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Mind Controlled via Computer? Reader Reports Psycho Torture Program Inducted After Opening Interactive Email Titled, “Jessica’s Room”

Friday, September 30, 2016 18:34
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Mind Controlled via Computer?
Reader Reports Psycho Torture Program Inducted After Opening Interactive Email Titled, “Jessica’s Room”

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September 29, 2016

Mind Controlled via Computer? Reader Reports Psycho Torture Program Inducted After Opening Interactive Email Titled, “Jessica’s Room” (Sep. 29, 2016)

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[Editor's Note: I wouldn't dismiss this warning because you have no understanding or experience with this phenomenon. I experienced something along these lines myself a few years ago, by simply READING text at a web site I was asked to look into, that appeared innocent, but was set up to induce a type of black magic program by reading certain odd, illogical phrases that caused me to have intense headaches and discomfort for a few days. I later found out it was a military operation using black magic to affect the reader and install some type of mind control program. I posted a note about it at the time. I NEVER open up any email attachment unless I know who sent it and what's in it. If you don't know what an email is about, DELETE it. The observations noted here have demon-possessed people who are simply grooving on torturing and tormenting this man. Only Luciferians think and act this way. Don't take this subject lightly. A young man's life is now a Living Hell because he opened an interactive email attachment. I touched up the spelling and punctuation to make it easier to read and understand.]

Email sent to Ken Adachi on September 21, 2016

On 9/21/2016, (Bill) wrote:

Mk ultra is nothing compared to what I am dealing with. The electronic control you are speaking of is accurate. It’s sent to people, at least the one I have, dealt with in an email. You will know you are exposed when you go to sleep. It creates bad dreams and all the methods can be used on you from the CIA open source building. I was exposed after an ex-girlfriend of mine parents took me there 12 years ago and I didn’t know what it was until I recieved an email. This technology is being spread like you said. I can tell you more if you respond. I want you to get this info out there. I know a lot more than what you are discussing in here, but I can tell you after. Any interactive emails do not open them.


OK, Tell me who you are and tell me your story.

Thanks, Ken


On 9/25/2016, Bill wrote:
Re: Day 154 of torture by the CIA

My name is Bill. I don’t want to go into more detail than that, but I will tell you the whole story.

12 years ago. I was taken by my girlfriend’s dad at the time to open source intelligence in Virginia. He made a stop there on his way to Wisconsin. The date was July 3rd and I know this because we went for a barbeque up there. Me and her broke up a month later and I recieved a really weird interactive email called “Jessica’s room.”

Every time you clicked on something, it showed a short clip of really stupid things: The guy who plays Tommy Boy spinning around; the woman from Ferris Beuler’s Day Off holding a demolition sign doing road work; and Charlie Sheen driving a really s***ty car, probably a late 1970s Ford. It then has notes on the screen similiar to Guitar Hero. And it says: “No Zeet Zots”, “Lickem Lollys”, “Lolly Gaggers” and a bunch of s*** that makes no sense. I can’t remember it all.

Zeet Zots: it has him wiping his rear view mirror of two “x’s” or some s*** Then at the end, it has a d*** going into a woman. I think it’s really s***ty graphics and after that you click on something and it shows a baby being born or something. No hallucinations or effects immediately until you go to sleep.

I was hit again with this a few mtgs ago this is just the initial effects which I am explaining to you. When you go to sleep, it really hits hard. It’s like a dream for days packed into an hour or so. A blue and pink gun on a beach and then drowning in water for like a couple of days. It has you getting dragged with no control thru a stupid story line and at the end you are pulled back into the sun and you grow skin and a body.

A few days after that dumb s*** you see a vivid hallucination on the wall in front of you with her and her parents saying they are going to take everything from you and also steal your soul and the images are really lame, like drawn. It has them litterally doing incest things almost like an orgy and then they poop out red hearts. Dumbest s*** I’ve ever seen that lasts about 2 hours. I”ve been thru it twice which gave me recall of the first time.

Then at some point you hear someone give you a phone number to call which is her number from then which I forgot and I am not calling that s*** ever. The physical torture the first time I believe was short lived. I showed it to my dad, a friend and my little brother. They don’t remember it at all, but neither did I till I got hit again 157 days ago. The questions are repetative:

“What do you know about Hopsin?”

“What do you know about us?”

“What do you know about them?”

Stupid broken record questions. I think I got hit with a second program, though, about 157 days ago because it’s still going on and it stopped bothering me the initial time after a week maybe. The second hallucination has CIA-CIS on it .

It shows an old building and a lot of people looking for work and a black woman doing a right hand turn around a block so many times it seems like years. That is about all I can remember about that one. The writing on the wall in the jail cell had her email address on it and it said, I’m assuming, trigger words, but I’m not sure how it works. The words were almost jumping out in a color like the inside of a clam shell, like a rainbow color, but written in black. I have almost lost everything now and this is continuing.

Some things I have noticed: The program with the Zeet Zots gives you stupid dreams, but they are the same and I remember them after they wake you up. Even this morning, I was awakened by another stupid dream. It’s no longer her anymore. It’s usually celebrities and really stupid dreams at that. The physical torture hasn’t happened now for about 5 days or so, but I assume it’s coming. Everything I read about in MK Ultra on your post. they can do without physical contact. Shut your diaphram down, 10 day sleep deprivation is the longest I’ve gone and the repeating questions are 24 hrs a day. Recently, about two weeks ago, they started really getting stupid making me hear song lines for a few days at a time until I want to assault someone and they turn it down. They also did something a bit embarassing. but started making it feel like I was a woman and then doing s*** I don’t want to repeat. And a week and a half ago, simulated me giving birth. And they keep repeating her name and it’s so stupid. The thing about this is I don’t see the purpose in the experiment if this is one. Why the ex-girlfriend? Why torture me? Another thing I’ve noticed is when I display weakness, so after days of hearing gold up in my teeth from that stupid song on the radio. They dig in . There is also a disturbance slightly from my cellphone to the tinker bell sound which increases when they physically torture me.

Also if I am typing to you like this or on facebook, it almost drowns the repeating s*** out I’m assuming it’s some part of the brain being busy, but I can’t be on the phone all the time. Sometimes I do it just to get it to stop for a bit. If I browse facebook it stops for a bit. Most of the dreams have celebrities. The audio, while I’m awake, is repetative questioning and no matter how you answer, it doesnt stop. And sometines, whoever is f***ing with me, if I say something they make it seems like they are which freaks me out because I feel like I’m not talking. It’s difficult to explain. The repeating is a computer for sure, but sometines it’s definately a person talking. Usually, about stupid s***. But in a heartbeat, they change and begin the abuse again.

Honestly, I am surprised I’ve made it this far. I’ve almost died a few times. And soon I may lose my last belongings and my credit is destroyed because of this. If you have any questions, shoot. Oh, one more thing. It plays on dissapointment. So every night I hear: “Tonight we are going to free you from the program.” And it is so dissapointing when I’m kept awake most of the night and wake up to a stupid fabricated dream with some dumb celebrity. They also have drained my bank too with delusions of grandeur.

I stopped listening about two months ago and they changed their tactics like: “Oh, we are going to pay you now. Meet us here”, etc. And I fell for it a few times like a dumbass. The main part of this which I feel bad about is other people in jail and other places are suffering from this s***. Ive seen it and they won’t remember it.

Have a nice day sir. Any questions feel free to contact me.



On 9/25/2016, Bill wrote:
Do not open an email from or maybe yessica I can’t remember which


On 9/25/2016, Bill wrote:

Questions ive been asked for the entire time. Note: 24 hr a day repeat.

“What do you know about us?”
“What do you know about them?”
“What do you know about Flint, Michigan?”
“Tell me who did Flint?”
“Tell me about the Zika virus?”

Another round:

“What do you know about Hopsin?”
“Tell me about hopsin?”
“I am a real thing hopsin.”
“I am not a real thing hopsin.”
“It’s a real thing.”
“It’s not a real thing.”
“What do you know about us?”
“What do you know about them?”

Note…Ive heard about Flint for so long I want to make these assholes drink the f***ing water.

“Why don’t you Kill yourself Hopsin?”…etc. It goes on and on.

Hopsin is a black rapper in California. I’ve heard it at least 50,000 times, probably more.

Oh, and when they drive me out of control, they just turn the torture down and the buzzing dies down. Have you heard about this bulls***?

I am also concerned about their pattern.. If they are getting all my possible responses, then after a certain amount of time, I think they could turn me into a vegatable. Because the responses would be there and my mind would just be leaking verbal with no control. I’m a bit worried, but I can’t do anything so I have to sit here and take it.

I’m a good guy, never killed anyone, and I’m really intelligent. This program “ill call” it is making me mean though. I don’t want to be the person it’s changing me into.


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