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”v” Shaped Alien Craft Encounter In Pennsylvania 75
Paranormal on Saturday Nov 18 2017 16:58
Physical Markings From Alien Abduction In Wisconsin 80
Paranormal on Friday Nov 17 2017 15:50
Interesting Alien Craft Photo’s From France 98
Paranormal on Thursday Nov 16 2017 15:58
Amazing Alien Craft Photo’s From Newton Abbot Devon England 114
Paranormal on Wednesday Nov 15 2017 16:59
Some High Strangeness In Mazeppa Minnesota 126
Paranormal on Tuesday Nov 14 2017 16:43
Possible Alien Abduction In Pearland Texas 63
Paranormal on Monday Nov 13 2017 15:58
Photo’s Of Close Encounter Alien Craft In Utah 331
Paranormal on Sunday Nov 12 2017 13:18
Great Alien Craft Photo’s From Elsa Texas 421
Paranormal on Saturday Nov 11 2017 15:42
Hugh Triangle Encounter In Shanghi China 90
Paranormal on Friday Nov 10 2017 15:58
Hovering Alien Craft Encounter In New Jersey 163
Paranormal on Thursday Nov 09 2017 17:10