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White Man Saves Black Man From Cop Beating – Cops Want Revenge

Saturday, November 29, 2014 5:21
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You may need to read this? From David Vose: The Police just declared War on the America citizen. A White MAN just risked his Life for a Black man being beaten by Police. They reacted by arresting him and to publicly humiliate him. They want to scare us all into being quite. Will this work? They are saying that if We try to stop them they will put posters of us up and lie about us and ruin us, this is worse than intimidation. They are doing it publicly.

This is not even behind closed doors, this was declared on the public news airways. A man who saw a fellow citizen being beaten by police tried to stop it, not only that he was a White man helping his Black Brother, They do not want this to continue, they do not want us to stand together.

He was arrested and is now being intimidated and harrassed publicaly on the American news airways as public humiliation. They think that by making him a public spectacle they can intimidate us to not speak out, they have just declared WAR on US, the American people. Will we take it? If you want to help, please make this man Famous as the Police want, and we will tell the real truth about why he is famous, we won’t let them intimidate us.

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  • VirusGuard

    They want to start a race war sooner or later in the USA and i see so many whites have already fallen for the trap and are even saying how good they are for NOT holding protests when someone that is white gets killed by the police.

    Next year when oil prices go back up you will see operation Fracking resume and then these white people will see that the police will treat them just the same as black slaves who earn $8.20 an hour working in Mc Jobs when they protest.

    Act like a door mat, get treated like a door mat

    • I am Mann god

      Was the white man, who did the “Saving”, named jesus????

      You would probably all be interested to see the way that history is written about the demise of “The West” and “judeo-christianity” found in the United States of America say, 300 years from now????

      I propose that the cadence and usage of the English language will change, and everything communicated using language will be done “in rhyme”, to a beat.

      Keeping that change in mind, the History will go something like this:

      White man
      A no longer present Race of Caucasian WAR CRIMINALS, OH YEA!
      White man
      Spread Depleted Uranium Munitions ALL OVER Arab Land
      White Man
      They thought that “no RETRIBUTION” WAS GOING TO STRIKE “MY” LAND??
      White man white man white man white man

      White man
      The Caucasian male was the ultimate SCAM MAN
      White man
      These ULTRA-VIOLENT maniacs worshiped the image of a white-skinned man!
      White man
      For over 500 years, They Killed to Hoard, and would KILL to HOARD MORE, OH, YEA!
      White man white man white man white man

      White man
      He ATE the GMO Foods
      White man
      He also Slurped down the GMO Budweiser, too
      White man
      No one now wonders why the white man was so “mentally ill”
      White man White man White man White man

      White man
      So, we “saved” them
      White man
      From the clutches of their FOUL “re—lig—on”
      White man
      Their ‘culture” just expired on it’s own
      White man
      And, after that, PEACE to ALL on Earth did FLOW!
      White man white man white man white man

      And, that, I’m afraid, is how the “History of the West” will be written!!!!!!!!
      :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: WHITE-SKINNED Flim flam MEN!!!

      • Ahura Madza

        Mann god, are you a fool?

  • 4Truth

    Jesus said: Love thy neighbor as thy self!

    Think about it! If we truly would love each other and respect each other then we would have a really nice country (and world) to live in: HOWEVER, Jesus said we would have to live with the TARES (satan’s children: reptilian shapeshifters) until Harvest Time!

    Now we have to figure out who the TARES are since they are humans with indwelled demons in them! The only ways to figure out who a TARE is by the 40 – 60 times they blink in one minute, do the lizard lick like a snake, their skin shapeshifts and/or they are non-believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    One thing you can count on is this: GOD is in control and will mop up this mess by separating the TARES from the Wheat on Judgement Day! That day is coming fast!

    I fell on my knees about 10 years ago and called out to GOD to help me and my life! HE answered and pulled me into HIS Salvation! My life began a new journey directed by GOD and it led me to wanting to LOVE my neighbor and forgive those I hated for years. WOW! What a wonderful change and relief of mental torment!

    From that point on I wanted the Truth about GOD, LIFE, and the HOLY WORD! I asked many people in many different churches many questions about life with GOD! It was the KING JAMES VERSION of the Holy Bible that set me free once I realized GOD had all the answers for me. The Internet was a gift from GOD to spread more knowledge and Truth even though the devil has his hands all over the Internet. I used the Internet to find Truth from other BELIEVERS and GOD kept me from the lies of the devil on the Internet!

    This one truth is for real: FAITH ALONE IN JESUS CHRIST IS YOUR FREE TICKET INTO HEAVEN!!!! NO WORKS! You nor I can NOT do anything to earn our way into to Heaven — PERIOD! It is a FREE GIFT for any human that believes that Jesus did die on the Cross to cover our sins so we may enter into a perfect Kingdom called: Heaven! Amen!

    John 14:6
    Ephesians 2:8-9

    • The Watcher


      • Cleareyes

        For your information, there can’t be a Heaven without God, because he is the creator of the place called Heaven! So get it straight!

      • James Craik

        So my book ‘Of Jesus and Madmen’ on Amazon or Amazon Kindle or my website to see the truth. Most of what the Watcher has written is correct, but some parts are distorted. Messiah and Anti-Christ are ‘Effects’ not people, however they are brought on by individual(s) that create profound change. Rapture is described as ‘those that are taken up’ by heavenly forces. That has already and still happening known as ‘Alien Abduction’. End times have been on-going since written history. Every great power and civilization has been transformed into….. nothingness. Every act created by man has Karma (infinite consequences). Infinity is not linear time but a decision.

    • judy

      Gospel of John chapter 14
      From the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures


      6. Eashoa (Jesus) said to him, “I am the way and the truth and the Life. No one* comes to my Father except through me.

      Ephesians 2

      8. For it was by Grace that he saved us through faith, and this was not of your doing, except the gift of Allaha (God).
      9. Not through the performance [of deeds,] so that no human should be proud.

  • Idaho Bullwinkle

    If you want the thuggery to stop, just stop serving the thugs.
    Shunning could stop the police and powers that be in 6 months.
    If the people could get together and stop associating with all in government.
    Do not associate with the wives or children of government people.
    Stop serving them in all stores and shops. Gandhi had the right method.
    The whole idea of government is a failed experiment. Government serves it
    self and the Corporations/Bankers that control it.

  • Freedom

    REGARDLESS your colour, every US Citizens no 1 enemy is YOUR GOV. The top 1% in control is trying to make all our problems as racial issue of blacks, vs whites, vs reds, vs yellow, etc. IT IS NOT! We 99% are ALL THE VICTIMS of the Government Corrputions to all of us; via Taxes, jail, rights, etc. They are only trying to hid this fact so you do not see it, as they normally do. Here is a MUST READ how to stop Martial Law in your very own city. If no police officers can get to their dept, DC Laws no longer are valid in that city and the community can get their right and laws back. You stop and have them put down their arms and your community is free from criminal Fed LAw! You need to know this before they stop and harm your family.

    Here is a good read on why in Ferguson, the staes #1 witness was killed within 24 hours after the verdicte:

    Each and every single Local Police officeer IN YOUR VERY OWN CITY are your worst enemy because once Martial Law starts, they will DO HARM TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES – PERIOD! They are Obama’s paid treasonous bribed WW2 Nazi Henchmen that will turn on its citizens as they did in Germany back in 1936! Make no mistake, this is real because DC will do harm to anyone that tries to take their power away from them! You are no longer a citizen, but a corporation, so now you know why you have no Constitutional Rights. Yet you all cry for your rights but you don’t know you are not US citziens as you were taught:

  • Freedom

    YES – A TRUE AMERICAN HERO! WHY DIDN”T THE REST OF THE SHEEPLE JOIN AND HELP! Bless this man! Too bad these criminal treasonous cops don’t like it wheen someone does back to them what they do to anyone they want. Then they’ll just pen whatever story they pull out of the air that happened, so they can continue on their treasonsous criminal path they are on! Also, their fellow cops praise and laugh whenver they commite criminal acts against their citizens, get awards, and raise in rank for continually doing more harder crimes on its people until they become Police Chiefs. They they continually raise the bar of violence against its citizens until what we have today… Just like drug gangs do; the more harm to you, the more power you get; yet this is wrong they tell us,yet is exactly what they do!

    FYI – the put drugges in the Police Officers water so they act violently. Also here is a article on how the gov bainwashes military and riot police BY THEIR COMMUNICATIVE HELMETS! They send frequencies to make them all frantic at one time, or mellow tones to mellow them! And theise clueless brainless people don’t know it..

    But a thanks to this freedom lover. But we don’t know the whole story on what led up to it, but as you see, he wsa probably j walking…

  • HotFish

    White peoplearent allowed to know anything. They are ignorant idiots.
    Naive fools. They are kept in the dark because they cannot defend themselves on the fly. TYhey think the police state only effects other people. What idiots they are. How long before Old Navy is sewing thier hip denim pants with rape access holes in the rear? And america will embrace. the ignorant docilated, pilled up whites at least.

    White people have no idea whats going on in the real world.

    • CrowPie

      I have to amend your comment just a bit. “Monetarily comfortable white people” have no idea what is going on…….the poor white people are treated just as black as the black people are…..and they know what is going on….

  • michaEL

    The White guy deserves to be thrown in the same jail cell as the Black man.
    Seriously people, whoever posted this guilty of trying to incite violence. Idiot.

  • captbob

    Not in Cherokee county GA
    or Woodstock ga. The cops are great

  • bozzchem

    Regardless of your skin tone, if I see a cop handling/beating you in a way that is clearly outside the boundaries of a rational human , I will intervene.

    At that point it will be up to the occifer to determine whether s/he wants a 230g round delivered to their forehead.

    I don’t want to live forever. However, I do want to live FREE.

    • LoverOfFreedom

      Nicely Stated. People never think they’ll ever live as slaves but in America today, all citizens are SLAVES and physically owns lock, stock and barrel. They are clueless that their Birth Certificates are being SOLD on the Wall Street as Bonds; today Nov 2014. How do these clueless people think that the gov gets its money? They sell each person on the Stock Market. But yeah – I’d rather life FREE then be a slave, like WW2 Germany. Those that don’t understand says it all why we are were we are at as a society.

      If anyone has the guts to read how they are physically OWNED by their Fed Gov, and sold as cattle and slaves 200 years ago… And they say it went away… It just went underground and still alive today. So anyone have the balls to read the truth? You’ll never forget the read :lol:

  • bozzchem

    I have no “while guilt” – rest assured.

    You sound like a simple minded person who has trouble deciding between Trix and Captain Crunch for breakfast.

    Police are completely out of control in this country. Just because the court system doesn’t impart justice doesn’t mean We the People will shirk our duty.

  • The Watcher


  • Banderman

    Caucasian men have been helping, assisting, and saving Black men’s lives for over 60 years. Problem is Black men have no sense of gratitude. They feel ‘owed’. Over 600,000 predominantly Caucasian men fought and died in the Civil War. Gratitude? Nope, not one flippin’ ‘Thank you’.

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