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NASA Trick To Remove Alien Evidence From Moon, Mars Revealed

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Two French artists using a little known NASA digital imaging process for a stunning exhibit of abandoned cities may have done Ufology researchers a huge favor: they’ve revealed a technique that NASA photo experts can apply to eliminate evidence of alien artifacts on the Moon and Mars. Ostensibly the technology is used for analyzing stars, but a different use may be employed for heavenly bodies much closer to Earth.


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NASA image filter used on Times Square, NYC [Image credit Lucie & Simon]

Now you see it now you don’t

For many years America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been suspected of a massive cover-up concerning the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects and interplanetary alien artifacts.

Whistleblower Ken Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the Moon. [See: NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist]

Ken Johnston, NASA whistleblower

Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts discovered the remains of incredible alien technology. Some of the technology, he says, can manipulate gravity.

He also accuses the agency of ordering a cover-up of photographic evidence and forcing him to participate in it.

Former NASA employee Donna Hare

Another former NASA insider, Donna Hare, also claims NASA doctored, obfuscated, and obscured thousands of photos over the years. She alleges the U.S. space agency systematically erases inconvenient anomalous artifacts on certain inconvenient photosprimarily from the Moon and Mars.

Many outside researchers have also strongly suspected a fraudulent cover-up, among them Richard C. Hoagland and the late Dr. Thomas Van Flandern.

Certain photographs released by NASA seem to have been doctored. In the past, regions of the Moon and Mars have been airbrushed, overlayed, distorted, or otherwise obscured.

Alleged airbrush of massive two lunar towers

Alleged smudging of small crater containing artifact

Disturbing technology revealed

Now it’s been revealed the space agency may be employing new, more subtle techniques in their ongoing quest to suppress evidence that the human race is not alone.

From series ‘Silent World’ [Image credit Lucie & Simon]

Two Parisian artists, Lucie and Simon [Video], created a stunning exhibit of art, Silent World, using filtered photos from New York City, Paris, and Beijing.

The artists erased people and automobiles from the photos. What had been busy streets and sidewalks crowed with people became empty, deserted cities reminiscent of the abandoned cities featured in end-of-the-world or alien invasion films from the 1950s. [Silent World]

Part of the process involves a neutral filter allowing moving objects to be removed. Some photgraphic experts, however, argue that the same software can be tweaked to filter out objects anomalous to a landscape. The result would be a Photoshop-like manipulation on steroids.

Apollo 12 oddity in helmet reflection (see next image)

Enhanced enlargement of sun reflection reveals pyramid

Future imagesor even some of the most damning from the pastcould be subjected to the process. The result would be images bereft of any embarrassing or controversial objects that may be littering the Lunar or Martian landscapes.

Possible alien base at Rima-Hadley near Apollo 15 landing site

Worse, no evidence of tampering would exist, allowing the cover-up to continue onwards for decades. Images that NASA overlooked such as the one above could be digitally modified in the future erasing all traces of evidence.

Unless, that is, the Europeans, Russians, Japanese, or Chinese choose not to participate in the cover-up.

Whether those countries will support the deception time alone will tellas well as the photographic images their space agencies release to the world.

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    • SkareCro

      Yea, its called photoshop and I’m guessing by the pictures, a horrible photoshop job.

      The pic of the reflection in the astronauts visor… That is pretty wicked, faked or not!

    • IRHologram

      Wicked cool, indeed!! I enlarged the astranaut visor 500%. It appears there are two people sitting in chairs before a console (vidoe control?) just at the collar, and another “person” standing about in the middle of the reflection. I don’t quite get the large “eye” in our view to the right of the visor…

      The “towers” in other pix clearly have been smudged or doctored.

    • 1Anunnaki

      SkareCro beat me to it LOL was gonna say Photoshop too

    • Link

      Could be real if the other conspiracy theory that we never landed on the moon is true and they shot the footage in Egypt or some other desert with a pyramid.

    • IRHologram

      Butchasee!! Of COURSE IT’S PHOTOSHOP, (but allegedly NASA should have had a more sophistocated version…and that’s why we think they just couldn’t have rendered it so grossly: because they’re so technically superior? Well, based on results…lol) NASA Photoshop apparently can’t get a smudge-out to look like the rest of the photo. These are the real NASA deal as released: this is what they presented us. And I tend to believe that they used the “healing brush” tool when they should have used the “clone” tool. Rather than try to blur it out, they should have over-layed some crater or other, and we’d never had known the difference.

      The helmet would be much more difficult for any expert to fake… because of the convex bevel curve the figures two people in chairs at a console specifically fit into in the astronaut collar area and the reflection seemlessly goes on to conform with the convex area as it expands, bowl-like, up into where his eyes would be. Really complex gemometry/photoshop-type technology would have had to be involved, certainly not available in Photoshop to the public.

      Go ahead. Used your enlargement tool to at least 500% and you’ll see these figures and how impossible it would be to fake them.

      And no, I don’t think we set foot on the moon because it would take 9 feet of lead to protect life from the Van Allen belt. I believe we sent craft there, but it isn’t possible for us to “get out ‘o Dodge” because of geomagnetic radiation. Oh, No, Mr. Bill!! We’re trapped on the Prison Planet.

    • Anonymous

      in order to give this story credibility, you have to accept that man has walked on the moon.

      given that all the evidence put forward to support that story doesnt stand up to scrutiny..

      ie, the iconic photo of man on the moon, lit by the sun from behind, and lit in the front by some other form of artificial light that the astronauts didnt have?

      .. well, this story goes into the “meh” basket.

    • Anonymous

      r u guys serious about 2 persons sitting on chairs on console in front of the astronaut? You really see that on helmet’s visor?
      On helmet’s visor on bottom u can see THE PACK astronaut have on himself in front of him and the thing bottom middle is camera with objective that is attached on astronaut looking forward recording what he is looking at. Look at the astronauts chest and u will see camera facing u.

      There is only one silhouette on astronaut helmet visor exactly in the middle of visor. And the only thing is that this silhouette don’t look very much as astronaut with the suit.

      2 persons on console…lol.

      and it is clear that those images are edited ( with airbrush, not photoshop. then there was no photoshop and those images are old ). this is not an question. question is – why r they edited?

    • IRHologram

      Enlarge it 600% using your enlargement tool. Then laugh.

    • Anonymous

      The photos in question are not the work of Photoshop, I know because 3 of them are mine. The blurring was done with an airbrush; there was no such thing as Photoshop then, derp! The three small photos showing the blurred objects are mine and I enhanced them to help reduce the blurring (I also have the originals). Unfortunately, on the bottom picture they didn’t use the fully un-blurred image. Anything NASA can do, I can do better. The picture that another commenter was talking about with the “fake” moon landing is obviously a very low-brow person. The reason the lighting was wrong and there was an “unknown” artificial light source is because that artificial light source is not from a lighting stage. It’s from an alien space craft. We were chased off the moon, that is why the moon walk was shortened. NASA has you sheeple eating out the palm of their hands. I supposed ignorance truly is bliss…

    • IRHologram

      That’s a very interesting comment about being chased off the moon. But I definately don’t recall any early, unscheduled, hasty exit. Perhaps you can elaborate. Was it the case that we just happened to be leaving anyway when we discovered we were being forced to go?

      • Ryan Fanus

        How did we even get on the moon? According to skeptics the craft they used couldn’t land properly and the suit they wore couldn’t withstand radiation or the tiniest flying debris. Something smells rotten.




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