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Trump on Yom Hashoah pledges “Never again!

Israel commemorates the six million victims of the Nazi Holocaust

Macron and Le Pen go to French runoff in two weeks

A girl soldier injured in stabbing attack by female terrorist

Israeli Boy Who Made Fake Threats Against US Synagogues Had $500,000 In BitCoin. Israel Refuses To Extradite Him.

Le Pen and Macron lead in first round of French presidential vote

Mattis in Djibouti amid high Red Sea stakes

Macron and Le Pen face will contest French presidency in runoff

US drone strike kills 5 Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, three civilians

Palestinian stabs four people in Tel Aviv hotel

Mattis lands in Djibouti from Qatar

Egyptian president on two-day trip to Saudi Arabia

French vote for president on edge after Champs Elysees terror attack

Palestinian stabs four passersby in Tel Aviv

Israel marks annual Holocaust Remembrance Day

France votes for president on edge after Champs Elysees terror attack

French voters for president on edge after Champs Elysees terror attack

Taliban attack kills or wounds 160 Afghan soldiers at northern army base

Mattis leaves Israel with unanswered questions

Israeli army strikes Syrian sources of mortar fire on Golan

Two more shells drop on the Golan

France deploys 50,000 anti-terror security officers after Champs Elysees attack

A mortar shell lands on Golan causing no damage

ISIS terror attack in Paris leaves police officer and gunman dead

One policeman dead, another wounded in Paris shooting

Hizballah conducts 'tour' of Israeli border area for 'journalists'

Israel’s 1967 attack on intelligence ship USS Liberty during its six day war of conquest – the only mystery has always been Lyndon Johnson’s bizarre reaction – what he created

Turkish terror group provided funds for St. Petersburg metro attack: judge

US defense secretary arrives in Israel for two-day visit

ISIS Opens Its Next Front in Sinai and Gulf of Aqaba

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