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Airconwatch – The World’s First Personal Air-Conditioning Watch 9
Watercooler Topics on Friday Sep 22 2017 02:43
Unlicensed Vet Removes Noisy Dogs’ Vocal Chords on the Side of the Street 12
Watercooler Topics on Thursday Sep 21 2017 07:02
Amateur Artist Turns Old Flip-Flops into Amazing Action Figures 73
Watercooler Topics on Wednesday Sep 20 2017 04:02
Indian Student Invents “ElectroShoe” That Lets Women Electrocute Attackers 54
Watercooler Topics on Wednesday Sep 20 2017 01:58
Woman Creates Bug Spray That Allegedly Attracts Any Bigfoot in 1.5 Mile Radius 14
Watercooler Topics on Wednesday Sep 20 2017 01:02
Guy Takes Spirit Level on a Plane to Prove Earth Is Flat 186
Watercooler Topics on Tuesday Sep 19 2017 11:58