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The Formula to Transformation

Activism and the Power of 108 By Ethan Indigo Smith 108 is an esoteric and divine number in many traditions around the world. And hidden within it is a simple formula for conscious activism and social transformation. Nuclear experimentation is the biggest problem of our time, and the biggest problem

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The Formula to Transformation

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Online petition calls for malnourished son of anti-vaxxer to be returned home

May 1 2017 Save Print License article Dozens gather at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in support of Chase Walker-Steven

Coast protesters demand Chase be returned to his family

‘There’s poison in our food’: Anti-vaxxer couple who snatched their disabled son CRAZIES!!!UK government bans GMOs from its own Parliament restaurants while telling public to embrace genetic poisons Daily Mail lol, do people still read that!

Anti-vaxxers claim Queensland boy ‘vaccine-injured’ Claim? Read On-Chase’s Vaccine Injury- Facts The Biased Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

Hon Cameron Dick(Qld health minister) WATCH: Police Seize Epileptic Child After Mother Removes Him From Hospital (This child has been removed from his arents for being vaccine damaged, madical faschism oz style)

My Opinion About Corey Goode

Whistle Blowers Talk About The Secret Space Program - Link Will Expire In 48 Hours.

Ancient Wisdom Given Back To Humanity - Ra, The Humble Messenger of the Law of One

Dear ABC Australia (lol)

Online petition calls for malnourished son of anti-vaxxer to be returned home

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