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A Masonic Pyramid That Is 33 Dekameters High Is Being Built in North Korea, With Money From Bill Gates - To Be Destroyed on October 1st

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North Korea is just one more puppet state of the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites, one that they use for playing their games of “New Egypt”.

And I can prove it with facts.

That’s the reason why FREEMASONRY is building a 330 meters high PYRAMID there, through an EGYPTIAN contractor.


What pyramid are you talking about?

I’m talking about Ryugyong Hotel, in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Read the Wikipedia article about Ryugyong Hotel: [link to]

Ryugyong Hotel is a 330 meter high, pyramid shaped hotel that is being built in Pyongyang, and that is expected to be ready by mid-2013.

Here is a view of the building, still under construction, in 2011:

Ryugyong Hotel is being built by an Egyptian company called Orascom Group.

Well, well… Here we have already significant evidence of the Masonic nature of this building…

Besides being pyramid shaped, it is 330 meters high. Everyone knows about the obsession of Freemasons with the number 33.

So, it’s a pyramid (a Masonic obsession) and it’s 330 meters high (Masonic obsession with the number 33)

But it has yet another element of Masonic “fetish”: it is being built by Egyptians. The company that is building it is from Egypt. The “builders of the pyramid” are Egyptians.

What to say now about the suspicious obsession of people aparently connected to Freemasonry in Western countries about this pyramid in North Korea?

There is a very strange website whose domain is

[link to]

The website is totally dedicated to the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, and it always refers to the building as “the pyramid”, and has strange graphics that show the building as having internal chambers similar to the internal chambers of the original Egyptian pyramids…

Making a quick Whois lookup for that domains, we can easily find that the website is owned by someone in Graz, the second largest city of Austria, in the hearth of Europe.

Why would someone in Austria be that obsessed about an ugly hotel in North Korea, if this person wasn’t a freemason, who knows that the hotel is an important international project of Freemasonry?

But there is more…

Look at this video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2008, by someone called Wendy Dunham (same surname as Obama’s white mother):

The very “mysterious” video has a length of exactly 3:33

Here is 33 again. Here is the Masonic “signature” again.

So, it’s probably someone connected to Freemasonry.

But if you still has doubts if this is really a project of the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites of the world, check this information now…

In December of last year (2012), the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt visited North Korea:

[link to]

Just one month later, in January 2013, another Silicon Valley tycoon, Bill Gates, announced that he was leading a group of U.S. investors investing ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the Egyptian company Orascom Group, the company that is bulding the pyramid in North Korea:

[link to]

Believe it now?

North Korea is the “New Egypt” in the games of the elites.

That’s why Freemasons are building a pyramid there, and are very obsessed about it. The pyramid will be ready in mid-2013.

That’s proof that North Korea is OWNED by the Freemasons, and all threaths of “nuclear war” come directly from Freemasonry. Maybe they are thinking about ordering their puppet Kim Jong-un to start a nuclear war, in order to achieve their “depopulation” plans.



This masonic pyramid is set to be destroyed on October 1st

The building to the right in this shirt sold online by the guys of IS Ryugyong Hotel:

[link to]

Ryugyong Hotel was not destructed YET, but that shirt seems to show that it’s marked to be destructed on October 1st of some give year (maybe 2013).

this shirt was created by the people behind the website, that was registered by someone in Graz, Austria.

Chernobyl, World Trade Center, and Ryugyong Hotel…

The three buildings in the same shirt, with respective dates of destruction.

They couldn’t be more explicit…


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    • spure

      very interesting. good post Jeffrey. keep it up.

      • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

        Interesting letters from Ryugyong :lol: ThankZzz I did some research :wink:

    • Busta Myth

      Kim Jong Munchkin was educated in Bern, Masonic Switzerland

      look it up, there are UK and Swiss mainstream news articles and photos about him being educated in Switzerland

    • Canderson

      And how do you know the dates and all?

      • Geeper

        Because this all happened four years ago.

        Stay tuned to Before It’s News, kids!

        • Anonymous

          It was posted with a prediction, for a future date. Thanks for reading.

    • Natas Reficul

      Set to be destroyed in Oct of 2013??? Well, theres 5 mins of my life I have lost forever…

      • Mayhem

        I’ll take those 5 minutes, Natas Reficul, and much obliged.

    • truthseeker4809

      Only Jeffrey Pratchett can write this kind of nonsense. Yes the earth is flat also…

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        He doesn’t write anything, it’s all copy and paste.

        For example, check the dates here, all from 2013.

        This article thinks this building will be destroyed October 1st, 2013.

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          This Anonymous is a guy who has had his accounts blocked multiple times for threatening sexual assault on members and contributors. This article was revitalized on God Like Productions and passed down to me to put up via email. So I did. Get over it.

          Also I don’t think the Earth is Flat. I’m not sure how this rat baby lips obviously confused me with someone else.

          • Anonymous

            He’s been listening to a family of Bigfeets located in Muir Woods in California. He’s a rat baby lips. :eek:

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        sounds like a real wacko

    • bgjohn3rd

      its was abandoned in 1987, and the conspiracy is that its going to be destroyed because masons control the world yet some how their building is being destroyed? ITS AN OLD ABANDONED BUILDING. you people probably think the world is flat, and hollow at the same time.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      ” is expected to be ready by mid-2013.”

      “Ryugyong Hotel was not destructed YET, but that shirt seems to show that it’s marked to be destructed on October 1st of some give year (maybe 2013).”

      So this is a super recent article?

      Years old garbage posted like it’s new.

      Good job Jeffery.

    • unidentified

      bill gates still has plenty of time and resources to design and build a beautiful “microsoft” tower in seattle instead of dumping funds in north korean underground bomb shelters




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