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Obama Birthplace Controversy

Obama Plummets After Leaving White House – In New Survey. Historians Now Rank Obama 12th Best President!!! (Video)

Barack Obama: I am the fourth best President in history Was Obama a Good President? Two young black women who voted for Obama for the first time in 2008 have very different opinions of whether he was a good president for race relations and for the USA. (Obama’s birth certificate

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Obama: Bum Turned President. First Illegal Undocumented Vagrant POTUS. Obama Like 'Being There' Film? (Video)

100% Proof That Obama Was A Fake President (Video) Has Anyone Asked Him For His Birth Certificate? He’s A Vagrant!

Obama Plummets After Leaving White House - In New Survey. Historians Now Rank Obama 12th Best President!!! (Video)

You Haven’t Seen Trumps Epic 2011 Rant On “The View” Against Whoopi Goldberg’s Insults. It's Vintage Trump! (Video)

What Did Candidate Clinton Know, and When Did She Know It?

Shocker! Hallowed Holy Jerusalem, As The Bible Predicted, Chosen By Heavenly Messenger Trump For Embassy (Video)

Obama Announces Brutal Times For The World. Trump Announces Apocalypse With US Embassy In Jerusalem!!!!!!!!! (Video)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Soon Obama Arrest. Obama Organizing Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Just Miles from White House. It's Legal?? (Video)

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday 2017

Faith Action ID issuance stupid and illegal, Greensboro NC police acceptance of non authorized IDs illegal, HB318 even with “amendment” forbids, Proposed HB100 removes amendment and strengthens accountability, NC DMV ID easy to get if legally in US

HIV/AIDS-Infested Gays Want Hot Sex But Don't Get That Feces Fry Their Brains. HIV/AIDS Kills Them Flat Out (Video)

Sodomites Attracted To Men Want To Get Closer And Closer But Fry Their Brains On Crap. HIV/AIDS Kills Them (Video)

Whistleblower - President Obama's Half-Sister Comes Forth! Chaffetz Notified!

Obama’s Faked Photoshopped Family Photo! Obama’s Secrets Are Getting Revealed Finally! (Video) Great News Spreading!

Obama Can’t Sue Anyone For Saying Anything About Him Being A Homo HIV/AIDS-Positive Beast, Antichrist/Satan (Video)

Confirmed Attempted Arrest of Obama Washington DC. (Video) Now That Obamas Time in Office Is Over the Time Has Come

Extreme Parsing

Fox News Reports on Obama's Fraudulent Birth Certificate!

CA state senator DeLeon admits ID fraud and should be prosecuted, Illegal aliens stealing our IDs jobs money resources and committing crimes, Alamance County NC 2008 report on illegals ID theft

Vice President Mike Pence voter fraud commission revealed in Bill O’Reilly Super Bowl interview, Transcript, “take a look at the registration”, Dead people illegals non citizens are on registration rolls

Dreams'R Powerful: Have U Seen Obama As Antichrist In Dreams? Anti-Christ Waiting For His Father To Empower (Video)

Look What Has Happened to CNN’s Jake Tapper in Three Short Months…(Video) Karma Bites Liberal Hacks for the Crimes

Pelosi Calls Illegal Aliens “Our People” and “Citizens”

Foul Stench Spreading From Canadian Mosque Killing. Quebec Attack: “Things Look Weird”. Bizarre Events? (Video)

How Trump Defeated The Black Leftist Messiah: Barack Obama, Embodiment Of Satan-On-Earth I.E. The Antichrist (Video)

Obama deal with Tony Rezko explains Syria refugees and special deal with Australia?, Rezko agreed not to rat on his buddy Obama, Rezko from Syria, Rod Blagojevich: “I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”

Obama Man of Sin/Son of Perdition/The Antichrist Beast (Video) Grappling With The Hair-Raising Truth: Obama Is Satan

Obama’s Spokesperson Says President Trump Opposes Religious Discrimination

Trump immigration stance mirrors Bill Clinton 1995 State Of The Union Address, 7 countries selected for temporary ban ID’d as problematic by Obama Administration, 5 countries bombed, Imbeciles of America have united