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Open Letter To Obama From Creator God Aton/Hatonn

Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:39
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I am also direct, and I tell things as they are and that is TRUTH.  I have some words to speak to you today, and although they may be harsh, they are the Truth, and hopefully you can hear and understand what I am telling you.

You and your ilk in the White (Black) House of this once great nation have made it into a den of vipers. You have deliberately disregarded what I have told to your government over the past many years.  I say that, because I have returned as Commander of the starships that hover over your beleaguered nation, and I watch and hear every action, every thought you and your ilk think and do.

You have deliberately led this nation to the brink of disaster.

 You have deliberately lied to the American people and have committed untold acts of treason, and you think you are not guilty?

By your Executive Orders you have deliberately made your self a despotic dictator, disregarding the Constitution of the united States  of America, and have ripped and torn apart the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

By your actions, you have deliberately allowed the horrible pollution of Earth’s air by your allowing of the evil chemtrails that pollute the air of the entire planet.

You have deliberately crushed the very foundations of this once great nation with your Satanic government of thieves and liars, and that includes you.

You have deliberately allowed the chemical pollution of the soil and food by promoting evil corporations to dominate the growing of food for the entire world through Monsanto and their genetically altered food.  Therefore, you are guilty of the suicice death of thousands of people, especially in India, whose Monsanto crops failed.

You have corrupted the educational system and deliberately dumbed down the children with drugs and an evil plan to hide the real Truth of history, even knowing about the Constitution. 

You have taken away the learning of the children until they have become little robots to do as you wish, and lower their intelligence until they cannot think for themselves.  Shame on you!

You have helped Israel to exterminate the Palestinian people of Gaza.  Although you have not personally killed women and children, you are as guilty as if you had done it yourself.   Do you think that you can escape the consequences of your actions?  Hardly!

You make the laws of our nation, disregarding Congress.  

You have created your own army with great military hardware to protect yourself, and to war against the American people.

You have created a heavily armed police force throughout the nation that continually harasses, beats, and kills Americans for little or no reason, and without any evidence to prove their innocence.  Do you think you can run and hide in the caves of  Earth?

You have deliberately opened the flood gates for illegal aliens, given them everything free, while the American people lose their homes, jobs, and are living in their cars or whipped off to some FEMA camp for God knows what medical experimentation may take place on them!

You have given millions for bombs and military hardware to Israel while the people of the U.S. are ripped of their savings, homes, and jobs so you can continue your illegal wars and your “kingship” of this once great nation.

Let me warn you.  All of the Universe is under Cosmic Law.  What you sow you shall reap, but in multiple amount.  You sow evil from your god Satan, and you shall reap in multiple amount that which you have sown.

Your days are numbered.

I have met with the presidents of the U.S. for years, and warned them of what they were doing.  None listened.  Will you, before it is too late?

Mother Earth is restless, and she is angry at you, and what you have assisted in doing to harm her in every way possible.  You have deliberately caused havoc and storms, and have caused untold harm to people world wide with your terror attacks, plane crashes, to say nothing of the dominance you wish to have over all other nations, your 800 plus military bases worldwide, your utmost disregard for the rights and freedom of people that are God-given, including the right to defend themselves, and the freedom of choosing their own destiny. 

This is a warning to you.  You shall NOT destroy Mother Earth.

You shall NOT genocide the people on this planet.  That is NOT your prerogative, but only Creator God’s.

May you listen before you have to stand before God and attune for your actions.  Oh, yes, there is justice, and you will face all your treasons, for there is no escape to run and hide.

You are but dust on the scales of time.

Listen to me, heed my words, and turn from your Satanic ways.  Come to the Light, for you have the power to turn this nation around to goodness.  People are waking up.  You have little time left.



Anne Bellringer


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—– Original Message —–
From: AM

Dear Patrick ;

We all know that Obama is just a puppet executing the orders from his puppet masters, and has no power whatsoever to decide anything.

Consequently, Obama will continue in his foolish behavior, and he will continue bringing the entire word on the brink of a catastrophe.

So reading the message sent by God Aton to Anne and published yesterday, I wonder what is the real meaning of the words given by Aton.

Is a message for the military to stop Obama? For the sleeping masses? For anyone else?

Love and Light to you and Anne.




FROM:  Anne Bellringer
    TO:  AM
Dear AM:
    Thank you for your letter and thoughtful. excellent questions. 
    Yes, Obama is a puppet, as you have mentioned.  Hatonn directed me to address this to Obama (not using the word, “president” as his unlawful title).  He wanted two things:
    1.  To make it clear not only to Obama but to the masses, the military and those in power to take down this government, and stop what Obama is doing to our nation –through his handlers.   The Office of the President does hold power, and Obama, by the stroke of his pen, could do a lot to end the Israeli conflict, and help turn this planet around.  A clone does have the basic instinct of survival, and if Obama would realize his own life is at stake, he could do a lot to save himself and to help America and the whole world.
    2.  To make it clear that Creator God will not allow either the destruction of this planet nor the genocide of the people on planet earth. So this message is also for Obama’s handlers, that they, too, are nothing but dust on the scales of time, that their power has come to an end, and they must return to the Light or be gone.
In Love and Light,
Anne Bellringer

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Indian in the machine

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