Obama Birthplace Controversy

A Trump Pardon For Joe Arpaio? Massive Arizona Rally On Tuesday! Trump May Bring AZ Sheriff Joe On Stage!! (Video)

Eclipse May mark Revelation Of Antichrist Obama. Joe rips possible Arpaio pardon: Trump will enrage every judge to please some white nationalists President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally Tuesday in Arizona, where he may pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio — a move that MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said would

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A Trump Pardon For Joe Arpaio? Massive Arizona Rally On Tuesday! Trump May Bring AZ Sheriff Joe On Stage!! (Video)

8/21/2017 The Great American Eclipse

Cultural Genocide and the Alt-Left

The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse And I, The Messiah, At BeforeItsNews Announce Jesus’ Second Coming (Video)

Thugs in Durham NC topple Confederate Soldiers Monument just as Nazis burned books in Germany because it offended them, Democrat party (party of slavery) forced my ancestors and others to fight for wrong cause, Revisionist history warned of in “1984”

Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville?

Wanna See the Solar Eclipse? It Signifies Last Days Of Mockers. Here's What You Have to Know | WIRED (Video)

CNN Broadcasts from Hawaiin Bunker, Prepares People for Nuclear War (Video) Left Was Always Badly Crazy From Day 1!

Dual Citizenship and Public Office

Debbie Is Key To Unravelling Everything. Democrats Are Such Incompetent Criminals That The Very Base Stinks (Video)

Turkey Announces War On Europe In Shocking Headline News! (Video) Warmongering Alert Good To Send Out For All to See

White American employment up almost 1 million under first 6 months of Trump, Back to Jan 2008 levels, 2016 under Obama only rose 239k

Epic White House Briefing Room In Chaos, Anarchic Vintage Footage, Don’t Miss It! White House Total Panic! (Video)

Rep. King Calls for Wider Investigations

Treasonous Wasserman Schultz “Still In Big Trouble”: Tucker Carlson On Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ Spiral Down (Video)

NPR alleges Wheeler lawsuit alleges Fox News and Trump supporter created fake news story, Same day as Seth Rich murder reenactment, Damage control?

Boom! Imran Awan Had Access To Email Of Every Member of Congress. Sold Secrets To Foreign Agents! Boom!Boom! (Video)

Obama's Sanity Questioned! What Kind Of Madman Led The Free World For 8 Years? A Malignant Narcissist (Video)

Awan-na Know What’s Going On!

Manufactured news for hire?, Yes it is new media normal, No it is not new, Woodward and Bernstein’s work lionized and taken to new levels in Obama era, “1984” provided both playbook and warning

Hawaii judge Derrick Watson weakens Trump travel ban, Expands list of exceptions, Why not just issue birth certificates like done for foreign born Obama?

Seth Rich murder anniversary July 10, 2017, Rich assassination by hit men, If not for DNC leaks then why?, Forensic experts claim not a botched robbery, Julian Assange offered reward and implied Rich was source of leaks, Hard facts and compelling circumstantial evidence

Independence Day July 4, 2017, Declare independence from lies misinformation herd mentality, Ask questions seek truth, Colleges preparing kids for economy that no longer exists, Continue to scam parents and students

Julian Assange (Winston) the thought criminal, George Orwell birthday, Orwell could not have envisioned the level of messenger shooting, The Times “It’s time the UK forced Assange out of hiding”

Martinez Lemus illegal alien charged with murder of 80 year old woman, Previously charged with felony serious injury by vehicle driving while impaired driving without a license careless and reckless driving and traveling the wrong way on a highway, Anyone assisting him stay in the US accessory

The Profiling Project initial findings June 20, 2017 11:00 AM news conference Arlington, Virginia, Access to hospital doctor medical records and police data?, What about alleged neighbor witness video claims?

Vermont Supreme Court decision in Paige natural born citizen lawsuit, June 16, 2017, H. Brooke Paige v. State of Vermont Secretary of State James Condos Ted Cruz Marco Rubio, 3-2 decision

Tim Canova Debbie Wasserman Schultz challenger on Seth Rich murder questions, “I wondered what the DNC under Wasserman Schultz was capable of”, Canova opens door on Rich murder?

Megyn Kelly Putin interview, Mythical Russian interference in election, Kept waiting for Putin to mention Seth Rich, Putin slammed Kelly and media, “Have you all lost your sense over there?”

Bird's-Eye View Of Obama's Hair-Raising Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas; Forbes Air Force Base. BIN Fears This (Video)