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Triangle Close Encounter Over Duaphin Pennsylvania 0
Paranormal on Wednesday Mar 22 2017 16:19
Close Encounter With An Alien Sphere Over Michigan 28
Paranormal on Tuesday Mar 21 2017 16:05
Nasa Fraud Claims Ken Pfeifer–disappearing Astronaut 82
Paranormal on Saturday Mar 18 2017 22:50
Alien Craft Photographed In Conway Washington 148
Paranormal on Saturday Mar 18 2017 03:59
Moon Missions Faked By Nasa Claims Ken Pfeifer 99
Paranormal on Friday Mar 17 2017 13:42
Close Encounter Of The Third Kind 128
Paranormal on Thursday Mar 16 2017 14:27
Alien Craft Close Encounter In Bradenton Florida 111
Paranormal on Wednesday Mar 15 2017 15:26
Three Triangles Spotted In The Upper Atmosphere 120
Paranormal on Tuesday Mar 14 2017 11:27
Orb Like Alien Craft Encounter In Rhode Island 77
Paranormal on Monday Mar 13 2017 18:05
Alien Disc Spotted Over St Augustine Florida 88
Paranormal on Sunday Mar 12 2017 12:26