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Silver Alien Craft Encounter In North Jersey 77
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 28 2017 16:46
Alien Craft Disappears Over Churchill Pennsylvania 38
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 27 2017 14:35
Tulsa Flight’s Alien Craft Close Encouter 94
Paranormal on Monday Jun 26 2017 16:50
Alien Craft Encounter In East Orange New Jersey 74
Paranormal on Sunday Jun 25 2017 16:06
Apollo 17 Alien Craft Encounter 130
Paranormal on Saturday Jun 24 2017 11:35
Blinding Ball Of Light Close Encounter In N.j. 61
Paranormal on Friday Jun 23 2017 14:43
Alien Orb Photo From Edgewater New Jersey 73
Paranormal on Thursday Jun 22 2017 13:51
Amazing Alien Orb Photo From Vermont 75
Paranormal on Wednesday Jun 21 2017 14:35
Submerged Alien Craft Hunted By The Navy 190
Paranormal on Tuesday Jun 20 2017 14:34
Multiple Alien Craft Encounter Over Aurora Colorado 244
Paranormal on Monday Jun 19 2017 15:27