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Health Ranger: If Hillary Is Arrested, the Left Will Violently Revolt!

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Mike Adams, commonly known as the Health Ranger, has sounded the alarm that we should prepare for violent civil unrest.  Should Hillary Clinton ever be arrested for her crimes against the United States, Adams says the left will launch a violent uprising.

Adams has been at the forefront of the political scandal surrounding democrats for some time. He’s been decently accurate when predicting which moves the left will make next.  Now he wants everyone to be aware of what he says will happen in the event of Hillary Clinton’s arrest. A couple of months ago, Adams reported on contractors being told to brace for a domestic deployment.  He now believes he understands why these people were put on alert.

 One or both of those people [Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama] is going to be arrested and indicted for multiple felony crimes. And it’s most likely going to be Hillary Clinton. Obama has more immunity as a former president; he’s got more distance between him and the crimes that were committed. Things may reflect poorly on Obama, and Obama was certainly in charge when the felony crimes and the illegal surveillance was being conducted on the Trump campaign officials and transition officials. But Hillary Clinton…her hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

Adams admits that this may take months, if not a few years before all of the information comes out.  “Fact-finding” is slow in Washington, as to be expected with never-ending bureaucratic red tape in the way, but the wheels are grinding.  But what happens when Hillary Clinton gets indicted?

This is where the riots and uprisings come into play. At that point, the left goes nuts! Because you’ve got to remember these brainwashed left-wing feminists, mostly, they love Hillary Clinton. They think she’s an angel. Oh, my god, they think she is the most honest, upstanding, ethical person.  They have no idea she’s a murderer – that they ordered executions of people like Vince Foster-when I say they, I mean Bill and Hillary Clinton. These sycophants have no idea what Hillary Clinton really is in terms of a mafia boss, and committing felony crimes and lying and covering thing up and having people killed at Benghazi. 

If Hillary Clinton gets indicted, the same lying left that tried to steal the election, that tried to push a fake Russia hoax collusion narrative on America…that same left will call for mass uprisings and even violence nationwide. 

Adams then says that the same media that helped propagandize for Hillary during the 2016 election they attempted to rig, will call for the uprisings. There is more and more evidence emerging that the arrest of Hillary Clinton is probable, and Adams says if that happens, the left will lose all credibility for decades. Instead of losing credibility slowly and peacefully though, they will revolt and cause untold chaos.

This article has been contributed by SHTF Plan. Visit for alternative news, commentary and preparedness info.



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    • Jekyllisland

      Please stop, there will be now violence in the streets other than what Obama’s sons are already doing…if there a true act of violence towards decent citizens the backlash will be quick and severe

      • 2QIK4U

        Agree. Nothing new to the lame attempt that billions of REAL NAZI dollars paid for. I hope they revolt but george soros wont be paying them anything as he would have already escaped america. HANG THE CUNT. (CUNT is in the oxford dictionary and they dont print swear words. Catch up to the metric system people… )


      Let’s do it now! We will see who wins, and who loses.

    • herbchick

      Bring it, then the left will be violently put down. Tired of their stupid sh*t

    • Pink Slime

      LOL! Of course, SOME of the left will get mad. But they are FATHERLESS MORONS that you just have to PUT UP with their behavior and childish antics.

      But they will really be a few of them. Don’t worry, mate. Easily handled by just showing up with a BELT in your hand. :lol:

      • 2QIK4U

        Lol watch them run when you take all the blacks to the beach! Has there ever been a black man on any American olympic swim team?

        • Pink Slime

          Did you know monkeys and gorillas are afraid of water? :cool:

    • freedomringsforall

      Arrest the Bit__ already and let the games begin !!!

    • raburgeson

      Let them, let the militias have them and the whole thing goes away.

    • Anonymous

      Drumpf will be arrested before Crooked Hillary ever is.

      • Bobwire

        I see Mitch 5.1 still opening his co(k sucker

    • Village-idiot

      I believe the reason it’s taking so long is the hope that most of these Clintonistas will finally see the truth and will get a job.

    • DangerWillRoberson

      I do not believe that at tall? i think the left will throw it under a bus and feed there dogs hillary meat! mike is human not God! now if the deep state cancels the EBT cards? then the welfare folks will burn down there houses! too bad they don’t stay in it when they do it?

    • Cousin_Jack

      Oh so thats why someone wants your guns.

      • 2QIK4U

        To bad they used Martin Bryant to take ours. We woke to late.

    • tech411

      Why stop at HRC? The Corruption Game has been very profitable for Many Administrations. When We the People stop being controlled by God Aweful Television, Propaganda Spouting MSM, and career snake oil politicians, we will find that thru our own stupidity and neglect, an evil worse than imagined has been purpertrated on All Humans. We have been given a Cancer…and must remove it.

      • 2QIK4U

        Exactly and thats what people fail to see. People are helping create the next deep state because i will already bet they lose the next three elections. Democrats will never rule again. Ever. The party died a long time ago and is just a zomie corpse now.

        • 2QIK4U

          ZOMBIE. woops

    • Arte Vespule

      Sounds like fun. I have lot’s of ammo…




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