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Corona, Tracking and Control -- the Agenda Behind The Virus

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The Chinese Corona Virus:  The First Media-Driven “Planned Demic”

                                                                                                         by LCVincent

In one of my favorite episodes of the classic television series, “The Twilight Zone”, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”, two aliens from outer space stand in front of their flying saucer parked high on a hillside, overlooking a neighborhood that has descended into panic, fear and chaos — simply because these two aliens have remotely commandeered the electric power, cars and appliances of the test population below by remote control.

As they adjust the knobs and switches of their control unit while watching the paranoia and panic they are creating with measured amusement, one space alien turns to the other and inquires of his companion:  “And this pattern is always the same?”…. His friend at the remote control unit nods in agreement, and cynically concludes:  “With few variations — they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find… and it’s always themselves.  All we have to do is sit back and watch.”

Curiously, I cannot but help feel that a similar scenario is going on somewhere on this planet, as the surface dwellers around the globe react in panicked desperation to the Chinese Wuhan Corona virus.  I cannot help but feel that there is a Corona virus media coordination center somewhere, a beehive of activity that continues to plant and exaggerate stories with the clueless lame stream media — television, radio, newspapers — along with their internet and social media pajama boys fanning the flames of fear and hysteria around the world.  For this unprecedented global freak out has all the earmarks of a refined intra-governmental mass media psy-op.

In response to the exaggerated lethality of  The Corona Virus or “Covid-19”, President Trump closed our borders, suspended flights between China, Europe and the U.S., and announced a major medical emergency to deal with this issue within the first 3 weeks of its emergence.  Now contrast our current scenario to 2009, when the Swine Flu virus hit America.  President Obama did NOTHING for the first six months of its emergence. During that time, there were no school closures, no sporting events cancelled, no panic buying, no airline flights or cruise ship journeys cancelled, and no stock market plunge.  We were not ordered to keep a safe social distance, wear face masks, shelter in place, and stay home from work.  Nor did our economy grind to a halt in fear of a widening epidemic.

Why the difference?   Because Barack Obama was in the White House, and the liberal mainstream media were loath to criticize their anointed hero.  Therefore, there were no breathless reports of mass death and hospitalizations; no hostile press conferences by the lame stream media asking “gotcha” questions about what was being done to contain the contagion, and no hysterical barrage of commentators trying to outdo each other in a display of their hatred and defiance of The President.   On the contrary, The Media portrayed the Swine Flu as nothing more than a minor annoyance, while St. Obama skated and busied himself with golf, hobnobbed with rap music thugs and hosted NBA All Stars at The White House.

In contrast, the Chinese Wuhan Corona virus “planned demic” is the first media driven medical emergency in our lifetime, and altho it has come to fruition for several reasons,  the main reason was to use it as another weapon in the media’s arsenal to remove Donald Trump from office and to promote and expand the globalist “one world government” agenda around the world and in the United States.

The political response to this outbreak has revealed deep fissures concerning the public’s rights as citizens, including their right to know the truth.  Tellingly, the virus appeared to break out among the favored cities of Liberal elites; undoubtedly a societal indication of the liberal elites cultivation of such “woke” virtues as open borders, tolerance and inclusion.  New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle suffered numerous cases of the virus, and their political elites have exposed the paucity of their care, courage, common sense and lack of Constitutional protections.

Death and corona disease seems concentrated in liberal enclaves and cities.  Half of the virus victims are located in New York City.    If half the victims were located in Bismarck, North Dakota, would New York City and New York State, as well other business centers throughout the United States, demand a total economic and societal shut down of the rest of the country? I seriously doubt it!

Many liberal cities and states declared mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses and services, thereby sending most of their population home from work and into financial hardship.  Liberal mayors imposed curfews for the general population, and also instituted “snitch” programs, encouraging their citizens to report non-compliant persons to their local government watch dogs for fines and further punishment.

The truth of the matter — that this viral release was not only deliberate but known well ahead of the actual event for more than a year by those associated with what might loosely be described as the global financial elite — is a story that has yet to be told, and one that is most ripe for examination.

Evidence of Foreknowledge and Foreshadowing

Lest you think the idea of widespread advanced knowledge concerning the release of this virus is hokum, may I point out just two interesting “co-incidences.”   The first is that the year 2020 featured an unprecedented number of high level CEO’s abruptly resigning from their posts and positions, giving up millions of dollars in salaries to “ spend more time with their families” and other unbelievable bromides.  In fact, even the CEOs of Walt Disney, Harley Davidson, Google and MicroSoft — yes, even Bill Gates — resigned from their companies and their Boards of Directors.  

Beyond these suspicious resignations, we also have “Event 201”, held in Baltimore, Maryland in October of this past year.  Panelists included Bill Gates, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci from the Federal Government, representatives of the CIA, NBC,  Johns Hopkins University, The World Economic Forum, the UN Foundation, the World Bank, and the Center for Disease Control.  Curiously, the main topic of the event was a discussion of what would happen should a “corona virus” escape into the general population.  

The talks did not center around how the virus should be treated, or how to insure that there were sufficient medical supplies, staff, hospital beds and equipment to deal with such a virus.   No, the main thrust of this meeting was how to handle the media to shape and direct their inquiries and push their agenda for vaccines and injectable identification tags, should such a virus appear and escape into the world population, which it did just one month later.

Corona’s appearance was also foreshadowed by Bill Gates’ TED Talk in 2015, where he predicted the emergence of a Corona-like virus, and touted that the only effective way to deal with such a pandemic was to have a vaccine which would be injected into the waiting arms of the entire world’s population.  This “planned demic” was originally evaluated in detail in 2010, when a Rockefeller Foundation Report summarized all the details of this scenario we currently see being played out on the streets of our country.

Curiously, remarks economist and geo-political analyst Peter Koenig:  “It sounds like a strange coincidence that in October 2019 a simulation with precisely the coronavirus was carried out at the John Hopkins Institute in the US, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WEF (World Economic Forum), as well as the Pirbright Institute of the UK, one of the world’s few level 4 (highest security level) bio-warfare laboratories.”

“Second, there was Event 201, on October 18, 2019, at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in Baltimore, Maryland, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF – the corporatocracy representing Big Weapons, Big Pharma and Big Money), and the John Hopkins Institute.  The theme was simulating a High-Level Pandemic Exercise – and yes, the simulation produced 65 million deaths. Just a couple of weeks before the first COVID-19 victims were identified.”

Abandoning all pretenses of journalistic integrity, the media presstitutes have shown their “virtue” by actively rooting for panic, pandemonium and hysteria.   They actively slandered President Trump by voicing an ever revolving merry-go-round of conspiracy theories, one of them being that the only reason he promoted an anti-malaria drug called Hydroxy- Chloroquine that is producing amazing curative results is because he was somehow going to “profit” by its use, despite the fact that it is a generic drug, and costs $20 per treatment as opposed to Rezvidifir, championed by Doctors Birx and Fauci, who have deep ties to the vaccine industry thru Bill Gates.   Of course, Rezvidifir happens to cost $3,000 per dose, versus $20 for the generic Hydroxy-Chloroquine.  Do the math and follow the money.

The more one exams the evidence, the more it becomes clear that the Corona virus psy-op is a world wide endeavor of the global Deep State.  Nevertheless, the end goals are essentially the same:  change behavior patterns and re-condition the populace (of the world) to live in constant fear of death by contracting a deadly disease; a disease which necessitates “social distancing” and the closing and contraction of the entire world’s economy, bankrupting small businesses which are now available to financial vultures for pennies on the dollar, while unemployed former workers learn to live with the very real threat of poverty and homelessness.

While innocent people who are just trying to go about their daily lives or salvage their jobs are restricted to their home environments and threatened with jail, liberal governors terrify their citizenry by opening their jails and allowing convicted rapists, murderers and burglars back out into the general population as a “humanitarian gesture” so that they may not contract the corona virus; while at the same time, these same governors close firearms stores as “non-essential.”

It is clear that liberal politicians, with the help of their fellow travelers in the so-called “mainstream media” were pushing the envelope and using this epidemic as a way to carve out and create a new social agenda.   Freeing criminals (rapists, murderers) from prison so that they won’t get Corona virus, while arresting people for playing with their own children in a park is a perfect example of the bass-ackwards world these simpletons occupy.   It is just another example of liberal politicians coordinating with their political water carriers in the media to push a program of fear, panic, and societal manipulation for easier social control.

Increasingly it is becoming clear to any fair minded observer that the global societal shutdown was not only unnecessary but decidedly and deadly counter-productive.   Societal restrictions like masks, quarantining the healthy rather than the sick, and social distancing not only exacerbated the spread of the virus, but actively worked against the herd immunity its assimilation proved in those few countries and states that deigned not to follow the CDC and World Health Organization’s “guidelines”, such as Sweden.

A more cynical perspective would posit that this “planned demic” was actually imposed upon the global populace for very specific purposes, all of which helped push the global population further into the psychic mind space of accepting the “necessity” of a global government with its ancillary regulation, taxation and police force.  And it is this proposition, the the Chinese Corona virus was purposely released upon the world, that is the major thesis of this article.

Even a cursory examination of the ramifications created by the Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus (or WuHuFlu for short) illustrate that it may have been done for the following reasons:

1.  Prevent Trump from holding massive rallies under the pretext that such gatherings would spread the Corona virus, and by extension, prevent Trump’s re-election;

2.  Collapse the world economy, especially the U.S (again, to prevent Trump’s re-election), and use the stock market crash as an excuse and justification for a global monetary re-set to hide the quadrillions of “default credit swaps” and massive global debt (8X all the currency on Earth!) that can never be repaid;

3.  Clog the mass media news cycle to hide the revelations of government corruption and treason that Attorney General Barr and investigator John Durham are bringing to light;

4.  Impose the need for global, world-wide mandatory vaccines — to reap vast profits;

5.  Coordinate ID2020 — tagging IDs and satellite tracking devices inserted into vaccines so that everyone on the planet could be tracked by The Governmental Elite;

6.  Reduction of the world’s population — directly thru COVID-19, and associated vaccines, and  indirectly thru delays in cancer testing and treatment, necessary operations, and suicides from economic destruction and financial despair;  

7.  push for one world “inter-dependent” global government and global taxation schemes to fight the “planned-demic”…

8.  Study the reaction of people, especially in the U.S., to lockdown restrictions for later and more extreme societal manipulation and viral plagues;

9.  Fine tune social media censorship and mass media fear mongering;

10.  Adapt new “police state” protocols and restrictions, especially in the U.S.  Promote “safety” and persuade U,S. Citizens to give up the right to free speech, assembly, and travel to refine the tool kit of total control:  quarantines and curfews.  Lock up and quarantine healthy people, destroy business prosperity thru financial bankruptcy, and make people government dependent;

11.  Use the virus as an excuse to eliminate paper currency as a vector for the spread of disease transmission so that all financial transactions can be tracked, monitored and controlled electronically thru digital currency;

12.   End yellow shirt demonstrations in France and freedom protests in Hong Kong

13.  Promote cognitive dissonance and schizophrenia (CDC and WHO Corona “guidelines” constantly switched and contradicted).   Just some examples include:  lockdowns are good, necessary and mandatory vs. lockdowns are bad, unnecessary and evil; masks are good and necessary; masks are bad and unnecessary;  stay 6 feet apart — distance does not matter, as it is counterproductive and does not help herd immunity; germs live on surfaces for day vs, almost impossible for CV germs to live on surfaces; CV is deadly vs: CV not as bad as the ordinary flu for most people; Hydroxy Chloroquine (HCQ) will kill you vs. HCQ will save you.

14. Offer an excuse for mail-in voting in the U.S.A. to promote and increase Democrat voter fraud;

15.  Offer an excuse to hold a “virtual Democrat convention” to protect the democrat leadership hierarchy from the wrath of Bernie Sanders supporters;

16.  Acclimate population to more government restrictions, more government intrusion into private lives, less privacy, and make it harder for people to assemble and travel;

17.  Promote fear (fear porn) via threatening financial security, health, life expectancy, and food supply availability; require mandatory wearing of face masks and body temperature checks as a requirement to access social events;

18.  Promote new buzz words:  “the new normal”. “social distancing”. “essential work or person” versus “”non-essential” to further mind-control the populace;  

19.  Justify social media censorship, (which just happens to mirror the pronouncements of the Chinese Communist government) thru tech tyrants Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites as they blatantly censor anything that goes against what they consider the “official” narrative, labelling anything else as “hate speech” or a violation of their unspoken and unwritten “community standards” which they interpret however they wish and impose on whomever they wish, whenever they wish.

20.  Speed the installation of special LED street lights with special “COV-19 circuitry”. — a possible electronic transmission vector for a “second wave”?

21.  Push the vote  HR 6666 (yes… an extra 6 just to be sure you ‘get it’!) introduced into the United States Congress by Democrat Bobby Rush, to pay for societal “tracers” and “trackers” to go door-to-door to supposedly find those exposed to the virus, as well as test, quarantine and/or REMOVE from U.S. households anyone who is ill with the Corona virus.  

Along with this legislation is Bill Gates’ patent # 060606  (Nano chip in a vaccine) to create the environment for a One World Government under the scam of fighting the Corona virus!  (If you think all of these numbers are just “coincidental”, I have a bridge I would like to sell you in San Francisco!).

Of course, the icing on the cake, so to speak, and the most “telling” event that occurred in relation to this philanthropic Bill Gates’ agenda for humanity was his naming performing artist and Satanist Marina Abramovic to promote the new MicroSoft device known as the Hololens.  There was such an outcry from users around the world that MicroSoft pulled the promotion after receiving more than 90/% negative reviews from the public, yet Gates and MicroSoft continues to heap praise on Abramovic and her “spirit cooking” art exercises.   Do you see a pattern here???

Granted, most impartial “observers” would consider the above list to be highly conspiratorial.  But when one bothers to really examine all the pieces of the puzzle this so called epidemic presents us with, it is hard to deny that not only was shutting down the global economy an unnecessary over-reaction, but the accompanying restrictions on people’s right to work, freedom of movement, assembly, speech and worship are highly indicative of a planned and formatted response to this event, a plan that points to the involvement of the “usual suspects” (The Rothschild, Rockefellers, Soros and Bill Gates axis) THE Cabal that has been openly planning this societal and MEDIA manipulation as their planned-demic was brought to fruition.

Not only have these globalist manipulators openly planned for such an event for years; they have also planned on how to manipulate the media in order to amplify and control the world governments and their populace thru psychological fear mongering.   Indeed, that was the very purpose of Event 201 in Baltimore, just two months prior to the release of the virus into the general population.

Like all good socialists, these puppet masters and societal string pullers have used this virus as a precursor to the Main Event which is somewhere down the road in the near future.   By harvesting information and judging how far and how fast they can push and “nudge” humanity into the “social credit” chicken-coop matrix already established in China, these globalist thugs, ALWAYS in the guise of philanthropic social welfare and reform, are pushing to impose draconian restrictions on thought, speech, finance and movement so that they and their elite circle of friends can reap the benefits for themselves.

Currently, Gates is pushing the global vaccine initiative while the Corona virus “planned demic” provides Gates with the perfect fortuitous opportunity to vaccinate everyone on the planet, which is his stated goal!   And, the “bonus” which Bill plans to add to his global vaccination plan, is ID2020, which would put a satellite readable and trackable tracer in each vaccine so that every human being on the planet could be constantly, tracked, monitored and surveilled in real time!   What a beneficent vision that Gates and his global megalomaniacs have planned for us, as expressed at the latest World Economic conclave in Davos.

As Peter Koenig reported:  “This has been on the drawing board for years. The final decision to go ahead now, was taken in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos – behind very much closed doors, of course. The Gates, GAVI (an association of vaccination-promoting pharmaceuticals), Rockefellers, Rothschilds et al, they are all behind this decision – the implementation of Agenda ID2020.”

Vladimir Kvachkov,  former Colonel of The Military Intelligence Service (GRU) of Russia, has publicly stated in an interview broadcast on March 25th, 2020, that the so-called Corona virus “pandemic” … “….is all a lie.  It needs to be considered as a global, strategic special operation.  These are command and staff exercises of the world’s ‘behind the scenes powers’ on controlling humanity.  This is what the the goal of this Corona virus is.”

The mass mainstream media has milked and hyped the Corona virus for every advertising dollar it could generate, while their owners used the fear and hysteria their media manipulators generated to push a new social agenda and create a new political reality.  

When it became clear that the U.S. economy and its people would not remain locked down in their homes and would choose instead to re-open their businesses ahead of Corona cautions, a new societal emergency — the very predictable riots regarding “racial equality and social justice” — have now usurped and replaced Covid-19 as the new Deep State monkey wrench to sabotage our country, while former scientific authority figures have ironically risen to assure us that the fight for “social justice” is more important than maintaining “social distance!!”


Nearly two months have elapsed between the completion of this article and its preparation for publication.  During that time, a disturbing number of issues have surfaced which lend additional credence to the main thrust of this paper — that both the Corona Virus (Covid-19) and the George Floyd protests and riots which have occurred in its wake are, at their core, planned and orchestrated psychological operations (Psy-Ops) against the general population of the world and primarily against the people of the United States, in order to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.   To those who would doubt such a sweeping assertion, the evidence which has emerged since that time only serves to reinforce and buttress this cnclusion.

Perhaps the most telling evidence is that the identical facial poster image of George Floyd – the exact one that The Left has used around the world in support of their riots regarding “racism” and the rampant social injustice they claim is found throughout the United States, was posted on The Barack Obama Foundation website on May 17th, when George Floyd was still a “nobody.”  George Floyd supposedly was killed on May 25th!!!   How did George Floyd’s exact image — the same one used by protestors around the world after his “death” — appear on the Obama Foundation website as a poster –  one week before his death, when George Floyd was still a “nobody”???

All of the above smacks of pre-planned media manipulation to create a vehicle to provide a focal point for societal agitation, violence and destruction.   Nor do I find it coincidental that just as it seemed that the Corona Virus “planned demic” was winding down, the George Floyd “murder” rapidly emerged on a GLOBAL scale, with protests and riots 2 days afterwards not only in Minneapolis, but also in London, Germany and Brazil!!!

In regard to the Corona virus, tech monopoly giants Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube continue to de-platform (remove) any opposing views in opposition to the current orthodoxy promulgated by the most monetarily conflicted “sources” — which include drug companies, Dr. Fauci (with his financial ties and interests to the Gates Foundation), and the mass media entertainment industry, which is more than 90% opposed to Trump’s re-election.

The media’s insistence to continue our public “masquerade” (the wearing of cloth coverings over the mouth and face) has been shown scientifically to provide NO protection against the Covid-19 virus.  Even the best professional N-95 face masks cannot filter out viral spores because they are simply too small and pass right thru these surgical facial coverings.  Moreover, none of the masks provide eye protection, and the Corona virus can just as easily be contracted by direct exposure thru one’s eyes.  

Yet various states, governors and municipalities (mostly in Democrat strongholds) continue the charade that such coverings somehow mitigate or prevent the spread of this virus thru the air, when it is simply NOT TRUE!  To add medical insult to personal injury, many people fashion their own “air filters” out of T-shirts, bandanas, bras and handkerchiefs, which are even less effective than the ineffective N-95 face masks.   

Despite the actual scientific evidence, this social masquerade (some have called them “face condoms”; others refer to them as Western Birkas or face diapers) continue to be required and mandated by state and local governments, when the truth is that any such facial coverings PROVIDE ZERO PROTECTION AGAINST COVID-19, especially considering that none of these coverings prevent infection via the eyes.

Then why are governments and the Media still promoting this masquerade when the available science categorically proves they provide no benefit whatsoever?   One is only left with three possible conclusions:  the first is that promoting such behavior helps people to think that they are somehow protecting themselves when they must go about their necessary business, such as grocery shopping; it is a government sanctioned “plaebo.”  The second is that seeing so many people wearing masks out in public reinforces the conception that Covid-19 is a massive “pandemic” that is ready to strike dead anyone who unfortunately contracts the virus, even tho the statistical reality is that 99.8 percent of the people who actually get the virus survive it; and lastly, and perhaps most cynically, it is a way of creating social division within the general population, while stoking fear and paranoia at the same time.

Not only are the face masks a constant reminder that we all are living in the “New Normal” (which, itself, is a meme that has been promoted to acclimate the population to constantly focus on the possibility of sickness and death, thereby promoting depression, anxiety and fear); it is also a way of implementing the age old political strategy of “divide and conquer”, as a population focused upon their survival and in fear of losing their employment, their businesses, their homes and possessions is far easier to manipulate than one free of such nagging worries.  A further refinement of this last point is that those who defiantly chose to appear in public or go shopping without their face condoms act as an existential threat to that portion of the population who continue to live in terror behind their worthless face masks, thereby stoking additional fear and anxiety among the sheeple.

“Social Distancing” and the “6 foot rule” is yet another well-promoted meme that provides zero protection against Covid-19 transmission, as it has been scientifically established that the Corona virus can travel up to 27 feet between people, making the touted 6 foot measured spacing utterly irrelevant.  Again, the promotion of this ineffectual precaution is just another visual reminder to the general public that the “New Normal” is really the admission of an on-going existential threat to their health and survival.

While people are losing their businesses, their jobs and their homes due to an inability to generate normal income, blue state Democrat governors continue to push for further lockdowns, despite evidence to the contrary (from Sweden to South Dakota) from areas that have opted out of this contrived epidemic.   These arbitrary lockdowns are always promoted as “public safety” issues, whereas such dictates actually suggest a backdoor agreement among Trump’s political opposition to continue to tank the economy and thereby prevent his re-election by needlessly sabotaging and artificially prolonging our national recovery.

Part and parcel of this strategy is the continued postponement and abbreviation of the new school year.  By delaying or preventing the beginning of the new school year, the teacher’s unions (almost exclusively a Democrat stronghold) are preventing children’s parents from their normal work routine — assuming, of course, that their parents are lucky enough to still have a job to go to!

While the teacher’s unions claim that they are just trying to be cautious and prevent the transmission of Covid-19, an examination of the Los Angeles teacher’s union demands sheds light upon their true motivation.  Consider the following “demands” before the teachers of Los Angeles return to their classrooms, and ask yourself how any of these demands relate to the prevention of Covid-19 transmission:

— Medicare for all
— The closing of all charter schools (their competition!)
— Direct financial assistance to illegal aliens
— A 1% “wealth tax” on all millionaires
— Defund the Police
— Rental “relief” and the elimination of evictions

While there are, of course, the usual demands of “social distancing”, “wearing masks”, the reduction of class sizes to “no more than 12 students”, etc., ostensibly to prevent contamination from student to teacher, there remains not one single solitary example of any teacher contracting Covid-19 from any student anywhere in the entire WORLD!

The mass media “lockout” of any stories touting the effectual treatment of Covid-19 using Hydroxy Choloquine and Zinc (Zithromax) may even lead to eventual class action lawsuits against the major national television networks, as well as faux cable news outlet CNN, as suppression and denial of viable therapeutic qualities of HCQ by the media may have resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths.

The Hydroxy Choloroquine hysteria began in March, 2020, when President Trump nonchalantly mentioned that there had been some encouraging results with doctors using Hydroxy Cholorquine on some of their Covid-19 patients.

Almost immediately, his pronouncement seemed to trigger two conflicting studies which emerged warning of the “dangers” of using Hydroxy Cholorquine (HCQ).   The first was a study supposedly done by the Veterans Administration, which purported to show no benefit whatsoever when HCQ was administered to Covid-19 patients.  The second study was published in the “gold standard” of medical research, the British publication “The Lancet.”  Both studies were later proven to be bogus and debunked, with “The Lancet” suffering major damage to its reputation for scientific impartiality and accuracy.

On the contrary, many doctors around the world have found that HCQ, especially when administered at the very beginning of Covid-19 symptoms, provides almost miraculous relief from its predations.  Indeed, there have been numerous cases of Covid-19 patients at death’s door, who were able to experience the elimination of all symptoms within one to two days of its administration.

While President Trump personally took HCQ and remains healthy, both the mainstream media and social media continue to manipulate and censor any mention of the efficacy of HCQ in relation to the treatment and elimination of Covid-19 symptoms.

Cynics will point to the fact that a Covid-19 treatment based on HCQ will run about $20 whereas a treatment with Revzidifir may cost as much as $3000.   This monetary difference, they claim, is the reason why the drug lobby and their media allies resist publicizing HCQ as a valid Covid-19 therapeutic.   However, while this is undoubtedly true, I do not think this is the real reason why HCQ has been demonized and ridiculed, despite being in world-wide use since 1945.  

The real reason is political.  Any information that provides hope and a gives people a reason to think that there might be a therapeutic that could prevent or at least mitigate the effects of Covid-19 must be suppressed and censored lest it threatens the election of Joe Biden and the defeat of Donald Trump.   Therefore, within a matter of hours, the video of America’s Frontline Doctors touting Hydroxy-Chloroquine in front of the capital in Washington, DC was removed from YouTube, and their website taken down by SquareSpace.  Even those who “tweeted” the video had their access to social media removed as a punishment, including Donald Trump Jr., Attorney Sidney Powell, and Madonna!

As I write this, the city of Portland, Oregon will be undergoing its 85th straight night of riots in front of a U.S. Courthouse with rioters dressed in Ninja black garb attacking police with bricks, slingshots, rocks, pointed plastic pipe, iced water bottles, crowbars, mortars, lasers, bats and anything else they can get their hands on.   Has anyone asked how this crowd — most of whom are not local — can afford to show up for 85 straight nights and still have all their bills and expenses paid?   Can you say George Soros and The Tides Foundation?

Tot top it all off, it was recently discovered, and confirmed, that this Covid virus was actually enabled by both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Anthony Fauci, in conjunction with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, after that lab had already begun its bat coronavirus research funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  

Now, in short order, Covid-19 is being used to usher in a monumental change in our world.   This change not only includes the defeat of Donald Trump, but also the imposition of crushing societal restrictions regarding travel, movement, speech, work, capital formation, recreation, and how and where we may be “allowed” to live.   

While the Corona Virus is the current mechanism for the re-ordering of our global society, it is only the pre-cursor to The Main Event.   Covid-19, and other psy-ops which may include George Floyd’s murder and perhaps more events to come, is the Deep State’s audition to get all their ducks in a row and put a fine pencil to their media and societal manipulations, so that when the next “Planned-Demic” somehow escapes from a “Russian bordello” or a “North Korean submarine” and we really have to deal with a 12% or higher mortality rate, the so-called global “Elite” will know exactly how to handle this new crisis they created for maximum benefit — to themselves.

Until then, Wisdom dictates that the Prudent follow the old Boy Scout maxim:  Be Prepared!

Copyright 2020  LCVincent — All Rights Reserved.                 


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