New Dawn
The first issue of New Dawn magazine appeared in May 1991 in Melbourne, Australia. From humble beginnings New Dawn has expanded into a unique bi-monthly publication distributed nationally throughout Australia and New Zealand, with a growing international readership. From lost civilisations and ancient wisdom, to secret societies and higher states of consciousness, New Dawn is a fascinating blend of mysteries, esotericism, spirituality and healing. Each thought-provoking issue examines the hidden dimensions of politics, history and religion in a non-dogmatic manner. New Dawn also offers cutting edge perspectives on world affairs and global trends, tackling issues and subjects the corporate controlled press often refuses to touch.
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New Dawn 167 (March-April 2018) 27
Alternative on Friday Mar 02 2018 03:07
Taoist Cosmic Healing: Energetic Medicine for Health & Spirit 27
Alternative on Thursday Feb 15 2018 04:28
Living Chi & Feng Shui 31
Alternative on Thursday Feb 15 2018 04:28
A Hundred Thousand Year Old Civilisation? 217
Alternative on Tuesday Feb 13 2018 04:18
Live or Let Die: Do We Want A Transhuman Future? 34
Alternative on Tuesday Feb 13 2018 04:10
The Man Who Conjured Hitler 30
Alternative on Tuesday Feb 13 2018 03:57
Sir Isaac Newton & the Land Where Time Began 18
Alternative on Tuesday Feb 13 2018 03:49
New Dawn Special Issue Vol.12 No.1 23
Alternative on Friday Feb 02 2018 00:49