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BeWAR3, Mike Pence Will Soon Be The Acting President Due To Donald Trump's Death Via Blunt Force Trauma To His Head. NEWS FLASH, Donald Trump Was Found In A Stairwell With Massive Bleeding On His Brain. He Has Many Powerful Enemies That Want Him Dead....Get Ready To Shift Into High Gear On 6-12-18. SELAH

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BeWAR3, Mike Pence Will Soon Be The Acting President Due To Donald Trump’s Death-Assassination Via Blunt Force Trauma To His Head. NEWS FLASH Donald Trump Was Found In A Stairwell With Massive Bleeding On His Brain, A Subdural Hematoma. He Has Made Many Enemies Since He’s Been In Office And These Powerful Enemies Want Him Dead Like The Obama Crime Syndicate & The Powers That Be. Please, Get Ready For Things To Shift Into High Gear On 6-12-18, ISIS Will Go Hot Soon. This Weekend Is Going To Be Very Interesting Indeed. Be Aware That Many Suicides Are Going To Take Place Soon Because Spiritually Unwise Demon Controlled People-Sheeple Will Prematurely Think That It’s The End Of The World, But The End Is Not Yet. Time Is Growing Short, Please Let’s All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. The Horror Show Is About To Begin. SELAH

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    • AJ

      Douche Bag!

    • Slimey

      I think you are talking about Bill and Hillaryous Clinton?? They already found Anthony Bourdain. The white-hating Negro-loving Frenchmen hanged.

      • 2QIK4U

        And a Female”friend” of Clinton’s was found the day before Suicided. One more, they always do 3′s

    • raburgeson

      If this were true all hell would break out. That is a heads up for you and the deep state. For the UN and other foreign troops in our country I have another heads up. 18 Northeastern states have sworn to cannibalizing the enemy and a force will come out of these states that need no more than ammo supply and a true reason to hunt down the enemy.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah? WHO?? lolol
        These idiots dont even know who the real enemy is.

    • Andoron

      Damn, can I borrow your bong?

    • dennisR8

      No way. First reaction this story is false

    • nomorelabels

      Pure CLICK bait and PURE BS.

      The author needs to “repent” of posting lies.

      This is why b4itsnews is becoming a joke, years worth of fear porn, religious mind rape and outright lies.

      • Andy

        the editor who permitted this article needs a new job

    • Sub MOA

      I hate it when you uneducated religious types say stupid shit that is obviously wrong and demonstrate to the rest of us that you did not read your bible and if you did, you retained very little. A lack of understanding is apparent. You are a spiritually bankrupt moron if you think:

      A./ Jews are Semitic, they are not.

      B./ Jews have Hebrew roots, they don’t.

      C./ Jews are God’s chosen people, they are not, it is HOUSE of ISRAEL – the twelve tribes, all of them are Hebrew.

      D./ Jews do not worship Yahweh, they worship Lucifer, the God of the masonic lodge – Albert Pike says so…

      E./ The Israeli flag has no star of David, star of REMPHAN ( I Acts 7:43) Moloch’s God. Google the image for Remphan, surprize!

      • Andy

        israel’s crimes:
        - has illegal & undeclared nukes of their own
        - illegally occupies other nations territory
        - illegally builds settlements on others land
        - destroys other peoples homes on their own land
        - forced displacement
        - uses illegal cluster & phosphorus munitions on women & children
        - apartheid
        - unlawful killings
        - abusive detention
        - closure of the Gaza Strip turning it into the worlds largest prison
        - built an illegal “berlin style” wall on someone elses land
        - illegally attacks other nations without consequence
        - illegally attacked the U.S.S. Liberty killing U.S. service personnel
        - currently IGNORES 30+ tabled and mandated U.N. S.C. resolutions to GET OUT of “the occupied territories”

        sure seems like a bunch of devil worshippers to me

      • Anonymous

        “jew” is the modern misnomer for ancient PHARISEEs- that is even according to THEM.
        Rothschild funded the SCHOFIELD (Masonic) “Bible” to create Xtian grassroots base to support Jewusalem HQ of Khazar aka “zionist” Sabbatean fake “jews” Temple from which to rule their NWO.
        Fake Israel is the AntiChrist. They have built atheist-pantheist Empire institutions right there- with ‘world court’ building etc. 3rd Temple will preside over all the merged religions and be pagan-Masonic in nature w/ jew-lineage Emperor on its throne.

    • truck driver

      Everyone in the government would be shot if anything happened to Trump.




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