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This Is the Most Important Video You Will Ever See! A Warning to Millions of Americans! (Video)

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In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV issues a stark warning of Economic Collapse 2019.

AMTV and covers today’s most important news and politics with Christopher Greene. ‘Hard-hitting and in your face!’
Plus 2nd video
In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Dark Overlord Warns of 9/11 Leaks.

Christopher Greene started AMTV in 2009 when he decided to quit his job as a broker at Merrill Lynch. After witnessing the collapse of global stock markets in 2008 and seeing just how badly it had devastated millions of people, he decided it was time to take action and do something about it! Frustrated by government bailouts and a lack of accountability on Wall Street, he picked up his camera and started making YouTube videos.

A little over a year later, what started from just a few people has quickly grown to 500,000+ YouTube subscribers, a brand new Live Show, national television appearances and over 100 million video views around the world. Christopher is regularly cited online and in print media, has covered live events such as the Republican National Convention and has interviewed celebrities like Steve Forbes, Eric Schmidt, Don King, Dinesh D’Souza, Peter Schiff, Stephen Baldwin, Jon Voight, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Ron Paul and many others.

Review One Second After In The Text Below. Source: Wikipedia

This is all the warning most of you will have. This will come to pass before the NWO takes complete control of the world. 2019 could be the year, Jan 21st could be the date. 

One Second After


Black Mountain, North Carolina is a small American town, home to a college with about six hundred students. Although it has no large businesses of its own, it is quickly gaining favor as a summer hideaway for people from larger cities. However, Black Mountain is strategically located along an interstate highway and provides the water supply for the nearby city of Asheville.


John Matherson is a professor of history at the local Montreat Christian College. A retired U.S. Army Colonel, he had moved to Black Mountain with his late wife Mary, a native of the town, when she was dying from cancer. The widowed father of two daughters, Elizabeth and Jennifer, and a collegiate professor, Matherson is well-respected within the community.

At 4:50 p.m. (16:50) Eastern Standard Time the second Tuesday of May, on the first day described in the book’s narration, the phone lines in the town suddenly go dead, along with all the electrical appliances. Just a second before, everything worked; but now, just one second after, virtually nothing does.

Within hours it becomes clear to the residents of Black Mountain that this is no ordinary blackout, and they come to the realization that the power may remain off for a very long time. Every modern electrical device is disabled, destroyed by what Matherson is beginning to suspect is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States by unknown attackers.

The Contiguous United States has, in an instant, been thrown back into the 19th century. However, the narration in the book points out that 21st century people are not at all equipped to live under 19th century conditions. Later on, Matherson remarks that the survivors have the technology of the early 16th century.

Matherson’s immediate concern is his twelve-year-old daughter, who has Type 1 diabetes. Without a constant supply of insulin, which requires refrigeration, she will die.

The story’s focus shifts quickly to how the community, as a whole, reacts. John is a respected outsider, and his military experience, standing as a collegiate professor, and level-headedness are appreciated by the town’s residents. There are hundreds of stranded motorists whose cars and trucks have simply rolled to a halt on the nearby interstate highway. Those people make their way into town, where some of them are clearly unwanted by the locals. There is an immediate growing concern about food; the leaders of the community soon begin wondering how these several thousand people are going to be fed for any appreciable length of time. No refrigerators or freezers are running. No trucks are bringing in fresh supplies every day. Concerns immediately arise about the nursing home in town where Matherson’s elderly cancer-stricken father-in-law resides. The elderly and frail need refrigerated medicines, and many require constant nursing care. The EMP has disabled the nursing home’s generator which cannot be started. There are no AM/FM radio broadcasts, no television, no Internet, and thus, no communication with anyone outside the town is possible. However, two months later, a working antique telephone is set up to connect Black Mountain with the nearby town of Swannanoa.

The family of Matherson’s late wife are small-scale car collectors who happen to own a 1959 Edsel, in addition to a Mustang. The two cars are so old that the EMP did not affect them because they have no modern EMP-sensitive electronics, such as transistors. Another local resident owns a vintage airplane that later becomes very useful, as it too is so old that it has no vulnerable electronics.

Without modern sanitation and supplies, diseases surge. Minor wounds become seriously infected, and the community has soon exhausted its supply of antibiotics. The social order in Black Mountain begins to break down. It is too late in the year to plant and harvest crops, which is a moot point as few people in the area know how to farm anyway. Suddenly, skills that haven’t been needed in several generations have become critically necessary. The town must organize its young and able-bodied to defend itself against a marauding band of cannibals, who eventually attack the community, resulting in a violent and deadly battle. After a while, the extreme shortages of food require difficult choices regarding rationing; who gets how much food, and which people are to be deliberately underfed to the point of starvation. Increasingly, Matherson is forced by circumstances to assume a growing leadership role as the situation continues to deteriorate. Matherson, along with a few others, try their best to maintain a balance between the multiple necessities of rationing scarce resources, maintaining law and order in addition to individual freedom, as well as personal responsibility and moral behavior in the midst of deeply deteriorating physical and social conditions.

Matherson is forced to lead several battalions of college kids into battle against the cannibalistic Posse. In the process the college’s resource officer is killed and the students’ numbers are reduced to two thirds of what they were before. After the battle the Posse leader is hanged on the interstate and John releases the several remaining Posse members, claiming that they weren’t going to do any more harm.

One year later, the U.S. military arrives to rebuild and aid the town. It is revealed that the EMP that devastated the contiguous United States was generated by three nuclear missiles launched from offshore container ships. One was launched from the Gulf of Mexico and detonated in the upper atmosphere over UtahKansas, and Ohio. The container ship was sunk by an explosion immediately after the missile launch; no indication remained of who was directly responsible for the attacks. Another missile was fired from off the Icelandic coast and detonated over East Europe and Russia. This launch hit major cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow. Another nuclear missile was detonated over Japan and South Korea. The U.S. government is said to have believed that an alliance between Iran and North Korea was responsible for the attacks, and that the United States attacked Iran and North Korea with nuclear weapons in retaliation. It was also mentioned that the U.S. withdrew all of its overseas military forces back to the United States to aid in rebuilding and humanitarian work. It is also revealed that the EMP attack brought down the not sufficiently hardened Air Force One, which killed the U.S. President upon impact of the crashing plane.

One year after the EMP attack, the United States is described as having 30 million survivors, down ninety percent from an original pre-attack population of 300 million. The People’s Republic of China is occupying the U.S. west coast with a 500,000-strong occupation force, and Mexico has Texas and the American Southwest under military occupation, as a protectorate against China.

The book also describes the increasingly intimate relationship Matherson develops with a single and child-less nurse, Makala Turner, who was stranded by the pulse. via Wikipedia

I host the Church of Mabus radio show and it is going on 8 years. I’ve been in the paranormal community for 20 years. I provide content from a network of sources and guests and allies. Ranging from Politics to the Paranormal and the Spiritual. You can check out my other articles here at my BIOGRAPHY at BIN and you can check out my free radio show at this link HERE. Thanks for showing your support and stopping by.

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  • jknbt

    David Rockefeller orchestrated a major stock market crash every seven years starting in 1973 & 1980. We are still getting over the mess he made in 2007-2008. He had help with his fed reserve banker bros that own the Federal Reserve & its banks. By doing this, Citi bank has become the biggest bank in the world, & he plus his banker buds all became trillionaires. Rockefeller died, & guess what? The stock market resets stopped. We have been due one since 2015, so we are very over-due. They did this to soak up all the federal reserve baseless fiat money they print out of thin air. They crashed the stock markets to let the little people take the loss. The super-rich strategy is to pump up the market, dump their stocks at the peak, crash the market, & buy them all back at the bottom (good old pump-n-dump). If an individual stock broker does this for a single stock, they will get caught by the Feds for this felony. These people doing this are big enough that nobody will touch them. Old man John D Rockefeller did this by creating the stock market crash of 1929. He doubled his money in one year doing this. Burn in hell, John, until your pile of dollar bills that is roasting your rich ass burns up.

    If the super-rich don’t crash the stock market again, the alternative is hyper-inflation. This is the only other safety valve for all that bogus fiat money. Look at Venezuela. They have an inflation rate of 800,000%. The super-rich don’t want this, because they know it will deflate the value of their money also. The super-rich have set up a fiat money printing machine called the federal reserve in every country in the world. Now the value of money is distorted world-wide. For example, the Nigerian Naira has dropped in value by 90% in the last 30 years due to fiat printing of money. Even the Swiss & Chinese have this machine set up. That is why there is a special currency only for internal use by their citizens and a separate currency for foreign exchange. They know how to play the game to win so their people don’t get hurt. The geniuses that run the US will never figure this out.

    The sheeple out there don’t realize how broke the US is. The debt is 47 trillion dollars. That means that you could put everything in the country out on the street & sell it in a national yard sale, & it still would not pay off the debt. Every family knows that the endgame for insane, reckless overspending is bankruptcy. Then someone else has to take the loss. That won’t work with the US on a national basis. What will happen is the young people will give up on democracy & capitalism, and elect someone as sanguine as Franklin Roosevelt that is an amoral dictator like Hitler down inside. What a nightmare.

    The third alternative is war. When a small shop is about to go bankrupt & take the owner into bankruptcy also, a common solution is to burn the store down. They will say “the insurance got hot” as they call in the insurance man for a settlement. All the inventory shown on the books 9but long ago stolen burns up), and the insurance company takes the loss. Let’s hope the deep state doesn’t order a war to blot out the debt.

    It is going to be an interesting year….yee-haw…

  • AJ

    I really laugh when I see “The most important video you will ever see” especially from morons click whores….Shame on me for checking.

  • Slimey

    I cut the BULL after 3 minutes!

    But why, sir?

    When the PHONY SH IT couldn’t remember the title of the book. Let me TELL YOU, when a book is good and you like it you won’t forget the author’s name or the title.

    This guy is either a shill or a phony. (Well, both are the same). He reminds me of that other author that promised a family he would give a good write up about their dad murdered in broad daylight in a small town if they gave access, of course, to their father.

    On the talk show one of the family members dissed him about not keeping his promises. And well, the book went nowhere. Heck, it turned me off about the lying author that I can’t even remember his name or the title of the book.

    Because I didn’t watch the entire video you can tell whether I’m saying is true or not if he went on to sell you something. His site, or if he wrote a book, etc. Anything about him.

    Please see if I am correct. :razz:

  • AJ

    Hate to be a dick but Jeff you seem to be posting a lot of BS from others lately…….Must be bored with the dog eh??

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      You ever considered posting? The loudest mouths never do. :lol:

  • dennisR8

    John Bolton is beyond the word crazy, the only reason that Donald Trump chose him was for strong arm tactics, but Trump should control this man. Will Donald Trump need to use an EMP against a European country to protect ourselves from them, that they may do it to our own Country. United Nations soldiers from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Canada and England may have to be killed to defend ourselves from such United Nation soldiers.

    The Rothschild are behind this effort. I think that not only George Soros but also Committee of 300 member billionaire Tom Steyer and Rothschild agent Adam Schiff, should also be arrested just in case they are planning a Rothschild directed war against America. Because Trump will not do what Rothschild agents like the CFR want. America’s subordination to their desires just like Wilson did what he was told in 1916. He enter America into the first world war against the Kaiser’s Germany. America should have let the British get stomped by Germany.

    This guy jknbt is right on this history. William G Carr’s book “Pawns in the Game” is also. This book is better than Eustace Mullins’ book “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. Carr’s book is a history lesson like Webster Tarpley’s article “Against Oligarchy”.

    jknbt I saw from 1984 the events of 1973 and 1980, I concluded a JUBILEE was Coming to save the world. Donald Trump is the tool in Jesus Christ’s hand to achieve a JUBILEE, to tell the world that all Rothschild, Rockefeller family members should be executed for their crimes against humanity. The anti-Christ is future not now.




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