Windows to Russia Now you gone and done it….I have said before, do not get the Russian woman involved. They run the country. When they get grouchy? The men have no choice but to defend them… Things are… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full…

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A Congressional subcommittee which was formed between May 1912 and January 1913 to investigate the so-called "money trust", a small group of Wall Street bankers that exerted powerful control over the nation's finances. After a resolution introduced by congressman Charles Lindbergh Sr. for a probe on Wall St. power, Arsène Pujo of Louisiana obtained congressional authorization to form a subcommittee of the House Committee on Banking and Currency. J. P. Morgan, George F. Baker, and other financiers testified  B.I.S. - ex-Nazi bank

Soviet Time Tidbit: Gates to Hell – Door to Hell…

Russian Antarctic Expedition operations plan for 2018–2022

 Sessions Opens Investigation: Obama, Holder, Lynch Defrauded Taxpayers of at Least $6 Billion

ANDRES AGUIAR (37249053) 4/21/2018 12:19:35 AM P.S.  I've been getting your e-mails with lots of info.  Thank you.

Found another McDonald’s and a wonderful place to walk…

Please Release All Innocent Prisoners, Political Prisoners, those with excessive sentences, Please review all cases Immediately and Release Them! Please President Donald John Trump

Please release Political Prisoner Sam Girod: TV tower collapse , Amish Farm Country, Nation: Fordland, Missouri.

Future of Asia: China's Economic Opportunities or America's Perpetual Conflict?

e-Forensics Inc Launches Program to Provide Defensible Same-Day, Forensic Disk Imaging at Flat Rates

e-Forensics Leverages CloudNine to Slash e-Discovery Costs

MARGONIPEROT, Introducing Fashion's Best Slim Fit Blazer Designs, Adds Wild Creative Velvet Jackets to Collections

"Letters From Behind The Wall" 27 years on a "drug" charge ANDRES AGUIAR (37249053) the key is to publicly expose the Judges who commit stupid or contradictory rulings

Journalist Bruce Catton’s Pulitzer Prize-winning works

Things are getting scary in Russia…

Have many journalists in your country been victims of violence because of their work?

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on authorities in the Dominican Republic to investigate threats made against you. What threats have you received?

I am Choosing The Light , March 30, 2018 with #codysnodgres

Political Prisoner: Clifford Keith Hobbs Clifford Keith Hobbs (39219044)

Cuba Swearing in New President Today to Succeed Raul Castro

How To Save Your Nation From The Nature Catastrophe

ISSA, DARRELL : Note: What exactly did you do on the investigation into the Murder of Jerry and Joe Kane

2014 health conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Just thinking and sipping coffee…

St. Louis Community College-Meramec sociology professor Lisa Martino-Taylor's research has raised the possibility that the Army performed radiation testing by mixing radioactive particles with the zinc .

When The Rule Of Law Was Destroyed In Salisbury…

April 18, 2018

Raul Castro Steps Down As President Of Cuba Ending The Castros 59 Year Run

Always and always…

call into 2188951861 passcode 1861 # howard griswold is speaking