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Dark Matter Research by Madmen

AUSTRALIAN cafe charges male customers 18% man tax, seats women first to address gender pay gap, and the women open the door

MIAC #027 What our Society will be Like During the Grand Solar Minimum 2018-2023

Temperature Trend Stalls, Clouds and Volcanic Particulate Overwhelm New Climate Model

The Beginning of Big Pharma and its Connection With UN Agenda-21

Climate Change Global Temperatures Plummet as BOM Australia Hides Away Data Capture

The Date With ‘Death’ Set by Globalists—America Is Under Mass Chemical Suicide and How to Prepare

David Icke talks about Grenfell Fire, a "Hunger-Games society" and Agenda 21

Vaccine Damaged Kids Are Targeted By Directed Energy Weapons - Dr. Katherine Horton

While You Were Distracted 256 U.S. Mayors Conspired Against Americans—Is Your Mayor on the List?

Urgent! Water & Property Rights at Stake! Must-read for Elected Officials and Public

NASA Slams “Climate Change” in the Face Then Flip-Flops—Studies Expose Bombshell!

The Real Reason for the Terrorism, False Flag Terrorism and Hoax Terrorism – Gradual Conditionin to accept the microchip

More Global Temperature Manipulation Data to Hide Mini Ice Age Onset

Your Child ‘Belongs to the State’: Lawmakers Claim the State Owns Your Children

Agenda 21: The Fluoride Lie

The Coming Robot AI Apocalypse with Texe Marrs

Everything You Own Could Soon Be Gone - And You Thought Obama Actually Left Office

Radiation Warning! Major Plutonium Tunnel Collapses In Hanford Uranium Mine

Clif High with Greg Hunter - We are in an Extinction Level Event

Experiments Cooling our Planet Using Ice Crystals to Explain Global Temperature Drop

Alex Jones with Nick Begich: Introduction to Globalism 101

TradCatKnight: Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News

TradCatKnight: Bergoglio, Politician. The Myth of the Chosen People

Steven Seagal Today by the Decree of President Vladimir Putin Became a Russian Citizen! Look What He Said Earlier About Putin and Obama

Obama Just Birthed Another Executive Order—Invasive “Humans” Dealt With! As World Economic Forum Drops Shocker!

Exclusive! The ‘Herding’ Of Human Cattle Has Arrived! United Nations Destabilization Plan Exposed By Two Bold Activists

What You’re About to See Can’t Be Unseen! This Exclusive Interview With Lord Monckton Will Halt the NWO’s for Good! Warning it Will Come at a Price!

What Are We A Country or A Nation State

Wakeup, The Time Is 11:59PM and 59 seconds, The Clock Is Still Ticking

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