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Gum disease linked to increased risk of Alzheimer's disease 8
Health on Tuesday Aug 22 2017 09:41
Diabetes drug may be helpful for Parkinson's disease 8
Health on Thursday Aug 17 2017 09:33
People who regularly groom their pubic hair at risk of injuries 35
Health on Thursday Aug 17 2017 09:17
'Alternative cancer therapies' may increase your risk of death 25
Health on Wednesday Aug 16 2017 09:17
'Fat but fit' people may still be at risk of heart disease 20
Health on Tuesday Aug 15 2017 09:17
Gene editing brings pig organ transplant closer 10
Health on Friday Aug 11 2017 09:25
Vitamin B3 found in Marmite not proven to prevent miscarriage 13
Health on Thursday Aug 10 2017 09:17