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Great Photo of High Strangeness in the Clouds 468
Paranormal on Wednesday Nov 22 2017 16:11
History Of Alien Abductions From Mississippi 32
Paranormal on Tuesday Nov 21 2017 18:05
Some More Fakery And Questions From The Moon Landing’s 54
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Probable Alien Abduction In St Thomas Canada 78
Paranormal on Sunday Nov 19 2017 16:58
”v” Shaped Alien Craft Encounter In Pennsylvania 109
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Physical Markings From Alien Abduction In Wisconsin 97
Paranormal on Friday Nov 17 2017 15:50
Interesting Alien Craft Photo’s From France 110
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Amazing Alien Craft Photo’s From Newton Abbot Devon England 114
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Some High Strangeness In Mazeppa Minnesota 127
Paranormal on Tuesday Nov 14 2017 16:43
Possible Alien Abduction In Pearland Texas 63
Paranormal on Monday Nov 13 2017 15:58