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The New Poll Tax Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being...

Links for 11-20-17

Saez and Zucman on the Republican Tax Plan

Flatter Yield Curve? December Rate Hike?

The Rise and Future of Progressive Redistribution

(ACC VIDEO) Taxpayers pay for Congress’s sexual harassment settlements. Shouldn’t we get to know who did what to incur these settlements?

Spain’s Attorney General, Leading Catalan Prosecution, Falls Ill and Dies

This Chart Breaks Down Year-By-Year Congressional Settlements. It’s Stunning.

We are diminished, losing right before our eyes

The Backlash Against the Bullies

Party set to sack Mugabe, Zimbabweans celebrate expected downfall

“Economic Development” Is a Corporate Welfare Scheme

(ACC VIDEO) Given Dem leadership’s embrace of the “War on Women” rhetoric, and what we now know about Bill Clinton and Al Franken, should Nancy Pelosi apologize and step down?

I want more $ for the military; less $ for you: Leon Panetta

The Fed’s Bubblenomics

‘Racist’ gun range billboards in South Jersey should come down, activists say. The range’s owner disagrees.

Awful: Report Finds Link Between Veteran Suicide and VA Neglect

Abigail’s 16-Year Senate Victory Over FDA Bureaucrats

Some thoughts on the TSA and sexual assault (PIC)

(ACC VIDEO) Why did the Weinstein scandal spark all these other scandals? What do YOU think?

More than a dozen top Trump campaign officials subpoenaed in Mueller probe

Franken forces Dems to finally confront their own sexual assault scandals

If we are going to have a Bill Clinton “reckoning”, let’s have a bank bailout reckoning while we’re at it. Seems good a time to do it

Congress Grants Itself Immunity From Paying Sexual Harassment Claims

Links for 11-17-17

Productivity Growth and Real Interest Rates in the Long Run

US Wages: The Short-Term Mystery Resolved

Economics Gets Out More Often: Using Extramural Citations to Assess Economic Scholarship

Paul Krugman: Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan

Why I agree (gasp!) with Trump and the GOP — almost.

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