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John Lennon – God

Dedroidify: Ideas are toys | Believe Nothing | Explore & Question Everything

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A Reclusive Twin

John Lennon - God

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Aysén Chile in Comparative Context

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Chile: Inequality, Incarceration, and Drug Smuggling

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GeoCurrents Editorial: The Genocide of the Yezidis Begins, and the United States is Complicit

The Californian Insular Myth: Follow the Blue Seashells (Adapted from the work of Annick Foucrier)

GeoCurrents Summer Vacation

Does the Boko Haram Insurgency Stem from Environmental Degradation and Climate Change?

Is Poverty the Root Cause of Boko Haram Violence?

Religion, Caste, and Electoral Geography in the Indian State of Kerala

How Big Is the Saudi Economy? Does the World Bank Know?

The 2014 Indian Election in Kerala and Bihar

A New Political Bifurcation of India?

Regional Patterns in India’s 2014 General Election

Subjectivity in Performance Evaluations

Interviewed on Podcast Your Data

GeoCurrents Suspension

Lecture Slides on Cannabis Legalization

Lecture Slides for U.S. Primary Presidential Election, 2016

Slides on “The Good News from Africa”

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