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When The Lights Go Out On November 13, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013 7:45
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The Common Sense Show
Dave Hodges

September 7, 2013

blackout2There are very dark storm clouds gathering around the country and North America as a whole. Things are about to get dark, very dark in just a few short weeks. In just over two months, on November 13-14, 2013, the lights are about to go out. Will the lights come back on? It depends on who you ask. Given the past behavior of those in power, it would behoove all of us to prepare for the fact that we could be living for an extended time with no electricity.

November’s North American Power Grid Take Down Drill

false-flag-picWithin most false flag events lies a terror drill which substantively ties together the drill with the terrorist event. The 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings serve as prime examples of hiding a false flag event within a terror drill. This strategy has worked very well before and on so many occasions that it would be naive to not expect this scenario to be played out again when the time is right and the anticipated maximum benefit can be realized from the event.  


Along these lines of a coming false flag terror event, the New York Times is currently reporting that …”thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. anti-terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill in November that will simulate physical attack and cyber attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid.” To date, 150 businesses have volunteered to participate in the drill. This is a scheduled two day drill commencing on November 13th.

The Past Is the Best Predictor of the Future

With the possibility that the upcoming terror drill will turn into a false flag event, it would be in everyone’s best interest to examine this event more closely and to prepare accordingly.

revolution tv showThis government has recently left a trail of catastrophic doomsday scenarios a mile wide, the most severe of which speaks to an EMP attack. Many of whom are aware of the coming drill, fear an EMP attack which will permanently disable the grid as TV viewers have seen in the popular TV show, Revolution. Personally, I do not expect to see an all-encompassing EMP attack because so many of the police state surveillance grid assets would be impacted (e.g. surveillance cameras, NSA spy grid capabilities, etc.) and so many resources have been used in its development. Yet, given the unlikely event of an EMP attack, it seems that nearly everyone from former DHS director, Janet Napolitano to former CIA director, James Woolsey have discussed the possibility of a grid take down through an EMP attack. Further, the Nuclear Energy Regulatory Commission in their,NERC PowerPoint presentation, stated that one of the possible outcomes of an attack will be a “prolonged blackout…”  

Although I do not believe that an EMP attack is in our immediate future, it is likely that a false flag terror attack on our power grid, set to coincide with the November North American blackout drill, will take place.

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    Perhaps that is the date predicted for Niburu to pass. That will put out the lights. Or perhaps its a dry run.

    I should have more info by mid September which I will post. What you are saying is they have found some humanity. I have info that Obama is under great pressure to tell us about Niburu.

    god bless and be safe all.

    • voiceofreason

      At least spell the fake name for the fake planet correctly….Nibiru.
      Dec 21, 2012…….September, 2013 keep guessing, I’m sure you will get it right…eventually.

  • RICH99

    Notice how its a couple of months away….always kicking the can down the road ……november will bring threats of January or February and on and on

  • dan

    Who cares, crank a hot steamer in the dark, u sleep at night anyhow, the sun will come up tomorrow, u can bet yer bottom dollar lala, burn it down lol

  • POC2014

    And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

    And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds – Rev 16:10-11

  • wirkbot

    A prolonged blackout in any region with daytime temperatures below freezing will cause ongoing damage to the infrastructure and personal property due to frozen and burst water pipes which will also affect the supply of drinking water beyond the 3 day event.

    There is a possibility of multiple opportunistic attacks on the grid by outside forces, under cover of darkness that will keep the grid down in some places. Shutting the entire grid down has never been done and a “black start” of the grid may not work as well as flipping some switches back on. This may also invite opportunistic military attacks during this time.

    In conclusion, if something goes terribly wrong during this false flag event then the powers that be may have all they can do to provide aid the victims and we know from Sandy and Katrina just how bad they are at that.

    In preparation you may want to get ready to go camping at home:

    More preps:

    • Smiddywesson

      All my posts appear to have vanished, so I will repeat them.

      I have coffee cans filled with sand in my basement. If the lights go out, I will distribute them throughout the house and then take the solar lights lining my walkways and plant them in the cans to light the interior of the house.

      Tent in the house in extreme cold weather: Unless the roof is gone and it’s wet, you don’t need a tent, you could use a cardboard box or just blankets and couch cushions. I will go one further and say buy a cheap tent, cut out the bottom, and place it over your bed. Why sleep on a cold floor in a tent when you can sleep snug in your own bed? This replicates the canopy beds with bed curtains they had in previous centuries when no central heating was available.

      If the grid goes down in dangerously cold weather you have to take even more precautions. Move the bed upstairs (heat rises). Move the bed to the smallest room in the house, or even a closet, so you don’t have as much space to warm. You could always jettison the bed frame and build a loft on the ceiling where it’s warm, or if you’re not handy, on top of a table, or stack all available mattresses and box springs to get as high off the floor as you can. Some hot rocks or sand in a tube sock could serve as a bed warmer.

  • Anonymous

    We are already having blackouts here on different grids(substations) here in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze, Florida area. Everyone has been complaining about it. All I can say is be prepared for anything and have a plan of action in case communications and utilities are down.

  • Anonymous

    If you took down the entire power Grid,how long do you think it takes to Synchronize it again?
    Its not that simple.
    Remember Y2K?, just read back and study the Y2K Scenario which could have caused the same as you are referring to right now. Further why do it in the middle of winter?
    Unless it is real and caused by the Enemy within,in which case posting this would defeat its purpose.???

    • Anonymous

      I do not think the event will be a false flag attempt. Its real and there is something far more sinister than just our government out to fool the public. They are really extremely concerned and may have well reason to be. Our enemy may lie beyond our reach and more advanced in technology than we are. Perhaps NASA may know something.

  • Lliam

    To reduce the electric I took cheap dollar store solar lights, yup a dollar each.
    cut some 16oz water bottles to size an the lights fit right in.

    there are also many different harbor freight solar lights (cheap) and even systems to cure big electric.

    If only Tesla was around

    or the candles, work even better.
    prep for that day by freezing 1 gallon jugs with water to store in your frig if the power goes out, and dont fill them to the top since water expands when frozen.

  • BobableCause

    I DID A LOT OF RESEARCH ON THIS AWHILE BACK – GRIDEXII. I researched the original gridex1 and found that its all simulations done by email and phone calls – scenarios carried out by coordinated emails and phone calls. Nothing is actually being turned off.

    IT MAKES SENSE that gridex1 was a segmented territory simulation and gridexII is a nationwide exercise…. because… once someone advised and devised the simulation, they had to test it on a territory, then coordinate more companies to accompany a nationwide simulation 2 years later.

    YES, it does include a ton of companies that chain themselves all the way to your local utility company, however, its alllllllllllll done by email.

    Nothing to worry about here. Just another example of how something logical (like practicing for a nation wide EMP) can be turned into conspiracy. Better safe, than sorry.

  • Jasmine

    This is one lighting solution if you live in a tin hut:

    After watching this video, do NOT complain about having no electricity! Unfortunately, the great danger in the event of an EMP or pretty much any major crisis is the tendency of people to panic and act irrationally, thereby making the situation far worse.

    Actually the REALLY TRULY GREAT Danger is that every single nuclear power plant on earth will go into meltdown after an extended period with no way to cool them down. The nuclear “geniuses” didn’t think about THAT when they built their doomsday units… :mad:

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