Obama Birthplace Controversy

Big Breakthrough! Roy Moore Accusation Case Falls To Pieces When CNN Calls Out Faults In Accusation’s Facts (Video)

BREAKING: Wolf Blitzer Repeatedly Asks Gloria Allred if the Yearbook Signature is a Forgery — ALLRED REFUSES TO ANSWER! (VIDEO) Embattled Attorney Gloria Allred, who is well known for trotting out women to confess to phony crimes against conservatives, held a press conference on Monday afternoon. Allred and her client

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Hillary is Simply Unbelievable

Charlottesville we warned you about Obamacare, Families shocked by 2018 premiums, Helpless and raging, Skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, Donna Brazile “Obama left the party $24 million in debt”

Big Breakthrough! Roy Moore Accusation Case Falls To Pieces When CNN Calls Out Faults In Accusation's Facts (Video)

I'm Accusing The US government Of Covering Up That Obama's The Antichrist. GOP And DNC Both Involved (Video)

Why Has US Government Suspiciously Never Confronted Me About Calling Obama The Antichrist? I Wonder Why? (Video)

Weaponized Hit?

Veterans Day Weekend 2017

The Democratic Money Behind Russia gate, Joe Lauria article scrubbed by Huffington Post, Resurrected by Zero Hedge, Russia-gate allegations trace back to claims paid for or generated by Democrats

Connections of a Saudi Prince

DOJ May Charge the Russian Hackers?

Podesta To Be Indicted Tomorrow / Obama / Clinton Exposed Russia. About To Go Down! Get Ready! LIVE NOW (Video)

Obama Finally Confesses: “I Was Born In Kenya!” In His Words! Obama The “Christian” Admits He's Lying Muslim (Video)

Barack Obama Speaks At First Obama Foundation Summit In Chicago=Antichrists Big Return As Per The Bible (Video)

Amazing Portrait: Barack Obama As The Antichrist. Halloween Greeting Card From The Democrat Golden Boy/Satan!(Video)

Halloween Cultural Appropriation

JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored

CIA complicit in JFK assassination?, Reason for delay & further review?, Dallas police officer JD Tippit real JFK assassin?, CIA’s David Atlee Phillips aka Maurice Bishop involved?, Antonio Veciana involved?

Jesus Campos left US for Mexico days after Las Vegas shooting, Campos drove with gunshot wound to his right leg?, Only witness allowed to leave country

Download JFK Assassination Records 2017 additional documents release, National archives, Withheld in full or withheld in part, Each release file is ZIP with copies of the records and a XLSX spreadsheet

Some Lives and Some Names

Kennedy assassination documents 2017 release, Deja vu increases, Dorothy Kilgallen and Kymberley Suchomel died in sleep, Info destroys narrative of lone gunman, No one saw Lee Harvey Oswald or Steven Paddock pull trigger

End of a Crazy Week

The Biggest Story Since The Bible Is This Article. Don’t Miss It: Reveals The Name Of The Antichrist By Kin (Video)

MGM Mandalay Bay insisted Jesus Campos appear only on Ellen DeGeneres show, David Hickey: “Everyone knew he wasn’t to talk about security protocols staffing or training or give out names of employees”, No real questions asked

Attorney Victoria Toensing client FBI informant blocked from revealing Russia nuclear corruption case to congress, Bill and Hillary Clinton pay to play, John Podesta heavily involved

David Hickey SPFPA 2012 Fed investigation, Security union’s leader probed for possible fraud, Detroit News article scrubbed, Allegations labor boss stole money from union whose members guard nuclear power plants NASA space center

Jesus Campos vanished, David Hickey last to communicate with Campos investigated in 2012 for embezzlement, No one saw Campos be a hero, No one saw Steven Paddock pull a trigger, Quick Care has no record

Ides of October Open Thread

Austrian Politician, 31, Will Become The World's Youngest Leader. Pledges To Cut All Benefits For Foreigners (Video)

North Korea May Have Actually Nuked Itself Out Of A Nuclear Test Site (Video) Is It Self-Destroying Biblical Curse?

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