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Has Alex Jones Killed Thousands By Censoring Cancer Cures?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 17:08
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Glenn Canady



 Link to Youtube Video:


In this interview on Nsearch Radio, Dr. Leonard Coldwell completely exposes Alex Jones as having an AGENDA and not being interested in Solutions such as the cures to cancer that Alex Jones talks about every day!  Dr. Coldwell discusses the many people that have literally begged Alex Jones to bring Dr. Coldwell on his program to no avail!  Alex Jones seems to want people to die of the cancer that he talks about almost daily!  


Why would a Christian or “Patriot” not share the incredible 92% cancer cure rate that Dr. Coldwell has attained?  Any normal person without an agenda would LOVE to share this information as Project Nsearch has done!  Coldwell cures cancer with natural treatments that cure cancer in 2-16 weeks!  Does it make any sense for Alex Jones to actually go out of his way to censor such information?  Of course not!  


How many thousands of people could have been cured of their cancer through the Alex Jones Show but have died needlessly because of the actions of this selfish, censoring talk show host that has claimed the leadership position of the alternative media?   We’ll never know exactly how many thousands have died due to the censorship of Alex Jones but what we do know is that every day this total goes up!  Every day that Alex Jones continues to censor Dr. Coldwell, Alex Jones has more blood on his hands!  If you listen to Alex Jones or have supported him in the past you should DEMAND to know why he has done such an evil act to allow Patriots to die needlessly from cancer! 


This is just one of MANY things that absolutely proves that Alex Jones is a censoring gatekeeper that is NOT interested in Solutions and certainly does NOT deserve ANY support or money from Patriots whatsoever!  Why would you give money to a censoring STOOGE that has potentially killed THOUSANDS of people just by censoring Dr. Coldwell’s cancer cures!  You’d have to be a complete FOOL to give money to ANYBODY that censors anything!   


But the rabbit hole on Alex Jones goes much deeper than killing thousands by censoring cancer cures!  According to Stew Webb, he has multiple reliable Intel sources that know Alex Jones is actually an informant for the FBI #5 division specializing in Cointel!   Stew’s sources claim that Alex Jones has taken money from the FBI!  We even dug up evidence from other people that claim that Alex Jones ADMITTED that he had family in the FBI!    To find this information for yourself just Google, “Alex Jones Parking Lot Incident” and you’ll see how in a fit of rage Alex Jones told a group of people that he had family in the police and the FBI!  If you have family in the FBI then you are absolutely working with the FBI in some fashion so this ties in perfectly with Stew Webb’s information on Alex Jones also.


On the following page you will find all the evidence on Alex Jones and the evidence that Stew Webb has that he works for the FBI!  His censorship of Dr. Coldwell is just one small piece of the puzzle.  When you look at ALL the evidence you will see that Alex Jones is certainly NOT the Patriot that he pretends to be.  True Patriots don’t censor information that can help others.


In fact in the article above we show many instances of outright lies by Alex Jones to his followers.  All of this is detailed in the comprehensive video of our two radio shows on this at the top of this page.


Alex Jones has also completely censored Stew Webb and his massive lawsuit against the REAL banksters that run America and it’s NOT the ones that Alex Jones tell you about!    Alex Jones completely censored Stew Webb, a Marine whistle blower from his program even long before Stew Webb’s sources told him he was FBI #5!  Alex Jones later fired two employees on his network for just interviewing Stew Webb!  Does this seem like the action of a Patriot?  To fire others for simply interviewing a Marine Federal whistleblower with the evidence to put many in the new world order in prison?


Now of course Alex Jones will never interview Stew Webb because Stew knows he is FBI #5 and even knows the name of his handler which is revealed on the radio show and video.  But look at the evidence for yourself on Alex Jones.  If you think it’s okay for somebody to potentially kill thousands of fellow Patriots by censoring cancer cures then keep supporting this man.  I will never trust anybody that I find has censored information or has mislead me.  I know 100% that Alex Jones has done both of these things!

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  • Idiot Proof

    If AJ is guilty as the headline suggests, then it would follow that any killed by the censorship were stupid enough to never get any info from any other source than AJ…simple logic betrays the headline as asinine. But cancer cures should be exposed and shared as much as possible….

    • Glenn Canady

      Yes Alex Jones is guilty because he KNOWS about Dr. Coldwell and has intentionally chosen to censor him! That’s a sin and you should not think that it’s okay to censor cancer cures by ANYBODY! We proved that Alex Jones censors cancer cures and he censors Marine whistle blower – Stew Webb who has a multi trillion $$ lawsuit against the Banksters that Alex SAYS he is against! LOL Alex Jones is FBI #5 according to multiple of Stew Webb’s Intel sources! I believe that 100%

  • Anonymous

    The above is a rant. Infowars is not obliged to have every quack claiming cures on his show. How many nut jobs out to make money is he supposed to accomodate? And how many people’s money did he save by keeping them from spending their last dollars and hopes on an unproven cure?

    The envious want to make a living at the expense of one of the country’s great freedom speakers.

    • Glenn Canady

      You are evil for saying censorship is okay for Alex Jones when that censorship has killed thousands including possibly my own father! How dare you! Dr. Coldwell has the PROOF that he has a 92% cure rate! Even Mike Adams who works with Alex all the time knows this! LOL

  • Anonymous

    ShundrALLAH is the name of Shun’s website, commentor below. The spelling there is very poor, and the name of Allah is featured there. Apparently, he is an uneducated Muslim person, with an agenda of his own. He mentions how Infowars’ budget is in the millions, while he spends $600., so apparently he wants Jones’ groups’ money to serve Allah! Not a penny to Allah, whose followers have mostly proven violent.

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