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Q Anon: Military Tribunals Started? The Final Coutdown - Are You Awake Yet? (Video)

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Aren’t military court martials kept private during the proceedings? I thought that was a law, and the reason that Hillary had a DOJ lawyer represent her the last time she was called in to testify before the congressional oversight committee. They aren’t allowed to hire their own counsel, to prevent any leaks. The Patriot Hour K.C.
Military tribunals in the United States are military courts designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, operating outside the scope of conventional criminal and civil proceedings. The judges are military officers and fulfill the role of jurors. Military tribunals are distinct from courts-martial.

This video isn’t for everyone. Some like this style of content. Others may not get it at all. We can’t please everyone all the time. Thanks for all your support this last year! Been a crazy ride. Finish the race strong friends!

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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  • luda

    Russia should conduct military tribunals of the traitors and satanic globalists in Russia simultaneously with the US!

    • Lastnerve

      I dont think they would tell us, the perps may all be in a plane accident or something, quiet.


  • Mica Molecule

    I will believe that Trump and his “patriots” are saving America from corrupt psychopaths in positions of political, financial and judicial power when the criminals are locked up or executed. Until then I conclude that this article and video is part of a propaganda program to fool and pacify patriots into thinking the end is near when it isn’t. Cryptic messages of Trump’s plan for draining the swamp are only a ruse to fool and pacify patriots into thinking the end is near when it isn’t. Maybe the authors and presenters are unwitting victims of deep sate propaganda programs. Read Brandon Smith’s article about the Pied Piper on this news site which now contains mostly FAKE NEWS.

  • HypothesisFree

    Q Nonsense – Are Military Tribunals Underway? – The Still Report [7 min]:

    Regardless of Intent Your Vote is Effectively a Hate Crime:

  • Anonymous

    Don’t believe ANYTHING coming out of Q – the “Deep State” is about to become more powerful than ever – it’s prophesied to happen. Read GOD’S CHOSEN: THE BOOK at Amazon – it’s tho most eye-opening thing you’ll EVER read:

    • HypothesisFree

      The author believes in keeping of the Law (Torah), but the following should be noted…

      David Vose has proven that:

      Enki = Jehovah = Yahweh = Lucifer

      [none of which are God the Father]

      David Vose nailed it, proving that in the original bible language Jehovah is an evil devil, separate and distinct from God the Father.
      “ATTENTION – SCHOLARS removed LORD ENKI from bible – This will ROCK
      the CHRISTIAN WORLD” – David Vose:

      With this potent knowledge it appears that Zecharia Sitchin reversed the names Enki and Enlil. It was EVIL Enki who gave the 10 commandments to Moses, and instituted the practice of animal saccrifice. God the father was clearly NOT in agreement with this:

      Jeremiah 7:22 (KJV): “For I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings or sacrifices”

      Hosea, Micah, and Malachi proclaim the same. The temple in old Jerusalem was not intended for animal sacrifice, but rather for pure oblation.
      David in the Psalms Chapter 51 said; if God wanted sacrifice I would have offered it but He delights not in the blood of bulls and goats. Furthermore, as pointed out in more detail in the David Vose link above, both of these animals have horns and represent Luciferian gods.

      “For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God, rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6.

      “They love sacrifice; they sacrifice flesh and eat it; but the Lord has no delight in them.” Hosea 8:l3.

      “Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save
      humans and animals alike, O Lord.” —Psalms 36:6

      “How long will the land mourn, and the grass of every field wither? For the wickedness of those who
      live in it the animals and the birds are swept away, and because people said, ‘He [a wicked meat-eater] is blind to our [vegetarian] ways [of Christianity]’” —Jeremiah 12:4

      The ONLY way to reconcile these verses with other verses which seem to say the opposite is to realize that Jehovah in the original language is NOT God the father but rather a fallen angel/evil devil [which parallels what 1 Enoch says, by the way]. Sadly, Jehovah was mis-translated as God.

      Greater detail on this subject can be found here:





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