles are nothing more than misleading pitches to be a bible thumper.

    • Spinicar

      jesus = morninh star = lucifer = Rev. 22v16

      • Terminator

        Jesus … shall deceive many
        The Bible gives us absolute proof that Jesus is not the Messiah. Jesus is not the chosen name for the son of God. The Bible clearly states that a woman would “conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel” The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said – Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” Mary was instructed to call her son Immanuel – a Hebrew name meaning “God is with us”. Therefore, the Hebrew name Immanuel is the only name that can be accepted by Jews and Christians as the name of the Messiah (ancient Greek: Christós, English: Christ, meaning “anointed”), not Jesus. Jesus is Latin Vulgar (Roman) meaning “I am”. From the Roman Vulgate (a late 4th-century Roman translation of the Holy Bible) Mathew 24:5 “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” The Bible is telling us that Jesus is not Christ. Jesus represents the False Messiah and all those who come to you saying Jesus Christ are deceiving you. The anointed one is to be named “Immanuel”.

        Here is Stewart Swerdlowe that talks about Immanuel survived and went to India and Maria Magdalena to south France. His grave is in Kashmere and can be found there.

        go to 44:15 exact place where you can find it:

        Another clue:

        Holy Book Kur’an also state that Jesus survived, and was saved first night where his friends found similar body and they payed guardians to go away while they replaced Him with another body.

        Truth will always prevail. Creator of the Universe

        • Terminator

          What do we know about the man who is said to be in Srinagar, Kashmir Tomb?
          Clearly there is someone buried in Roza Bol. The name of the person buried there according to the sign post and local records is Yus Asaph. The Bhavishya Mahapurana details a holy man in Kashmir at the time who refered to himself as “Isa-masih” and said he was born of a virgin, and some referred to him as “a Son of God”.
          Local information about Yus Asaph is that he was a prophet who journeyed to Kashmir from a foreign land. The direction of his grave indicates that he was of Israelite origin. The carved footprints next to the tomb suggest that he once survived crucifixion or some other punishment leading to visible scaring of the feet.
          More information about this can be examined at the Historical Sources page and Founders page.

        • Terminator

          Here is the Google earth picture of His thumb:

        • Terminator

          Sorry it was a typo: His Tomb

        • Pix


          The tomb in Kashmir is probably that of the only begotten son of god, the acting Roman emperor Julius Caesar via the virgin queen and goddess Cleopatra/Isis Meri. Nicknamed Caesarion, his name is thought to have been Iesous, titled, son of god, lamb of god, in the image of god, heir to the kingdom of god, etc. Born c20 BCE, heir to the Egyptian and Roman empires, fled into the wilderness after his mother killed herself. He is believed to have ended up in India with his 3 half siblings via Mark Antony.

          In the book of Revelation 22;16 Jesus says “I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright morning star. The root and offspring of David is Egypt (Cleopatra) and the bright morning star component is from Caesar who is said to have been a direct descendant of Venus. Which is why Caesar qualified as a candidate for the Emperor of Rome, he would have been accepted as such if he had not been assassinated on the senate steps. After Egypt was destroyed, Rome was taken over by his older adopted son as Rome’s first emperor, Octavian/Augustus.

          Perfect timing. However the Jesus story is as old as the man made hills in Egypt, it’s the Osiris/Isis/Horus story and rulers nearly always associated themselves with one or more of their deities according to their lot. Cleopatra’s lot was that of Isis bearing a son of a living god as a virgin mother, virgin as per their meaning, an unmarried women.

        • NWO for Dummies.

          Pix ,
          I’m a little confused.
          On some occasions you talk about Jesus and Christian writings as though you are aware of their reality, profoundness, beauty and strength, because they are truth …….. and on others you denote them as fairy tales. When you finally make up your mind please post a notification so we can relax regarding the stated position of your good self. Thank you. America thanks you. The UN thanks you. the West thanks you. :arrow: your move.

    • The Real Deal

      Lyn, you’ve outdone yourself. That was quite an opening to your video. I dig the bottle and pills part. That was my favorite. Sure made ME think. lol. No more booze and pills for me, man. Wait, i don’t have kids. On second thought…

      LOL, j/k, Buuuuut….i’m still not buying his books. :razz:

    • am123

      @ Lyn,

      About that little acting skit at the beginning of the video…don’t quit your day job…o wait, this is your day job isn’t it? :roll:

      Nevermind! :lol:

    • Truthseeker

      Just a thought:

      If one were to attempt to assemble and tie together all the personal doctrines and dogmas of the writers and those that comment on BIN into some kind of sensible picture — what would be the results?


      And God abhors confusion.

      BIN is a microcosm of the 4000 flavors of so call christianity.

      Just a thought.

      OK — GO — tear me apart. It is what you do best.

    • Anonymous

      to be 100% honest … I didn’t read or watch any of this … one look at lyn’s profile pic was all I needed to see … you really expect us to take you seriously posing like that? … c’mon mannnn … womannnnnn …

    • yes2truth

      I am trying to work out how many mind numbingly boring and stupid permutations these two Jewesses come up with for their meaningless hyped sensationalist headlines. All is vanity.

      Go here for calm and The Truth:




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