Obama Birthplace Controversy

Feb 17, 2018 Is the Antichrist Being Revealed? Obama, The Fraud Announced By The Bible As Antichrist Without Any Identity (Video)

Feb 17, 2018 Is the Antichrist Being Revealed? Lets look at some disturbing information. Is the Antichrist being revealed before our eyes? https://www.oneplace.com/ministries/u… Obama: King of the World? Barack Obama doesn’t just want to fundamentally transform America. His sights are on the world. Many stories are breaking that he aspires

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Why is Ellen Weintraub a former Perkins Coie employee still a FEC commissioner?, Obvious why Obama kept her on, Trump admin: wake up!

Feb 17, 2018 Is the Antichrist Being Revealed? Obama, The Fraud Announced By The Bible As Antichrist Without Any Identity (Video)

To Julian Assange from Citizen Wells, Seth Rich leaker? Yes or No, From one IT guy to another, From one lover of truth to another, Best wishes regardless

To President Trump from Citizen Wells, 2012 Obama passport and records challenge, Obama refused and kept records hidden, Brennan et al cauterized Obama’s passport records, Please investigate

Newt Gingrich, Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Tear Obama a New One. About Time Someone Finally Showed Some Balls and Stood up for the USA (Video)

An Eventful Week

Obama Knew. The Then-President Wanted “To Know Everything” The FBI Was Doing In The Russia Probe. Jail? (Video)

Obama in Loop With FBI Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Text Messages Reveal Exchanges Preparing Talking Points for James Comey to Give to President Obama Who Wanted “to Know Everything We’re Doing”

Senator Grassley’s Referral Memo

Ready To Go, Here At BIN Anyone? 4 People Writing To BIN Say Obama's The Antichrist: Jaywill, THE LIGHT, David Montaigne And Mark Brander (Video)

FBI 90 Percent Chance of Hillary Indictment, Decades of Clinton Crime, David Schippers and Judicial Watch Findings, John Podesta Tied to Crimes

FISA Memo Intel Leads Directly to Barack Obama’s Desk. End Times For Biggest Fraud In USA History: Barack Hussein Obama Alias Barry Parks (Video)

Spy Spin

Shocking Photo Of Obama With Racist Black Nationalist Muslim Louis Farrakhan. "The Messiah Obama Is Absolutely Speaking" (Video)

Why Are Strzok and Page Still On The Public Payroll?

Congress Is No Longer A ‘Swamp’, It’s A Sewer. : Rep. Gosar....Lou Dobbs Is Pissed…(Video)

When will Hillary Clinton be arrested?, Judicial Watch, Clinton emails new smoking gun reveals Hillary fully in charge of setting up her outlaw email system, Deeply involved in her server and use of unsecure email system

What the President Said (Or Not)

‘Sh*t Is About To Hit The Fan": Ex-SS Agent Warns ‘Devastating’ FISA Memo Set To ‘Expose’ Obama (Video) Biggest News So Far

Very Stable Genius, Indeed!

Right Answer! Arpaio Not Surprised By Erroneous Hawaiian Missile Alert, Points To State's Handling Of 'Phony' Obama Birth Certificate (Video) Booom!

On A Great Roll, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Pushes Jeanine Pirro to Talk About The Birth Certificate. Watch Her Panic And Hit The Ceiling

Master Baiter Trump = Nigerian-British Actress Threatens President Trump With Witchcraft: ‘You Are Not Safe’. Secret Service To Investigate. Trump Suing? (Video)

Oprah Winfrey website scrubbed down low articles after 2008 DNC convention, Coincidence or more hypocrisy?, Winfrey and Obama attended TUCC church, Rev. Jeremiah Wright ran “matchmaking service” known as down low club

Where Won’t the Birth Certificate Be?

Sheriff Joe Not Backing Down On Obama’s Birth Certificate. The Savagery Of Obama Revealed. He's An Illegal Criminal Fraudster (Video)

Grace Murray Hopper USNR, David and Goliath, Selected computer articles 78, Department of Defense computer institute

Miracles Appearing Unexplainably. A Cross On A Rabbit's Forehead. The Mark Of The Apocalypse #666 In The Lottery (Video)

Fire And Fury Author Is Facing Legal Issues And Might End Up With Fines. Author Of Bombshell, Error-Ridden Trump Book Might Have Opened Himself To Lawsuits (Video)

By Radically Sudden Move, Trump Attacks Obama. The Earthquake of New Book Pushes the Donald into All-Out Attack (Video)