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Activist Screams Bill Clinton Is a Rapist on Fox Live! Wow!

Saturday, October 1, 2016 11:04
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Hero Screams Bill Clinton Rapist Live on Fox!  Both Clintons are Rapists!  Spread the Word!


Watch this young hero troll fox news hardcore!  He gets behind them dressed nicely then unbuttons his shirt to reveal a Bill Clinton Rapist shirt!   He screams Bill Clinton is a rapist 3 times!   I love it!   That’s what has to be done now.  When I went to the Trump Rally in Jacksonville, I had my sign and matching t-shirt that said “Google Hillary Clinton Raped Cathy Obrien” as a child.  I confronted the news people everywhere they went!  Spread this story everywhere and tell people the truth.  Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are rapists!   Hilary raped Cathy Obrien as a child!  We have the video testimony of Cathy so this should be spread everywhere!

Hilary Bombshell!  Hillary Clinton Raped Cathy Obrien as a child!  Send Viral!

Cathy Obrien was raped as a child by Hillary Clinton!  Get this story out everywhere!  It ends her!


Stew Webb reports the crimes of the Clinton, the Bushes and the rest of the satanic new world order on his website at   He is a friend and a patriot who has been censored by the fake leaders of alternative media to insure the real leaders of the Illuminati are never known and brought to justice!   These fake leaders blame the middle level “Bilderbergers” but always shield the very top from the bombshells!  We have another case of this involving this story! 


Hillary Clinton put Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan on a kill list when she was Secretary of State and this is proven by an email US and French Intelligence has in their possession.   The evil ones have tried to murder him many times with car accidents and even anthrax when he was put into jail illegally.  Stew knows Cathy Obrien and her husband Mark Phillips personally and spoke at many of the same conferences.  Stew reports Cathy Obrien told him she was very young the first time she was raped by Hillary Clinton – only about 7 years old!   Stew knows Cathy Obrien is 100% accurate in her information and this has been confirmed by his sources within US Intelligence!  Stew had one source tell him that if Cathy Orrin’s information ever goes viral, it’s over for the new world order!  It would bring them all down!   I’m asking for your help in doing this now!  This is more important than anything else right now because it shows Hillary Clinton has raped a child and is an in the closet homosexual prone to blackmail!  This all must come out now!  We can’t let another President get in that is a homosexual in the closet and a raper of children!  Hillary should be proud of her homosexuality and come out publicly about it if it’s no big deal!  So many people who are awake know about Hillary’s secret lesbian lifestyle but of course it never is reported by the fake news who covers up for her!  I’m sick of the coverups!  If you are too, then spread this information in this article!

Stew reported to me the Hillary Clinton rape of Cathy Obrien is one of the keys to sinking her chances at becoming the next new world order pig President because nobody will vote Pedophile for President!  Even the most ardent Democrat will not vote for a Pedophile so it’s up to patriots worldwide to send this story on all social networks and email lists!  The Fake News will never do it because they serve satan so you must do their job!  Tell everybody you know Hillary Clinton is a pedophile and Cathy Obrien video testimony and her books prove it!  This is the it, the last chance to get somebody elected not part of the disgusting new world order!  You better pull out ALL the stops and hold nothing back!

Hillary Clinton child rape described in Cathy Obrien’s book, ”Trance Formation of America” (Warning Graphic)

Cathy Obrien – The Most Dangerous Game – WARNING this is very graphic, do not watch the medical exam if you do not want to see Cathy’s genital carving.  This medical exam backs up everything Cathy said in her book.  YES, everything Cathy Obrien talks about is REAL!  She has a photographic memory!


Cathy Obrien: Ex Illuminati Mind Control Victim!  Cathy was raped by Hillary Clinton as Child!


Hillary Clinton’s Sex Scandals and Government Coverups!


MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien – Part 1


MK Ultra Exposed by Victim Cathy Obrien – Part 2


Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell Says 12 year old Rape Victim



Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!


Cathy Obrien describes her sexual assault perpetrated in her book, “Trance Formation of America” at Siss Villa – Lampe Missouri, 1983


“Hillary Clinton is the only female to become sexually aroused at the sight of my mutilated …”


US Intelligence Told Stew, This Story Is Causing Chaos Now!  Help It Go Viral!


Note: Do not go to the source  video or linked article if you are easily offended as it is very graphic!  But since Hillary Clinton wants to take our guns, put us all in FEMA camps and destroy what’s left of our country, the story must go viral now!!!  Stew Webb is asking all patriots to link and SHARE this story!  Read Cathy’s book and send the information to Donald Trump so he can talk to Cathy!  Send also to Roger Stone and all other legitimate alternative media outlets who won’t censor the story destined to bring down Hillary and the new world order in Washington!  Stew says he has already heard from US and French Intelligence sources that this story is causing absolute chaos to the new world order!   Hillary has already tried to kill Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan over their stories on her criminal activities and he has her email proving it!  She’s so angry, she’s screaming at her poor dog reports moles within the Clinton camp!


Stew has pulled out of Cathy’s book all the new world order pigs she names!  The list alone will blow your mind!  This is HUGE!  All the people named by Cathy Obrien who are still alive are part of the “Never Trump” movement!   Now we know WHY!!   Get the story out to all social media!  It’s up to you!  If everybody shares this story, Hillary and the new world order are completely exposed!  



Details on Hillary Clinton Rape of a child PLUS Mind Blowing List of New World Order members by Cathy Obrien!


Where is Alex Jones in the Cathy Obrien rape story?  Nowhere to be found!   

By now most of you know I have outed Alex Jones as a Zionist shill and this story further confirms it!  I take no pleasure in outing traitors who censor the crimes of the Zionists such as Larry Mizel (stole over $100 Trillion from us!) but I have no choice since I want to win the fight against the new world order.  They are killing all of us anyway so I’m not going to tolerate anybody censoring and lying about anything!  Censorship of any kind can not be tolerated by anybody in the truth movement!   We can’t WIN by following or even promoting known agents who censor anything!  True patriots censor nothing!  if you don’t realize this yet then you’re the reason we are still losing!


Proof of Censorship!

Do a search for “Alex Jones Cathy Obrien” or “Cathy Obrien Infowars” on google and you won’t find him reporting on Hillary Clinton’s child rape of Cathy Obrien or anything really about Cathy Obrien!   But if you search for “Cathy Obrien Glenn Canady” or “Cathy Obrien project nsearch” you will see me.   I can only find one infowars article where Cathy was even briefly mentioned in passing by Paul Joseph Watson which is outrageous since Cathy Obrien alone can take down Hillary Clinton for child rape along with the rest of the neocon scum?  Why is Alex Jones protecting Hilary Clinton over child rape that is admitted on video testimony and in Cathy’s book?  If Alex were real he’d be doing video reports, articles and telling everybody to share all the Cathy Obrien information to end Hillary for being  a rapist!


Why would Alex Jones not be reporting this HUGE story that would bring down Hillary and the Neocon scum?  Unbelievably (not for me) you will only find one listing on Planet Infowars by one of his fans on his social network but not one report by him!  If Infowars was real without a Zionist agenda they would be savaging Hillary over the Cathy Obrien rape but it’s not going to happen!  The biggest story about Hillary Clinton and Alex Jones won’t touch it!  What a joke!  Make sure you call into Alex Jones’ show and ask him why he’s not doing stories on Cathy Obrien being raped as a child by Hillary Clinton!  Watch him run from your challenge and you’ll know I’m right about him covering up the hardcore stuff for the Zionists!  I proved he spiked a story that would have proven Sandy Hook was a drill!  Alex Jones was caught red handed serving the Illuminati on this story that could have been used to destroy the fake news completely on Sandy Hoax!


Alex Jones Covered Up Sandy Hook Photos Proving Drill!


Stew Webb has been fighting the Illuminati for over 32 years now when he married into it unknowingly!  His father in law was Leonard Millman who was right near the top of the world’s richest men in the Illuminati Council of 13!  Leonard Millman was worth over $80 Trillion (all came from theft by the new world order) and this money went to Larry Mizel of Denver Colorado when Leonard died according to Stew Webb’s decades of research.   The government has used Stew’s knowledge and research to recover money from Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman in the past and put some people in jail but it was always covered up after small fines of $80 million etc.  Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman and the rest of the Illuminati 13 are never brought to justice because we have no real court system.  It’s all controlled by them and will continue to be this way unless Trump is elected and they can clear off the crooked judges appointed by Bushes, Clinton and Obama.


The massive criminal activity of Illuminati kingpins and Council of 13 members Larry Mizel and Leonard Millman (each worth more than $80 Trillion!) were never named by Alex Jones as you will see by doing google searches!  Larry Mizel was only briefly mentioned as putting on a parade and trying to “scare” you!  Ha!  This is a man that stole more than $100 Trillion according to Stew’s research and sources and is at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid who practice satanic sacrifices!  This was revealed by Anthony Lavey during his interview with Stew Webb.


Stew Webb has documented all their crimes and could easily put Larry Mizel in prison and recover $100 trillion in fraud to pay off the National Debt but Alex Jones has always censored and lied about Stew Webb thus insuring these crimes always go unidentified and unpunished!  It’s time to wake up the Alex Jones fans and expose those people who ONLY promote his stuff when it’s proven he censors the hardcore stuff and is NOT in it to win it!  Why would anybody support somebody who censors anything when we are in the fight of our lives against an enemy that wants us all dead?  You don’t win by censoring ANYTHING!


Alex must be forced to answer for his censorship of the crimes of the Zionist Illuminati kingpins such as Larry Mizel and for his obvious blackout on Cathy Obrien’s rape by Hillary which can end her!   Nothing is worse than a pedophile and Cathy Obrien has all the credibility needed to stop the Hillary nightmare forever!  I don’t care who you follow or support in alternative media.  All I ask is whoever it is, they don’t censor anything and will report on the Cathy Obrien story concerning Hillary Clinton.  It seems to drive the shills underground and they begin running and giving excuses.  Try it with your favorite alternative media host and see who’s real and who’s fake today!  If you can never reach your host or they won’t put out the story, you’re dealing with a fake paid to cover up and entertain but certainly not WIN!  


Glenn Canady (Friend me!) 

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