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It’s all Scripted! Ebola Outbreak and Impossibly Rapid Vaccine Response Clearly Scripted

Monday, September 22, 2014 5:01
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On the very same day that vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline is being fined $490 million by Chinese authorities for running an illegal bribery scheme across China [3], the media is announcing the “astonishing” launch of human trials for an Ebola vaccine.

Care to guess who will be manufacturing this vaccine once it is whitewashed and rubber-stamped as “approved?” GlaxoSmithKline, of course. The same company that also admitted to a massive criminal bribery network in the United States, where felony crimes were routinely committed to funnel money to over 40,000 physicians who pushed dangerous prescription drugs onto patients.

This is the company that is now — today! — injecting 60 “volunteers” with an experimental Ebola vaccine.


“Normally it would take years of human trials before a completely new vaccine was approved for use,” reports the BBC. [1] “But such is the urgency of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa that this experimental vaccine is being fast tracked at an astonishing rate.”

Yes, it’s astonishing because it’s impossible.

As any vaccine-related virologist already knows, the process of going from an in-the-wild infection of Ebola to a manufactured vaccine ready for human trials simply cannot be achieved in a matter of a few weeks or months. Apparently, we are all to believe that a spontaneous scientific miracle has now taken place — a literal act of vaccine magic — which has allowed the criminal vaccine industry to skip the tedious R&D phases and create a vaccine ready for human trials merely by waving a magic wand.

“The first of 60 healthy volunteers will be injected with the vaccine,” says the BBC today, and vaccine pushers are of course lining up to proclaim the vaccine miracle which has spontaneously appeared before them like a burning bush:

Professor Adrian Hill, director of the Jenner Institute in Oxford, who is leading the trial, said: “This is a remarkable example of how quickly a new vaccine can be progressed into the clinic, using international co-operation.”

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  • StraightDopes

    and yet, Mike Adams seems to STILL be hyping ebola as a serious pandemic!! i mean, is it *possible* that both are true – that it’s an entirely scripted event made for profit, AND it’s a legitimate, brewing “pandemic” ready to make a serious dent in the world’s population? i guess so. but isn’t it MUCH MORE LIKELY that, if it’s a scripted event made to enrich a couple biotech companies and their investors, that the entire ebola hype is simply just that? a bunch of wind and noise, signifying nothing but a pump and dump of Tekmira and Zmapp.

    with the sheer histrionics that have been going on at natural news vis-a-vis this wholly manufactured “pandemic,” it’s almost like Mike Adams is “aiding the egregore” that is “ebola-chan.”

    • StraightDopes

      by the way, if Mike Adams happens to be reading this, please take a look at this piece, which is well-sourced with mainstream news articles:

      read that BEFORE you issue another breathless article about how ebola is set to destroy us all.

      • Mark Brander

        This is at the very top of the page on your link, do you happen to be associated?



      • StraightDopes

        Mark Brander -

        i’m not at all affiliated with that site. it’s simply a very thoroughly sourced article on the ebola scam that i was sent by a friend.

        and yes, it’s quite amazing that some folks are having trouble making ends meet, what with the plentiful bounty of riches that have rained down on us all in the past six years or so.

        what was your point???

    • Sean

      I suggest Adams provide photos along with the UN and CDC of the 10′s of 1000′s Dead and Infected, with Ebola.

      With an est. 600 Million Cellphones in Africa or More ..should be 100′s of Thousands of Photos or More Online with Ebola.. Blisters/Rash, bleeding eyes, mouth, nose and stool in this outbreak.

      But, everyone who is looking for the 100′s of thousands of Photos, doesn’t seem to be able to find Them.

  • TSM

    A carbon copy of the European Swine Flu epidemic. Vaccine appeared in 7 months after outbreak. I worked in the pharma industry. It takes at least 7 years for a drug to get to human trial stage and that’s a fact!!

    • Man

      if it is a carbon copy, then it shows that it is able to produce a vaccine that quickly.

      the difference between a drug and vaccine is that you only need antibodies to vaccinate. So you only need people or animals who are infected, survive and then the antibodies can be used for the vaccination

      • TSM

        Your missing my point Man (and I’m no expert by the way either :wink: )………how convenient for them, manufacturing epidemics so they can sell more drugs/vaccines…it doesn’t matter which. It goes beyond corruption. Its just plain evil.


    Does the information that the company has been involved in bribery, extortion and who knows what else automatically mean that they are inept at producing a vaccine? The two are not mutually exclusive events. Is the route taken short cutted? Absolutely. It was for the Dr and aid worker recently brought back to the US. Apparently the vaccine worked or at least helped. Given no other vaccine exists, I see no problem with fast tracking approval. Those people with the disease, for the most part, will die without at least trying the medicine. So why not? If the vaccine is a total bust we’ll know soon enough!

  • Sean

    US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone at the epicentre of Ebola outbreak

    *US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

    *CDC admits hospitals and vaccines cause Ebola

    *UK and US mainstream media fuel Ebola hysteria

    *The Telegraph hypes Ebola as a threat to Britain

    *Epidemic and pandemic plans allow for implementation of martial law

    A stunning piece of propaganda in establishment newspaper The Telegraph seems to be preparing the British public for a false flag Ebola outbreak at the Commonwealth Games starting in Glasgow on July 23.

    The Telegraph buries a key aspect of the Story – the evidence that a US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone with links to the Soros and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is likely the origin of the current Ebola outbreak.

    While The Telegraph buries facts about the existence of this hospital bioweapons research lab and also ignores information in the US Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Ebola fact sheet which identifies hospitals as the place where an Ebola outbreak is most likely to occur, Washington Post reporter Terence McCoy has entered the realm of fairy tales by blaming the current Ebola outbreak on deforestation,.

    “Like most matters involving an Ebola epidemic, chronicling its first horrifying infection is not an easy endeavor,” McCoy sighs.

    It is easy, Terence. Just read the CDC’s Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Information Packet which says that Ebola comes from hospitals and vaccinations in most cases.

    The CDC Ebola fact sheet admits on the very first page that clinics and hospitals are “frequently” the places of Ebola outbreaks.

    The CDC fact sheet also states that the first ever Ebola deaths in 1976 were caused by ” …(close personal contact and by use of contaminated needles and syringes in) hospitals/clinics” .

    In the second ever Ebola outbreak in 1976 in Sudan killing 151 people, the “[]Disease was spread mainly through close personal contact within hospitals,” says the CDC in language which could not be plainer.

    McCoy prefers, however, to misrepresent the dry facts concerning Ebola originating in hospitals, which everyone can read online, to excite fear in readers with entertaining theories.

    “But even in circumstances in which details are hard to come by, certain similarities have emerged,” McCoy breathes to create suspense like the best fiction writers. ” The first contact often occurs in remote, rural communities where a victim handles an infected animal carcass, and things quickly progress downward from there.”

    His own report quickly spirals downwards by attributing the current Ebola outbreak to deforestation while providing no evidence.

    McCoy also hypes the notion that infected animals cause Ebola, again ignoring the CDC fact sheet, which admits that in cases when humans came into contact with infected monkeys in US quarantine facilities, humans did not get sick or die from Ebola.

    Local people in West Africa appear to know without having to read the CDC Ebola fact sheet that hospitals and medical staff are spreading Ebola. The Telegraph reports people wielding knives surrounded a Red Cross vehicle in Guinea.

    The involvement of hospitals would also explain why Ebola has appeared in this part of Africa for the first time ever and in so many different locations at almost the same time.

    Given that the CDC itself admits that hospitals are, in fact, the likely source of any Ebola outbreak, the question arises which specific hospital could be the origin of the current Ebola outbreak?

    At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.

    US biodefense scientists have been working at the lab on viral fevers such as Ebola since 2011 at least.

    The partners and people leading the viral fever bioweapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital read like a roll call of New World Order organizations.

    “”The Consortium is a collaboration between Tulane, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa. …The Consortium intends to expand this program to include other important infectious agents such as Ebola, Marburg and other Arenaviruses that are of great concern to public health and bioterrorism,” states the bioweapons lab website.

    The website admits that Professor Robert F. Garry is ” currently managing the consortium of scientists who are developing modern diagnostics for several biodefense pathogens.”

    Dr James E. Robinson ” is a collaborating investigator in four large consortia projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

    Dr Pardis Sabeti has received fellowships from the Rhodes Scholarship, the Soros Fellowship, L’Oreal For Women in Science Fellowship, according to the website.

    Scientist Stephen Gire has links to the CDC and US military.

    He “spent time at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researching vector-borne infectious diseases. He then moved on to complete a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University and a three-year fellowship with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). He has researched viruses such as West Nile, Dengue Fever, Monkeypox and Ebola, and he conducts on-site training in biological techniques to laboratory staff in the developing world.”

    Connecting the dots, it is reasonable to ask for an investigation into whether this particular US bioweapons lab at the geographical epicentre of the current Ebola outbreak actually caused the Ebola outbreak.

    In 2009, Baxter in Austria was caught contaminating 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the deadly bird flu virus in its biosecurity level 3 laboratory. It later emerged from documents posted on Wikileaks that Baxter was a US defense or military asset.

    Facts and documents as well as current mainstream media hype point to plans for false flag Ebola bioterrorism attacks in hospitals and clinics against US and UK citizens using occasions like the Commonwealth Games in Scotland to spread panic.

    The purpose is to implement martial law measures contained in epidemic and pandemic plans and so gain total control of the population at a time when the financial system is close to collapse.

  • James Craik

    Like all false flags (H1N1, T.B., etc.) there is an air of money and profit. The media controlled by the elite has a major influence on this and is responsible as co-conspirators in the ‘pushing ‘of drugs that are now in our drinking water. Care to assume long term effects? There are natural medicines that are FDA, Physician approved and widely available that have little or no affect on our system and bio-sphere. Go to my website under Blog categories – health. There you will find protocols that are effective and historically proven with scientific research. Why patronize those that are trying to take your last buck before they kill you?

  • Doccus

    Look, I think the whoile “conspiracy” thing can be taken too far.It’s insulting to the victinma and their families to imply the whole ebola thing is nothing more than a scripted event. The histrory of the virus is clear and obvious, and the reasons it has spread are as clear and obvious. Superstition and primitive behavior in the areas it first occured, such as attacking the clinics the treatment was being done at etc…
    THere’s hardly anything surprising, either, that the comnpany that did all the research , and spent all the money, into the vaccine is the one selling it. What do you expect? I mean, Doh… So they’re corrupt. That is hardly news.
    A vaccine is only going to be of use in Africa anyways, where people can’t afford it if it were more than pennies a dose. Of course it might be more in America, where paranoid rich people will shell out. Like it’s ever going to reach here before a cure is developed. Which is the only real advance that matters. Itg won’t be long either, for that to hajppen, as all they need toi do is find a way to temper the “cytokine storm” and concurrently kill the virus. There’s many advances in treatments to penetrate the viral coat and explode them from the inside, so I expect to see a cure soon.
    LAstly, this rubbish about using ebola to decimate the population is ridiculous. If they wanted to cut the population to 500 million there would be many more controllable ways of doing it. Furthermore, the Georgia guidestones do NOT say to wipe out the population, but rather MAINTAIN at 500 million. Therea a big difference between genocide and balance.
    Look, there’s enough REAL conspiracies out there that need dealing with. Wacko theories like these simply erase credibility from the “truth” movement and make it much harder to wake people up to what is really going on.

    • StraightDopes


      your point is well taken, but here are some things to consider:

      you seem to say that it’s disrespectful to the dead to state that this “pandemic” is nothing of the sort. i would think that the assertion that millions of people WON’T die should be welcomed as GOOD news, and most especially by those who have already lost loved ones. every time there is some highly dubious claim by the media, there are people who appear in comments threads to make statements similar to your own. the case of the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine comes to mind. “You guys are being very disrespectful to the dead. how dare you question the media’s account of this event!”

      well, needless to say, we DO need to question everything we are told, because the media have proven themselves time and time again to be INVETERATE LIARS. the magnitude of the lie seems to make no difference in dissuading them; in fact, they seem to double down on dishonesty the bigger the event is. do you remember the hype surrounding H1N1? H5N1? (insert “pandemic” here)?

      the claim:

      >”Look, there’s enough REAL conspiracies out there that need dealing with. Wacko theories like these simply erase credibility from the “truth” movement and make it much harder to wake people up to what is really going on.”

      is also a frequent one, and not always without merit – IF, for instance, it is said in response to someone who is claiming that Rush Limbaugh is REALLY the long-dead Jim Morrison (i’m not kidding – i saw an “article” today on BIN claiming just that. unsurprisingly, the author disabled comments on the story, knowing that it wouldn’t stand up to a curious 3rd grader’s scrutiny), or some such nonsense. in THIS case, however, if you merely take a few minutes to review the case AGAINST ebola as the next super-mega-mega-plague, i think you will be sufficiently convinced that it’s simply the product of a MASSIVE hype machine.

      check out this article:

      • Doccus

        Oh I never said there’s no pandemic.. I said it’s not a “scripted event” and rather is a natural disaster. Saying it’s “all a scripted “plot” rather than a genuine outbreak of plaque , is disrespectful, IMHO… If you read my comment more carefully you’ll see that’s what I said..

      • Doccus

        OK I see what you seem to be saying, that there’s no pandemic. I, respectfully, never said there was. I said there was plague, that wouldn’t arrive on Western shores for years, if ever. My sister is an RN, heading back to Africa and the amount of deaths she’s got firsthand knowledge of is unquestionable . Over 2000 people have really died. Whether that really turns into a pandemic is still questionable,. however, and as I said, we should have a complete cure by the time it did.
        So perhaps the powers that be are certainly taking advantage of it to spread fear in the west, but so are the press, and all solely to increase profit. If people weren’t so gullible, then perhaps this panic would subside. As it is, anbd as I said, the wealthy are the primne targets for gullibility as only they will be able to afford these useless and totally unneccessary vaccines.
        Whatever.. So perhaps you do have a point that it’s not a pandemic, but I never said it was.. only that it IS an epidemic, in Africa.. and a serious one.

      • 0 Sum

        What Is the Plague?
        The plague is a serious bacterial infection that can be deadly. Sometimes referred to as the “black plague,” the disease is caused by bacteria called Yersinia pestis. This bacteria is found on animals throughout the world and is usually transmitted to humans through fleas.

        The risk of plague is highest in areas that have poor sanitation, overcrowding, and a large population of rodents.

  • Болеслава

    I don’t get vaccinnes and neither should anyone who wants to remain human.

  • MrAnthony

    What was definitely scripted was the Chinese prosecution of GlaxoSmithKline, which involved a sex tape and prosecution of the man GSK sent to China to combat corruption in its Chinese office. And it shouldn’t be surprising that a drug company courts doctors to push its products in the increasingly competitive pharmaceutical industry.

    However, this article is silliness in the extreme, since Ebola has been identified since 1976 and has had major outbreaks since 1995. So, vaccines have been under study for years and probably close to two decades.

    If TIS can’t tell the truth about Ebola and how long it has been around, why should anyone believe the rest of the article?

    • CrowPie

      I agree with you 100%.


    America is a deceitful nation.
    Americans are corrupt and their minds are confused. If they can make a $ by screwing their neighbour they will indeed do so. They don’t mind to steel, to kill innocent woman and children, and to destroy anything and everything in their path for the sake of greed. Americans have become an evil soon to collapse empire. Then the world will be at peace.

    • StraightDopes

      and the award for the most sweeping generalizations goes to……

  • Eviction

    Deadly diseases would be prevalent (Matthew 24:7). The worldwide increase

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