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Emails show Iraq War PR alums led propaganda campaign to discredit Dakota Access protesters

“Melted nuclear fuel” finally found at Fukushima

Hottest day ever recorded in Shanghai as heat wave bakes China – Officials issue “red alert” as temperature hits 40.9°C

UN report: Billions lack access to safe water and sanitation

British Columbia extends state of emergency as wildfires continue to rage, torching 1,235-plus square miles – “This is unprecedented”

Xi Jinping is set for a big gamble with China’s carbon trading market – “One of the problems they have had is getting realistic numbers”

Trump to tap longtime coal lobbyist for EPA’s No. 2 spot – “Trump is once again catering to his polluter allies and prioritizing their profits over our kids’ health”

Oil spills perturb entire ocean food webs – Gulf of Mexico ecosystem may never recover

New danger from global warming: Shifting storms bring extreme waves, damage to once placid areas

Global sea level rise accelerates since 1990 – Greenland ice largely responsible for the accelerating pace of sea-level rise

2017 on track to be second hottest year on record – Scientists not as surprised as ThinkProgress article suggests

Response to MIT President: Paris Exit Scientifically Sound (Part I)

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Climate Alarmism and Corporate Responsibility: Rejecting Cronyism for ‘Good Profits’

Chronically Inundated US Coastal Communities Could Jump from 90-plus to Nearly 170 In Less Than 20 Years

Biotech Industry Writing Its Own Rules

People Have Made Enough Plastic To Cover Argentina, New Study Says

Meat Grown in a Vat May be Coming to Stores in 2018

U.S. owns 700 million barrels of oil. Trump wants to sell it.

Senate energy bill would fan the flames of climate change

To win climate justice we must hit Trump where it hurts

Friday party!

Trump nominates climate-denying conservative talk radio host as USDA’s top scientist

Increased reliance on natural gas in the power sector risks an emissions lock-in – “Natural gas is not as clean as often thought”

These “missing charts” may change the way you think about fossil fuel addiction

Larsen C responds to the calving of Iceberg A68

Germany is the Largest Organic Market in Europe

Dicamba Altercation Leads to Death

Carbon in atmosphere is rising, even as emissions stabilize

Joel Clement: I’m a scientist. I’m blowing the whistle on the Trump administration.