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Royal Air Force Investigated Close Encounter In Yorkshire 23
Paranormal on Saturday Oct 21 2017 14:34
Congressional Candidates Alien Abduction 22
Paranormal on Friday Oct 20 2017 15:42
School Childrens Close Encounter In South Wales 63
Paranormal on Thursday Oct 19 2017 17:27
Possible Alien Abduction In Pennsylvania 91
Paranormal on Wednesday Oct 18 2017 17:51
Faather And Son’s Triangle Close Encounter In Illinois 79
Paranormal on Tuesday Oct 17 2017 18:05
Close Encounter With Photos From The United Kingdom 68
Paranormal on Monday Oct 16 2017 15:26
Another Alien Craft Shadowing A Jet In England 93
Paranormal on Sunday Oct 15 2017 11:58
Alien Implants Are Real And Frightening 334
Paranormal on Saturday Oct 14 2017 12:10
Amazing Alien Craft Photos From Indiana 648
Paranormal on Friday Oct 13 2017 15:50
Mufon’s Chief Photo Analyst Ufo Encounter Under The Sea 64
Paranormal on Thursday Oct 12 2017 15:18