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What Is Causing These Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Giant Dust Storms

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Major changes are happening to our planet, and the experts are groping for answers.  In recent days some have suggested that what we are witnessing is the natural progression of “man-made climate change”, but that explanation has generally been received with a lot of skepticism.  Something truly dramatic appears to be happening to the globe, and it isn’t just because the amount of carbon dioxide in the air suddenly reached some sort of magical “tipping point”.

  But without a doubt, temperatures are getting warmer.  In July, Death Valley experienced “the hottest month ever recorded on the planet”.  Over in Europe, Saturday was being billed as Europe’s “hottest day ever”, and temperatures in Lisbon, Portugal were expected to top 107 degrees both Saturday and Sunday.  On the other side of the planet, the crippling drought in Australia is devastating farms “like cancer”, and things are so hot in North Korea that the government has declared “an unprecedented natural disaster.

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    • Anonymous

      This is the stupidest question I have ever seen posed in BIN. It’s time that you should maybe read a book? :smile:

      • Peepo

        No your response is the stupidest I have ever seen. That’s why you posted it under Anonymous. Your just a no body TROLL!. Go watch cnn and think the Russians did it you Idiot!

        • Anonymous

          That hurt. :cry:

        • Anonymous

          So Peepo is your real name I presume? :smile:

    • DK

      The sun’s making the earths orbit disturbed due to its orientation whilst travelling through the galatic disc which is the worst possible facing exactly in the direction of motion with its south pole acting lke a bussard ramjet scooping up matter into its magnetic field and acting like a break. Near miss an opposite field or pass though an area with a lot of mass for space and the sun slows disturbing planetary orbits.

      Note no need for Nibru, just something in the way at any time which will shorten the sidreal year, gravity changes as the mutual center of mass of the Sun Earth Moon moves, alters the amount of radiation emitted by the sun and type which becomes white and high in UV noteably UV’C which the powers that be have to chemtrail to block, sun cycles are altered, magnetic field and similarly affects that of the Earth in a comparable measure, collapsing its magnetic field, allowing in more comsic radiation and causing increasingly over time more earthquakes/vulcanism due to extra tidal heating along with an alteration in the Earths seasonal procession ending perhaps shortly with both a full on ice age and the Earths polar regions hitting the equator as the wobble gets worse.

      The US gets to be up to 2000 miles further south, the UK 2000 miles further North since we are on globe, I am getting sunset at 318° at 53° North during July and regression of the Sun takes over a month later than midsummer in July.




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