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Babylonian Talmud the Jewish messiah of the Apocalypse who would appear as a warrior to restore the Satanic kingdom of the Jews at the 'end of the world' and the Messiah

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Babylonian Talmud Vol19-141: The replacement Jesus of the DaVinci Code explained, dueling Messiahships between the Jewish messiah of the Apocalypse who would appear as a warrior to restore the Satanic kingdom of the Jews at the ‘end of the world’ and the Messiah who “sits at the gates of Rome, among the sick.”

Pages 68-69 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 68-69 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveal the multiple Jesus deception and how this ties in to the argument between Catholics and Jews: whether Deum Jesum Christ is the Messiah (which the Jews deny for their Lord system of gods from the underworld) or whether their messiah is still coming (on an ass). Not only does the Babylonian Talmud admit multiple Jesuses, so does the original Catholic Encylopedia (1906-1914), the 1883 Haydock Bible (Catholic but suberted) Index, and the Latin Vulgate Nominum Interpretatio list (Old Testament Names Interpreted) translated by St. Jerome. THIS IS SPECIFICALLY WHY OUR LADY ORDERED THE Fátima PRAYER:

The Haydock Douay Rheims reveals the multiple Jesuses created by Judaism

1906 Catholic Encyclopedia: Cerinthus Entry

Source: 1906 Catholic Encyclopedia: Cerinthus Entry (Full page)

The Multiple Jesus of the Jewish Bible

Source: 1883 Haydock “Catholic” Bible Index. (Full page scan)

Multiple Jesuses of the Jewish Bible

Source: 1769 Catholic Latin Vulgate Nominum Interpretatio List Full page scan)

* The Fátima Movement was the first Catholic organization in the world to publish this shocking information, accessible here: the Fátima Movement Files: Christ vs. the Jewish Jesus. This heretical Jesus, son of Satan (the Jewish Lord) is the basis of the subversion of the Catholic Mass and is the deception that provokes the end-times. Heliofant’s “I, Pet Goat II” animates this fiery-eyed Illuminati Jesus with the Church crumbling to the ground in the background as he floats toward his god, the sun (Lucifer). This is the “destruction of Rome” that Our Lady warned about in the Third Secret of Fátima, if the abomination of desolation wasn’t stopped:

“If 69 weeks after this command is announced Rome continues it’s abomination, the city will be destroyed.” (7) – The Third Secret of Fátima released April 21, 2010.

Heliofant's I, Pet Goat II

Above: Heliofant’s 2012 Animated Film “I, Pet Goat II” reveals a different ending for the Jewish Messiah: the destruction of the Masonic pyramid at the end. If you look closely, you will notice the pyramid gets annihilated by a comet. We believe this represents the shattering of Masonry’s largest monument in the world, the Washington Monument in Washington D.C., U.S.A., which happened at the end of the 70 weeks of Daniel. This countdown was started with the release of Our Lady’s Third Secret of Fátima. Freemason Evangelical leader Pat Robertson called this earthquake a “sign from God.”

* More information about these end-times stopping events are available at the Fátima Movement Files: The Authentic Third Secret of Fátima and the destruction of the Washington Monument (which represents the raising of Hell out of the ground).

* This dualing Messiah battle between Catholicism and Judaism is also the basis of the 1940′s Catholic Baptism Rite switch between the Holy Ghost (who is) and the “spirit of the one who is coming” (at the end of the world). If you are baptised in the “holy spirit”, you have received the “mark of the beast” on the forehead, something that causes you to think that the coming Jewish Jesus Messiah and the War of Armageddon is somehow beneficial to your salvation. It is not, it is the “son of Lucifer” as expalined in the connection between Apocalypse 22:17 and Isaiah 14:12. For more information on this topic and the Latin meaning between Spiritum Sanctum (is) and spiritus sanctus (is coming), see the Fátima Movement Files: The Secret of the Priesthood; the mark of the beast expalined.



Babylonian Talmud Vol19-142: Jews fight the “no salvation outside the Catholic Church” Dogma

Pages 72-73 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-148: Nicholas I, Emperor of Russia financially supports Jewish scholar’s work to promote obedience to the government, the Jewish blood sacrifice ‘accusations’. A Greek Catholic Priest Lyotostansky publishes a book in the Russian language called:

“Do the Jews need Christian blood for religious purposes?”

Page 107 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 107 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveals how Jewish writers are financed for promoting Masonic kingdoms and governments, not unlike what is seen today. Much effort is expended by Freemasonry to justify the alliance of Church and State under the false Lord deity when in truth, the Catholic Church and Jewish State are adversaries for both power and the souls of men.

Freemasonry has run the American Government since its inception.Freemason George Washington Baphomet poseUncle Sam and Baphomet

“It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.” – George Washington

“There comes a point when a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his own conscience.” – Hartley Shawcross (1902-2003), prosecutor at Nuremberg War Crimes tribunal

“The Churchman always emphasizes the necessity of faith, while the Statesman emphasizes, and places his reliance on, work.” - Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindel, page 27-28.

“Who elected these guys to run the planet?” – Underground Talk Show Host William Cooper

“For as Statecraft, in its highest phase, aims to rule the masses with an eye single to their physical welfare, and Priestcraft, benevolently exercised, seeks to guide them solely for the soul’s progress, so conflict must of necessity follow this separation, even though both the spiritual and temporal rulers be actuated by the highest and most unselfish motives.” - Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindel, page 47.

It is worth mentioning that the Catholic Church under the Papacy once ruled the world. Because of Judaism’s Alta Vendita, a type of revenge for the loss of all control over the world because of Christ’s Resurrection, more and more Lord-promoting governments were able to gain traction in the world as alternatives to the Church Government.

A Catholic Priest by the name of Lyotostansky cleverly undermined the secret of Talmudic Jews by publishing a book that in it’s very title, implicates the Jews as child killers and blood sacrificers. If more Catholic Priests would stand up for Christ and warn the public about these madmen, the world wouldn’t find itself in its current condition.

Child sacrifice at Bohemian Grove

Above: a photograph from the Bohemian Grove near San Francisco, CA dated 178 from 1909 showing a boy tied up by government officials.

“Since it happens occasionally that some Christians lose their children, the Jews are accused by their enemies of secretly carrying off and killing these same Christian children and of making sacrifices of the heart and blood of these very children. It happens, too, that the parents of these very children, or some other Christian enemies of these Jews, secretly hide these very children in order that they may be able to injure these Jews, and in order that they may be able to extort from them a certain amount of money by redeeming them from their straits.” [Following the lead of Innocent IV, 1247, Gregory attacks the ritual murder charge at length.] – Pope Gregory X, 1272

* More about the child sacrifices can be found in the Fátima Movement Files: Government Rituals Caught on Video (Bohemian Grove)



Babylonian Talmud Vol19-149: Meeting of Jewish minds plots to suppress Catholic Priest Lyotostansky’s publication about Jewish blood rituals. This results in Russia banning any newspapers, books or pamphlets from mentioning the Jewish blood rituals, “which always do harm to the government itself.

Pages 108-109 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 108-109 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveal the effects of this Catholic Priest’s book about Jewish blood rituals in their religious ceremonies. Prominent Jewish leaders call a council and decide that the proper recourse is to not mention Lyotostansky’s book, publish propaganda that these rituals do not exist, and ban any mention of these blood rituals in newspapers, books and pamphlets because they threaten the power and trustworthiness of the government in the minds of the people, just as today with the unveiling of the secrets at the Bohemian Grove, where children are still sacrificed even today by powerful Jewish Masonic men either in effigy (source: NBC News, ABC News) or reality.

Bohemian Grove



Babylonian Talmud Vol19-150: Definition of the term Talmud; a Jew speaks to a devil in the form of an angel

Page 125 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Page 125 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud explains that the term “Talmud” is defined as “teaching.” One of the teachings is about how Satan (the Lord) has made all things for himself, even the wicked for the day of evil, then explains the Biblical passage in Proverbs 16:4.

Pages 125-126 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud reveal that a devil appearing as “an angel” [Genesis 16:7-12]caused a miracle to occur when the Jews were pleading for the reversal of a decree by Caesar against mutilating their children’s genitals. This is quite common in Judaism. Devils frequently masquerade as spirits, giving advice to Jewish-Freemasons who then use these insights to gain power over the rest of humanity. The term “Lord’s chosen people” is has a slightly different definition than most people realize. In the video below on the left, a Freemason explains his feelings of self-importance which come from communications with spirits of the dead. Towards the end of the video below on the right, Freemasons dress up in Ku Klux Klan type robes and induce demons from below on a black and white tiled floor.

“It is the Dead that govern. The Living only obey.” Freemason Manual, Morals and Dogma, page 315

8/21/2013: Ex-Antipope Benedict XVI says ‘God’ told him to resign during ‘mystical experience’.

The “mysterious origins” of the Jewish Bible are not so mysterious after all. The Bible is simple a collection of documented transmissions from the spiritual world, a world which seeks to rise up from the grave on Judgment Day, as they are tired of being in Hell and want to be let out.


The Book of Apocalypse is a good example of the “mysterious” writings of the “prophets” who were actually in a Satanic trance. Near the beginning of the book of “revelation”, it is revealed that “John of Patmos, Greece” was “in the spirit” and received these veiled descriptions of the end-times from the spirit world. From these transmissions an entire industry of anti-Catholic, end-times religions were created. The problem these end-times cults is that the very basis of their writings come from Hell, not Heaven. This is how Armageddon Wars are created.

Apocalypse 1:10 (1582 Douai Rheims Catholic): “I was in spirit on the Dominical day (spiritu in Dominica die), and heard behind me a great voice as it were of a trumpet

Apocalypse 1:10 (Knox Bible): “And there, on the Lord’s day, I fell into a trance, and heard behind me a voice, loud as the call of a trumpet”

It is critical to heed the warnings of the earlier and more correct Catholic Church concerning the Bible (and this includes every version). Bibles are the documented transcriptions of spirits talking to various mediums in trances, and these spirits have certain agendas and a craving for souls. This is why Church Dogma from the 1100′s orders even Priests to not own a copy. It’s a very confusing book to read if you don’t know the source.

Perhaps the Catholic Church’s rejection of the Bible can be understood better if explained in the following manner..W.atch this video below from National Geographic regarding the Voo-Doo culture in Haiti:

Babylonian Talmud Vol19-147: “Poor” Talmudic Jews who drink the blood of Protestant infants make progress in Poland with the help of Masonic Polish nobility.

Pages 102-103 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 102-103 of Volume XIX of the Babylonian Talmud explains how “poor”, unwanted Jews made progress with the Masonic nobility of Poland in the 1750′s to establish their own district. These Jews who drink the blood of Protestand infants were urged to convert to Bible-based Lord-worshipping “Christianity” (not Catholicism) to improve their condition, and to protect them from persecution. Many Polish nobles sided with their arguments as they were Jewish Freemasons themselves. As a result of this, the Jews succeeded in promoting anti-Catholic Christianity (i.e. Protestantism) to Frankists, etc.

abylonian Talmud Vol13-093: The “Messiah” of the Jews and the size of the New Jerusalem at the end of the world, when all are deceived by the Jews’ “Lord” god.

Pages 212-213 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud

Pages 212-213 of Volume XIII of the Babylonian Talmud touch upon the end-times and the Jewish “messiah.” The size of the New Jerusalem is described from Satanic Scripture. Basically, once the world calls upon this false “Lord” of Moses and makes it their god as the Protestant, Muslim and Jewish religions all strive to do (as well as the Masonic controlled post-Trent “Roman Catholic” Church), those who are in with Satan will be called “Holy” and those who are not initiated into Jewish Freemasonry will marvel at how this happened. This is the goal of Judaism, to steal back the world from the God of Heaven, the Holy Trinity: Our Lady. Christ, and the Holy Ghost (who was, is and ever shall be) God The Father.

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