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Q Anon Posts: You Are The News Now - Good v [Evil] - Must See Video

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Published on Feb 17, 2019


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Sister Liberty

Sister Liberty1 day ago

Divine Justice “We the Patriots” pray! Amen! I agree, if people don’t like this country? Bye!

Larry Samuelson

Larry Samuelson1 day ago

Hello from Wisconsin. Truth brings liberty. Thanks people cleaner.


Richard Alexander Hansen

Richard Alexander Hansen1 day ago

Watching from Norway, and I’m doing face palms every time I watch liberals claiming Trump failed his promises, because he said Mexico would pay for the wall. They really can’t see the bigger picture.. or maybe they do, and understand that they’re doomed.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson1 day ago

I don’t think Q included enough BOOMS last time… We have more booms going off than the Quaker co. has oats!!! lol #ENJOYtheSHOW


Simon Elwell

Simon Elwell1 day ago

All moving in the right direction the realist gentleman needs to be heard by all thanks PC nice work


The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free1 day ago

Cabinet members are the 15 close advisors to the President…like the Secretaries of Departments..DoD, DoJ, DHS, DoS etc

Joanne Moonflower

Joanne Moonflower1 day ago

I want to know why Hollywood’s who said they were going to leave if Trump won America Trump won and they’re still here why? Both of my sons we’re in the military and we all stand for America and my family and we all voted for President Trump.

David End

David End1 day ago

Saw your comment at IPOT channel P)eace


Patti Blythe

Patti Blythe1 day ago

Thank you for bringing the newest from Q. Really enjoyed, don’t like it leave! God Bless You 🙏


Bob Hobbs

Bob Hobbs1 day ago

Thanks for the info. Keep up the great videos. Believe in the lord and thanks Q!!


John Lamb

John Lamb1 day ago

The freight train (justice ) is ready to roll. The engine is building steam. The massive wheels are starting to turn. This is one train that I won’t mind waiting for!

Clear as mud Yeah

Clear as mud Yeah1 day ago

WWG1WGA Now we must see the convicts March to gitmo.


Mesa Man

Mesa Man1 day ago

El Chapo has supposedly used a few names in pay offs to do business in the drug smuggling here in the states. Proof of donations of $15 million to guess who? A foundation that has been under investigation for the last while. Also named some people with other close ties and involved with the D N C as well. I hope someone investigate this.

kim kendrick

kim kendrick1 day ago

Saw you on IPOT. Came for a squizz. Stayed, enjoyed and subbed. ThanQ x


james goodwin

james goodwin1 day ago

Great a follow on from ipot your timing is brilliant


rusty cowell

rusty cowell1 day ago

Glad to see our black population waking up to the democratic plantation pollution


Patricia1 day ago

Our entire family live in NJ. They are the work-stressed, high-tax paying middle class living in a Sanctuary State that they did not vote for but sure as heck pay for. They voted Republican but it’s a Democratic stronghold. Hopefully, voter fraud is “fixed” by 2020. Our home is here for them-in the South- when they’ve had enough of Dem tyranny. God bless, Eric and Patriots. LOVE this channel/content. TRUMP2020!

Scotland The Brave

Scotland The Brave1 day ago

This Mr Alexander sounds like a right Jacobite Chieftain ready to tear down a few English Red Coats… well sign me up with the Bremner Clan! It now looks and feels like your Clan Donald is about to step everyone out into the light, keep him safe as you know what happens with wild dogs that are trapped in a corner? Somehow I have a feeling the American National Hero – Admiral Rogers – may have a hand in this Q business. I predict they will have statues of this man in the near future…


Harley Gibson

Harley Gibson1 day ago

First to view this video patriots!!💯👍🏼🇺🇸😁😁😎


Summa Rhein

Summa Rhein1 day ago

Trump and his advisors are so intelligent!

Keith Hyde

Keith Hyde1 day ago

Spicier and Preibus no doubt! Fkn snakes

Cathy Renick

Cathy Renick1 day ago

POTUS is right about now media seems to be defending MAGA! Yet, my observation is “opposition” is seeking answers from Potus “supporter’s” as we do research! Lynching somehow was a debate, recently discussed as illegal, how Strange and odd of a topic! ! Possibly missunderstood ad my dyslexia, or they r dazed and confused!

Q Tip22

Q Tip221 day ago

💋❤️LOVED IT Great BREAKFAST 🥞 BREAKFAST you feed us GOOD food.👍 you never bore us..



Big Red Vet07

Big Red Vet071 day ago

Thank “Qou” for all your hard work Brother! God Bless! WWG1WGA!


Anna Powell

Anna Powell1 day ago

Excellent report, the gentleman at the end was awesome😊. Thank you, 💞🙏🇺🇸💞🙏👣


Kathleen Parr

Kathleen Parr1 day ago

I can’t wait to hear what Rush Limbaugh will have to say to Chris Wallace Today! Q!

Richard Smith

Richard Smith1 day ago

Damn Dion Anderson hit it out the park,!!!

Sean 333

Sean 3331 day ago

everyone watch til the end… semper fi


Django Dunn

Django Dunn1 day ago

From NE Oklahoma We thank you and god bless you


Elaina Barbaccia

Elaina Barbaccia1 day ago

Yes! Down⬇️with Demobrats!

Mary Matejka

Mary Matejka1 day ago

Good morning 😃 yes it is God bless America WWG1WGA

Truth To Light

Truth To Light1 day ago

Hi! 👍🇺🇸👍💞U All

Henry Homes

Henry Homes1 day ago (edited)

Some of us didn’t like this country decades ago, and left, it’s all good. This doesn’t make an “ex-pat” un-patriotic, it just gives them a better ‘view’ on the country from the outside looking in, and helps straighten out the fake news abroad about the U.S. of A! WWG1WGA.

Dwayne Carroll

Dwayne Carroll1 day ago

The executive spends the money people. Congress does not spend just appropriates. Learn constitution. The CBO “Congress”ional Budget Office is not the OMB. Their numbers are fake and false.

Gee Man

Gee Man20 hours ago

Dear Father. Make me solid in my faith. If this is to be my final hour, then use me for your glory.

Donald Karpenko

Donald Karpenko1 day ago

You go Dion. Love it.


Janet Ellis

Janet Ellis23 hours ago


Crows 2332

Crows 23321 day ago

Thanks mate.


Randy Favor

Randy Favor1 day ago (edited)

I really like Brian Frazier’s article that man in the article says it the way it is.

lisa dime

lisa dime17 hours ago

Post 2752 did you catch the extra “i” …signed iin. By signing the bill President Trump gets to see how they will react and who will react when the provisions of the bill are blocked. The WH letter stated that Guantanamo will not transfer any detainees to U.S. This thwarts Obama’s letter allowing detainees to be kept in U.S. prisons.

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