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NASA Destroyed Hundreds of Apollo Era Tapes 30
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 20 2018 17:12
Massive Triangle Encounter In New Jersey 44
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 19 2018 16:19
Alien Craft Photos From League City Texas 201
Paranormal on Monday Jun 18 2018 18:21
Ufologist John Mooner’s Close Encounter 64
Paranormal on Sunday Jun 17 2018 16:36
Hi Flying Alien Craft Photos From Arkansas 155
Paranormal on Friday Jun 15 2018 16:43
Amazing Alien Craft Encounter Over Pennsylvania 179
Paranormal on Friday Jun 15 2018 16:11
Wild Maneuvers By Alien Craft Over England 172
Paranormal on Thursday Jun 14 2018 19:11
Alien Craft Photos From Louisville Kentucky 208
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 13 2018 17:19
Hugh V-shaped Alien Craft Encounter In Minnesota 207
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 12 2018 16:59
Alien Orb Close Encounter In North Carolina 195
Paranormal on Monday Jun 11 2018 18:28