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The Real Reasons Why Jacintha Saldanha Committed Suicide

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(CNN) – “The reasons why people take their own lives aren’t always clear, mental health experts say; a multitude of biological and psychological factors may be involved in how individuals respond to difficult circumstances in life.” The mental experts do not possess cosmic consciousness thus they can not know the real reasons behing her suicide. 

Jacintha Saldanha

Born January 1, 1966




Dear Readers;

First may God bless Jacintha’s lost soul, secondly the main reason for me to expose her UCI or Unique Celestial Identity publicly is to educate and offer a form of closure to the family  both DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian and the public at large using Astropsychology. I will attempt to offer some of the answers traditional science, atheists, skeptics and agnostics alike or what I call the “Young Souls”  made up a mass of unconscious traditionally educated souls. This crowd may not be able to either understand or even appreciate  supreme wisdom offering them with the golden keys to what it means to be human.

The scientific community is still unaware of the mystery and wonders of the human mind  and can not yet perceive the inner cosmic  fluid (Dark Matter) transcending from the Universal mind to the human mind and all are enslaved to uncover. 

A newsletter titled Nurse for Kate Middleton commits suicide, Who’s next? produced quite a lot of misunderstandings and a repulsive reaction to many unconscious “young souls”  who can only assume  I nurture a total disrespect for the victim and her family. I sincerely hope this Cosmic Code newsletter will reach the family, friends and all the people that are directly involved in this drama in Australia and I hope for my readers to help me in the process… The fact is science has lost the spirit and will always come very short in offering plausible trustworthy explanations and answers. 

Dr. Drew A Born Nerd!

NO you do not need a BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD!

*The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

All I am asking the reader to do is not to let any form of emotions blur your perception of all I am about to divulge because in the endless battle between emotions and reason, emotion always wins…This is why churches and jails are overloaded with sensitive people who felt victims of their own karmic stars.  Remember stars are much more than dead rocks hanging above in the sky…God give them to us for interpretation and signs so that we may live a safer more productive life! Dealing with the archetypal realm of consciousness demand curiosity and an open mind something so natural I find missing in so many people…

Its a miracle that curiosity survive education once Einstein said, but it is the most important ingredient needed to find all the answers involving the psyche of any and all human beings. Building Cosmic Consciousness is the key meantime until you do you are nothing more than an unconscious robot neurotically, psychically acting out your karmic inherited emotional star nature  making you seriously prone to suffer the cosmic code jurisdictions 

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

If you are a new comer to my work there is so much more in store for you that is if you are willing to do the mental gymnastics needed to free yourself from your own self!  Ask and you shall receive becomes the very essence of you own psychical upgrade and the question is are you ready for it? Will you let skepticism or deep religious convictions stop your journey upward towards God’s real celestial identity? 

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom”


First let me point out that I am not a Neptunian psychic, I practice and teach the science of Astropsychology and my findings are based upon the same type of software NASA uses to plot the movement of the moon and the stars. With the only difference that I know the stars own the essence of the human spirit, including its sins and virtues.  The stars are not mere rocks placed by God in the heavens to amuse a bunch of unconscious astronomers discovering more and more planets every single day. Yes, its like Christopher Columbus discovering an America that has always been there when science those days thought the world was flat! Don’t think they made that much progress though, at least where the spirit and the cosmic code * Dark Matter is concerned! 

  Let now try to bring you some of the light he made all his children with….

Jacintha Saldanha

Born January 1, 1966

Sun 10 Capricorn 38 (house 1 – the self/soul’s purpose)   – Capricorn is the sign of structure, power, discipline, career the building of Empires, the Illuminati, the snobs, the English hierarchy, public standing, structure, engineering and accomplishments. The head of the Goat or *Satan was chosen by Christianity who are at the core of spiritual abuses, manipulation and control of information.  Knowledge is power and shared power is loss of power.

Jacintha was attracted by the Saturnine power and she worked diligently directly or indirectly for Uncle Sam as reliable hard working Capricorn always aim for security. 

 Moon 26 Aries 57 (house 4 home/security) -  The Moon regulate emotion *lunatic/moody/crabby and in the impulsive sign of Aries she was prone to volatile decision and actions. Aries is a warrior and at home it could induce shooting matches and arguments. The soul is also prone to lose his life in a fire or a natural disaster.   if Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation maps are strongly recommended. 

Mercury 21 Sagittarius 08 (house 12 subconscious / own worth enemy) detriment -  The planet of communication is in detriment meaning  in this dark house where the soul lives in a world of its own dreamy peaceful imagination,  away from the harsh, cruel competitive world. A very sensitive position for the critical planet to be where the soul can not easily HEAR, deal and  handle the reality of life.  On the medical aspect of my work, to escape reality, the soul could develop speech and hearing impairments.  

Venus 13 Aquarius 29 (house 2 money/self esteem) – Venus is extremely friendly in humanitarian Aquarius where possession and money are not a driving force. This position conflicts with the Capricorn “become successful no matter what” disciplinarian attitude. 

Mars 07 Aquarius 15 (house 2 money/self esteem) - Mars stimulate action in the benevolent, humanitarian sign of Aquarius leading the soul to work endlessly in charitable endeavors and could spent money hastily. Mars in a female chart depict the type of man that would fit a woman best. Had I known her I would have been able to regenerate her wounded over sensitive spirit with metaphysical food she desperately needed. 

Jupiter 24 Gemini 23 (house 6 work health and service to the world) detriment - Sad enough for Jacintha expansive Jupiter always exaggerate the affairs he rules. In her case Jupiter expand the codification of thoughts (books/bible/religions) and is detrimental in the house of health  neutralizing drastically the Gemini critical thinking.  

Saturn 12 Pisces 27  (house 3 the mind/critical thinking) – Saturn rules the fear principle while Pisces rules religions, deception, chemicals, confinement places i.e. hospitals, jail, asylums, temples, churches, the Middle East and stimulate an over active fearful  imagination. This position makes her very vulnerable to any and all chemicals which slowly poisoned her psyche. Souls born with this Neptunian position own an mental addictive personality (smoking/chemical/religions.)  The religious poisoned soul risks also ” possession”  from low astral plane entities and must refrain from any form of hypnotic regressions. Properly coached with Astropsychology, the soul can develop unusual artistic talents, music, acting, dancing, photography by applying the mental power constructively. 

Uranus 19 Virgo 36 (house 9 higher learning/religion/philosophy/foreigners/foreign grounds ) Uranus rules the sudden release of energy, technology, radio waves and computers. Remember there are NO accidents only Cosmic Circumstances science and humanity at large is still unconscious of. Where ever Uranus is located in your UCI/chart anything weird, shocking/surprising will take place in your life. It is obvious that Jacintha had fear of the future, fears of technology even fear of flying and her very private UCI made her reject progress, reject the very harsh work or the hell she suffered inside. The Uranic shocking energy that lead her to a foreign country also lead her to experience a call from a radio station or the infamous prank. A magnet will not attract a piece of wood and we are dealing with refined unseen energy science and the young souls could never conceive as the main reason for her decision to end of life so drastically/shockingly as imposed by the planet  Uranus in the sign of Virgo in the house regulating foreign affairs. Note also Virgo rules WORK and the call came to the hospital where she worked. 

From the article - “Rhys added at a press conference, “These people aren’t machines, they’re human beings. What happened is incredibly tragic and we’re deeply saddened and we’re incredibly affected by that. I think prank calls as a craft in radio have been going for decades and decades and are not just part of one radio station or network or country. No-one could have reasonably foreseen what ended up being an incredibly tragic day. I don’t think anyone could have reasonably foreseen that this was going to be a result.” Although they did prank call the hospital, Bonnie Fuller believes we shouldn’t blame them for the nurse’s death, since they couldn’t have predicted such a tragedy would occur.”

These ignorant remarks  emphasize how unconscious all the people involved, including the victim are pertaining to the cosmic code regulations. Indeed the Neptunian / Saturnine psychological make up of Jacintha did not agree to a forceful way of dealing with the “electronic” world and  the future she was so afraid of.  

Incidentally  no switchboard receptionist was on duty when the call came, at about 5.30am London time on December 4th.  This bring the hidden Dragon right into Jacintha’s 8th house of death or one of her 2012 “Lucky / Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates“  making her psychically  extremely vulnerable. So many people suffered such a dramatic fate and a prank, regardless how bad it is does NOT kill a human, but in this case and so many other unsolved cases, the dragon did! 

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But the question remain, mention the word DRAGON or UFO to anyone involved in this fiasco, the radio station owners, the radio hosts, the family of the victim,  the friends, the police, the attorneys, the army of psychologists or psychiatrists working on the case or the world at large and you may pick or make your own answer..

What? are you joking? this is insane, Oh come on lol, ridiculous, please, nonsense, pseudo-science, psychic stuff, astrology? be real etc.

With this type of attitude you wonder why people who think like me are much smarter but priceless and very rare.      

 Neptune 21 Scorpio 27 ( house 11, wishes, friends groups) - Neptune is non logical and religious while Scorpio is obnoxious and fixed making Jacintha not exactly sociable adding more fears of the light, the future or progress in general. Again remember I am only translating the stars to the best of my ability and only those who knew her well can and should confirm my claims, other please control your emotions, I am only trying to make you see this tragedy with the right eyes.  

Pluto 18 Virgo 27 (house 9 religion/foreigners) Where ever Pluto or Scorpio is located in your chart death, drama and/or the police will enter your life. It amazes me that people would rather ignore God’s celestial rules and the signs than to be warned and avoid the penalty… Astropsychologists of the future will do the hiring and the counseling of  humanity so “accidents” tragedies, costly legal battles wasting our hard earned tax money with the right “cosmic” education can be avoided. Pluto is fanaticism Virgo is the ever cleansing, virginal Virgin Mary aiming for purity. I would have told  Jacintha that she did not have to fear death and not to expect hell because hell is right here on this imperfect, ungracious, rude, idiotic world blessed with fears and ignorance. 

MNNode 02 Gemini 37 (house 6, work/health/service to others)  – The Dragon Gemini was her way out of  her codified religious poisoned Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail. Gemini rules radio, communications, curiosity, reading anything that stimulate curiosity. Another word the more Jacintha was to socialize and reach for “abnormality” ingeniousness  or Dr. Turi the more answers she would have gathered forcing her to become a participant with life. 

MSNode 02 Sagittarius 37 (house 12 secret enemies, private life subconscious affairs) - As much as President Obama is ruining America future dealing with his Karmic Aquarius Dragon’s Tail  America and Obama’s Fated Stars endangering his life and all Americans  (learn more on radio)  Jacintha and billions of other unconscious souls are doing the same thing.  Sagittarius rules the codification of thoughts, the righteous, the deceptive tele-evangelist offering you sugar coated sermons forcing you to forget reality and see life through pink colored glasses. Be sure true wisdom is seriously missing as Neptune rules total deception. To make thsituation worse for Jacintha Mercury the planet regulating critical thinking, curiosity is not only  in detriment but in the unworldly 12th subconscious house in the righteous sign of Sagittarius. 

IN MUTUAL RECEPTION: Mercury in Sagittarius Jupiter in Gemini all plaguing her 12 and 6th houses. 

It is very difficult not to appear heartless when I translate the UCI of a departed soul who worked endlessly to alleviate the human suffering in an hospital but my teachings demand the reader to stay focus like a good bloody surgeon performing a heart surgery. So who’s to blame?  The DJ’s, the station owners? the attorney? her friends, her family? the hospital? or  a selfish Jacintha herself for killing herself regardless of the for ever damage she will inflict on all her loved ones?

NO ONE is to blame but the rigid educational system and our current infantile science who refuses to accept God’s celestial rules and keep ignoring my wisdom of the Cosmic Code and the signs…  

As long as the Cosmic Code is cast aside and the rare science of Astropsychology ridicule you can only expect an endless proof of my prediction of “an upsurge” in suicide posted in my prediction page and mentioned so many times on Coast to Coast am to George Noory and millions of his listeners. But I am much too real, too confident and too to rugged, and much too honest to be allowed in the media anymore meantime your child could be the next victim of the Dragon. 

Nonsensical reality shows are popping up every week on national television while real geniuses teaching the Divine are not allowed to share their priceless wisdom to save lives? What happened to  America?

I truly hope you will gain from my work and not assume I am tapping on this tragedy to boost my ego or my wallet, only young souls are allowed to think this way… I experienced and suffered suicide first hand and trust me I am very busy and totally dedicated to battle suicide and I saved many lives since 1991…

No One Should Have To Suffer Suicide

For evil to succeed all that good people have to do is NOTHING! 

I need your help!

12/12/12 launching the Cosmic Code with Dr. Turi

Channeling the 12 Apostles

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