Jackie Morris Artist
Jackie Morris is an artist, illustrator and writer living and working in West Wales.
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Spells and Magic of the Wild and Green Kind 14
Arts on Monday Apr 09 2018 14:10
Stamps, crowdfunding, finches. 10
Arts on Friday Apr 06 2018 08:50
A Lullaby of Salt Water, Fresh Water and Ink 95
Arts on Friday Mar 30 2018 14:50
Riversong: The language of liquid continued. 11
Arts on Thursday Mar 29 2018 13:50
Otters made from Ink and Riverwater 12
Arts on Wednesday Mar 28 2018 14:58
The Language of Liquid #3: St Cuthbert’s Otters 13
Arts on Thursday Mar 22 2018 09:42
Seven Questions 24
Arts on Tuesday Mar 20 2018 08:51
The Language of Liquid #2 28
Arts on Saturday Mar 17 2018 14:26
Time, ink, courage and breathe. 17
Arts on Thursday Mar 15 2018 15:18