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Urgent! New World Order To Be Ignited at UN Agenda 21 Meeting! One World Religion Ignited at Ground Zero Ceremony!

Friday, September 25, 2015 10:41
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By Lisa Haven


As I woke early this morning, I grabbed my favorite cup of coffee and turned on the television to see the latest news on Pope Francis’s visit to Ground Zero, where they had planed an interfaith prayer ceremony. As I placed my bottom in the chair and flipped to the appropriate channel, I was quickly awakened by the images I witnessed on the screen. 


To my surprise multiple religious had gathered in their religious garb to commemorate the events that transpired on September 11th, with Pope Francis leading the way. As each representative approached to give their call to “god”, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was living out the Book of Revelation and witnessing a cult ceremony. 


In the video below I delve through the true meaning behind this ceremony and even suggest that the United Nations Sustainable Development meeting that will be in session later today, and attended by 80 different nations around the world, just may be the kickstart of the New World Order. 


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  • drdeb

    Dear Lisa,
    You could be correct.
    God Bless You,

    • Norry

      Lisa. No apologies for past BS. just more of the same by the looks !
      You seem determined to undermine peoples’ faith with more fear !
      You have no credibility and obviously no shame !

  • Amminadab

    Good. The sooner tptb enforce the one world religion and the mark of the beast the sooner Christ will return.

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. When you grab your coffee you must also grab a doughnut. I find it clears the mind and the palate and makes for a proper angle or thought. A Charlie’s angle, if you will. :lol:

    But the scene you talked about made me sick to my guts. It was ALL PHONY and worse DECEIVING!! It might as well been advertised how leaders celebrate Halloween early all in their appropriate costumes.

    The only thing missing was the horns out of everyone of them. :twisted:


    Charlie (“You can observe a lot by eating doughnuts.” – Yogi Bear) :lol:

    • Three69ingSquirrels

      I think i finally understand you, Pink Taco.

      Doughnuts is a code word you use for di*ks

      • Bill Lyle

        IT would go a long way to explaining all his sodomite talk. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Eggzactly

    This Pope needs to grab his funny hat, hop back on the plane to the Vatican and worry about ‘Their’ problems and stop worrying about America’s problems. This Pope is a hypocritical globalist bully who despises capitalism and everything that made America the Greatest Nation on the Planet whilst Catholic Priest Violated Little Boys in the process! He wants open borders here but yet has a 40′ wall around the Vatican. He wants us to pay for millions of immigrants but will not allow immigrants at the Vatican.

  • brian

    It will be the Rapture that kicks things off… Not the NWO.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      There is no rapture, you need to study more and stop listening to false teachers.

    • SuperMario

      The Clucker already wrote about how the Mach Man Randy Savage stopped the Rapture.

  • Wretched Infidel

    Dear Lisa

    You felt this strongly about this ritual being Satanic, why do you think so? I think it is because of the Ones Who made you wanting to let you know something more about some vital things.

    but They know you didn’t know many specific things so they sent you a strong feeling about this when you were watching it. That is like instinct. we are given to instinctual feelings, feelings of strong aversion, or fear, or disgust, or love, sometimes, (I would say, often) at once – without knowing the ‘reasons why’ we felt that way… often we rationalize it all away, which sometimes (I would say, again, often) backfires on us. then we will suffer for not going with our ‘gut instinct’ which was not just us, our own mental subconscious, but often it is from the creators, Themselves, IAUE and Yahushua. Or their angels.

  • Syelent Monkee

    Please give up on the fear porn. Don’t you know porn is NOT christian approved?

    • djfxw

      She is not even a Christian. None of those that say they are really are. They are ‘light Christians’. ones that spew God crap and then don’t even follow the word of their God! Religious people are idiots and hypocrites.

    • Bill Lyle

      Tell that to that Duggar guy.

  • usa1

    There is going to be no NWO, the Pope is as HUMAN as you and me. well me anyway. nothing major is happening during SEPT/2015, and nothing is going to happen. the earth is flat, we never went to the MOON, FRN’s is real money, and gold is not! MSM is for real and they never lie about anything! Politicians lawyers, and judges in the USA are as honest as the day is long! There is no “man behind the curtain” and never was! The wizard of OZ is not science fiction! Star Trek exists in another level of awareness! Cats do have nine lives! There is real Gold at the end of the rainbow, I have seen it, and it is in a pot! :twisted: :cool: :twisted: :eek:

  • albertan

    Why don’t we get a vote on this New World Order Bull $hit? 80 pieces of Rat Turd get to decode the fate of the world. I don’t think so.

  • Mohsen Samii

    More hype here as the Jews and the Muslims will not join this movement.

  • Wellingtondeb

    WOW!!!! This does look like a joining of hands with Rome….. and kicking off of the New World Order and One World Religion. For a good look at what has been in the works for a while check out Prof. Walter Veith’s Video on YouTube or Amazing Discoveries called “BEAMABLE SUSTAINABLE PRINCES” …he nailed in on the head over 7 years ago. This is very prophetic….Jesus is coming soon… and we are not ready.

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    I would have bet $20 that YOU PEOPLE would have something to whine about concerning this ecumenical service!

    • yen ain\\\'t happening

      Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump-Thumper, Thanks for the $20, you can donate it to the nazi :razz: :razz:

  • hailthechief

    Good luck telling people what to believe in. In no way can you have a One World religion. It’s like having one world of all Women. It is more logical to have a world without religion than one world believing in a singular religion. If you do your own research you will discover why religion was created, and it has caused our world to end up where it is today. So, everything you hate about the world, the people, the government, the pollution, etc, is a product of religion. Don’t believe me? Research it. Then see how many people have been murdered because of reliigion. Look at the major religions and how greedy they actually are, how they act like businesses, don’t pay taxes, take and take to build churches and make pastors and priests wealthy instead of giving it back to the community, raping children, on and on and on. Religion is trash. Might as well reenact Game of Thrones and believe you are doing good by God. Idiots.

    • sarah

      Christianity is a lifestyle, not a religion.

      The ‘Religious Leaders’ of Jesus day along with the ‘Roman Government’ put Jesus on the cross.

      A ‘Religious Spirit’ is one of the most evil spirits and is in league with the Devil.

      So, all the Devil’s servants got together today at Ground Zero in honor of their father the Devil.

      I doubt there was a Christian among those gathered with the Pope.

      • Michael Carrigan


        True religion is just a part of Christianity. The idea that Christianity is just one of many religions is evil.

        James 1:27
        Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

  • John Littlejohn

    Keep in mind that this is all nothing more than Theater for the consumption of the deceived masses. Nothing is as it seems. It is all salesmanship even to and through the highesst levels. 80 Nations seems as the “Majority” of the World’s Nations, but it is not even one-half because I think there are a total of 193 Nations or Countries in the World. Putin of Russia said One World Government is impossible. He said, much like the prioity in the body, balance is needed in order to function optimally in order to produce any acceptable fruits in your labors. Don’t be swayed or impresssed by the 80 Nations. It is contrilled Theater ONLY!

  • Klemens

    Catholics today must understand the limits of the Pope and bishops’ authority.

  • Klemens

    This country has hated Catholicism since before the country was founded. It was illegal to be Catholic in 10 of the 13 original colonies, and in the remaining three, it was no picnic. Winning a war of independence and establishing a new country may have changed the law, but it did nothing to change the underlying attitude — that is, until, as Coulter so correctly puts it, American Catholics gave up their Roman Catholicism and started becoming more American Catholic — which, in a word, is Protestant.

  • Brent Holman

    Sure, if one is completely insane. Also, helps to know how to spell, or at least proofread. Also, unsustainable development would have already screwed everyone over completely, since the 1970′s.

  • Overmind

    If you can identify which Jedi (oh oops priest) belongs to what Order (oops church) in the picture above, then you know enough religion history to see the big picture.

  • BlueDissident

    Stupid woman

  • djfxw

    How did your fake doom and predictions work for you? I see your God likes to play jokes on you. You seem to make stuff up that never comes true. You and Lyn need to make your own site of fake doom that your crap bible tells you.

  • Redeemer

    An article without firm prediction dates, that would be unthinkable! :lol:

    Some non predictive, non fear porn news……

  • cyberkahuna

    Just another anti Catholic terrorism story. People that write this bullying stuff are nothing more than religious TERRORISTS…..

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