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Archangel Michael (solar logos): End of 3D time, End of 3D effort

Friday, January 1, 2016 5:09
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They’re pulling out all stops to help us to see. Explaining it in different ways, so even the most dense mentally can begin to see it.


Dear ones,
The great keepers of time that stand beside the prime archangels have spoken and said “The end of time is at hand and The Kingdom of Heaven will now be seen on the Earth.” In other words, though the ascension pioneers that crossed the 5D boundary are starting to experience and perceive tangible 5D things now, we all still desire to see a physical new earth matrix and a new kingdom of heaven. We came to tell you that after the final 2 waves of beings are inside the 5D vibration in late summer 2016, the earth will start to transform into the physical paradise version you are desiring without the negative vibrations.
Light is simply information that comes from first-source. Gamma light is photon light that can instantly upgrade DNA into a higher version of itself. This light data is called the akash and is what makes up all things in this universe. It is all-that-is. It emanates from the great central sun at 12-d where it is called prime creator. This sun is ten trillion times larger than earth’s sun and blasts itself out as the entire universe. The akashic data is carried along light rays down through the universe, creates all life in the cosmos as this data writes itself into the genome of every biological system.

There are three ascension waves of cosmic gamma light that propel three distinct groups of earth beings into the 5th dimension. The waves are the same as the three groups and the waves were sent and will be received by the three groups. Sent where? To the core of this galaxy where the wave bounces off a blinding white-light mirror called the great sun. This sun is a living-loving entity and is what is called the sun of god. Its blinding magnetic white light is so bright it creates a smooth reflective mirror-like surface and if you look at this god in this form you will only see you. This is called the diamond core of heaven and is no black hole but a blinding ball of fire brighter than 10,000 suns and it’s alive and it’s lifting you up to its heaven.

The first cosmic gamma wave of the event horizon peaked at 21 hertz on 9/28/2015 at the tetrad blood moon as a huge wave of gamma-data bombarded the earth and its sentient life. WAVE-X as it was coined also upgraded the DNA of the entire cosmos! This wave brought 2.3 billion beings to just past the inner boundary of the 5D state of consciousness called the 5th dimension. In late November 2015 a blast of gamma light from the galactic core (the great sun) started the second wave into upward motion. This 2nd gamma wave scheduled to be at peak impact at 3/20/2016.

The great sun ignition EMP blast sent an etheric shockwave into this cosmos that went thru the human body auric field at 22 million mph. The energy was displaced for 3 days and was stagnant with no flow but this ignition blast pushed a gamma tsunami wave straight up and set it into motion for the next 4 months until it peaks near 42-45 hertz. This cosmic EMP and its associated wave is targeted specifically to uplift the second wavers.

Massive amounts of lower vibrational energy were transmuted in these 3 days by 1st wave beings on behalf of the 2nd wave and both group’s bodies put into etheric sleep as this cosmic central sun performed the largest human DNA integration and upgrade to-date.

“There is no time”, you say. “What do you mean it’s the end of time?”

We see things spiritually and everything in the cosmos speaks to us as great oracles, but as we spoke to German and Russian scientists measuring the cosmic frequencies and their effects, they said these words to us, “When time runs out the kingdom of heaven shall appear on the earth.
Does this mean that the earth will magically transform into heaven right before our eyes? No! It means that for the first time in history all beings on the earth will be stabilized just inside the 5D boundary and the whole of humanity will have finalized its quantum leap to 5D where the rebuilding of the earth will start immediately. The system and structures and ways of new earth must be designed and put together in a creative way by 5D beings all working together in harmony to build out a matrix that sustains life vs the exact opposite old 3D matrix.


It’s important to note here that all energy spent to manifest a thing such as new earth structure and systems is done in 3D but from a 5D perspective of manifestation. As we said in a previous writing, quantum physics works backwards in 5D manifestation vs 3D manifestation. The only energy or observing is done in 3D and you move back into the 5D level and the thing pops right in. This is the way we know it to work as we have experimented for over 55 days straight now with every situation we can think of.

You will have to remember how this works because you create your reality in all dimensions but it works differently in each dimension.

In 5D you transcend: the laws of man (commerce), the laws of nature the laws of physics and the laws of quantum physics are transmuted to a zero-energy output system. When we say zero-energy we mean zero observing a thing or putting energy towards a thing. When you do this in 5D you suspend all possible quantum outputs causing nothing to manifest specifically the thing you want to manifest. You get no-thing until you release it by not looking.

5D manifesting is where your creator god power starts to kick in and you start to do what is impossible in 3D. This gets easier and more powerful as your state of consciousness matches the less dense, faster vibrating realms. Half way into 5D, the old matrix and its low vibrations will cease to exist. This is what we mean by ‘the end of time.’ Time is a 3D matter and it does not exist in 5D. There is no separation of time and space in 5D so no time is necessary, just like we say no energy output is necessary in 5D to manifest a thing. In 5D everything just is as you choose it to be.

In full 5D we are at zero point, oneness and the singularity where time is not relevant. Everything that is not relevant in 5D will be transmuted to something that is relevant and useful to the human soul.

After summer 2016 and after the last wave comes to the 21 hertz frequency in the body, the ascension to 5D is complete. The wave construct is only used for the 3D-4D-5D quantum leap and dimensions 6-12 are attained using zero energy so no wave is used in the ascension program after the 5D level.

The scientist we spoke to said their data concluded this same thing and the gamma wave line stayed at the steady 5D level and was shown to flat-line after the next to spikes for waves 2 and 3.

The 3D matrix will still be the 3D matrix with the good 3D stuff but will use a new 5D coded system of operation. The new 5D system is simply a nicer overlay on what is already here and the negativity is transmuted out. Even so it is still 3D and still vibrates as 3D does. That can never change and you will always be in it as a multidimensional being.

A few have asked, “Don’t we transmute 3D into 5D?” The answer is no because 3D is 3D and 5D is 5D and the two shall never twain. The occupants of the human vehicle will use the parts of 3D it needs to do the creative work-effort-energy-output required for manifestation, but the manifestation itself is performed from the 5D (or higher) level and then output back into 3D to be experienced physically. It’s important to say that 5D is also a physical matrix but there are some things that can only be experienced in the 3rd dimensional plane and no other dimension. The human sensory body enjoys this as you know.

3D will be accessed a lot less than it has been as we activate higher states of consciousness but the best and most useful parts of 3D will still be used as needed.
Many 5D beings are navigating their way into the outer atmosphere of 5D at this moment, many, and perceiving both 5D and 3D in a new way. Many of us are exploring this uncharted new territory and have found it incredibly magical and surreal. It gives one such hope that dreams really do come true and that anything is truly possible. It can be proven already on small scales but the possibilities and implications are creating an excitement that is the best feeling we can remember.

The energy in the body and surrounding the body are noticeably less dense. 5D beings have stopped reacting emotionally the way they did as 4D un-healed beings. 5D beings are remembering how to use 5D quantum ‘now-here’ language for their manifestation benefit. 5D beings do not judge things as they did in 3D or 4d and no longer label things the way they did. They stand back as the observer of the slower realms and the beings in those states of consciousness and see that everything is just what it is with no judgement. 5D beings understand that the whole point of life in 3D is to enjoy it to the fullest, something most 3D beings have never fully done.

It is the first time they have really lived. This is what it means to be raised from the dead. As the great master said, “They are not dead but only sleeping” or unconscious. When you are unconscious or sleeping you are “as” dead and when you are conscious you are super alive and you feel it in every cell of your being. 5D beings perceive 3D, inject understanding into 3D and they do not allow their frequency to fall back down to the 4D or 3D level. Hold a strong steady solid 5D inner core vibration is the number one protocol of the 5D being. If the 5D being is operating in 4D or 3D in any way, they are doing it from a 5D state of consciousness and approach. 5D beings have a new strand of DNA activated so more of the universal ‘akashic data’ is accessible to be decoded by the human genome. In simple terms, 5D beings are much smarter now and more advanced in intelligence. More of their dormant brain cells.

5D beings already look and are literally younger and they are experiencing less illness because the particles that comprise their atomic cell structure are spinning at the speed of light. Stem cells have already been reported by geneticists to be generating much faster than they were in what we call the past. 5D beings are more loving and aware of how what real unconditional love is. They are not attached, they have no expectations, they don’t have to do any effort to let go because they figured out no energy is required, they just turn everything into love and this is the true alchemy and transmutation of energy which is all that can be done with it. Many areas of science including genetics, biology, chemistry and quantum physics are all verifying what we as the great seers and bringers of the dawn have seen and heard.

We come to you this glorious day bringing great tidings of hope for all of humanity.

We do realize that most of humanity will not hear or see this message but we will still do our great mission to help them by holding large amounts of light in our bodies on their behalf until they are aware, able and ready to do this great feat themselves.

Yes the end of the 3D matrix time-program is here. The great keepers of time say there is a small amount of sand flowing down from the top of the hour-glass (4 months’ worth) and soon the old earth program will completely pass away and a new-earth-physical-perception program will be fully running.
We came to love this world into a paradise and this is the work we are doing now. We have been here since the beginning and we will stay until all things are fulfilled.

This is your great plan and we are thrilled to play our part in it.

Thank you,
Archangel Michael

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

Channeled By Michael Love

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  • Cara

    I had a reading from the Archangel Michael, some years ago perhaps in the mid-90′s. The biggest impression that I got from that reading was that He could see right through me; he put into words things about myself that I had not even put into words nor brought into my consciousness before. He expressed them for me… I’m a big fan of the Archangel Michael, after that.
    I respect Him immensely!

  • sitrep

    Oh Yes, The End Of Times again.
    See more, and More of this type of Programming Info Being Put out. It is a smoke screen, so people will accept all the corruption, and Mid-East Invasion of western Countries, and freedoms being stripped away.
    People this is what you get, on FB, and Twit, a Hive Like Mind Controlling to a point people do not even think for themselves.


    quote ( Another thing that they talk a lot about is the star people coming. And these folks are
    nothing but aliens themselves. There’s nothing star about them, these are fallen angels
    posing as aliens, posing as ascended masters. And what they want you to do is… the whole
    thing is to get people to agree with them to go to a jump, to an earth shift jump into the fifth
    dimension. You know and in the fifth dimension.. the fifth dimension is eternal time. It’s all
    time is now. There’s no past, there’s no future. It’s the ability to transcend matter. All
    beings in the fifth dimension live peacefully and enjoy existence. So what they’re talking
    about is an eternal time.

    And in the fifth dimension we would allegedly have light bodies meaning that our carbon
    based cells using chemical energy from food, would have been converted into crystalline
    based cells which use light energy. And this another one of their hidden aspects to a lot of
    the jump in health and changes in food lately, is because they want to change our DNA
    carbon based cells into converted crystalline based cells. Another thing, I’m probably going
    to repeat that a couple of times because that’s what they’re basically trying to do, is get
    mankind to change and tweak their DNA.

    And there’s a two fold reason for that. One being that they.. once a person’s DNA has been
    tweaked and extra codons in it have been turned on, these people become more easily
    possessed and controlled by the aliens. It has nothing to do about self empowerment folks,
    they don’t want… they couldn’t care less about your own self-empowerment, your own
    self-help. What they want you to do is turn your body into a body that they can control and
    possess, because they can’t operate in this realm without a body. They need a physical
    form. And so that’s what they want, they want your body. And so they have all these foolish
    people that follow them by the millions. Believing every, hanging on every garbage word
    they say, just to make these people ready to be possessed and controlled.

    • Cara

      There is no control, Lady Sarah, by the aliens. It’s all voluntary. And there’s no aliens in 5D consciousness, no otherness, because as the Archangel Michael says about the central sun of the galaxy: “if you look at this god in this form you will only see You.”

      The concept of control by others is a mental construct that has to be superseded, by a recognition that one is in all parts of the universe.. I absolutely refuse to be controlled, and I’ve been attacked and attempts made to mentally overpower me in the psychic field (in the dream state), but zero-point is zero-point and I stay there, completely free.. It’s like riding on a wave but without movement. The power is there, on the wave. We are supported. And the only way to get there, to experience that state, is to reverse the flow of the sexual energy and allow the Light in the body – the energy – to build.. That way one is completely supported, and there is no effort – no individual will – required. We are at home, there is no opposition. That is the consciousness of Light, or of Light consciousness.

      You can interpret that any way you like, Lady Sarah Lady Sheba, you can tear it apart if you want to from a 3D perspective, but no opposition is no opposition, and I like it that way. Peace is peace, and never the twain – opposition & Peace – shall meet. That’s been said in the above article, too!

      • magusincognito

        The criteria for the basis of our discernment can limit our progress; how we perceive dimensions. Religionists have a criteria that is managed for them, by design. “There is no more incurable evil than blind and unreasoning fanaticism” (HP Blavatsky).


        cara, you didn’t get to the points i outlayed above through a simple quote, that is, you didn’t comment on the Satanic plans behind this agenda you are promoting (doesn’t matter if you’re deceived yourself or not…in the case of second case…just leading the sheeple astray)! why should anybody believe you or trust you that you hold the keys to knowledge and a path which will be safe for everybody? WHY SHOULD PEOPLE BELIEVE YOU? if something would go wrong with this 5D aspect, would you take responsibility for all those negative aspects such as tweaking human DNA and/or worse damage once is done? DEFINITELY NOT! doesn’t the Lord in the NT tell us that there will be many false prophets in the Last Days?

    • OzzieEd

      So, there are no other lifeforms in this universe except fallen angels? What a narrow naive concept. Did you make it up yourself or did you get it from a literal interpretation of “The bible”? God exists in your heart as a tiny spark of awareness. Divine awareness. Not in a book. So submit yourself in service to the divine creator of all and stop living in fear of the bogeymen. Love is how everything is able to exist as it manifests through truth as light information. The truth shall set you free, lies will induce paranoia and fear. Search your own heart and become the change you would like to see in the world.

  • GuitarLots

    That was a very interesting post Cara … I don’t understand all of it
    but it kind of makes sense … I will look more into this subject
    in the meantime have a Happy New Year … all the best to you :smile:

    • Cara

      All the best to you too, AreYouSerious.. I’ve been reading up about this, not so much now, since the 1960′s. Sometimes it took me a very very long time to get my head around the concepts, in one instance 7 years before I could understand, but I think raising one’s vibrations helps.

  • truthlovingsoul

    the new age movement has long since been subverted,
    anyone telling us there is no good or bad, for example, is a shill and imo anyone starting off with ‘dear ones’ or ‘my beloveds’……
    just mo
    keeping your vibes high is important but so is doing everything in our power to expose and stop evil.
    meditating will not remove evil, unfortunately, but using force against evil will. force and violence are not the same thing.

    time for some force, if we can all figure out how to un-neuter ourselves.


    • Cara

      You’ve probably read Archangel Michael’s “Quantum Creation 101″. Looking at it, focusing on it, spreading it around simply feeds it energy..

      My mnemonic is “Get the energies right inside of you and things seem to go better on the outside, too”. That doesn’t mean ignoring a situation, but Peace – getting the energies right on the inside – certainly damps down the acrimony. What do you think they are holding so much Light in their bodies for? To damp down the acrimony. We cannot control anyone else, truthlovingsoul, but we certainly can control our own self and our own output – what we feed into the environment from the mind.. Anger, force doesn’t do a thing. War doesn’t do a thing. Sometimes people just have to be given the space to change their minds about something or other. What’s on our side now, though, is the Light is being built up, ultraviolet and now gamma rays are coming into the Earth, from wherever. That energy, we have to handle it.

      Maybe your “force” is the same as my “getting the energies right on the inside”, and we’re speaking the same language, but I don’t know that.

  • Mr Lightbeam

    How can you all believe these stories .
    It Is like religion ,programming you.

    If you look at the billions of people walking this planet and believe you will be transformed Into a perfect individual may be misled.

    We are but only a grain of sand on a large beach
    Man writes all these stories and I have seen no evidence of Aliens or Wave X,Y or Z happening
    If there are good things to come,we will know when It happens.
    Live life now whilst you have got the chance :cool:

    • Cara

      I only write this way, Mr Lightbeam, because decisions people make as to which way they go must to be made before the earth changes begin. People can choose the dark, if they want to. Others nudge towards the Light. Ultimately, we are not “grains of sand upon a large beach”, but rather in our awareness we are whole parts of a wholeness. Symbolically in 5D, but not physically in 3D, we, individually, are all of the beach because our awareness is in each grain of sand – from consciousness to consciousness.

  • NM156

    Cara, you seem an awful lot like that Indian in the peyote patch :grin: If you’re not him may I suggest you and Indian start dating :lol:

    • Sean

      That took you quite a while to figure that out.

      if you want to see a good one look up the address of BIN and find it on google earth if you can :lol: i will give you a hint, its not next to – Holy Nails that must be the Transgender Lyn Leahz place :idea: try clicking the Rare Book Store next to Holy Nails and you will find it then takes you to 2 small building across the street :lol: Instead :lol:

      Alternative Media :lol: What Alternative Media :lol: I’m still wonder why there is only 1 Photo of Famous Dave Hodges :lol: Aren’t You?

    • Cara

      NM156, I would recommend Indian in the Machine, but to tie that to the sexual organs and a personal tied relationship is just crazy. The whole point of this exercise is to extract oneself from the matrix program, to sharpen the mind, and to be an autonomous person, free thinking. To let others do ones thinking for one and follow the herd mentality of this dimension is lazy… Conserve the sexual energy to raise the whole tenor of one’s being, to rid oneself of ego (the low/high judgment) and to live freely and respond appropriately to whatever situation we find ourselves in.

      We are whole parts of the whole. Jesus: “AND another asked him, saying, If any be sick among us, shall we have power to heal even as thou dost? And Jesus answered, This power cometh of perfect chastity and of faith. They who are born of God keep their seed within them.”

      To be healed of sickness is to be made WHOLE again…In other words to recognized our wholeness, our sacredness and the sacredness of each one and of all things around us, including in the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. One cannot gain that recognition with ego. The twain shall never meet. The whole mind and the ego mind (due to sexual misuse) are not the same. The ego mind is a broken mind, a fractured mind, and look at what creeps into a fractured mind!

  • Cara

    I would recommend that you read Mary’s messages given through Pedro Regis in Brazil. That story is being updated as the messages are posted to the Brazilian site. Translated from Portuguese to English, the messages seem pretty relevant, they don’t try to sanitize the situation that we face nor do they eradicate hope.

    Tribulation to begin on a Friday-
    February 13th 2010
    “O calvário da humanidade começará em uma sexta-feira, mas a vitória de Deus virá em seguida e vós sereis conduzidos ao grande dia da vitória.”
    The calvario of the humanity will begin on a Friday, but the victory of God will come soon afterwards and you will be led to the great day of victory.


    another quote-
    ‘The Ferrett
    2nd Corinthians 11:14, warns us that Satan himself appears as a divine messenger of truth.

    So, when the Bible tells us that “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light,” it means that Satan capitalizes on our love of the light in order to deceive. He wants us to think that he is good, truthful, loving, and powerful – all the things that God is.

    Lets face it, to portray himself as a dark, devilish being with horns would not be very appealing to the majority of people. Most people are not drawn to darkness, but to light. Therefore, Satan appears as a creature of light to draw us to himself and his lies.

    We hear much talk from the heathen world about “the light,” however, the “light” which the Bible warns of is a counterfeit of the true Light. What is the REAL Light?

    The Word of God is the Light, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105). The Gospel is the Light, “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

    Jesus is the Light, “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life” (John 8:12). John 9:5 states, “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Christians shine with the Light of Jesus, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid” (Matthew 5:14). John 1:4 sums it all up with the statement… “In him (Jesus Christ) was life; and the life was the light of men.” The Light is the Truth, and Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).

    All that glitters is not gold – give it up and realise you and many others vhave been deceived by the father of lies!’

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