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MegaAnon Outs Alex Jones on Trump!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017 8:46
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MegaAnon is the only anonymous source  I trust because I’ve personally seen everything she talked about come true.  She just outed Alex Jones for basically lying about his relationship with Donald Trump!  According to MegaAnon, Trump doesn’t care about Alex Jones at all!  They’re not buddies on speed dial as Jones likes to pretend on his program.  Here’s what she said in her latest postings about Alex Jones. (MegaAnon mentions Alex Jones in her latest postings yesterday)


Alex Jones wrote a whole copied and pasted article of my posts verbatim, months ago and someone from there was trying to find me via social media, before they wrote it.

My point is that Trump doesn’t give a f*** about Alex Jones. The few conversations they’ve had were very limited. They’re not buddies. Watch how Jones treads lightly when he tries to talk about it. He knows Trump will call him out if he tries to make it more than it is.

Stone gets scraps from everyone. He’s literally licking the windows of Washington and he’s been trying to rebrand himself so much over the last decade because it’s a really tough pill to swallow when you realize the only thing that made you feel relevant, like DC for him, doesn’t find him as relevant anymore. Roger Stone did some epic s***. He’s also eaten s*** for a lot of people. Same with Manafort. Their company took a big hit for that, too.

People respect Roger, they’ll give him the time of day out of courtesy, but no one is giving him clearance or consulting with him. So,there’s that. Jones and Stone rely on this “mainstream alternative” crowd. Q is trending in their target audience… so they hitched their wagons to Q. Same as the rest of these e-celeb people. Too many of these people need Q to be right because they’ve gone too far to be wrong and be taken seriously.

So MegaAnon knows Alex Jones is liar just like I do and many others in alternative media.  His lies are finally catching up to him!  All lies come from satan and I can prove so many of them that only somebody under massive mind control can’t see a problem here.


I figured Alex Jones was a lying Illuminati “agent in place” long ago when I found out he fired two radio show hosts on his network for daring to interview federal whistleblower Stew Webb.  Alex Jones  promoted FBI traitor Ted Gunderson to his audience who tried to kill Stew Webb and setup patriots like Dave Hinkson.  Ted put Hinkson in prison for life on a made up murder plot!   Ted ripped off old widows!  Ted Gunderson was a “cleaner” for the deep state pedophiles and Alex Jones aided him by promoting him as an FBI “hero” to the patriot community.  Ted found out who knew what so they could be “dealt with” later according to Stew Webb who saw this first hand.  Ted Gunderson married into the satanic Lavey family and was fired for doing satanic ceremonies in his FBI office.  He was divorced by one of his wives for jumping into their pool naked in front of their daughter and her friends!    Gunderson was mentally sick and a traitor who put true patriots in prison!  He tried to kill stew with a bogus SWAT raid!
Ted Gunderson was on FBI payroll infiltrating the patriot community and Alex Jones and Jeff Rense helped him do this while he continuously slandered Stew Webb so the deep state could keep getting away with their crimes and not be brought to justice!
Alex Jones also lied about super patriot Bill Cooper who he called a “drunk”.   Jones lied and said he cursed and was drunk on his show one time – another huge lie!  Jones flip flopped on Sandy Hook and censored all of Jim Fetzer’s work on it proving it was a drill!  Alex flip flopped on transgender Michael Obama and later said he was just kidding!   Alex Jones originally backed deep state stooge Ted Cruz for President before being forced over to Donald Trump by his audience!  Alex blatantly lied about Leo Wanta and Trump knows he lied about Leo!  Here’s that info.

Did you know Alex Jones makes ALL employees sign a binding legal agreement that prohibits them from talking about him in a negative way after they quit or get fired?  These employees are totally gagged or they will be sued to the moon!   Who does this type of scumbaggery?  If you’re a legit patriot why do you have to lock up all employees with binding gag orders?  Nobody does this but Alex Jones!


Alex runs through a lot of staff because many of them eventually find out he is a big phony who is controlled opposition with an agenda.  Once those employees finally figure out he’s not in the fight to win and censors certain topics they are prevented from warning other patriots after they quit or get fired!  Luckily every day more people are waking up to Alex Jones being a phony and that’s key to our victory.  We can’t win this fight until all controlled opposition is exposed!


Jones literally did everything possible to censor Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb’s information on the crimes of the deep state!  His censorship almost resulted in both being killed before Trump found out they had key information against the deep state!  Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb still might be killed and if they are killed you can be sure of one thing – Alex Jones will never mention their names and how they suffered for 30 years for telling the truth!  That’s a traitor for you!  

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