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(Best story of the day?) Toronto man builds park stairs for $550, irking city after $65,000 (to $150,000) estimate

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Let’s hope that we see more and more of this sort of thing. On the ground. Doing the right thing. Outmaneuvering the …

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Links for 07-22-17

This Is How Increasing the Minimum Wage Actually Hurts the Poor

Is It Time to Start Dismissing ‘Economics Deniers’? Minimum wage laws have negative effects whether or not their advocates acknowledge them.

Socialist blowup continues: Venezuelan President Reportedly Considering Asylum as Pressure Grows on Regime (Cuba or Russia)

German media failed to report refugee crisis honestly, study finds

What the “Big Lie” costs you every day of your life.

What is the fundamental motive for everything in politics?

Reporters Without Borders: Russian bill is copy-and-paste of Germany’s (terrible) hate speech law

Cops fine 5 year old girl for having lemonade stand

(GOP Rep.) Charlie Dent’s Commitment to Corporate Welfare Is Stronger Than Ever

Under fire for opposing health bill, Mike Lee hits back (Is it time for new leadership in the GOP?)

Student loan debt has grown 250% in the last 10 years—here’s where grads owe the least

Paul Krugman: Health Care in a Time of Sabotage

DC is a Gigantic Money Machine Essentially

Why winning teams fill stadiums

Feds Issued $171 Million in Improper Payments to People With More Than One SSN

Baltimore Cop Doesn’t Realize His Body Camera Is Filming, Films Himself Planting Drugs At Crime Scene

The truth about “civil forfeiture” from Rep. Justin Amash

How one woman built her own artificial pancreas and started a DIY movement

(Best story of the day?) Toronto man builds park stairs for $550, irking city after $65,000 (to $150,000) estimate

REASON: Net Neutrality Supporters Should Actually Hate the Regulations They’re Endorsing

Want to make BANK? Be a CEO of a taxpayer funded non-profit, $870,000/year for Urban League head

Missing Paperwork May Erase $5 Billion In Student Debt

Links for 07-20-17

This Ridiculous Republican Propaganda is Exactly Why We Need the CBO

US – Japan Alliance to Slow Rising China as Petrodollar Dies

How you completely can misunderstand Social Security

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Links to all posts: 9/7/09 to 7/19/17

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