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Flo Weaponized! Media Hype Points to False Flag Attack on Nuke Plant! (Updated)

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SOTN Update: Tropical Storm Florence has proven to be an exceptional rain dumper just like Hurricane Harvey was last year in east Texas.  See: PHOTOS of Superstorm Florence Reveal Apocalyptic Devastation

The erratic behavior of Hurricane Florence demonstrates that the superstorm was the product of geoengineering.  While the initial storm may have been a creation of Mother Nature, those nascent tropical storms and depressions can be easily hijacked and intensified before they are slammed into a coastline.  The goal was widespread catastrophic flooding, not wind damage. See: FLORENCE Brings Catastrophic Flooding—“Unprecedented rainfall!”

In the case of Flo, the geoengineers ratcheted the storm into a Cat 4 as far as rainfall was concerned but slowed her down to Cat 1 wind speed, which allowed them to keep her near the coast so it could be continuously fed by seawater.  Before they did that, however, the geoengineer did this: Hurricane Florence goes from Category 1 to Category 4 storm in less than 1 day (Video)

The bottom line is that Superstorm Florence exhibits all the signatures of a highly manipulate storm system that continues to be steered at this very moment to have even greater impacts in the Carolinas and beyond.  Just like Hurricane Harvey was stalled over the greater Houston area, Tropical Depression Florence has been parked over the Carolinas.

Tropical Storm Florence Stalled Over Carolinas Due to Deliberate Geoengineering (Video)



RED ALERT: There’s something very wrong with all the hype surrounding Hurricane Florence!



Twelve Nuclear Power Plants in Path of Hurricane Florence


Will Deep State perps and geoengineers attempt to fabricate another Fukushima scenario?

TMR Editor’s Note: The Millennium Report staff has been monitoring the evolution of Hurricane Florence very closely from day one.

We have been especially watching the media hyping of this fictionalized superstorm.  Even the Alt Media has been hyping this threat.  For example: HURRICANE FLORENCE TO TERRORIZE AMERICA!

There has never quite been such a steady buildup of sensationalizing of every aspect of Flo’s  development into a superstorm for past hurricanes.  As a matter of meteorological fact, compared to last year’s apocalyptic hurricane season, this year has been relatively quiet.

What really grabbed our attention this week was the extraordinary media attention directed at the number of nuclear power plants that exist in the path of Hurricane Florence.  As if hurricanes have ever had a big impact on nuclear power generating stations in the past.  That’s not to say a 500 year flood cannot pose some very serious predicaments.

KEY POINT: It’s true that storm waters can accumulate so quickly and deeply that cooling operations for nuclear power plants can be threatened, but this remote possibility has always been the case so why are all the alarms sounding off this time. See photo below.

Flood waters surround the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant in Nebraska.

While we do believe it’s extremely important to reveal just how vulnerable a nuclear plant can be in the aftermath of a major rain dumper, that’s not what the mainstream media seems to be doing.  Again, the Alt Media is curiously also doing its part: Fukushima in America?

Here’ another SOS put out by the alternative media website: Nuclear Power Plants At Risk Of Direct Hit By Hurricane Florence 

We sincerely hope that we are wrong, but could there be a covert plot afoot to trigger a nuclear disaster in the wake of catastrophic flooding as Flo moves through the Carolinas?

It’s very important to note that, after Fukushima, the worst nuclear catastrophe in history — the CHERNOBYL Nuclear Disaster — was also triggered by the very same perps.

Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster: A Terrorist Attack By The Usual Suspects

Lastly, TMR is always concerned when simulation drills are run anywhere in America.  They seem to uncannily precede so many false flag operations and attacks, some of which are executed as hoaxes.  Hence, we really wonder why FEMA Just Ran a Simulation of a CAT 4 Hitting the Middle East Coast (Video).

KEY POINT: That 9/11 came and went this year without a hitch often means that the perps are probably plotting something BIG now that everyone’s guard is down. SOTN has written extensively about just what may be in store for this September: The October SURPRISE of 2018 to be Preceded by a September SHOCK & AWE!

The Millennium Report
September 12, 2018

N.B. What follows is another take on this serious matter.  The plot thickens, however, in the account below with malicious computer worms such as Stuxnet attacking a nuclear facility.  Please disseminate this RED ALERT far and wide just in case.



by Jim Stone


The people who hate this website, which was the main whistleblower against Stuxnet type attacks on nuclear facilities, may have their dream approaching the East Coast, this totally fake over rated hurricane may all be a setup to justify making much of the United States uninhabitable.

What would derail the Trump Train worse than having a nuke plant explode during a hurricane, only to have the hurricane drag all that radiation deep into the United States? People without “merit” will have played a key role in it if anything of the sort happens. People without “merit” obviously want it.

If they are going to cause a disaster in the middle of a hurricane, they HAVE TO prep the nuke facility with a hack beforehand, they HAVE TO pre-heat the reactors ahead of time because a hurricane does not last long enough for the whole process to carry out on time for the hurricane to carry the radiation inland. HEADS UP AT ALL NUKE FACILITIES: IF YOU HEAR NOISES AND SEE BEHAVIORS THAT ARE DIFFERENT EVEN THOUGH ALL THE CONTROLS READ NORMAL, EVEN BEFORE THE HURRICANE ARRIVES, YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK AND HAVE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM BEFORE YOUR NUKE FACILITY GOES “FUKUSHIMA”.

My warning to the nuclear facilities IS LEGIT, and I absolutely do have the background to anchor it. Much of that background came AFTER the NSA.

The Fukushima report really was endorsed by one of the engineers that designed reactor 3; I had the connections to get that done.

A hurricane cannot threaten a nuclear facility

Even if a Cat 5 pounded a nuke facility, or an F-5 tornado trashed a nuclear facility, nothing would happen. Nothing should have happened at Fukushima either, ABSENT STUXNET. So I am forecasting a 50 percent probability of a category 5 SCADA storm at an American nuclear facility.  People there need to be ready and aware of any attacks on their systems by Israel, the only nation with a history of doing it. Their bug was actually tested at Fukushima clone Browns Ferry a couple years before Fukushima. Browns Ferry is not in the path of Florence but several nuke plants are. If one or more of those nuke plants goes up, it will be caused by the Deep State and nothing else. Maybe common core types don’t realize that worst case weather scenarios were planned for in all of the nuclear facilities, and maybe they will drink the kool-aid. I sure won’t.

HEADS UP TO ALL REACTOR ENGINEERS: IF ANYTHING SOUNDS DIFFERENT AND THE CONTROLS READ NORMAL, IT IS NOT THE HURRICANE, YOU ARE UNDER ATTACK. It would be best to station people at all emergency release valves and to have at least basic back up pumps that are not connected to any form of digital control, as well as manual switch gear ready.





How did Flo abruptly change course to target the Carolinas when it was originally tracking to the mid-Atlantic Ocean? (See graphic above)

Answer: Lots of Chemtrail Spraying and HAARP Manipulation

Now see the tracking below which stalls the hurricane on the North and South Carolina coastlines…just like Harvey did over the greater Houston area in 2017

State of the Nation

Everything points to yet another act of weather warfare with the purposeful geoengineering of Hurricane Florence.

More accurately, these false flag weather attacks are acts of state-sponsored terrorism directed at the American people.

By implementing massive chemtrail operations together with sea-based and satellite-based HAARP, it’s quite easy for the geoengineer terrorists to manufacture mega-storms such as Flo.


Here comes Flo! Will the geoengineers hijack Hurricane Florence and further intensify before directing its into a targeted coastline?

9/11 Meme

It’s now irrefutable that the United States has experienced many cataclysms clustered around the date September 11th.  This 9/11 catastrophe meme was indelibly imprinted into the collective American consciousness with the false flag terrorists attacks conducted on September 11, 2001.

In point of fact, several areas of the country have suffered all sorts of various weather catastrophes and manmade disasters during the week of 9/11.  Each of these manmade events serves to reinforce the societal PTSD that occurred in the wake of the original 9/11.

After all, we all dial 911 when we find ourselves in a real life emergency situation.  The NWO perps quite cynically took advantage of this fear and anxiety that’s associated with the 911 numerology.

There’s something very wrong with all the hype surrounding Hurricane Florence!

Let’s face it, there really is something very wrong with this superstorm.  Everything from its inception off the coast of Africa to Flo’s imminent hitting of the Carolina coast has been fastidiously manipulated.

The Geoengineered Monster Hurricane Florence Started in Africa and Was Steered Toward U.S. Mainland (Video)

The globalists who manufactured this oncoming calamity have a specific agenda that has multiple goals.  Most of those relate to the UN agendas—Agenda 212030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Vision 2050.  One major purpose is to move the affected populace away from the land and/or coastlines.  Many of these regions have been identified as safe environmental corridors that are meant to be used exclusively by the power elite during the End Times.

Toward that end, the geoengineers simply take orders from those who control the weather around the planet from ‘on high’ and they therefore have no say in the cataclysmic outcomes.  Nevertheless, they are the techno-perpetrators without whom the globalists could not wage their weather warfare on the world community of nations.  Hence, at some point these weather terrorists must be held accountable.

In light of this stark reality of weather weaponry being intentionally directed at the American people, it’s critical for folks to understand the emerging military-overseen command and control paradigm.  For there are specific reasons why the U.S. citizenry is so often targeted by the New World Order globalist cabal.  As follows:

WEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms

Mass Destruction and Distraction

At the end of the day each of these superstorms is designed as a weapon of mass destruction and mass distraction.  Yes, they all may start as a naturally created Tropical Storms or Hurricanes, but it’s quite easy to amp them up to Cat 4 or 5 for the geoengineers. See: Development of Hurricane Florence has all the signatures of a geoengineered superstorm (Video)

Because of the fast-approaching midterm elections on November 6th, there is a need to distract the electorate as never before.  The outcomes of this election cycle are crucial to both sides of the aisle.  Hence, agents of Deep State will use every means of distraction necessary to cover-up the massive voter fraud and election theft.  For example: Here’s how the midterm elections are being stealthily rigged.

The war in Syria is also heating up quite a bit.  So much so, in fact, that TPTB have a need to divert the attention of many Americans who are clocking the false flag chemical attack being carried out by US military protected terrorists in Idlib.  That such a hoax is even being attempted in light of the two previous false flags in Syria in inconceivable.  Nonetheless, the body politic is slowly becoming aware of Deep State’s MO to trigger armed conflicts.  This video provides more context for how Florence is being used by the globalist warmongers: Hurricane Florence: Geoengineered to Inflict Mass Destruction and Distraction

Threats of nuclear disaster

One element of the unfolding plot regarding Hurricane Florence is that nuclear disaster is hyped like never before.  Nuclear power plants have been in the path of all sorts of superstorms over the years, so why all the buildup now?

RED ALERTThere’s something very wrong with all the hype surrounding Hurricane Florence!

There are several reasons why TPTB might want to trigger a Fukushima-level nuclear disaster in the U.S..  First of all, they are desperate to short-circuit all the truth-telling that has been exposed by the Alt Media.   So many schemes of outright betrayal by the U.S. Federal Government have come to light under President Trump that the perps are truly desperate.

As a diversionary tactic, nothing does the trick like a devastating nuke event.  The Fukushima nuclear disaster has continued to monopolize the world’s attention and that occurred in March, 2011.  Black operations of this magnitude always have multiple objective which reveal themselves with the passage of time.  In the sort term, however, mass distraction will be the name of the game. See: The October SURPRISE of 2018 to be Preceded by a September SHOCK & AWE!

Should the Trump Haters, Never Trumpers and VIPs with Trump derangement syndromebecome further unhinged and unglued, they will certainly do whatever it takes to derail the Trump Train.  Because the Democrat Deep State will now do virtually anything to overthrow Trump, it’s entirely true that Something Wicked This Way Comes…Between Now And Election Day…including this:

Recent satellite photo of Hurricane Florence approaching U.S. coastline


Whoever controls the weather effectively controls the planet.

That’s what this is really all about.  The New World Order has an end goal of a One World Government which is the capstone of their ill-fated multi-century scheme.

The globalists know that the only way they can take complete control of Earth’s natural resources and continental weather is to establish a totalitarian communist superstate.  In this manner they will attempt to foist a new regime of planetary governance distinguished by sticks and carrots related to the weather.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

Whoever does not comply with their tyrannical demands will be victimized via hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.  Or, they will feel the wrath of earthquakes, volcanoes and mudslides.  Other communities have suffered the paralyzing effects of the California wildfires of 2017 and 2018Greek firestorm of 2018Fukushima nuclear disasterBP Gulf oil spill, and the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

State of the Nation
September 13, 2018


High Pressure Installed on Florence’s South Side to Change the Hurricane’s Direction (Video)


THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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    • unidentified

      prediction: florence will not have the devastating effect hurricane maria had however hurricane season is just starting and what comes after hurricane florence might be even worse :mad: :mad:

      • Just me

        You want to see “fake” news? Just watch the weather forecast before a snowstorm or hurricane. It should be illegal to hype people up for a nonexistent “catastrophic” event.

    • Slimey

      It really should be, whoever makes you THINK they control the weather – controls the planet. :lol:

    • Man

      Hurricane hits America: Manmade!

      Hurricane hits any other nation in the area: Oh that is natural

      • nomorelabels


        True indeed…always the same mantra and tactics as if the US was the only place in the world.

        This alone shows, or should show folks how foolish it has become, and thankfully most folks are no longer
        buying what these liars are selling.

        I am very glad Florence weakened and yet we are surrounded by folks, mostly religious, who actually
        are wanting to see harm and destruction so they can continue to make their evil claims that their
        god hates us all and is going to destroy us and torture us, while of course, THEY go dancing off into the sunset,
        sucked up by their favorite lie, the rapture while earth and billions of innocents get slaughtered.

        No joke, there are some sick people out there…


      One can always tell a Jim Stone article, I think he is one of the best we’ve got. Events that happened on 9/11
      William Wallace defeated the English Crown in 1328.
      Henry Hudson discovers the Island of Manhattan in 1609.
      Alexander Hamilton is appointed the 1st Secretary of the Treasury 1789.
      U S breaks ground on the Pentagon 1941.
      Salvador Allende is overthrown as President of Chile by the C I A. 1973.
      The list of events is astounding from Babe Ruth hitting his 50th home run in 1927 to Franklin Roosevelt pushing the button to start Hoover dam in 1936. Another 100 events range from coincidence to seriously planned.

    • Anonymous

      If Flo was weaponized then why did she go from a CAT 4 to a CAT 1 right before she hit shore? No one can steer hurricanes and if you think they can then you’re an idiot. :smile:

    • nomorelabels

      More BS. This was from Thursday, had to get in a few more fear porn points to suck the life out of people.

      No nuke plants harmed in the writing of this BS.

    • beLIEve





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