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Amazing Alien Craft Encounter In Arkansas 80
Paranormal on Sunday Sep 24 2017 13:02
V-shaped Alien Craft Spotted Over Montreal Canada 138
Paranormal on Saturday Sep 23 2017 17:27
Alien Craft Photos Over Carlsbad California 128
Paranormal on Friday Sep 22 2017 15:18
Flying Saucers Fly Over Of Goverment Bases In Antartica 74
Paranormal on Thursday Sep 21 2017 15:42
Alien Saucer Encounter Near Naval Air Station Florida 73
Paranormal on Wednesday Sep 20 2017 17:11
Army Soldiers Night Vision Spotting Of Alien Orbs 135
Paranormal on Tuesday Sep 19 2017 16:51
V-shaped Alien Craft Near Fort Drum New York 152
Paranormal on Monday Sep 18 2017 18:05
Another Ufo Photo From Newton Abbot Devon England 82
Paranormal on Sunday Sep 17 2017 15:42
NASA Apollo Missions Never Landed on the Moon 589
Paranormal on Saturday Sep 16 2017 12:26
Alien Orb’s Paralyzes Watch Dog In Alaska 152
Paranormal on Friday Sep 15 2017 15:35