Marijuana Debate

Originally published at Stop The Drug War Getting caught growing a few pot plants in Pennsylvania could lead to a criminal charge and a likely sentence of probation, but for a Lehigh Valley man, it was a death sentence. This past Monday, 51-year-old Gregory A. Longenecker was found dead under a…

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How to Prevent Opioid Overdoses? Provide Hard-Core Addicts Free Pharmaceutical Heroin

Medical Marijuana Update

Bulldozed to Death for Growing 10 Marijuana Plants

Chronicle AM: MX Minister Talks Legalizing Drugs, BC Nurses in Canada Decrim Call, More... (7/18/18)

Oklahoma: Attorney General Warns Regulators Acted Improperly When Amending Voter-Initiated Marijuana Measure

Chronicle AM: OK Medical Marijuana Muddle, Toronto Health Board Says Decriminalize, More... (7/17/18)

House Rules Committee Blocks FY19 Marijuana Amendments

Chronicle AM: CA Legal Pot Draft Rules Unveiled, Opioid Crackdown Hurts Pain Patients, More... (7/16/18)

Kentucky NORML: Seniors and Cannabis

Chronicle AM: NY State Report Calls for Legal Pot, DOJ Fentanyl Crackdown, More... (7/13/18)

Weekly Legislative Roundup 7/13/18

New York: State-Commissioned Study Calls For Legalizing Adult Marijuana Use

Chronicle AM: OK Medical Marijuana Kerfluffle, UK Gov Won't Block Festival Pill Testing, More... (7/12/18)

2018 Congressional Letter Writing Campaign

Oklahoma Governor Signs Restrictive Amendments To State’s Voter-Initiated Marijuana Law

NORML Questions Police Tactics That Led to Man’s Death Over Small Marijuana Grow

Study: Medical Cannabis Access Associated With Significant Reduction In Prescription Opioid Use

Advocates Claim "Overdose Prevention" Bill Would Drive People Out of Treatment and Increase Overdoses [FEATURE]

Chronicle AM: Oklahoma Legalization Init, New DEA Opioid Regs, Sri Lanka to Hang Drug Dealers, More... (7/11/18)

Chronicle AM: OK Legal Pot Init, New DEA Opioid Regs, Sri Lanka to Hang Drug Dealers, More... (7/11/18)

Rhode Island: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Legislation Into Law

'Overdose Prevention’ Bill Would Actually Increase Overdoses by Driving People Out of Treatment [FEATURE]

WATCH: Cannabis: A Lost History (Full Documentary + Review by Dr. Mercola)

Mexico's President-Elect Looks for Ways to End the Drug Wars [FEATURE]

Chronicle AM: ME MedMJ Expansion Moves Ahead, CA Pot Arrests Drop Big-Time, More... (7/10/18)

Maine: Lawmakers Override Governor’s Veto, Expand Medical Marijuana Access

North Dakota: Advocates Turn In Signatures For 2018 Adult Use Initiative

Chronicle AM: AI Adopts First-Ever Drug Plank, ND Pot Init Hands in Signatures, More... (6/9/18)

Chronicle AM: Fed Judge Tired of Jailing Pot People, AI to Vote on New Drug Policy, More... (7/6/18)

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