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Trump Isn’t One of Them! Why Does Cabal Satanically Kill Innocent Little Children and Drink Their Blood and Eat Their Flesh? Does it End This Year? Yes! An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Free World

Thursday, November 24, 2016 12:07
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Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

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Trump Isn’t One Of Them! Why Does Cabal Satanically Kill Innocent Little Children And Drink Their Blood And Eat Their Flesh? Does It End This Year? Yes! An Open Letter To The Leaders Of The Free World

Why Does Cabal Satanically Kill Innocent Little Children, And Drink Their Blood And Eat Their Flesh?

They forced entry into our world, and like a cancer, they spread to all corners of the Earth. They set out to con you into trusting them. They use many guises, promising that if you trust, obey, and follow them, you will have it all. You have been trapped by the Cabal for 2000 years. The Vatican leads the way in this control system, along with all the other religions that stem from the Vatican. The Vatican itself is most certainly not what you believe it to be. It is only now that the full extent of the paedophilia is being brought to your attention. The satanic killings, especially of innocent little children, is what enables these creatures to exist in your world. To live on Earth, they need to drink the blood and eat the flesh of humans. They live to great ages because this sustains them.

Nothing is as it seems. They do not hide their evil ways.

Many spiritual sources say that Trump isn’t one of the cabal… from the same link above:

All political parties have been infiltrated. They do not serve the people. This is why someone such as Mr Trump had to be found. He does not want anything from the Cabal, as he has it all. He is not tied or controlled by any political party. You have no idea how corrupt and controlled your governments are. They do not serve the people. They serve their puppet masters, the hidden controllers. Now, they too, will be flushed out and exposed.

Does It End This Year? Yes!

There are many reasons why all this satanic sacrifice ends this year.

1.  Dark energies are being moved to Earth 2, a hologram, where those who seek other’s energy, will be able to ‘learn their lessons’.

It’s Up To You To Avoid Being Transported To Earth 2 (A Hologram, Of This Planet)

Earth 2 Exists! It Is Preparing For Arrival Of Many Of You, Many Going To Inner Earth, Hollow Earth And Other Star Systems

2.  This planet is going through an ascension into higher energies, where darkness doesn’t exist.

Last Phase of Ascension Revealed by Prime Creator! Six Weeks Left of 3D Earth Matrix! Divine Intervention Timeline, Matches Ascension Timeline! This Means Major Inner Reality Shift Around December 21, 2016

3.  NESARA, will ensure that people no longer do things for money.

Galactic Federation: New Colorful US Treasury Notes, NESARA Republic, International Debt Jubilee, Arrival Of Galactic Mentors, Travel To Agartha, Earth Surface Ready For Makeover

4.  Creator dismantled the dark 3D matrix and all that is left is the resonance, of what no longer is.

Prime Creator: Huge Massive Victory For Humanity, Permanent Mind Control Satellites Dismantled!!!

Prime Creator Makes Astounding Annoucement On Dismantling Of 3D Enslavement Matrices; Souls Leaving Earth Are Have Been Notified And Are Developing Exit Plans

Fake Alien Invasion Halted! Last Big False Flag Event Will Not Happen!!!, Says St. Germain

5.  Support Trump as he drains the swamp… the swamp includes the mainstrea media.

More Confirmation Donald Trump Is St. Germain!

Trump’s Victory And Re-Opening Of 911 Investigation, Symbolizes Downfall Of Secret Occult Government, And It’s Failed New World Order Takeover Attempt, And Exposure Of The Most Horrendous Deeds Imaginable

6.  Earth is now in the Golden Age of Enlightenment:

How To Walk In The Golden Age Right Now

Ashtar Says 11/9 Is Zeropoint! St. Germain Says Golden Age Began On 11/9!

St. Germain: We’ve Already Entered Into The Age Of Aquarius (Sat Yuga)

This Is The Most Significant Time In Human History! Commentary On Prime Creator Prophecies: 2.5 Million Spaceships Arrive Via Portal! Divine Intervention Update Over Next Two Months, Meat Eaters Will Have Many Problems From Now On, Many Will Have Extensive Flu-Like Symptoms, Extraction Of Souls Leav

An Open Letter To The Leaders Of The Free World

If this manifesto resonates with your heart, please read, and declare it to our maker, Father God, Higher Self, in a way that is right with your soul.

Manifestation Manifesto for Redemption and Disclosure

This is an open letter to the leaders of the free world. And to the leaders of the New Republic, President Paul Ryan and Vice President General Joseph Dunford

Change History: thank your for the changes now emerging in our world.

November 2016 is by all sources the most energetic, plus the most important day energy-wise in over 60 years. This energy is misused when all of humanity focuses on the wars and blood shed from wars in the past; that is not what we want in the future. We do not wish our focus to be on death, war and abuse of humanity. We are declaring Veteran’s Day is a trick to align our focus on war, not peace. We declare and thank you for the refocus from war to a place of peace, redemption and release from all the chains of slavery.

We, the humanitarians of this earth, want all leaders of the free world to truly free us all from the lie: We, the people, want Paul Ryan, General Joseph Dunford and the President Elect to continue to release the truth to the American people and the world with full disclosure and full redemption as ordained by God.

We, the humanitarians are chosen for this earth. We want the whole world to focus on their redemption of debt and the complete release from slavery.

We will every hour on the hour, manifest the energies in every time zone, as St. Germain has already requested we follow:

we all declare:

We are beings of Violet Fire. We are the purity God desires!
We are beings of Violet Fire! We are the purity God desires!
We are beings of Violet Fire! We are the purity God desires!

we have declared that our will be God’s Will.

We have declared our purpose:

to be the healing and to be the embodied purity of God!

We have given ourselves to be transformed and be prepared to usher in then sustain Prosperity and Freedom on Earth.
We truly surrender our will to God’s Will.

We Surrender:

We Surrender: the yet unhealed bits of our DNA, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, intentions, behaviors, relationships and ego.

We Surrender: to God, whose agenda is Love and whose substance is Light.

We Surrender: to our own Higher Self, our I Am Presence, which is the essence of God within us.

We Surrender: to the Guidance that results in our Highest Good and the Highest Good of All, always. Always.

Repeat the very words of Surrender that St Germain has himself stated to God and I will do the same now.

“Father God, it is your loving son (daughter), _____________( your name). As we come to the important moment of opening the floodgates of your Prosperity across the Earth, I am filled with new astonishment. Thank you for guiding me throughout the eons, years and moments of this wondrous experience, this awe-filled project. I present myself to you plainly, as I am in all my incarnations and I as I am here, now. I speak with total authority for ALL of me when I say that I gladly and fully give my will to be as yours. Thank you for every kind of experience I have had. However, I now reclaim my will from every dark influence, choice and belief in every dimension and arena of life, so that I may return – now and always! – to living with your Will as my own. So Be It.”


We Declare:

WE are READY to GIVE, like it has never been done before!

Give freely with much joy. Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give until this entire realm, along with every soul, is well healed. WE KNOW what to do, how to be. WE are the Prosperity. We are the miracle. WE are the revaluation. We are the reset. We are the currency. We are the Energy, We are the Gift. WE are the Event. We are the Redemption. We are the Givers! 

We love all tenderly. Thank you for valiantly seeing through the most challenging aspects of our shared Mission. We are one, always.

Final words from St. Germain Respectfully, I am your Saint Germain.

“You have no idea the Ascended Masters’ great Love when They see you arise in the Strength of your “Presence” and render this Service – never is there such rejoicing in the Octaves of Light as to see those on Earth nearing their Victory and Freedom.”

This is an an adaption from Saint Germain from his “I Am Discourses” Volume 13.

~ Saint Germain from his “I Am Discourses,” Volume 13

Dear human~  you have a responsbility to resonate with Creator… rather than human mental delusions… your choice… Creator created everything… if it’s hard for you to resonate with Creator, that’s probably why you’ve resonating with the cabal… and if so you have ZERO chance of inheriting THIS earth… so be it!

May all beings have peace in this world.

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

Indian in the machine

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