Euro Rate Forecast
Euro Rate Forecast Currency experts forecasts and predictions on the Euro against a basket of major foreign currencies – what will happen to the Euro?
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Will GBPEUR continue to fall? 6
Forex on Saturday Aug 19 2017 03:17
Will GBPEUR rise or fall next week? 7
Forex on Friday Aug 18 2017 09:24
GBP EUR Rates after Stronger UK Unemployment Data 5
Forex on Thursday Aug 17 2017 00:49
GBP/EUR Still Under Pressure Today (Ben Fletcher) 7
Forex on Wednesday Aug 16 2017 01:33
Could the Pound hit parity vs the Euro? (Tom Holian) 13
Forex on Saturday Aug 12 2017 01:33
Euro Exchange Rates Stronger on Better EU Outlook 9
Forex on Friday Aug 11 2017 00:57
Further Euro strength ahead? (Tom Holian) 9
Forex on Thursday Aug 10 2017 10:25