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Q New Drops Declass Declass Declass [Stealth Bomber] Foreign Aid - Video

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The Patriot Hour

Published on Jan 5, 2019

Mary Wilcox

Mary Wilcox1 hour ago

Yes, I am sickened and disgusted that our tax dollars have paid for all these abominations. Am I right to say WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!!!

Mary Wilcox

Mary Wilcox1 hour ago

Liddle Adam Schitt. You are in big trouble. FREAK

T Bell

T Bell1 hour ago

A hard turn back to the Constitution needs to be taken, and all these Powder Face Big Wigs need taken down.

Robin L

Robin L1 hour ago

Sounds like Schiff is under scrutiny. That’s great!


XG11 hour ago

Also, all of the steel would come from the United States! More jobs too!

robert putt

robert putt1 hour ago (edited)

I think 10 days of darkness started on Christmas night. That is when George Washington crossed the Delaware late on Christmas night into the 26th. They attacked on the 26th.

Iamlove Iampeace

Iamlove Iampeace1 hour ago

Trust the plan! Panic in DC! Pain is coming! WWG1WGA! Q! ❤️🇺🇸😘

patricia jackson

patricia jackson1 hour ago

Godspeed to All American Patriots that stand for truth America and its people!

Cheryl Pacola

Cheryl Pacola1 hour ago

Keep the government closed, now start dipping in their wallets, no work no pay.

jim dabs

jim dabs54 minutes ago

we are trillions of dollars in debt, we can not afford to give foreign aid to anyone, declare a national state of emergency and build the wall !

Mary Wilcox

Mary Wilcox1 hour ago

Yipee!! Q dropped.

Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith1 hour ago

Consider concrete barriers as opposed to steel…California notorious for earthquakes. Which type of barrier would withstand the shifting of the earth’s levels…steel. Concrete would simply break apart and crumble to the ground. I would go with steel also.

Lori Cornelius

Lori Cornelius1 hour ago

I am very sickened.! Bre Peyton exposed Mueller, They killed her.! Nancy polosi & Chuck Shcumers campain Doners are giving them millions of $$$ & they don’t want the wall.! Makes me very sick..!

Cynthia Gillis

Cynthia Gillis1 hour ago

We make the steel and the crooked ds concrete owner in Mexico loses the contract.

James Reaves

James Reaves1 hour ago

God Bless Y’all


JASON’S WORLD1 hour ago

All the perps own New Zealand property now it seems.


G E1 hour ago

So damn interesting. Thanks so much.



Welcome back Mr 17.


TreeTopFPV1 hour ago

Thanks for information WWG1WGA

Brian Dever

Brian Dever1 hour ago

Trump keeps saying steel and aluminum for wall. Hidden message. Aluminum planes brought down 911 twin towers made of steel???? KEK. Q+

God's Promise

God’s Promise1 hour ago

First? That’s a first😊 I’ll keep watching and listening. Thank you Michael, again.

Cindy Dufala

Cindy Dufala39 minutes ago

Steel gets awfully HOT in that desert. I say use steel. Climb over that.

Justin Bradford

Justin Bradford1 hour ago

Thank you Patriot hour

misty heyen

misty heyen1 hour ago



Jerky57 minutes ago

This better not be dragged out for another year or for electioneering points. Getting tired of being led by the nose while obvious traitors walk free and are able to still do anything they want. It has gone on long enough. They need to just start waterboarding people and get the answers if that is what they are waiting for, or shut up. Every one has chosen a side already, those willing to wake up have woke, those that havent, never will. No reason to continue the charades. I say either shit, or get off the pot…you hear me Q? You dont wake drunks with taps on the shoulder, you dump the bucket of cold water on them. Declass, or stand down and let we the people handle it. We wont play games, and we wont need courts either, we will just hang every one so we dont have to weed them out, they had decades to step up, and since they havent, and nothing is getting done, we must assume you ALL are corrupt and playing us as fools.


Truthkeeper1 hour ago

I heard that Muller got a SIX more months with the grand jury , so don’t no what Q is saying.

Samaa Hammam

Samaa Hammam1 hour ago

And what happens when people see Trump’s security guy wearing a free masons pin, have all Patriots manage to disregard that fact.trump mastered using emblems,one can’t tell me Trump didn’t notice, so why the hush hush from Patriots. Truth is truth regardless which side it’s on. So why isn’t any patriot say a word about that free masons pen?

God's Promise

God’s Promise1 hour ago

Hmmm, don’t know if anyone read my comment last night about the 1 question survey on YouTube where your response and comment went directly to Trumps team. I submitted my comment and in short I told him that I supported him and Q since the start. I also told him that he needed to declassify the FISA docs and that his supporters need to see justice SOON. I ended it with, if Q is real we need some sort of confirmation because some are backing away and panicking. Not saying that this is any sort of confirmation by no means. I’m a 47 year old housewife nobody but you never know😊 I know, wishful thinking. Still trusting the plan and always praying for our great POTUS. Have a great Saturday all.🙇‍♀️🇺🇸 Doing a dig on Chelsea Hubbells alias and how she travels around the world undetected. If you’re interested Michael, let me know. Wwg1wga.




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  • Anonymous

    Trojan Horse Drumpf boasted during his campaign:
    “MEXICO will PAY for the wall”
    If that was true? There would be no need for a shutdown.
    Drumpf is the Deep State’s faQe “opposition” for the right wing losers, just as stooge Obummination was Deep State’s faQe “opposition” for the left wing groupies.
    Dont you people EVER THINK? WTFU is wrong with you?




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