Obama Birthplace Controversy

The Biggest Story Since The Bible Is This Article. Don’t Miss It: Reveals The Name Of The Antichrist By Kin (Video)

Does anyone want to publish a story about Obama’s third cousin Linda Joy Adams? (Her blog’s “Daily Recap” posts speak about Obama’s Topeka birth.) It’s a big story!!! She says Obama’s father was from Topeka, Kansas, the same place Obama’s mother Stanley is from. Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.

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End of a Crazy Week
By We the People of the United States on Saturday Oct 21 2017 13:26

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End of a Crazy Week

The Biggest Story Since The Bible Is This Article. Don’t Miss It: Reveals The Name Of The Antichrist By Kin (Video)

MGM Mandalay Bay insisted Jesus Campos appear only on Ellen DeGeneres show, David Hickey: “Everyone knew he wasn’t to talk about security protocols staffing or training or give out names of employees”, No real questions asked

Attorney Victoria Toensing client FBI informant blocked from revealing Russia nuclear corruption case to congress, Bill and Hillary Clinton pay to play, John Podesta heavily involved

David Hickey SPFPA 2012 Fed investigation, Security union’s leader probed for possible fraud, Detroit News article scrubbed, Allegations labor boss stole money from union whose members guard nuclear power plants NASA space center

Jesus Campos vanished, David Hickey last to communicate with Campos investigated in 2012 for embezzlement, No one saw Campos be a hero, No one saw Steven Paddock pull a trigger, Quick Care has no record

Ides of October Open Thread

Austrian Politician, 31, Will Become The World's Youngest Leader. Pledges To Cut All Benefits For Foreigners (Video)

North Korea May Have Actually Nuked Itself Out Of A Nuclear Test Site (Video) Is It Self-Destroying Biblical Curse?

Las Vegas media narrative destroyed by Ann Coulter, Paddock getting rich playing video poker?, Anyone see Steven Paddock pull trigger?, Probable illicit business requiring money laundering is illegal gun sales

Abrupt Wakeup Call: 6666666 Came Out On Friday 13th! Why Is No One Talking About It? Fear! Apocalypse! (Video)

“Minute” Changes to Facts about Las Vegas Shooting

Las Vegas single shooter narrative collapses under scrutiny, Police scanners and revelation 32nd floor shooter shot security guard before crowd proves other shooters involved, Zero proof Paddock pulled trigger

Las Vegas Prostitute Speaks Out About Stephen Paddock’s Bizarre Sexual Fantasies. Weird, Twisted, Lib Killer (Video)

NBC rectifies (in orwellian fashion) Las Vegas shooter article, No update mentioned, Redirects link to narrative version, “Investigators are puzzled by two discoveries” replaced with “Investigators are “confident” that no one else entered the Las Vegas hotel suite”

Columbus Day Weekend

Big Oct 31. End Times Date. Antichrist Obama Holds Huge Foundation-Inauguration. World Leaders Attending! (Video)

It’s The Calm Before The Storm: Trump Offers Cryptic Message Announcing Whole World Nuclear Holocaust!!!! (Video)

Las Vegas 32nd Floor Single Shooter Theory Exposed - Proof Floor 32 Not Source of First Shots - Anyone See Paddock fire shots? Why it Took 72 Minutes - Stephen Paddock Set up and Assassinated?

Obamacare premiums in Florida to rise 45 percent on average in 2018, What about deductibles?, Impact on private and company plans?

Seth Rich murder tv ad video airing Tuesday Sept 26, 2017 in Washington DC and 22 largest television markets, Jack Burkman and independent commission investigating the Rich case

Seth Rich murder Washington DC tv ad Tuesday Sept 26, 2017, Russian subtitles, Questions DNC staffer murder, Asking viewers for information

All Mr. Comey’s Wiretaps, Extraordinary & worrisome, Wall Street Journal: how FBI meddled in 2016 elections

Antifa attack warnings from FBI and Homeland security, Domestic terrorists, Federal authorities have warned state and local officials since early 2016

Thugs in Durham NC topple Confederate Soldiers Monument just as Nazis burned books in Germany because it offended them, Democrat party (party of slavery) forced my ancestors and others to fight for wrong cause, Revisionist history warned of in “1984”

White American employment up almost 1 million under first 6 months of Trump, Back to Jan 2008 levels, 2016 under Obama only rose 239k

Mainstream Media Malpractice

16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting, Mainstream (fake news) media ignores, Public  not being told truth about what really happened in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Shooter Fired Repeatedly for 72 Minutes Daily Mail Reports - 72 Minutes? - Paddock Shooter or Patsy, 4th Floor Shooter? Suicide or Staged? Girlfriend Marilou Danley Questions

Mandalay Bay suspect 4th floor video and police report reference, Video authentic?, I had Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu moment yesterday, Paddock patsy and or multiple gunmen?