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World UFO Photos
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Amazing Alien Craft Close Encounter In France 0
Paranormal on Monday Jan 16 2017 16:48
Another Incredible Alien Craft Photo From England 205
Paranormal on Sunday Jan 15 2017 19:07
Amazing Alien Disc Close Encounter in Argentina 148
Paranormal on Saturday Jan 14 2017 17:48
Amazing Alien Orb Photos From Pennsylvania 194
Paranormal on Wednesday Jan 11 2017 18:26
Pilots Scary Close Encounter With An Alien Craft 90
Paranormal on Tuesday Jan 10 2017 18:12
Close Encounter Witn An Alien Craft In Scotland 126
Paranormal on Monday Jan 09 2017 16:26
Very Close Alien Encounter in New York City 1119
Paranormal on Saturday Jan 07 2017 17:59
Military Pilots Chase Alien Disc Over Portugal 391
Paranormal on Friday Jan 06 2017 19:47
Pilot Witnessed Alien Craft In The Clouds 118
Paranormal on Thursday Jan 05 2017 16:34
School Students Witnesses An Alien Disc Over Cuba 66
Paranormal on Wednesday Jan 04 2017 16:59