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Q Anon: Who Is R? Trump Told May to Sue EU, Trump to Run in 2020, Putin Summit (Video)

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In an interview following the press conference Theresa May stated that Trump had advised her to sue the EU over Brexit rather than negotiate with them, which supports what I said about May having reversed her ‘soft’ Brexit stance to what the referendum demanded, because she is now free—no longer hostage to the EU globalist conglomerate (including Boris Johnson naturally) which was obviously threatening her with her life. Following this string of wins, let’s see what Trump will accomplish with Putin in Helsinki, and the secrets Putin might tell him.

My name is Andy Giardina, I hold 2 M.A. Degrees (Political Science and History) and am a published author/independent researcher who has worked for 2 decades in the non-profit, business, public and government sectors. I am also the ‘voice’ of the US metal band TOTAL ECLIPSE.

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.



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    • Sun Tzu

      Sun says, R next letter after Q.

    • 2QIK4U

      Oooooo A mainstream media Release that everyone saw already what would we do without Q? We’re all so retarded I believe it all ! TRUST THE SQAM :lol: :eek: :lol:

      • 2QIK4U

        SEE ! It was going to be WHO IS Q but someone had apparently let out what thier next Agenda was JUST AS I SAID so this pisspoor angle had to get used…. HOW MANY MORE TIME’S DO I HAVE TO PROVE IT FOR YOU TO STOP BEING A TRAITOR?

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          If Q is a traitor to you then I guess Trump is as well. Everyone thinks Trump is as well now since his Russian scenario. Q is probably Putin’s mouth piece. As for me being a traitor? This is a country that has betrayed all its citizens in the name of the 1 percent over the poor and middle class and veterans and now Pre Existing conditions. Those in charge could careless about its citizens. So yea I don’t give a flying shit about them either. I’m a REBEL and when the crap hits the fan. I’ll be stoking the flames. If I had my way I’d put American Indians in charge over White sold out parasites. And I’m white! And one you thing you’re to stupid to consider is I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t like you. You have lied so many times about me you make me wanna throw up.



      level UP.

      “Very well, very well,’ responded the cat, and he began studying the chessboard through his opera glasses.” from The Master and Margarita

      • CeeLeeRose

        “A ROSE HAS RISEN”….

        Ive FINALLY made it!..,.Yaaaay!!!!..

        ~Usually around 11:30 AM most days, as Im quite proud of my nocturnal vampire/artist hours I keep…..A fair bit of painting to do lately….

        Looks like “Q” is workin his or her way through the alphabet? Is it all composed of Trump “Buyin time” BS?…Or is “Q” multiple people whove got Trump spooked & he’s playin along like he’s a part of it all?….We shall see now wont we? Ive seen enough of them played on the American peoples & am now currently living through one big PsyOp as a T.I to read the bullshit between the lines…..Perp much there ROSEBUD?

        ~Creighton Lee Rose

        “I wanna see ya keep following n’ swallowin
        Taking n’ making, biting n’ borrowin
        Brothers tried & others died to get the formula
        But Im’ma letcha sweat, you still aint warm, you
        a step away from frozen, stiff as if your posin
        Dig into my brain as the rhyme gets chosen
        So follow me & while you thinkin you were first
        Lets travel @ magnificent speeds around the universe
        What could ya say as the Earth gets further & further away
        Planets a small as balls of clay
        A stray into the Milky Way, worlds outta sight
        Far as the eye can see-not even a satellite
        Now stop turn around n’ look
        As you stare into the darkness, your knowledge took
        So keep starin, soon you suddenly see a star
        Ya better follow it, cause its the “R”
        This is a lesson, if ya guessin, & if your borrowin
        Hurry, hurry step right up & keep followin the leader

        God by nature, mind raised in Asia
        Since you was tricked, I had ta raise ya
        From the cradle to the grave
        But remember~Your not a slave
        ‘Cause we was put here to be much more than that
        But we couldnt see because our mind was trapped
        But Im here to break away the chains, take away the pains
        Re-make the brains, rebuild my name
        I guess nobody told ya a little knowledge is dangerous
        It cant be mixed, diluted, it cant be changed or switched
        Heres a little lesson if your guessin or borrowin
        Hurry, hurry , step right up n’ keep following the leader”

        ~Follow The Leader~ Eric B. & Rakim

        • RAIN

          like ringin’ a bell.. haha..




      “Prepare for the next phase” That would be a stage.

      As You Like It Act II Scene VII

      now.. PARDON me while I shape shift..

      You “watch”.

      • RAIN


        Now I’m a Cat.

        I am awesome.


      I have had a bit of time to research information on the JFK Jr plane crash. Several articles exist that conflict each other. First the coronor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts concluded that all died upon impact with the water. Keep in mind the Kennedy’s own the State. The second thing I found interesting was, no photos because Ted Kennedy was flown out to the salvage vessel when the plane was found and insisted no photos be taken. Hmmm we have pix of John Lennon, M. Jackson but not JFK, like I said the Kennedy’s have a bit of pull in Mass. The plane crashed in 1999 which would make JFK Jr 53 or 54 that is a long time to be missing but with a net worth of between 30 and 100 million it could be done. Conflicting news reports: all papers say that JFK Jr was pinned in the cockpit with his seatbelt on. Some say the passengers were in their seats with seatbelt on in the plane, others say the passengers were found not far from the plane. Could they be alive, of course with that kind of money I could do anything and I wouldn’t have the support of a State Senator. I will draw no conclusion, but I must say I am intrigued by one of Q’s posts that said “wait till you see who it is doing the posting “or something to that effect. Time will indeed tell.




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