Obama Birthplace Controversy

Yesterday, President Donald J. Trump finally had a private meeting with the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and the Democrats, the radical left, the anti-Trump RINOs and GOPe, and (most especially) Obama’s “intelligence community” lost their collective minds, accusing the president of “high crimes and misdemeanors” as well as treason–all…

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If This Be Treason

Case against Thrivent, NAIC  why arbitration clauses should be banned, If arbitration benefits members why mandate?, Erickson vs Thrivent

Seth Rich Murder Witness Live Press Conference Frank Whalen Speaking Watch Live

Alleged Seth Rich murder witness press conference Tuesday July 11, 2018, Alleges  ATF agent and DEA agent shot Seth Rich, “What the witness says matches what the police say and matches what we know from the surveillance videos,”

The Strzok and Page Show

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans v. Colin Brock appeal, Thrivent nonpayment of disability benefits, Order denying Thrivent’s motion to confirm arbitration award, Brock alleges fraud corruption or other undue means

President Trump announces nominee for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, WhiteHouse.gov, Watch live July 9, 2018 9:00 PM, Marbury V Madison

Thrivent insurance claims reviews, Dispute resolution program benefits members?,Christian common bond?, “Don’t use this company they hide behind the cross”

Disability insurance claims delayed and denied, Human stories hidden, Susan Kristoff fought cancer and insurance injustice, Did Kristoff’s struggles with insurance lead to early death?

Declaration of Independence grievance “For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury”, July 4, 2018, Forced arbitration depriving us of our day in court

Independence Day 2018

Thrivent denies 96 year old Elaine Tollefson assisted living help, Paid on policy 26 years, Fine print and appeal panel denial, What happened to spirit of law and Christianity?

US Supreme Court decision to uphold mandated arbitration further erodes our rights, Our day in court, “deprivation of consumers’ rights to seek redress for losses”

Astroturfed Mob Mentality

James A. Lyons Jr. retired US Navy admiral Seth Rich article scrubbed?, Washington Times sued by Aaron Rich, False theories about unsolved murder?, First amendment rights?, Many questions unanswered


Forced arbitration the hidden enemy that has eroded our basic right for our day in court, Mandated dispute resolution impact, NY Times: Stacking the deck of justice

Roots of immigration mess beginning with Clinton Gore administration exposed by honest Democrat David Schippers, Exploitation of INC CUSA program to gain voters opened floodgate, “The ends justify the means” “win at any cost”

Inspecting the Inspector General

Father’s Day Weekend 2018

Flag Day 2018

Get Outta Here!

D Day June 7, 2018, Never forget, 1944 the greatest invasion ever seen landed on the Normandy beach, Story our children and their children should know, Let us never forget D-Day

D-Day Remembrance 2018

May 2018 full time jobs jump record 904k, Low quality part time jobs plunge 625k, Trump tweets on historic employment numbers

Fake News, Russian Style

World War II battle for Aleutian Attu Island forgotten but still haunts soldiers, Japanese surprise attack off Alaska coast, Only WWII battle on US soil, Mostly hand to hand combat

Thrivent buys ethics awards?, Touts Christian values, The ethics of firms paying to be honored for ethics, Ethisphere Institute “World’s Most Ethical Companies”, Thrivent touts these “ethics” awards”

Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Alexa records and shares private conversations without your permission, Telescreen of 1984, Thought criminals easily monitored, A Party member lives from birth to death under the eye of the Thought Police

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