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The Beginning of The End Starts in Venezuela - World War 3 is Inevitable! - A Must Video

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Published on Jan 31, 2019


The only way to win World War lll is to prevent it. – Dwight Eisenhower

I know not with what weapons World War lll will be fought, but World War lV will be fought with sticks and stones. – Albert Einstein

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Michael Parratore

Michael Parratore1 week ago

a corrupt gov like the USA is calling this gov corrupt and because of that their leadership is no longer valid? lol I live in america and i can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that our own gov is the most corrupt gov in the world, Our media are compulsive liars….nothing out of either of their mouths should ever be trusted !!! All our cia and gov do is move from country to country and sanction them to a point of economic collapse and then swoop in to save the day and take over it’s gov and lie about “saving the people”…..every country in my lifetime that they “helped” are a million times worst…..all they want is control of the natural resources each country has….i have no idea what really is going on in that country and anyone from america that is talking about it are only basing their ideas on what the tv is telling them which is 100% bullsh*t

M.Dawod Sharifi

M.Dawod Sharifi5 days ago

Thieves are trying to steal resources…

Reynaldo Ponce

Reynaldo Ponce5 days ago

Venezuela quit the petrodollar 3 month ago that’s why


crushinsatan1 week ago

They’ll be wars and rumors of wars- God

David Anderson

David Anderson1 week ago

With Venezuela being the 3rd larges oil producing nation in the world, this whole crisis wouldn’t by any chance have anything to do with the fact that ever since Chavez, Venezuela has been making deals with the east to trade their oil not for worthless US Dollars anymore? Just curious because what’s going on there right now is the same that happened to some of the Arab oil producing states that found themselves having a rebellion on their hands after deciding to move away from the Dollar. If this is the case here, then the potential for serious trouble and a war with the Russians is higher than most people realize. Our consumer society depends on global trade including oil trade, the printing of more worthless Dollars to pay for it all and pretty much screwing every trade partner and the other big powers in the world are fed up with it. If the US looses ground in oil trade because nations move away from the dollar, the United States will loose it’s position as a global leader. Our political leaders are much more likely to risk a global catastrophe rather than changing their trade policies or admit that they’re wrong

derrek chang

derrek chang4 days ago

Shame on Guido for betraying his motherland and sold her sovereignty to USA just merely for peanut reward. Frankly, what do Guido think that he will remain in that pole position for long once US rob off all resources in Venezuela, and replace him with another candidate that US can trust. Come On people of Venezuela, let Manduro and Guido seat together and discuss how to resolve your own crisis instead of letting others dictate how you run your business. If Manduro could appoint Guido to Vice President, ideally you win both voters and restructure the economy through proper channels of IMF, World Bank etc….

Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino1 week ago

The Wall IS NOT about funding, the funds are there, it is about control. It is also NOT for this President. Its about increasing executive power by decree. If this happens, a declared border emergency, (and it will), it will be challenged in court but it will stand. The next President will use this new power to take away not just your 2nd amendment rights, but much more. Open your mind…

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    • No time

      I hope that there is some way for us all to Cash Out! 😎😎😎 :lol:

      • tonyw

        well…there is the out newborn american babies have the option of ..with their doctors and parent consent of course

    • The Watcher


    • raburgeson

      I’m not fighting for the oil cartels or the central banks and my children won’t either. Pull the free energy devices out. We don’t need oil, we don’t need to feed the greed of a few either.

    • gumby

      if the emergency order sets a precedent for the dems to declare guns are causing the killings all over the country then let them declare, it will be the beginning of the end when the American public has had enough of these idiot fool demoRATS. the first sign of confiscation will set the real precedent of retaliation against a government committing tyranny and then it will be over when millions of free patriots resist the dems attempt to take away 2nd amendment rights and they all get hung for their stupidity or shot.

    • KGB

      time to demolish the White House with all the creatures who reside within. The biggest change that people crave on this plannet is to see the end of the US meddling in Soveriegn nations. In my opinion the US is in no position to call any government corrupt. President Trump must realize that the history of the US preceeds it. I have listened to this article which is nothing more than a tissue of lies and propaganda. The real reason that any Venezuelan is suffering is due to US economic sanctions imposed on the Venezuelan government. The majority of Venezuelans are not starving the only Venezuelans who are suffering are those wealthy ones who have lost out as a result of Maduros policies. Maduro is for the poor and warking class of Venezuela as a result all of the Venezuelan elite who are under US influence are crying sour grapes. The US only want Maduroe removed so that they can swoop like the Hawks they are on Venezuelas oil. People are sick of the US administration pushing its arrogant, Bolshy corrupt self into other nations business with outcome of nothing more than destruction of those nations. The world would be a much more peaceful place without the the US ant those other corrupt, sell out nations who support it.

    • FallaciousnessSpotter

      It’s about time that America got a kicking.
      Americans are far too bigheaded/ Big for their boots.
      American Fores are shit & all that’s going to happen is another 500,000+++Babies dead and more starvation, = more heroic throwing f Dogs over a cliff.
      American soldiers so-called are shite. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: 💩💩💩💩💩💩💨🐷🐽




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