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Jaiden's White Chile

Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit

How did the term "to boycott" originate?

Fdr Knew What Liars Republicans Are And Have Always Been…watch…

Online Casino Popularity Is Growing Among Worldwide Players

Harry Coumnas Designs Flying Broomsticks to Let Kids Play Harry Potter-Inspired Quidditch

5 Questions for a Straight Bartender Working in a Gay Bar

PLAY ALONG: Stump the Guest - Subject: Sneakers

TSA Agriculture Inspection, Funny Story, DFW

'Old Twitter vs New Twitter': Users take to the social media site with hilarious memes

Trump And Any Oath

The Popularity Of E-Bikes Is Exploding. A $24 Billion Industry By 2025

Gorgeous 200mph Electric Supercar

Cacao Euphoria: A Salute to a Lawrencian Baker

Insert Cake in Facehole: A Salute to a Lawrencian Baker

CTJ’s InTouch Series: “Wholly Scripture: Confessions of a Wayfaring Reader”

Sanctuary of the Cinema 2016-2017 Syllabus

Read CTJ/Saint Upid’s Writings

“To Build a Throne”: My Essay on James Hampton

Marcia Epstein Interviews CTJ on

“Nightmarriage”: Information, Critical Acclaim, Published Excerpts, Free Audiobook MP3s & More

Book Review: Elizabeth Esther’s “Girl at the End of the World”

CTJ Designs Jennifer Luitwieler’s “Seven Days in May” Book Cover

Denison Witmer Sings Evie to Sleep

Man Builds Amazing Pop Up Camper

From Daily Kos Re What Trump Criminals Just Did To America

Why I left Buzzfeed (A Parody)

Musk's Tunnel Vision.

List of Trending Footwear Every Woman Needs to Know

Worlds First All-Electric VTOL Aircraft in Flight Tests! Electric Transportation - Our Future

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