Mark's Veg Plot
I live in Fleet, Hampshire, UK, with my wife Jane. I am a Lecturer in IT Service Management. My main hobby is growing edible plants, and photographing them -- and now blogging! I am also interested in cooking, and all matters related to Food and Drink.
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Planting shallots 13
Self-Sufficiency on Wednesday Feb 21 2018 03:46
Sowing chilli seeds 24
Self-Sufficiency on Monday Feb 19 2018 05:05
Sourdough workshop 56
Self-Sufficiency on Saturday Feb 17 2018 05:25
Irrigation device brings Chilli success 33
Self-Sufficiency on Wednesday Feb 14 2018 04:04
Winter fungi 46
Self-Sufficiency on Sunday Feb 11 2018 05:26
Pruning currant bushes 15
Self-Sufficiency on Friday Feb 09 2018 08:25
Do you have too many seeds? 25
Self-Sufficiency on Wednesday Feb 07 2018 09:03
A waiting game 11
Self-Sufficiency on Monday Feb 05 2018 05:46
The new plot - end of January progress report 7
Self-Sufficiency on Saturday Feb 03 2018 05:46
Broad Bean medley 12
Self-Sufficiency on Thursday Feb 01 2018 05:46