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ET Mummy Found In Egypt

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Buried in a dark corner of the Cairo Museum is a mummy that could change the world and our view of humanity’s place in the universe. Tucked away from the political turmoil on the streets and the rising surge of the Muslim Brotherhood is a mummified creature from the stars. Entombed thousands of years ago with the body of a Pharoah, the small, frail-looking creature is easily recognizable to any present day UFO investigator: the body of an alien, mummified Grey.

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What secrets did the Egyptian High Priests bury with their dead as they sent them into the afterlife on their voyage to the stars? Precious jewels, gold, food, the personal possessions of the deceased including the most devout slavesand sometimes an alienwere all stored in the dead’s subterranean Ark of the Ages.

The ancient Egyptians were artists and meticulous chroniclers of history. They adorned the walls of the tombs of the mighty with a record of the great person’s life, deeds, accomplishments. The paintings on the walls of the tomb also recorded for the gods the worthy one’s relationships and momentous occassions.

Especially relationships with the Sky Gods and the meetings between gods and humans.

Records of alien relationships found in Egyptian tombs

Famous Egyptologists like the now deposed Antiquities Minister, Zahi Hawass, found bizarre artifacts and disturbing tomb paintings and clamped down on the embarrassing finds with a tight lid of security. Any leaks that emerged concerning the discoveries were met with denials, derision, and sometimes veiled threats.

Former Egyptian Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass

Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, a powerful and prestigious post that oversees the protection and research activity of every historical site that spans the ancient Egyptian dynasties, is responsible for being the State guardian of ancient knowledge and what’s permitted to reach the outside world.

Still, information and photos made it past the phalanx of the many layers of Egyptian obfuscation.

Some information that found its way to the public was of little consequence except to researchers of the arcane. Other information, however, is potentially world-changing, like the paintings of aliens that adorn some tombs of the ancient Egyptian kings.

Alien Grey in the Valley of the Kings

Near the bottom of a mural: an alien Grey [Courtesy Egyptian Museum]

Close-up of tomb wall portion with alien Grey [Courtesy Egyptian Museum]

The sensational discovery of an extraterrestrial depicted by ancient Egyptian artist-chroniclers is not unique. Other such finds have been alluded to by researchers for more than 120 years. This is the first, however, that’s been smuggled out of the research archive division of the Egyptian Antiquities department of the governmental authorities in Cairo.

Other examples are claimed to be in the British Royal Museum of Natural History. If true, the London curator and staff are not talking.

Mummified Grey discovered in sarcophogus

Photographic evidence of an mummified Egyptian mummy sealed withing an ancient sarcophogus and entombed with a Pharoah, has been revealed by researcher David Innis at

Innis writes in part:

“What you are about to see is something you have never heard of….What you haven’t been told is that when the boy-king Tutankhamun’s mummy was unearthed by Howard Carter and his team back in the 1920s there was buried, along with all of the priceless gold artifacts, two ‘baby’ mummies. One of these mummies is an alien Grey!”

The short article is accompanied by photos alleged to be of the Pharoah and the two small companion mummies.

Photo series of sarcophagus and child (top), Grey (bottom)

Enlargement of the Grey’s mummified head

Photo of alleged alien mummy unwrapped on research table at Cairo University

The Egyptian culture was obsessed with the cosmos, the constellation Orion , and the planet Mars. Perhaps this mummy and the painting on the tomb walls reveal why.

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    • Anonymous

      might be fake. Hope not

    • Anonymous

      True or not, the officials silence on the matter wont make the story go away. Who do these people think they are by keeping earths history from us? I for one hope they all lose their jobs and we finally get some REAL researchers on the case.

    • O. Ryan Faust

      Unfortunately scientists today are not objective. If they were ALL evidence would be included in the formation of hypothesis’.

      As is obvious, it is not.

      The politically correct version taught in all government institutions of “higher” learning is protected by whatever means necessary.

      Watch Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” for further insight.

    • True News

      There are lots of artifacts in the world’s museums that don’t fit into the accepted “storyline” of history and make a joke out of conventional history.

    • Upaces

      @ Chris: I was just about to believe it in its entirety until the very last photo. I have seen that one many times.

      @Anon: There is already enough “factual” evidence that they do exist. This article made a serious error in throwing in that last photo.

      Churchill is said to have discussed how to deal with UFO sightings with Eisenhower.


      Presidential UFO Site:

    • Azriel

      The pictograph does something that no one seems to notice. It does a face on image that is not the way hieroglyphs and pictograph images were done in those days as the head , faces, were always pointing to one side, left or right, never face on. Also too, amongst the pharaohs and their high priests where inter breeding occurred,,, a lot,,, deformed children became more and more common and many were killed rather than allowed to grow up. So, this body should be put on public display, if not safe there,,then in another country and an independent party do the cat scan to look at the insides. One thing about mummified children, especially ones who were deformed, the internal organs were not removed. They were simply not accorded that honor. So, let us see an internal scan, or even a forensics autopsy.

    • End of Empire News

      I have to agree with Upaces. that last photo was not helpful.
      it’s appears to be fake. Not saying that it is, just that it appears to be.
      great article though. Fascinating topic.

    • Anonymous

      “Other examples are claimed to be in the British Royal Museum of Natural History. If true, the London curator and staff are not talking.”
      A carefully worded request under the uk freedom of information act by a uk based UFO group would produce an answer as this is a government owned and run building and would be against he law not to answer or to lie. anything but NO would be suspicious to say the least.
      The reason I think that all this stuff is denied by governments is all world religious leaders would lose power over the people when it was proved what they said for hundreds of years was all untrue. Thousands of people who had believed the stuff all their lives found it was all false, based on a lie may even as not being able to take it and commit suicide or attack the leaders of the particular religion for knowingly lying to them. Basically loss of control of the people world wide.

    • Anonymous

      Medical encylopaedias call it HYDROCEPHALY

    • Ozzie_Thinker

      Change “our” view; is that the “royal” our? The deeper question is why mummify a being that was genetically manufactured?

      There is more to this puzzle than I thought. Are there purely biological Greys as well as living “robots”? Though my opinion is based on a catalogue of snippets of information, the collage seemed to imply that the Greys were self-creating beings, using the “borrowed” flesh component of cattle, for instance, harmonising it with various silicon materials (i.e. “skin”). They seemed to have found a way of giving spirits of prodigal ability to access the body. The myths of beings with no need to eat or drink are satisfied by the lack of a gastric system.

      The key is in the assumption that the spirits are prodigal, or in other words, some spirits attain independence and that’s why they materialise as ghosts. The difference Grey’s spirits and ours is they KNOW what they are where as some of us SUSPECT. That is why one NASA NWO plant Jim2008 said “they don’t fear death like we do”. Nothing is linear, but a spirit cannot perceive a linear existence. So the dead body becomes useless to it. It simply needs to build another one without fear of a conflicting soul or other parasite spirit attacks.

      The only logic I can draw is that perhaps the Greys became marooned. Though I cannot access the spirit world per se, I can access all souls. One of the problems is in the sheer vastness of everything specific individuals can be difficult to find. The Greys technologies may have a very limited domain in this vast universe and at the “spirit” level I could see one getting lost in the maze very easily. As the Vedas identify the Greys it would be foolish to draw the conclusion that the Egyptians found the Greys dead and preserved them because they did not know what they were. Clearly I need to do more research before formulating strong opinions.

    • Mark Brander

      Read the story of Revelation 12, there is plenty there to wake you up! Prophecies.Org

    • Anonymous

      Sorry about the continuous posts, it was my lack of patience that caused it, sorry all :)

    • gino

      Once you see one in person, you know. Theyre here. And yes so are their spirits. They make us look like dog intelligence.

    • One Who Knows

      Humanities origin has always been speculative at best. We have yet to learn our true inception and by whom/what.

    • Mellissa

      Also why would they put a “Sky God” in with young Tut. I can not see them killing one of their Gods to put in with the Pharaoh. I could see it being child slaves, or brides. They did seem to believe you could take it with you when you went.

      Or for the person who says, what if it already died and Tut was accorded the honor. I think it would have gotten its very own tomb if indeed it was a being who they accorded honor or worship of some kind.

      Zahi Hawass is one to hide things and then lie about them to the world tho. There is a tunnel leading up to the Giza plateau that he claimed was non existent even tho he was in it. The group that found it has a very hard time with him, now that he is not the minister perhaps some things will change.

    • Anonymous

      HIDDEN TEXTOR here

      According to the Book of Other Worlders by Nostradamus
      There are 84 different Off Worlders which influence Earth.
      Of the 84 – 29 are ‘worker bees’ or ‘drones’ for the rest.
      These workers can be in the form of:
      Wyvern-‘mothman’ “aligerous” (having wings)…”pelagian” (underwaterbreather)…
      Anapsioid pentaploid (5 chromosomes)…non physical intra dimensionals… mantids…
      Synthetic “men impersonator” a type of ‘men in black’, but there are ‘men in black’ which are “[email protected] using dead bodies…
      Basal Chimera ‘spun’ in Crane (constellation) ‘alien bachelor’ grey
      Biome: insectoides “celestial papula return – wheel precession (2012) turned…
      Biobics – of the Watchers.
      Chameleons: reptilian bred to appear human – shape shifters
      Chimera – parasitic – eery waiste – shape shifters – phases shape. From Sirius
      Clones: “cow, steer, proton”…

      Dimensionals – taking sides… dwarfs – hairy, cowled…
      EBENACEOUS: Extraterrestrial biologic entities…a grey…”obscure Emperial peril”
      Greys from Zeta Reticuli 2 and 4
      Grayles and Graals – different sources. Grayles have both genders
      Serapiel – Seraphim – the ‘fiery’ ones…female
      Grey reptoids – several types including JRods and He Rods.
      Biobic androids of the Watchers
      Non human entities: dimension hoppers – true demons


      Just to name a few.
      These are in the book named by Nostradamus QORAN QUARAN which simply means STUDY WELL BOOK OF OTHER WORLDERS

      More details can be seen on page 3 of the free web site

    • ladyJ

      These links, will give you the information as to what is really happening in the world today.

      Knowledge is Education, and power. Being prepaired is being wise.

      We all have an inner knowledge given to us by the creator, Knowledge that gives us powers but mankind has not been able to tap in to it..Steps to Inner Knowledge, gives us a preparation and wisdom,and power., to mankind by the Angelic Presence that watches over the world to warn mankind of what is really happening. Get Prepared, learn how to tap into your own inner knowledge which will protect you.

    • yaqui

      A close friend experienced many episodes of spontaneous automatic writing from an entity from the other side who spoke about Egyptians, the Pyramids as portals to the source, the Mayans, Atlantis and the polar shift, karma, reincarnation, and myriad related subjects:

    • enochered

      Our History was written by the same people whom are hiding “Free Energy” devices and teach children that oil is the result of Dinosaur pooh. They would also like us to believe that they have found all the secrets of antiquity and are already in contact with the “Greys” because of course the super smart beings from other worlds would choose to talk bankers, wouldn’t they? They would have told the bankers to make sure the likes of you and me are never allowed to know the truth. I honestly believe that if they were or have ever been here, the first thing the “Greys” would do is obliterate the bankers along with other diseases.

    • CMalcheski

      @Enochered: … unless the Grays were just like the bankers, equally nasty, and the bankers were the prime choice for who to carry out their agenda.

    • Anonymous

      Finally more of our ET origins come to light!

    • Anonymous

      The mummy is obviously a hydrocyphalis child. The picture though does appear to be fake due to the fact that it is looking forward there are sometimes egyptian images done looking foreward rarely. There is some history of rouge or different style ancient egyptian artist especially when other cutlures intermixed such as the greeks at one point. I have scene this image on history channel a few times so there maybe more credit to it. Even if not there are plenty more like it in other ancient cultures especially in the Native American cave paintings. I do find this one to be too perfect which makes it creepy. I have seen internet posting about this one claiming it was a fake but who knows?

    • Anonymous

      Come on people. Before u start believing everything u read on the Internet it’s a good idea to do your own research. I just returned from egypt and do believe there was a technology that has been lost over time however the theory that aliens have any connection to ancient Egypt has never held up! The hyrogliph is not a grey it’s an offering jar see and that supposed mummified grey at the ciaro museum is a mummified newborn or fetus. It’s well known tutankhamen was married to his sister which the royals did a lot to preserve their lineage. This however did not preserve the gene pool. Babies were often frail and died at birth or were miscarried. I’m not even going to comment on that last photo just see this where it’s been sold on the Internet for years.

    • goldie07

      You know what else has never held up?? The theory that the pyramids were tombs for the pharaoh’s.. Never found a mummy in any of the pyramids.. Personally, I believe the theory that the pyramis were some sort of “tool”. Perhaps to produce electricity.. Guess we will never know the truth as long as we’re on this plane of exsistance..

    • LORD Wellington to you.

      Hey anon, bang on the nail about Egyptian drawings in profile.

    • Azriel

      Uh, goldie07? King Tut was found in a lower kings burial chamber in the lower part of the great pyramid of Cheops. Other kings were later found after they had been looted out of the other pyramids. Each one had one or more kings burial chambers and usually very deep in the lower parts of the pyramids.

      • goldie07

        Uh, Azriel?? I didn’t say a single word about King Tut.. What I said was there was never a single mummy found in any pyramid, and I stand by my statement..

    • Eby

      Irene Agboeze

      I agree with Chris Kitze that there are lots of artifacts in the world’s museums that don’t fit into the accepted “storyline” of history and make a joke out of conventional history. Just have a look at arts




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